Sunday 24 July 2022

WEEK 29 O F 2022


Had a good night sleep waking at 6.10am. Tim got up and helped me with breakfast.

I am having a rough day but yet I managed to do some stuff and get out of my armchair on my own, not easy but I do it.

Kelli here to settle me down and she also shaved my legs for me.

Awake and up earlier then I wanted but I had a good nights sleep.

Not as cold today but I am shaking a bloody lot.

Tim home at around 11ish there was an incident on his bus a lady fell over when he had to brake suddenly. He was here for a couple of hours.

Leo arrived this afternoon with his laptop bag saying he was leaving home and was going to live here, when asked about clothes he said he will go to a neighbours for clothes meaning of course his mum's house.


After a restless start I had a good nights sleep but have been awake since 4.15am. Tim up and left for work by 5.30 himself.

Another bloody hard day with pain and shaking but I managed to cope on my own.

Tasha at last checked the P O Box and there was a bloody lot of mail. Including the hearing aid parts and a gift of 2 pillowcases from a pen friend.

A mostly good night although at 3am I needed to pee and afterwards found it hard to settle again. Tim got angry with me because I was both disturbing him and needing his help. He started to say he was tired and I snapped saying I didn't want to hear it and didn't need his attitude and he could just fuck off.

Tim was fine when he got up, he left for work at 11am.

A restless day with pain but I am coping.

Tash was suppose to be here at 2.30 to help me so I got in the shower to have a rinse off and she didn't show. I tried to ring her but was shaking so much I rang Kathy instead. She rang Tash who turned up in a foul mood and couldn't get why I was in a state. I tried telling her a simple text letting me know she would be latter would have helped. We ended up having a argument, but we were good by bedtime.

A decent nights sleep, up at 4.45am.

Another hard day, Dave & Sandy came over to check on me. Tasha turned up while their where here but didn't speak to them.

What a morning Tasha arrived in a right mood yelling at because of a text Kelli sent her about how she feels Tasha isn't caring for me as well as she could. Tasha kicked stuff and punched the cupboard doors. Both Tum and Leo got up and Leo told her to take a breath and try to calm down a bit.

Tim and Tasha had words and after an hour or so she calmed down and things were sorted more or less. I pointed out at lest people care about me.

Tasha has been more attentive today.

A hard start to the day, couldn't dress myself but even though it is Saturday Tasha came and helped.

Not doing much today no motivation or concentration so just watched TV and dozed on and off.

Tuesday 19 July 2022


Well here is this weeks giant of the past and it is the good old Tassie Tiger.

The Tasmanian Tiger was the world's largest known meat-eating marsupial.

The last Tassie Tiger died in a Hobart zoo in 1936.

There are those who believe they still exist, if they do they are bloody good at hiding. 

Monday 18 July 2022



Here are this weeks facts...........

As a teenager Mark Twain real name Samuel Clemens worked on a riverboat where the shout “mark twain” meant that the wateer had reached the second mark on a stick and was therefore deep enough for the big boat to proceed.

In January 2000, Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $780,000 by a jury after breaking her ankwell here is le tripping over a toddler who was running amok inside a shop. The owners of the store were understandingly shocked as the child was Mrs Robertson's own son.

The word “assassination” was invented by Shakespeare.

A shrew can starve to death if they don't eat every two hours.

In the eleventh century, Benedict IX was Pope at eleven years of age.

Sunday 17 July 2022

WEEK 28 OF 2022

 Another good night and cold morning but no rain thankfully.

Having tinned fruit for a bit as fresh fruit is expensive.

Kathy and Summer arrived at 8ish I wasn't expecting them so early but it is good.

Tim cut my hair and then Kathy showered me.

Tim also whipper snipped Tasha's yard for her.

Slept straight through the night woke to pee at 3.35 but went back to sleep till 5.30 when I got up.

Didn't have a full wash as Tim needed the bathroom. However, because Tim was out of bed he was able to help me make breakfast.

At midday I walked into the kitchen to find the ceiling leaking again in a different spot, I doubt there is anything to be done but I rang the DoH and reported it.

Kelli putting me to bed.

Had another good night woke at 4.15 to pee, tried to go back to bed but was awake,so I got up.

No rain this morning which is good.

Tim home by 12.30 another spilt shift,he leaves again at 3.45pm. He rang the DoH about blocked drain in the driveway and a neighbour who washes the dirt in her carport into the drain. He also told our area manager that the roof is leaking.

Tasha put her wet laundry into our dryer and I let Leo take it out once dried and when she walked in and saw it she cracked the shits and carried on. I don't need that.

Had a decent enough sleep last night after a restless start.

Tim up early 5.40am as he has an early start. He was home by 11.30 for 3hrs due to a split shift.

Tasha bought me some bubblegum flavoured fudge, never had it before, but it is nice.

Had a shocking night due to diarrhoea and needing to have a shower afterwards as I am unable to wipe my bum.

Tim up at 5.25am and off to work by 5.50am.

By 8am I started to feel better, rescheduled my podiatry appointment for the 16th August at Midday.

Last night was ok slept well,Tim up at 4.30am for work but should be home by 3pm.

I have a 11am doctors appointment, Sandy is going to drive me there and Tasha will meet me there and bring me home. At around 9am the doctor's rang about my appointment, in short it has been cancelled which is fine by me as it is too wet to go out.

Been a shocking day shaking wise partly I think because of the cold.

Managed a reasonable nights sleep woke at 3.30am with diarrhoea again, very frustrating.

The girls are not coming today as Micheal isn't at work.

Thankfully no rain today.

Saw Kelli when she dropped off Blain.

Fine all day but the diarrhoea returned at 7pm, by 8.30 I was ok and went to bed.

After going to bed at 8.30 I slept till 6am. Another bloody cold morning.

Shaking a bloody lot, Tim doesn't want to continue with the new medication. He maybe right as I not doing good.

Kathy was in a rushed mood which didn't help my mood. When Tasha arrived with the shopping she was also in a rushed mood.

Tim took Tasha's cans into return and earn for her.

Wednesday 13 July 2022



Count On Me, My Friend

©  More By Joydip Dutt

Published: October 6, 2021

When the world weighs you down
When unfavorable situations make you frown
Count on me, my friend

When the world gives you trouble
When your agonies seem to have doubled
Count on me, my friend

When everything around is a mess
When you can't handle so much stress
Count on me, my friend

When everything seems to fall apart
When someone has broken your heart
Count on me, my friend

When you need someone to hug you tight
When you need someone to say, "Everything will be all right,"
Count on me, my friend


Tuesday 12 July 2022



Guess what it is time for extreme creatures giants of the past post for this week, this week it is the Giant Kangaroo.......

The giant short-faced kangaroo was about the same height as a red kangaroo but more then twice as heavy. Instead of a graceful snout, it had a thick flat face and long arms for pulling down branches to eat leaves.

Its extinction may have been due to climate shifts during the Pleistocene, or to human hunting. Those who support the hypothesis of a human-mediated extinction process cite that the arrival of humans to continental Australia occurred around the same time as the disappearance of this species.

Monday 11 July 2022



Oh well here we are at another Monday so here are some facts.

Isaac Newton was only 23 when he came up with his “universal laws of gravity”

In ancient Rome it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose.

Most people have and IQ of between 90-100 range, you're considered a genius if your IQ is above 132.

The highest tide in the world is in the Bay of Fundy,Canada where there is a rise of 16 metres of 53 feet.

Bolliva has two capitals

Saturday 9 July 2022

WEEK 27 OF 2022

 Went to bed 2hrs later then normal, Tim said I should sleep later but no I was still awake at 3.30am and up at 4.45 that last I laid in bed awake.

Kathy and the girls came over but I didn't have a shower it is far to cold for me. She did some housework and Syd divided up my fruit.

Tim and Tasha went to Kmart and he bought new hair clippers and a new set of winter sheets. Oh and some new undies for me.

Another late day for me but I am sleeping better.

Slept all night woke at 4.15 to pee then went back to bed for an hour. I have managed to do stuff myself with little pain.

A very wet and cold day spent doing very little mostly I watched TV.

Sent Kelli a text saying she didn't have to come but she still came.

Another Monday and still cold and wet but I am drenched in sweat. I was in a snappy mood due to the struggle.

There is flooding in Sydney yet again this is the fourth time in a year.

Tim has a long spilt shift home between 12 & 4pm.

Managed to write on letter, will do more tomorrow.

Slept well, woke to the sound of rain.

Jess working today and tomorrow all day.

Managed to write three letters.

Raining all bloody day.

Tasha found something spilled on the kitchen bench all around the microwave.

Had a good night but discovered more liquid around the microwave this morning, looks like it is coming from the roof. Tasha over reacted which caused me to snap at her and this resulted in a small argument but we sorted out our differences.

She thinks things can be done in a snap, I know stuff takes time. I rang the DoH, the chap was nice enough but didn't get what I was saying and is sending an electrician to check the power point in the kitchen is safe.

About the roof he said they can't do anything it this weather. He did tell me that the work to replace the roof after the wet weather clears.

The electrician turned up at 8.30 checked everything out and said he has notified the DoH that we need a roofer to check out the leak.

No one bloody well came about the roof and it is getting worse. I half expect to wake up tomorrow to a flooded kitchen

Well I wasn't far off the mark with regards to the kitchen,woke to find Tim had moved the microwave and placed towels over the kitchen benched. The leak has spread and the ceiling is bowing, Tim rang DoH again and someone will be here today. So I had to cancel my foot appointment I rang and left a message so I wouldn't forget.

Tim came home around 1pm he has a split shift, he ran into some guy from the DoH who looked at the roof and 20 minutes later he got a phone call from the roofers letting us know someone will be here in the morning to see to the roof.

Finally stopped raining.

Had a good night, slept well and woke to no rain.

The roofers turned up at 8am and he did what he could but he thinks the leak is under the solar panels. So he is going to put a rush on the roof being done.

At 10.30 more men arrived to secure the kitchen ceiling, this was done by nailing two planks of wood to the ceiling.

Tim home at 12.30 till 3.45 due to a split shift.

Jess has gone to the movies with Leo & Emma, Leo was super excited that Emma was going with them.

Wednesday 6 July 2022



Happy Anniversary

© Kirk A. Finney More By Kirk A. Finney

When years are passing by like days,
and in my hand your hand is placed,
a knowing smile crosses your face.
A simple touch can still make my heart race.

When I can see my soul in your eyes,
and you see your soul in mine, we realize
that a love so deep can harbor no lies,
where our only tears shed were happy tears we've cried.

I love you as much now as I ever did before.
If possible, I may love you even more,
all starting from a feeling we did not ignore,
a feeling of connection we chose to explore.

I don't know what it is that you saw in me.
In you I saw the utmost happiness that could ever be,
even more so on the day you and I became "we."
I can still smile and say with love and truth, "Honey, I love you. Happy Anniversary."


Tuesday 5 July 2022



Hey it is Tuesday so it is giants of the past time, this week it is the “diprotodon” heard of it? Me neither.............

Picture a wombat the size of a small car, with a length of four metres and weighing about three tonnes with thick limbs and a big belly, with strong front teeth for eating plants and shrubs. It would be just a tad smaller then a hippopotamus.

They could be found all over Australia, coexisting with the Aboriginals.

Monday 4 July 2022



Hello everyone on this cold and wet Monday here in my part of the world. On to some facts...............

In 2015 Icelanders consumed more Coca-Cola per head than any other nation.

It is believed that lions usually only makes 20 kills per year.

300 years ago people would sell their teeth to be made into false teeth.

Waterloo teeth” were made from the teeth of dead on the battlefield at Waterloo.

Some false teeth were made from hippopotamus teeth

Saturday 2 July 2022

WEEK 26 OF 2022


Another good night up at 5am and now washed and dressed for the day.

Leo slept here last night.

Had an ok day Kelli turned up to put me to bed and had Kirsty with her she is down from Qld for a visit. It was good seeing her.

Gave Freya the box of pavement chalk for her birthday.

Had a good night but found myself awake by 4.30am. I cleaned the kitchen before I rang Tasha.

Rang the hospital about referral to see orthopaedic specialist I am still on the waiting list been on it since October 2018.

Another pretty good day be it a painful day but good as well. I answered 2 letters from penpals.

A new day is here and I am doing ok, had a good night after a rough start, laid down and found I couldn't breathe due to a blocked nose, applied some Vicks chest rub to under my nose and I was ok. Then found my mouth super dry so needed to get up and have a drink. After that I settled down.

Cold and wet today, Leo laid in front of the heater and went to sleep, till it was time to go to school.

Tim on late start today, taking the car due to how bloody cold it is.

Woke at 4.30 to pee couldn't see the point in going back to bed so stayed up.

Tim came home early last night due to an incident at work with a fare evader who in the past has threaten to punch his face in. The cops turned up after a half hour wait and got the two girls off the bus. He is of work today due to stress.

Feeling like I need to talk to mum. Sue came and gave me a hug, I gave her 4 books.

Last day of June and another cold one as well

Sent Tasha a text for help and she didn't reply so I rang her after 40 minutes and I was in a mood as I felt ignored. She came down and we had a moment as in argument but sorted it out and hugged before she left.

No school as there is a teachers strike

Did grocery shopping took a while to get Coles website to load when it did I managed to get online I had no problem till it was time to check out. It took half a dozen or more attempts before it worked. Tim rang Coles online to complain.

Ended up having a good day

First day of July and the last day of school for 2 weeks.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Sydney stayed home alone all day for the first time. Kathy said she was ok but wouldn't want to do it all the time. I have always liked being home alone.

Tim is off today.

A wet day, so I wasn't able to go up with Leo.

Dave turned up with food to see me and have lunch, it was great seeing him.

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