Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Birthday Bro and How Do You Wash Your Dishes

It’s another hot day here but that is not the point of today’s post, in some parts of the world it’s Halloween but not for me, the 31st October is just my brother’s birthday and how does he get to spend it………………… hospital have torn cartilage removed from his knee……………lucky him…….

So here is a question for you how do you wash your dishes? Do you own a dishwasher?
Me I use a dishwasher but up until a number of years ago I had to wash them by hand and when I was washing them by hand I would use very hot water so hot that I had to wear thick rubber gloves or I would burn my hands. 

What made me think of this today well while out visiting nan this morning mum was talking about how my pop thought the reason my nan’s hands looked dry and old was because she would wash up in very hot water as well but she didn’t wear gloves. However when nan was working in the hotel she had to use very hot water to wash up or the dishes didn’t get clean.

My daughter Natasha also like to wash up in very hot water and like her grannanny (great grandmother) she doesn’t always use rubber gloves to protect her hands. 

If you have a dishwasher is it connected to the hot or cold water tap, mine is connected to the cold water tap but I have heard some people say that they thought it had to be connected to the hot water. I remember when we first got it one of the neighbours asked me if it used a lot of hot water and they were surprised when I said it is connected to the cold water.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

My Brother................Dave

My brother Dave saw Orthopaedic Surgeon on Monday and has been booked into hospital next Wednesday for Arthroscopy on knee to remove torn cartilage from his knee then he will be off work for 10 days then he has to go back see the doctor and find out if he is fit for work again……………..

Speaking about Dave while out shopping with mum this morning she told me that last week when she was at Big W she was chatting to a member of staff who told her that Dave was her hero that he came to her defence when she was being bullied by a customer.  

According to mum the woman was on the service desk when a man came into to return something and wanted his money back but for some reason he couldn’t get his money back…………….I know if you don’t have your docket they will not give you your money back but may give you’re a store gift card instead………………..Anyway this man became very irate and threating because she was unable to give him his money back the woman said she would call the manager who is another women, well as my brother has been on light duties he has been working in the office and was there when the manager got the call to go to the service desk so she asked Dave if he would go with her and he did.

So Dave and the manager go to the service desk and the man was still yelling and acting in an intimidating manner which got worse when the manage said that no he couldn’t get his money back he tried to get into the woman’s face but Dave pushed her aside and stood between the man and her so he got right up in Dave’s face yelling and swearing and threating to hit him…………..Dave calmly said stop saying it and do it when Dave wouldn’t back down and showed he wasn’t intimidated by the man he backed down and stormed out of the store…………………

The women kept saying to mum that Dave was so awesome and brave and amazing for standing up to the man, this doesn’t come as a surprise to me or really any of Dave’s sisters we have always know our brother is awesome…………be it annoying but awesome…………..

Monday 29 October 2012

Feeling Sore After A Fall

I am feeling sore today, my right knee, left ankle and left hip area oh and my left arm just above my elbow what has caused all this soreness and pain………………..well last night at 10 to midnight Tim comes in and wakes me up Jessica was on the phone. Leo had thrown up in his bed and she was also feeling sick and couldn’t clean it up and needed her mummy, so even though I was tired I got my jammies on over/under my nightie and drove to Jessica’s place. 

When I got there both Jes and Leo were laying on the lounge and I went up to clean up his bed, I striped the bed and pulled the plug in the bath, what is it with people leaving the water in the tub that annoys me but back to my pain I am walking down the stairs to put the bedding in the washing machine and yes you guessed it I missed a step and fell……………..Jes and Leo raced to see how I was but I said I was ok just a little sore but in fact I was very sore………………….lol

This morning I haven’t bruise yet but I expect I will end up with a couple of bruises and I am still very sore my knee hurts a lot when I move it and of course my back/hip area is really sore and it hurts when I move. My ankle hurts too but not as much as the hip and knee………………….

I brought Jessica and Leo back here with me last night and Jessica said she still feels like shit and is still in bed asleep but Leo has been up for a few hours with me and it watching telly, he hasn’t had breakfast he said he didn’t feel well enough to eat ok what he said was my tummy still hurts a little and I only want water to drink…………..

Sunday 28 October 2012

Happy Birthday Sis.....................

On this day in 1969 at 2.05pm (it was a Thursday) my sister Susan was born weighting 6lb 5oz she is my second sister and despite all that I may say at times I do love her and I do like her, yes she has said and done things that I don’t like but that doesn’t mean I don’t like her or that I am not proud to be her sister because I am. 

Sue is one of the strongest if not the strongest woman I know and yes I have said that before on here but since today is her birthday I am saying it again and it’s my blog and I can if I want to… She also has more courage and bounce back than anyone else no matter how often she gets knocked down she bounces back up kind of like one of those punching toys kids have you know the type you hit it and falls down and bounces right back well that is Sue.

Sometimes I do feel she doesn’t have enough self-respect or self-esteem and allows herself to be treated in a way that isn’t right, by that I mean she has been in relationships that are not good for her and that result in her getting hurt and I don’t think she realises how much those of us who love her hate it but since it is her life all we can do is be here for her when she needs us.

She does have a habit of speaking without thinking, she will get angry and pissed off and her mouth will go a mile to the minute and hurtful things will come out and later on when she is calmer she will maybe not always regret what she said but at least how she said it. However “sorry’ is a hard word for Sue to say and she will often exaggerate things in her own head and make mountains out of molehills and after a while she will forget that something may not have been a big deal to start with because in her mind it is a big deal, sometimes she forgets how things really are/were………….this is Sue and those of us who love her and know her understand that about her.

Now of course Sue is not alone in speaking without thinking most of us have done it at some point but that is for another post………………………….lol

This post is about reminding everyone that my sister Sue is an important member of my family and someone we love and cherish and like to have in our lives……………..

Saturday 27 October 2012

Holding On To Anger

Do you hold onto anger?
Do you hold grudges?
Do you go years or decades without talking to people?

I don’t do any of the above, I do get anger and pissed off with people at times but I am one of those strange people who can flare up yell and rant and rave and when I  have said my piece I am over it, yes I am over it that fast………………..

Maybe if when you are holding onto your anger you should think to yourself if the person you are mad with, not talking to was die tomorrow how would you feel. If you really didn’t get the chance to see them or hear their voice ever again how would you really feel, and I mean really feel it is easy to say I would care, it wouldn’t bother me but for most people that isn’t the case. In fact most people really think there will always be a chance to make amends, to patch things up often someone thinks if they say “sorry” that it makes them less of a person……………..

How often have you said “I’m not going to say sorry” or “I’m not going to make the first move” they started it they have to come to me. I know it is easy to feel that way and yes I do think there are some things that feel unforgivable but often if the person was to say sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, you may find it in yourself to forgive them anyway……………….

Many years ago my father in-law told my husband to “F” off then said “you’re not my son” and you know we haven’t spoken to him since, if he was to say sorry to Tim then maybe we could try and make amends but he refuse to acknowledge that he said those words to Tim and has called Tim an ungrateful sod………………….

Tomorrow is my sister Sue’s birthday and I will do a post about her tomorrow but I have been trying to contact her to find out when she would like to catch up and for me to be able to give her, her birthday present but she isn’t returning my text messages or answering her phone when I ring. So is she holding onto her anger at me, and if you don’t know what I did to piss her off I wrote this post

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