Tuesday 31 December 2019

Goodbye 2019

Hello everyone, damn it is hot here today, had to turn the air con on at 7am and as I write this it is 30 degrees Celsius but we are headed to a top of 38.
Well the year will be over in 14hrs, and it has been a rotten year the low point was losing Dad something I have not recovered from.

I have been taking down Christmas decorations but many I will have to wait till after I get some grease proof paper to wrap them in. Of course there are some that will just come off and go in the bin. In years gone past I would go shopping in the days after Christmas for decorations and gift bags and even some gifts. This year I was unable to do so.

My daughters no longer want me to go shopping on my own, after the episodes I had on Christmas Day & Boxing Day.

Monday 30 December 2019

NYE Facts

Hello blogland, how is everyone this fine Monday morning?

I am shaking all over inside and out from head to foot as per usual.

Anyway since tomorrow is the 31st I will share some facts about New Year's Eve.

New Year celebrations happened as early as 2000BC

Early Romans used the 1st March as the New Year.

January is named after Janus, the God with two faces, one looking forward and the other looking backwards.

Ancient Persians gave New Year's gifts of eggs, which symbolised productiveness

The words auld lang syne mean "times gone by".
The first ball dropping celebration atop One Times Square was held on December 31, 1907.

Sunday 29 December 2019

Christmas Week

Up at 6.30am, I found Tim already up and watching telly. A much cooler day I am nice and comfortable but Tim is cold.
Kathy & her girls came over after lunch and she cleaned my bath, helped her dad put clean sheets on the bed. She also ironed his work shirts.
I bought pizza for lunch.
Tasha dyed Kathy's hair and it was all over her top so she changed into an old shirt of mine.

Up at 5.30am it was dark outside but I opened both front and back sliding doors.
At 7.30am I went and had a bath and Tim helped me get dressed. We then went to Charlie as Tim had an appointment with Dr Keyworth.
We then went to Mum's and I saw Jeannie & Sue, I was able to give Jeannie her present.
After that we went to Bunnings and Tim bought wood to make me a bath board.
Jess rang and asked if we could have Leo for the night and of course I said we would.
Tim has been working on the bath board all afternoon,
is morning. I have a slight headache.
Christmas Eve and I have zero motivation today.
Jess picked up Leo around 10ish.after she left Tim went and got us Macca's for breakfast.
I had to have a nap at midday for an hour & a half.
Tim and I went through the boxes on the lounge-room floor, they are all gone now.
Tim moved the broken arm chair outside so we have more room in the lounge-room.

I was up at 5.20am but tried to go back to bed but couldn't sleep so got up at 5.40am.
Jess turned up around 8ish and drove me to see Dad before driving me to Mum's for the day.
Turned out to be a hot day.
Natasha & Blain turned up at Mum's and stayed for about 45 minutes, Mum said a few times it was nice to see them.
Just as we were sitting down for lunch Tyler & Sharna turned up with 2 of their children, then after lunch Tom & Bree turned up with Kelsey.
I wasn't the best had a moment at Mum's, I had been to the toilet and while in the hallway I just stopped and wasn't with it, I couldn't move and all I could say was yeah. Sandy saw me and called Dave to help her walk me to the lounge-room and sit me in Dad's chair. I sat and cried as I don't like people to see me like that.
Dave drove me home and hadn't been home long when I had another moment, so Tasha came and got me ready for bed at 4pm but I will go to bed later.

I was up at 6am and found Tim already up, I gave him his gifts, he really liked the mouse pad.
Tim changed the dinning room table around.
Last night before he went to bed Tim peeled and cut all the veggies for lunch.
He also cooked the veggies.
I had another episode Leo found me standing in my bedroom doorway confused and he made me lay down and fetched his mum & Aunty Tasha. Tasha gave me a spoon of honey when she realised I hadn't eaten all morning.
While he was here I asked Michael if he would hang a couple of items for me on the dinning room wall.
Been another stinking hot day, and I do not handle the heat now days, it causes me to get a headache and feel sick.

I woke at 6.30am and managed to dress myself and apply my make up but had to get Tasha's help putting my earrings in.
Been another stinking hot day.
Jessica took me to Charlie and Leo stayed with Papa and they went to Stockton beach so they could do some beach fishing.
They caught 2 fish.
Tim cleaned the fish in the bathroom and froze them.
It is two days after Christmas and Tasha still hasn't given me a gift, I ordered and paid for it all she had to do was wrap it and give it to me and she couldn't do that.

Awake and up and dressed by 5.45am going to be another stinking hot day.
Tim has gone fishing again this time on his own, however, I still have Leo while Jess has gone to look at a Guinea pig for Leo for his birthday.
Jessica bought me a burger for lunch and while she was here Kelli rang and was upset so Jess is going to have Daemon for the night.
Tim got home at 3.30pm and he caught 2 small sharks..

Saturday 28 December 2019


Hello blogland, I have been either busy ot had no motivation but here I am on Saturday morning at last writing something. Christmas Eve Tim & I Mum's and I took Jeannie's presents over and as luck would have it she was there and I was able to give it to her.

Sue was also there and I was annoyed with myself that I didn't think to take her present with me, a friend of hers was mowing the lawn for Mum.

Christmas Day I was up at 5.40am and Tim got up and left for work, Tim didn't want to exchange gifts till Boxing Day when the girls and grandchildren will be here. Jessica drove me to see Dad, I left a card my sister Sandy had been and decorated his grave with tinsel and ornaments, it looked good. She then drove me to Mum's where I gave out gifts to family members.

Moving on to Boxing Day, when I went to do the veggies for lunch I found Tim had already peeled and cut them the night before and left them sitting in a bowl of water in the fridge. I then gave Tim his gifts from me but was unable to find my gift from him. I am still unable to find it.

Tim cleaned the lounge-room and moved the dinning room table and then he cooked all the veggies. We had a baked lunch with BBQ chicken all our girls and grandchildren except for Blain who was at his Dad's.

Everyone seemed to liked their gifts.

Tuesday 24 December 2019


Hello everyone, it's Christmas Eve here.
Tuesday is often creature day here at Jo-Anne's Ramblings so today here a few facts about the reindeer.

    Both male and female reindeer grow antlers.
    They live up to 15 years
    Their antlers are like our fingerprints – no two are alike
    They are plant eaters
    A male is called a buck, a female a doe and a baby is called a fawn.

The do not fly as a general rule..............................

Monday 23 December 2019

Did you know it is Christmas

Hello world, how is life treating everyone this Monday I will be sharing a few more facts about Christmas.

Santa stretches time like a rubber band, in order to deliver all the gifts in one night

In Armenia, the traditional Christmas Eve meal consists of fried fish, lettuce and spinach

Iceland has 13 Santas and an old lady who kidnaps children.

In Germany, Heiligabend, or Christmas Eve, is said to be a magical time when the pure in heart can hear animals talking.

The Christmas wreath is a symbol of love and eternal life

Sunday 22 December 2019

Each colour is a different day of the week in my life

Had a terrible night, I had to change my pants due to an accident. A cool start to the day. However, while hanging the washing on the line I started to feel hot and sticky so I turned the air con on.
Kathy rang me this afternoon in a state about how her children and Michael saying they don't appreciate her and think she is a joke, she went on for 20 minutes. I understand how she feels all mothers feel used and unappreciated at times.
After speaking to her I felt like a failure and after having a shower I sat and cried for ages.

This morning the men came and erected the new carport.
Jessica took me over to Lake Fair to go do some Christmas shopping. We took the wheelchair and she pushed me without and complaint.
Tim home at 2pm today
I was on the phone to mum we Tim got home.

Awake, up and dressed at 5.30am going to be a warmish to hot today, doors and windows opened.
I am not feeling great today, not sick just not great.
Tim home early again around 2.15pm I really just want to sleep.
Mum & Dawson along with Sandra who drove went to Wakefield school for their end of year presentation. Sandy didn't really want to drive them but had a good time anyway and could see that Mum & Dawson were really welcomed and wanted there.

Up again at 5.30am it was cool when I got up but is going to get bloody hot again.
Leo ran off without taking his medication he said they will not notice. I am annoyed.
Jessica came over and helped me wrap and bag Christmas presents there is no way I could do it.
I turned the air con on around 11am tomorrow it will be hotter. Top temp of 38 today.
Jess and Leo turned up after school he was very emotional and gave me a couple of long tight hugs and some lovely flowers.

Up at 6.30 today rang Tasha and asked when it would be good to have a shower she said 9am.
I managed to have a shower and dress myself. It is going to be a stinking hot day.
Leo is coming over for the night.
Tasha turned up at 5.
to help me get ready for bed.
Been so hot today.

Had a better nights sleep, this morning I wore my Christmas dress today it wasn't suppose to be that hot but of course it is.
Leo came shopping with me and he was a big help and after shopping I had to go to the doctors for a script and was there for ages, with Tasha waiting in the car.
Jessica is doing a wine tour today.

Awake at 6am but laid in bed till 7am, the first thing I noticed when I opened the front door was that Tasha's car was missing. I don't know if she went out early or was out all night. I sent her a text but as yet to receive a reply.
Kathy brought my shopping over she had Sydney-May with her.
After she left I was in the laundry and when I stepped backwards I twisted my ankle and fell but didn't end up on the ground I landed against the bench.
Been a really stinking hot day.
I just got off the phone to mum and I am not doing goo, just low BGL managed to ring Tasha and she came and helped me.

Well that is the last week in my life and now to share it with others

Thursday 19 December 2019

This what it is

A functional disorder is a medical condition that impairs the normal function of a bodily process, but where every part of the body looks completely normal under examination, dissection or even under a microscope. ... Definitions vary somewhat between fields of medicine.

Functional neurological disorder (FND) is a condition in which patients experience neurological symptoms such as weakness, movement disorders, sensory symptoms and blackouts. The brain of a patient with functional neurological symptom disorder is structurally normal, but functions incorrectly.

Physical symptoms of neurological problems may include the following:
  • Partial or complete paralysis.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Partial or complete loss of sensation.
  • Seizures.
  • Difficulty reading and writing.
  • Poor cognitive abilities.
  • Unexplained pain.
  • Decreased alertness
The term functional (psychogenic) movement disorders (FMD) has historically been applied to disorders that manifest with physical symptoms—specifically (gait disorders, tremor, dystonia, etc.)—but which cannot be attributed to any of known underlying organic disorder and which instead is presumed

Wednesday 18 December 2019

What is it

    What does a person have if they have these symptoms?
    Tremor (shaking that occurs at rest)
    Slow movements
    Stiffness of arms, legs, and trunk
    Problems with balance and tendency to fall
    blank facial expression
    a tendency to get stuck when walking
    muffled, low-volume speech
    decreased blinking and swallowing
    tendency to fall backward
    reduced arm swinging when walking
I have all of these and have been told over and over that it is NOT PARKINSON'S

Monday 16 December 2019

Christmas did you know

Good afternoon everyone, my morning was spent Christmas shopping with Jessica, who pushed me around in the wheelchair.

Here are this weeks did you know facts.

The song “Jingle Bells” was written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas.

In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) arrives from Spain, not from the North Pole.

In Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, finding a spider or a spider’s web on a Christmas tree is believed to be a harbinger of good luck.

Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for Christmas dinner.

The “X” in “Xmas” doesn’t take “Christ” out of “Christmas.

The first artificial Christmas Tree wasn’t a tree at all. It was created out of goose feathers that were dyed green.

Sunday 15 December 2019

Another week in my life

It is 5.30pm and I am only just getting around to writing in my diary. I was awake at 6ish but couldn't be bothered getting up so laid in bed till 7am.
Kathy-Lee & Michael turned up around 10 to pick up the trailer.
At midday Jess turned up to get Leo, then at 12.30 Kelli brought Blain home and her along with Daemon & Freya and all of them hung around till about 4pm. It was great seeing them.
Mum rang at 3pm we spoke for about an hour then Kathy-Lee turned up to drop off the trailer. So since the house was full loud I said bye to mum and rang her back after everyone left.
When I rang her back mum & I talked for another half hour.

Monday now and I have had bugga all motivation all day just sitting around doing nothing.
I got up at 6am and got dressed but have not felt like doing anything.
This afternoon I spent a lot of time crying. I miss Dad so much. When Tim got home he gave me a hug and said he understands although he doesn't miss his dad.

Had a little sleep in this morning getting up at 6.30, although I was awake for a while before I got up.
After I got up I had a shower and rang Tasha to assist me getting dressed.
Going to be another stinking hot day, turned the air con at 8am.
Tim home by 1.30pm.

It was very dark in the house this morning, when I woke up I thought it was earlier then it was. So laid in bed for a while and was surprised to see it was 6.30 when I did get up I didn't think it was that late.
Around 11ish some men came and took down the carport. I hope this makes Tim happy.
It is a nice day no need for the air con thankfully.
Jess has brought over her rego papers for me to do the registration for her again. Yes she should do it herself but it also made me feel good that she trusts me.

I was up and dressed by 6.45am although like yesterday it was very dark inside the house so I thought it was earlier then it was.
Blain's birthday he is now 14..............i gave him a card with $20 in it.

No shopping today as Leo had an appointment with Dr Murray at 11am over at John Hunter Hospital.
It has been a warm day but no need for the a/c.
I am worried about mum she isn't coping with her bills she is talking about using a credit card to pay her bills, then get a Centrelink loan to pay off the credit card. I said no no no not to do it.

This morning Tim took me & Leo to the Square so I could do some shopping. Leo hadn't taken his medication so was restless and asking when would we be leaving.
Kathy-Lee was in a right mood this morning her and Michael had a fight last night because he was going on about having his own business and Kathy helping him, however, she has no interest in doing so.
Had to turn the air con around lunch time.

Time to post

Thursday 12 December 2019

Christmas Long Ago

Frosty days and ice-still nights,
Fir trees trimmed with tiny lights,
Sound of sleigh bells in the snow,
That was Christmas long ago.

Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee,
Icy-window filigree,
Sugarplums and candle glow,
Part of Christmas long ago.

Footsteps stealthy on the stair,
Sweet-voiced carols in the air,
Stocking hanging in a row,
Tell of Christmas long ago.

Starry nights so still and blue,
Good friends calling out to you,
Life, so fact, will always slow…
For dreams of Christmas long ago.

BY: Jo Geis

Tuesday 10 December 2019


Hello world, how is your Tuesday going?

Life here is good, it is a stinking hot day again.

Being Tuesday means it is creature day and today's creature is the Honey Badger, heard of it?????????

Me neither..................

The honey badger is smaller then a wolverine which it is related to, but is also tougher and even less scared. It is officially the world's most fearless animal, this ferocious fighter has powerful jaws and claws. It also has thick, rubbery skin that can withstand insect stings, snake fangs and the teeth of crocodiles and big cats.
It has very loose skin so if it is grabbed it can easily twist around and fight back forcing the enemy to let go.

They love to eat and will eat anything including, birds, hares, foxes as well as antelopes and jackals and even a tortoise yes a tortoise it just crunches through the shell. A deadly venomous cobra or black mamba not a problem.

Nothing scares them if a lion tries to steel it's food it will have a fight on it's paws .

Monday 9 December 2019

Knowledge Day

Hello everyone my Christmas cards are done and posted 75 in total.

So because it is Monday and a did you know facts are a Monday thing, here are a few facts about Christmas cards.






When I was younger, I didn't get sending cards but that changed in my late 30's, and now I enjoy picking out a nice card for someone.

Sunday 8 December 2019

Just another week in my life

Up at 6am again, had a shower after Tim & Leo left for the toy bike run. It was overcast and wet when they left.
I am still sore and have a lot of pain.
Kelli called into to ask me where she can get a replacement for Freya's Christmas decoration. I told her I will have it by Friday.
Mum said she will ask Sue if she can pick up the bath board for me from Alan.
Tim said Leo had a fantastic time on the toy bike run.

I woke at I was laying down so I just laid there for about halfa then I dealt with the pain and got up.
Jessica took me Kmart at Glendale and afterwards bought me lunch from Henny Penny, I got a fillet burger but it wasn't that nice, I ate ½ of it.

Awake at 6am again, up and dressed as per usual, was saying to mum last night how getting dressed first thing of a morning makes me feel ready for the day. Staying in my night time clothes is just not me, it also wasn't dad he used to get up and dressed pretty much every day of his life.
It was a cool start to the day but by lunch time I had to turn the air con on.
Leo is here tonight.

I woke at 5.45 but laid in bed till 6am it is a cool start to the day but should heat up.
Turned on the air con around midday due to the heat.
Had to have a shower at 2.20pm as I had an accident when going to the toilet.
Jessica took Leo over to Whitebridge for a tour, she said he didn't like how big it is. He has to go back next week on Monday & Tuesday.

I was up at 6.30 am, although I was awake at 6ish..
Mum rang at 8am to let me know she has been pretty sick. Hearing that mum is sick makes me nervous.
Natasha has been run of her feet today.
Did even more Christmas card, so far I have done 62 cards and still more to do.
Natasha bought Blain's Birthday/Christmas present and she is storing it at Jessica's place.

Awake at 5.45am and up minutes later.
I dressed myself and applied my own make up, although Tasha didn't think it looked good so she “fixed” it,
Jessica didn't go shopping with me as she doesn't like the crowds. I understand how she feels but I really missed her.
Been another stinking hot day.
At 5pm Blain walked in he didn't go to his dad's because both Jono & Kelli are pretty sick. Tasha was annoyed they didn't give her enough notice.
Awake at 5.45am and up minutes later.
I dressed myself and applied my own make up, although Tasha didn't think it looked good so she “fixed” it,
Jessica didn't go shopping with me as she doesn't like the crowds. I understand how she feels but I really missed her.
Been another stinking hot day.
At 5pm Blain walked in he didn't go to his dad's because both Jono & Kelli are pretty sick. Tasha was annoyed they didn't give her enough notice.

Awake and up by 6am again I was surprised when Tim walked out a few minutes later.
Around 9ish Tim went out and he arrived home around 10ish with Leo. At 10.30 I had to go for a lay down for an hour. While I was laying down Kathy arrived with the shopping.
Kathy was here till 1pm and Jess also turned up at around midday and left for work at 1.30.
Leo is here for the night.
Tim went and helped Tasha fit the new air con in Blain's bedroom.
At around 7.30 Tim was outside hosing the car down when one of our neighbours came out and took photos of him and went on about the water restrictions. Tim said because it was after 4pm and the car was on the lawn he was allowed to do it. I am not so sure.

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Christmas Cards

Been doing  Christmas cards, still doing Christmas cards they take so long will post when I am finished, whenever that is, feels like it is taking for ever.

Sunday 1 December 2019

Oh What A Week

Up at 6am and straight into the bath, it was raining when I got up.
At around midday Tim arrived home there was an issue at work, he was stand by at a train station with two other drivers who left for some unknown reason, they went back to their depot. Anyway Tim had to do a run which he did following his run sheet, however, he didn't go to a certain station as he didn't know he had to it wasn't on the run sheet. So his supervisor rang him and told him to pack up and go home.
Around 2pm I started to feel unwell so went for a lay down but when I got up around 3.30 I felt worse.

Woke at 6am slept through the night and felt much better when I got up. Nice and cool this morning.
No aqua today as Natasha has a 8.15 dental appointment to have two teeth removed.
Found out that Natasha didn't go to the dentist because her teeth are no longer hurting, silly girl.
Jessica drove me to Officeworks and helped me find what I needed.
We then bought Macca's for breakfast and brought it home to eat, before going to get bunny food, we dropped it off at her place and I picked up her work clothes to wash.
Up at 6am again, first thing I did was have a bath, I had to get Tasha to come and help me get dressed.
Tim doing a split shift so he was home at 9.20 he then took me to have my blood test done.
We took the Pepsi back to Coles, when I did I was told that you cannot return items I had to ring customer care and get a credit, thankfully she did take them back and I was able to get the Pepsi Max.
It has been a stinking hot day I have had the air con on since 11am, this afternoon it has been raining. Thankfully Tim took the car.
Leo is here tonight.

I was up at 6.15am this morning, Tim was just leaving for work, he woke Leo before he left.
Had some frustration with the printer not printing but it started again after a while.
This afternoon while in the kitchen I suddenly started to pee, no warning just started and by the time I got to the bathroom I had well and truly wet myself. I rang Tasha who came and helped me clean myself up.
Mum told me that Sandy is going to pay for her cleaner. I will pay the arrears on Friday.

Up at 5.50am and had a bath first up. I am going to Glendale Tasha will drop me off and Jess will meet me there.
I couldn't go shopping as Leo was too sick for school, Tasha had to go and get him and bring him here.
Leo has been sick all day and is here for the night.

I was up at 6.20 Leo was asleep next to me because of how sick he was last night we allowed him to sleep with me and Papa slept on his lounge chair.
This morning Leo said he felt fine and was going to school. Thankfully I had a spare pair of shoes for him to wear.
It has been another stinking hot day had the air con on for most of the day.

I had a sleep in this morning getting up at 7am.
Kathy brought over the shopping but couldn't stay to help be get clothes off the line or unpack the dishwasher. Why do I bother asking.
Tim & I went to Warners Bay Plaza so I could go to Hot Bargain & the chemist. While I was getting stuff into the car I took a step back and lost my balance and feel over heavily hurting my left knee and right foot.
Had to be picked up by a couple of strong men.
I am in a lot of pain, I had a one hour lay down then I spoke to mum for a bit over and hour.
Really all I want to do is go back to bed.

Tuesday 26 November 2019


Hello everyone, damn it is hot here again, well it's Tuesday again so that means it is creature day and the creature of the day is the wolverine and not the one that looks like Hugh Jackman but the one you can find in the snowy forests of northern Canada, Russia and Europe.

This creature is the size of a large dog but looks like a small bear, however, in fact it is more closely related to a weasel. You may think it looks kinda cute but don't be fooled by its size it's one of the fiercest fighters on Earth. It is powerful enough to hunt and kill animals much bigger than itself, such as reindeer and moose. It has massively strong jaws and long sharp claws and it's not scared of anyone.

Wolverines aren't just bold when it comes to what to hunt, they will alos fight other meat eaters over a kill, taking on wolves and even polar bears.

The wolverine has some nicknames such as glutton because when it finds food it stuffs itself just in case it doesn't fine any more for a while. It is also called skunk bear because it marks its territory with revolting stinky liquid from glands near its tail.

Monday 25 November 2019

Did you know facts

    Good afternoon everyone, another hot day here in Newie, it is Monday and that means it is five facts day................

The U S State of Florida is bigger than England

Owls are some of the very few birds who can see the colour bird

In Chinese, the KFC slogan “finger lickin' good” translates as “eat your fingers off”

All of the roles in Shakespeare's play were originally played by men and boys as in those days it was considered improper for females to appear on stage.

The Wright Brothers tested the first aeroplane in a wind tunnel before flying it.

BPD & Physical Symptoms

  This week I am wrapping up at least for now my posts on borderline personality disorder or BPD, I will end this by sharing a few other phy...