Friday 28 September 2018

Five things Friday No:7

Here I am at the end of another working/school week, it has been a pretty hot day here in Newie tomorrow it is going to be much cooler. Anyway here are five things for Friday.

Last day of school for two weeks (school holidays)

A nice hot bath to start my day

Mum & Dad going to Charlestown Square (shopping centre) first time since July

Tomorrow I get to sleep in

Aching back & sore knee make it difficult to walk

Thursday 27 September 2018

Friendship Thursday

Thank God for friends, more prized as years increase
Let all else, if must be cease
But, Lord of life, I pray on me bestow
The gift of friends
Too share the way I go

By Thomas Curtis Clark

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Hot Water Problems

Well Wednesday has arrived, along with the sneezers, I have been sneezing over and over all morning so much so it is giving me a headache.

On Saturday evening when Tim went to have a shower we had only lukewarm water so I jump online a request a repair, on Sunday I had a quick lukewarm shower myself and on Monday Tim rang the Dept of Housing (our landlord) and asked when someone would be out, they said within 24hrs.

So yesterday morning the plumber comes out and spends a few hours working on the hot water unit and when he left he said it would heat up overnight, so we would have hot water this morning. Well when Tim went to have a shower this morning we still had no hot water.

I had to ring the Dept of Housing again this morning and was told someone would be out again within 24hrs. I can tell you I am not happy and I hope the guy comes out today sometime. I want to have a nice hot bath.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Disgusting Facts No:1

Hello Tuesday still cold and wet here in Newie, I still have a headache and I feel like something is sitting on my chest but such is life.

Today I have the first disgusting facts post, yes there will be more to come in the future and yes I am using another one of Leo's books to get the facts out of.

Let's start off with snot, we all have it is a normal bodily function but did you know:

A sneeze causes snot to exit the nose at over 60 kilometre per hour which is 37 miles per hour

A person swallows about a litre of snot a day without even realising it

Snot is made of water, salt and a gluey sugary substance called mucin

Snot is more that just a sticky goo, it contains antibodies that help the body recognise invading bacteria and viruses and creates enzymes to help kill them.

Snot protects you from dirt and germs in the air by catching them

Your snot looks more yellow when you have a cold because of all the white blood cells in it

If you've been hanging out in a dusty room, your snot will be a grey dust colour.

Monday 24 September 2018

Did you know No:23

Good morning everyone, it is a cold and wet day here in Newie, I didn't get to my aqua class this morning as Leo left his school bag at home and didn't realised till he was getting out of the car at the school. So I drove him home to get his bag, so by the time I got to the pool there was no where to park, so I just came home.

I have a headache and a runny nose and a tight chest so who knows maybe I am coming down with something or maybe not we will see.

Now here are this weeks did you know facts.

In 1949 a man named Jack Wurm who was unemployed at the time walking aimlessly around a beach in California when he found a bottle that had washed up on the beach, he noticed something in it and when he opened it he found a note that said. “To avoid confusion, I leave my entire estate to the lucky person who finds this bottle and to my attorney, Barry Cohen share and share alike. Daisy Alexander June 20, 1937” It was not a hoax Mr Wurm received over six million dollars from the Alexander estate.

Peanuts are on of the ingredients of dynamite

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair

A house fly lives for only 14 days unless killed earlier by a human or eaten as food by another creature.

The Sahara Desert expands at about one kilometre per month

Thursday 20 September 2018

Doing things we shouldn't do

The other day I wrote about Leo's Naplan results, well last night Kathy-Lee rang me to tell us that Sydney-May did really well with her Naplan getting above average across the board except for numeracy both Papa & Nana are proud of her.

Yesterday morning when I took Leo to school I had a staff member come and speak to me, now of a morning I have a habit of driving up the exit, so I am going the wrong way should I do this no properly not but I do and I make sure there is no other cars around when I do it. Anyway this woman comes to me and tells me I shouldn't be parked where I was as I was blocking the driveway, I said if I see a car come up behind me I move. Well she says she cannot get in the driveway and then tells me I shouldn't drive up the exit.

I agree I shouldn't do it but only do it when there are no other cars around, I then say we all do things we shouldn't, like she shouldn't have driven down the footpath in order to drive in the exit because it there were other cars in the entry. Yes she drove down the footpath.

After I said that her attitude changed and she said yes I know we all do things we shouldn't, I was glad that I had seen her do what she did, also she could be booked for driving on the footpath what I did was wrong but not illegal as I was on private property.

So this morning I didn't go the short way I want the long way round, as in the normal way and when Leo asked why I did that and I told him about yesterday he said don't worry about that nanna you continue to go the other way because you don't do it when other cars are around.

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Friendship Wednesday


A friend is a precious possession
Whose value increases with years
Someone who doesn't forsake us
When a difficult moment appears
And our road will be smooth and untroubled
No matter what care life may send
If we travel the path together
And walk side by side with a friend.

By Henry Van Dyke

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Naplan Results

Hello Tuesday, it is a warmish day, I have been awake and up & dressed since 5.30am Leo got his Naplan results yesterday, for those who don't know Naplan stands for National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy.

In May the Naplan test was done by students in years 3,5,7 & 9 across the country the assessments are supposed to be a snapshot of a child's achievements. Some parents get all bent out of shape over the results and because of this I feel some children stress over taking the test. I say to the child all you can do is the best you are able to do and to the parent if the results are not that great don't go off just talk to your child about what they and you can do to make improvements.

Leo's results were not that great he is below the national minimum standard in writing and spelling but is much better at reading and grammar & punctuation his score in numeracy was so so but ghe has improved in that area in the last few months.

Monday 17 September 2018

Did you know No: 22

Here I am at another Monday and this Monday sees the return of Did You Know Monday, it is a somewhat cold Monday, I just had to go and change into track pants as my legs were cold. I did my aqua class this morning it went ok I was in a lot of pain though with my arm and knees. Anyway here is today's facts.

On New Year's Day in 1907 American president Theodore Roosevelt shook hands with 8,513 people.

There are 1,040 islands around Britain one of which is Bishop's Rock, the smallest island in the world.

If you are involved in a car accident your chances of getting hurt are only one in ten but if you are on a motorbike it's nine out of ten.

Mickey Mouse's birthday is considered to be 18th November 1928, which is when Steamboat Willy debut.

Spiders make their silk by excreting a polymer and then stretching it very quickly, this stretching creates single , aligned, crystallised solid molecules.

Saturday 15 September 2018

This & That

Hello everyone, haven't blogged in a few days just been busy writing letters to pen pals and other stuff but here I am on this lovely Saturday morning, going to be a hot day with temps around 38°c today, at last writing something.

Yesterday Sandy was telling me that mum & dad had a visit from a dietitian and she was there so long mum ended up telling her to leave they wanted to have lunch, she said to mum you go have lunch I will stay here and talk to Denis. Mum said NO we both need lunch, you have to leave. So the woman left and said to my sister Sue on her way out that she doesn't think she will be back, trust me if she doesn't return it will not bother my parents.

The pain relief in my left arm didn't last long had a lot of pain and trouble moving it yesterday again, that didn't last long.

Had Leo here last night and he is here all day today while his mum is working, she worked last night as well which is why he spent last night here.

I usually sleep in on Saturday and Sunday but Kathy rang at 7am so no sleep in this morning but that's ok I am up and dressed and ready to face the day. It is quiet at the moment as I feel no need to have the TV on for back ground noise.

Last night just after I went to bed the house phone rang and Leo answered it when I asked who it was he said Aunty Sandy but I told her you had gone to bed to ring back in the morning. So later I will give her a ring to see what she wanted.

Tim will be off to work in a few hours and Kathy will be here with my shopping and her girls also today is my niece Denni's birthday she is 6 today.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

No pain

Here I am at the end of another day and what a warm day it has been and it is only going to get warmer/hotter although at the moment they are saying tomorrow will be in the teens again today it has been 35°c and Saturday it is suppose to be 39°c so we will see.

The day started out great I woke up with no pain in my arm or my knees, after taking Leo to school I went to my aqua class and as soon as I got out of my car I realised I had left my basket with my towel and phone in it at home, so I had to come home and get it that took 10minutes.

Last night before going to bed I did something I rarely do, I had a shower, I am a bath person but I was sweating a lot during the day and felt like I stunk so I jumped in for a quick shower before going to bed.

Also yesterday afternoon my blood glucose levels were high around 18 this was because of the cortisone injection that always puts my blood glucose levels up this morning it was still 12 but after I took my medication it came down to 7.

As I write this I still have no pain, it feels good, if only it would last.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

My day

What a day this morning before taking Leo to school he had a moment, he had been at Tasha's when he storms into the house goes to his room slams the door and when I knocked and asked what was wrong all he would say is “Blain”. I asked if he wanted to talk he snapped “NO” so I said could he please come and take his medication as it was nearly time to leave for school, after a short while he came out and took his medication. On the way to school he was ok, he said that Blain had hit him in the gut but didn't say much else.

After I took him to school I had to go and pick up a new webster pack for the school while at the shopping centre I went to Woolies for another packet of scones, please not I walked around no scooter. I then had to take the medication back to the school before coming home.

Now this morning when I got up it was cool so I wore track pants and while at the shops I had sweat running down my legs so that meant as soon as I got home I went and changed my pants from tracky dacks to light weight pants.

I then had to go and have a cortisone injection into my left shoulder for my bursitis, I was also told by the doctor who did the injection that the tear in my tendon is a bad one and will take a bloody long time to heal.

After that Tim wanted to go and look at new lounges I told him while we were out that I do not think we need a new lounge, if he wants more room why doesn't he get rid of the chair we don't use.

The next thing I knew it was time to go and get Leo from school, the first thing he did when we got home was go and hang out with Blain. Tasha will send him home at 6.45pm if he doesn't come home ealier.

So that was my day.

Monday 10 September 2018


Winter here is Aus is over for another year although it is still pretty cold, I just had to go and find a cardigan as I was looking and thinking about what too write about today I read the prompt snow like it or loath it.

Here in my part of the world it doesn't snow, although it does snow only a few hours away and even though I will complain about how cold it is during winter it isn't really that cold here compared to other places.

Many years ago, I do not remember how long ago but years ago anyway Tim and I had a holiday at Perisher it was a wonderful holiday and a couple of years back we went to Tassie and it snowed while we were there which is great. We walked around with light snow falling and both of us loved it and that was cold weather.

Jessica said she would love to take Leo on a holiday to the snow next winter and wants me to look into that for us.

So even though it doesn't snow here, I do like to take holidays to the snow, so what about you do you like snow, does it snow in your part of the world?

Thursday 6 September 2018

A train ride

We ended our time in Beijing with a train ride to Shanghai we took the Bullet Train and the trip was smooth and enjoyable. However, when we first read about the train ride I said to Tim that I didn't think it was the type of train that he thought it was.

He thought the train ran on on magnets and was faster then it was, he kept saying it was the fastest train in the world but I knew it wasn't.

I tried to explain to him that the train he was thinking of was the Maglev train but he thought I knew nothing, the Maglev train is powered by electromagnetism and is suspended in air when running and is faster then then the bullet train.

The bullet train we caught sounded like it was running on tracks but I might be wrong about that. We spent 6hrs on the bullet train at an average speed of 303kph.

We could have gone for a ride on the Maglev train it cost $29 per person for a 15 minute return trip, I couldn't see the point. The top speed of the Maglev train is 431kph.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

A Bloody Good Read

Today I am doing something I don't generally do, I am doing a book review. I recently read the book Prayer Wasn't Enough by Dee Ready and what a bloody good book it was, I would recommend it you have any interest in what life for a young woman entering a convent was like in the late 50's early 60's.

Sister Innocence made me laugh and cry, I could feel her struggle with obedience and liked the way she handled some situations like the little boy masturbating in class that was awesome. Her dislike of soft boiled eggs made me think of my dislike of scrambled eggs.

It was an amazing insight to life as a nun, I for some reason always thought of nuns being like robots with no emotions or sense of humour, I do not know why I thought that I just did.

This is one book I can see myself reading again I liked it that much. I would very much like to read her other books

You can find Dee at the below blog.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

New Tattoo and Typical Chinese Household

Hello everyone, well yesterday I thought about writing a post a few times but that is as far as I got but I am going to get this written and posted before taking Leo to school and I am going to update my diary.

After taking Leo to school yesterday Jessica and I went and got another tattoo on my body, I had wanted it on my left hand but it was shaking a lot and Jessica and the tattoo artist both thought it would be better to put it on my back. So it is now on the left shoulder area of my back and Jessica said I should add the other grandkids later on. It didn't hurt at all in fact I barely felt him doing it, the guy who did the tattoo kept calling me dear. When I told my mum about getting it last night I could tell she wasn't interested but both her and dad do not get people getting tattoos.

I was going to tell you about having a typical meal in a typical Chinese household, well the rickshaws dropped us of at the home which was in a laneway we entered into a courtyard where two tables were set up seating 8 at each table. Then a lady brought out bowls of food there was boiled rice aka sticky rice and cabbage as well as beef, chicken & pork dishes the food wasn't to my liking but most of the tour group seemed to like the food.

After the meal the woman who lived there played for us on this but I cannot remember what it is called.

We then had a chance to look around and take photos, the kitchen was the size of my parents laundry and the bathroom was up some step stairs and there was a dinning room and a living/lounge room but NO bathroom, they had to use a toilet outside in the laneway and we couldn't see anywhere to have a shower.

The house was 400 years old and has been in the same family all that time, the woman's husbands family. Now there is only the husband and wife with their daughter living there, in the past there has been two generations of the family living there.

Saturday 1 September 2018

Stupid things

Advertising on someone’s arm pit, yeah it is a thing in Japan, I think it is stupid.............

Australian advertisements have just got a whole lot more politically correct. Ad agencies have been warned they will be reprimanded for “discrimination” under changes to a code that is supposed to prevent what it has labelled the spread of negative gender stereotypes. So this means you can't have ads showing women doing housework or men doing things like car maintenance. This is stupid
A tiny house is stupid, I like room to swing a cat without killing the cat..............

Yet another Prime Minister our Prime Ministers get over thrown and booted out that often it is now just so stupid and annoying.

Tennis player Alize Cornet being reprimanded for fixing her shirt at the US Open, she had a sports bra on so get over it

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