Tuesday 31 October 2023

Creature Day

 Another Tuesday, another creature and this week we have the tree kangaroo, have you heard of it, I have.

Now this kangaroo unlike their ground dwelling cousins have long muscular arms and short legs. They also have curved nails and spongy pads that help with gripping while a long tail helps with balance.

They are graceful climbers, they wrap their arms around tree trunks and hop upwards using their hind legs. They are also expert jumpers leaping from tree to tree and down to the ground.

The species live in the steamy rainforests of New Guinea and north eastern Australia, they keep cool by licking their arms and letting the moisture evaporate.

In Australia, there are now just two species: Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo, Dendrolagus lumholtzi, and Bennett's Tree-kangaroo, Dendrolagus bennettianus. Both are found only in the Wet Tropics of far north-east Queensland, one species on each side of the Daintree River.

Tree kangaroos are very difficult to study in the wild so their average lifespan is unknown, but it is likely 15-20 years. However, in captivity they can live for more than 20 years! The oldest known tree kangaroo is 27 years old.

Monday 30 October 2023

History of NSW Police Force

 Here we are at another Monday and here is a little more about the NSW Police force.

It was in 1894 after a number of officers were injured while attempting to arrest safe breakers that legalisation was passed to allow all members to carry firearms and they still do so today.

In 1895 the police band was formed to preform and entertain around the state.

In 1903, the Fingerprint Section was formed. It became the Central Fingerprint Bureau of Australia in 1941, maintaining a nationwide manual collection of fingerprints and criminal records until 1986 when it reverted to a state-based role. It now forms part of the Forensic Services Group.

In 1911 the first police prosecutors were appointed and appeared in the courts.

I 1912 the first motor vehicle was acquired by the NSW Police Force. It was a Sunbeam roadster and was for the exclusive use of the Inspector General. In 1913, a Douglas motorcycle commenced special traffic duties, and in 1915 a Renault was modified for use as a motorised patrol van.

In 1915, Lillian Armfield and Maude Rhodes were appointed as Special Constables and become the first women in the NSW Police Force. They were not allowed to wear uniform or to carry firearms. It was 1948 before women were allowed to wear uniform, 1965 before they were sworn in as Constables like male officers, and 1979 before they were routinely allowed to carry firearms.

The use of wireless with morse code as the means of communication was introduced into a number of police vehicles in 1924. The main base wireless station in Sydney became known by the call-sign VKG in 1927, and by 1928 all police stations were linked to the telephone network.

In 1925, the Public Safety Bureau was formed within the Traffic Branch. This later became the Highway Patrol (HWP) and had responsibility for all traffic law enforcement.

In 1929 the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) was formed from the existing Detective Branch. Today it is known as the State Crime Command.

Policing was declared a reserved occupation during the Second World War. As a result, not many serving Police were released for military duties in Australia and overseas. Those who did serve in the military were commemorated on the Honour Rolls at the Sydney Police Centre and on the Wall of Remembrance at the Police Chapel in Goulburn.

With the threats of invasion from the Japanese, Police undertook many internal security roles in the community and trained with rifles and bayonets

More to come............

Week 43 of 2023 a day late because I forgot yesterday

 I am wearing shorts this morning, we are in for a hot day.

Spoke to Sandy this morning she is going to tel Doc's she can't keep Landon, as he is too violent hitting and biting, and never listening he things it is ok to treat females like shit with no respect. His negative behaviour is affecting the girls and they come first. Both Sandy and I agree he needs to be in an environment that has a strong male roll model showing him how to act and treat females.

It has been a hot day and we had the air con on. I do not think the bedroom air con is working as it should, just not as cold as I think it should be.

When I got up I noticed an upturned container on my desk with a note saying look what I found, Tim found my old hearing aids so now I have two working hearing aids again one old one and one newer one. I am so happy.

Had to change from shorts to long pants at 6.30am and back into shorts at 8.30am.

He found them while searching for something else in his office.

Changed back into shorts at 9am  a pretty warm day but no need for the air con.

Tim thought it was Sam's early day but no it isn't Tim even rang the school to check.

An early start to the day up at 4.30am after needing to pee for half an hour, I finally got up at 4.30am as I couldn't hold it any longer.

Tim has been up going to the toilet on and off since about 3am.

Found a load of washing done in the machine so I got it out and hung it on the clothes hoist and when he got up Tim carried them outside as it is a nice sunny day.

Tim has rehab this morning.

A real early start to t he day I was up at 4am, Tim wasn't well and he was up already I got up to check on him and decided to stay up.

Since Tim is up there is no listening to my book instead he put a movie on to watch, I was annoyed but said nothing.

The cleaners came as per usual.

Not as warm today.

Another early morning I woke at 3.50am with a sore head my Cpap mask felt too tight, it was ok when I went to bed, by 4.22 I had enough I couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up and started my day.

Tasha came down to tell me that our neighbour Colin died during the night, he was a paraplegic or a quadriplegic I can't remember which. He had been our neighbour for many years and was a nice chap. Tasha was pretty upset as she was close to the family.

It has been raining all morning, had to get Tasha to go up with Sam to meet the driver.

I changed my doctors appointment from tomorrow till Wednesday morning due to how I feel since you have to cancelled an appointment at least 3hrs before appointment time but my appointment was at 8.36 in the morning and if I feel like this in the morning I wouldn't have time to ring and cancel so did it this morning.

Slept well and woke at 4.35 needing to pee, I was laying there thinking I would wait a while before getting up but after a few minutes I got up.

I am still feeling like shit.

Tasha asked to borrow the car for the day we said yes, she is rightly pissed off as she wants her car back and has said so.

Around midday I think it was Tim said he is Dawson walking towards the house, it was a nice surprise to see him he was here for about an hour. A lovely visit.

It has rained on and off all day.

I haven't felt good all day.


Saturday again and up, washed and dressed for the day. It is another pretty cool day.

I have managed to do a bit on the computer this morning which has made me feel good. I also sorted the next 4 weeks of medication.

Tasha still doesn't have her car back and she is so pissed off.

The personalised Christmas cards have arrived. As well as notice about my photo ID expiring soon.

Friday 27 October 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts

 Good morning all, you may have noticed I did no post yesterday this is because I felt like shit yesterday and I still feel pretty much the same way. Also yesterday my computer was running slow the internet was dropping out and all in all giving me the shits. I did very little yesterday and today looks to be the same. Although today the computer hasn't given me any trouble at all.

I was suppose to go to the doctors this morning but cancelled due to feeling like shit and the weather and will now go next Wednesday.

Tasha has asked to borrow the car and she is a right mood as she has asked for her car to be returned to her and the guy who has it hasn't replied so she is really pissed. Tim will properly be pissed when he finds out I let her have our car. We, however, are not going out today.

That's all I have today as my mind isn't firing on all cylinders.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Aussie Slang Day


Hello world here we are at another Wednesday a day f or some Aussie Slang.

Piece of piss: Easy as or an easy task

Pav: Pavolova a rich creamy dessert with meringue and maybe fruit

Op Shop: Second hand store

Lucky Country: Australia (of course)

To have a lend of someone: To take advantage of someone's gullibility

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Creature Day


Another week another creature this one is the Mary River Turtle, it can be found around the Mary River ins South-east Queensland. It is an endangered short-necked turtle around 50cm in length the females are smaller and is on of Australia's largest, however, it is not its size that makes it interesting it is that it uses it enormously long tail to breath. Yeah you read that right, it breathes through its tail, well its back passage which is why it can be called the bum-breathing turtle.

It also has exceptionally long whisker like “barbels” on its chin, inside which are its taste buds which help it feel out food.

It takes an exceptionally long time to reach maturity, the projected age at maturity is around 25 years for females and 30 years for males.

Although these turtles were known to inhabit the Mary River for nearly 30 years, it was not until 1994 that they were recognised as a new species.

In turtles like other reptiles the back passage is how they get rid of urine and faeces as well as being were their eggs pass through.

Monday 23 October 2023

History of NSW Police Force


The first death of a member of the new Police Force occurred when Constable William Havilland was accidentally shot at Orange whilst returning from Eugowra Rocks, where he had been guarding the gold escort which had earlier been bailed up by bushrangers.

In 1867 Special Constables John Carroll, Patrick Kennagh, Eneas McDonnell and John Phegan were secretly sworn in as part of a covert operation to capture bushrangers who had shot and killed Constable Miles O'Grady at Nerrigundah in 1866. The four Special Constables were ambushed at night at Jinden (near Braidwood) and killed.

Their deaths represent the largest loss of Police lives in a single incident of this type in Australia. Later that year, the Campbell Commission of Inquiry into the State of Crime in the Braidwood District was established. This was the first Royal Commission type inquiry into the NSW Police.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Week 42 of 2023

Forgot to mention that yesterday morning I spent ages getting quotes for comprehensive insurance for Tasha's car she has at last decided to get it. The prices ranged from $1,163.82 to $5,225.83.

The internet is being difficult. By 11ish I was able to do the food shop as the internet came good.

A bad time this afternoon with the shaking.

Tim found a pair of headphones that I tried out they are ok.

This would be dad's 81st birthday, he is missed so much by so many.

Also my great niece Isabal's birthday.

Sam turned up at 7.30am just after I rang saying we had 30 minuted before it would be time to leave. Of course the driver didn't turn up till 8.12am.

Tim went to the Dr's and then out to work to hand in my paperwork. I had hoped to go out to the Dr's with him so I could look for new shoes but he said tomorrow would be a better day as he wasn't coming straight home, so I said ok.

At 2pm I was just about to say it was time to go meet Sam, when I noticed his driver out the front he was 10 minutes earlier then expected.

It has turned out to be a hot day.

A much cooler start to the day back in long pants at least for a few hours.

Rang Sam at 7am only to be told that Sam isn't going to school due to having a Dr's appointment.

Shopping came missing 5 items all out of stock, Tasha will look at our local Coles. These were items that have do not substitute ticked.

Been raining on and off all morning.

Didn't go shopping as Tim is having a bad day.

In for another cool day but hopefully no rain. I asked Sam if they liked the new driver they are not keen on the guy at this stage.

I have had a good day better then the last couple that's for sure.

Tim went and had an Xray or CT Scan done I don't remember which he also has to have another ultrasound done, he didn't read the form right when he booked the appointment.

A new day and a not so cold start to the day I have the back sliding door open due to sweating. Not a good day weather wise could be worse but not the type of weather I feel like going out in.

My back is giving me the shits, I can't sit anywhere without pain.

Tim has spent some time out the back clearing weeds from the yard he could only work for half an hour before needing a rest but that's ok he is getting there. He has been trying to get a quote from someone to do the backyard through Youi(CTP).

Friday again this last week has gone fast. I am in my lightweight long pants even though Tasha was sure I would be fine in shorts, she was wrong.

Tim had his rehab appointment changed he did tell me why but I don't remember. He also had an appointment for the ultrasound on his shoulder or neck I don't remember which. Yeah I know I bitch when he doesn't listen but I can be just as bad.

I am looking forward to going over to Kathy's tomorrow for a BBQ along with Tasha.

Another good night, Tim didn't go to bed till just before I got up. I guess he slept on the lounge while watching TV.

Kathy cancelled lunch as Michael is in a bad place due to his father being so bad and pretty much on his last legs. Cancelling upset me as I was really looking forward to it. Kathy said we will do it at a later date.

I was hoping to get a family photo of Kathy's family so I can use it for a Christmas present I have planned for them.

Friday 20 October 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts

Well here we are at another Friday, this week I am doing another post about my thoughts and what are my thoughts you ask, well I doubt you have asked but here they are anyway.

As any who have read my blog of recent know that my computer is giving me the shits most days due to it freezing or running slow my eldest daughter keeps telling me to reformat she may be right but I don't want to. I can't give a reason why I don't wish to do that I just don't.

I have many things I want to do over the next few days most of which involves me sitting here at the computer ordering things as Christmas presents.

I have a dozen letters to answer which I hope to get started on this weekend.

I am managing to vacuum without too much pain and it is me who packs and unpacks the dishwasher, I do feel annoyed when Tim hand washes his dishes partly because often when I go to put the dry dishes away they are greasy and not clean enough for my liking. It is also a waste of water.

I am also wondering why I have to rely on others to go anywhere, I miss the days when I could get dressed and go shopping as soon as I had seen Sam off. Tim says he will take me but it doesn't happen and if it does it will be later in the morning then I like. I had hoped to go out last Monday but didn't happen and now my knee is causing problems and if I was to go out now I would want to take the scooter or a wheelchair. I know I use to hire a scooter from the shopping centre but not keen on that now that I have my own smaller scooter. I will be talking to Tim about this and see if we can arrange a time to take me shopping. I will not be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Working Life in the 1890's


Well here I am at my second attempt to write this post the first I did yesterday (Saturday) to be ready for Thursday but it would not save and I ended up losing all that I had written.

Well this is about working life in the 1890's and yes I know so far the posts have been about stuff happening between the 1850's till the 1880's but that is coming to an end.

During the period between 1875 to 1889 Victoria and New South Wales for the most part enjoyed boom conditions, though interspersed with pockets of recession and intermittent unemployment. This is when the New South Wales trades and Labour Council approached the problems of management and labour from a political standpoint.

As before this there was a tradition of sponsoring candidates sympathetic to the labour movement. It was in August of 1890 a general meeting of the Australian Labour Council drafted a parliamentary platform. Such political planning was justified later in the month when the Maritime Strike started.

By 1890 the boom was changing into an economic collapse and in May 1895 several banks closed their doors and fortunes were lost overnight as inflated share prices and land values plummeting. This of course affected employment as business slowed down and many factories closed or reduced their operating hours and workforce.

From the start of the 1890's the Australian colonies experienced strikes by workers who at last felt their unions were strong enough to negotiate in their favour. Unfortunately, with the increasingly bad economic times, coupled with a fear of the unions, encouraged managements and colonial governments to put down the strikes with great severity.

That's it for this week.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Aussie Slang


Well here we are at another Wednesday, it is coldish but no rain here well it is time for some Aussie Slang............

Larrikin: Someone who is always enjoying themselves, a harmless prankster

Moolah: Money

Never Never: Outback Australia

No Hoper: Someone who never does well in life

Perve: Look at someone lustfully

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Creature Day


Good morning all we are moving out of Africa and on to Oceania for those who don't know Oceania is a region of the South Pacific Ocean that comprises multiple islands. The United Nations divides the region into four sub-regions: Australia and New Zealand (including also the Christmas Islands, Keeling Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, and Norfolk Island), Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

This week's creature is a Leafy Sea-dragon , dripping with “leaves” this sea-dragon blends perfectly with the seaweed and kelp forests off southern Australia where it lives. They are closely related to seahorses and drifts with the currents is search of microscopic prey such as sea lice.

It is graced with a thin, tubular snout and small leaf-sharped fins, it's usually browny-yellow in colour and 35cm long.

If you see a bright yellow tail on a male it is a sign it is going to mate, like seahorses the males are in charge of childbearing. Unlike seahorses which carry their young in a pouch on the stomach male sea-dragons nurture theirs on the underside of their tail.

Monday 16 October 2023

History of NSW Police Force

Moving on to part two about the New South Wales Police Force.

The first recorded death of a Police Constable was in 1803 with the death of Constable Joseph Luker of the Sydney Foot Police. While patrolling on foot at night in an area called Back Row East Sydney Town(now Phillip Street Sydney), he was attacked an killed. His body was found the next morning with the guard of his cutlass embedded in his head. Later four offenders faced court with three of them acquitted including two fellow Constables, the other was sentenced to death, which was latter commuted after three failed attempts to hang him failed.

In the beginning the Police were appointed by the local Justices of the Peace and became know as Bench Police or “benchers”.

In 1825 the Military Mounted Police were formed following clashes between Aboriginals and settlers in the central west but after only 25 years they were disbanded in 1850. They were replaced by a civilian Mounted Police also known as the Mounted Road Patrol they were the forerunners of today's NSW Mounted Police.

Other colonial police forces included the Border Police they were around between 1839-1846 and the Mounted Native Police between 1848-1859. The various Mounted Troopers were known colloquially as “traps”.It was in 1850 that the Parliament in Sydney legislated to amalgamate all the various colonial police forces into one force under the superintendence of an Inspector General of Police, with a solicitor names William Spain was appointed as the first Inspector General.

In 1851 because of the discovery of gold the Gold Escort was formed. This year also saw the Parliament in London disallow the 1850 colonial legislation to amalgamate the police forces. During this time police from the United Kingdom were offered free passage to NSW in return for three years service as colonial police.

On the 1 March 1862 the Police Regulation Act was passed seeing all existing police forces at last amalgamated to establish the NSW Police Force under former Army Captain John McLerie as Inspector General.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Week 41 of 2023


Manage to do the food shop with little issue, damn my jaw is moving a bit this morning.

I have had a restless day with a lot of back pain and feeling like I couldn't sit anywhere comfortably.

Jess and Sam came over at around 3.15 this arvo they were having a disagreement about Sam going to sleep, during the last two weeks Sam's sleeping pattern has been all over the place but tomorrow is a school day so Sam needs to get back into the school routine regarding his sleeping pattern.

Sam came down at 5.55am looking for dry clothes in order to have something to wear, it is the first day of term 4 of school so only 19 weeks of school left for 2023. There is a new driver for this term, well from week three, there is a relief driver for the first two weeks. I was glad I didn't have to ring over an over to get Sam up he walked in again at 7am.

For some unknown reason I am restless finding it hard to sit still this lasted for around 2hrs but then I came good.

Had to ring the school to check if it was Sam's early day, it isn't.

Had a good night but woke shaking around 4am and it was difficult to lay in bed getting up around 4.45am.

I am having internet problems this morning. I also can't get my Telstra program to open up which is so annoying.

I was on my way up the front while Sam brushed his teeth only to notice that the driver was already there over 5 minutes early.

I have started getting sharp pain in my right big toe and it looks red I am thinking Gout but I don't know I have asked Tim what does gout feel like, he said he has no idea even though he has had gout a few times but doesn't remember that. Ok after about 10 minutes he remembered having it.

Sam had to ring for papa to go get him as he was more then 5 minutes earlier then normal.

Not a hot nor a cold day but still found myself sweating this morning, had to open the front and back sliding doors for a little bit.

The cleaners came and before they did I cleaned off my dressing table and computer desk so they could get a good clean. I also had them clean the back sliding door.

Found my bears that sit on top of my dressing table on my bed went I went in to replace the items off the dressing table, they either fell down or were taken down, I will have to get Sam to replace them as neither Tim or I are tall enough to do so.

I am wearing shorts this morning even though it's a chilly but it suppose to be a hot day with a temp of 27 degrees. I put shorts on when I got dressed but had to go and change into long pants after an hour as my legs were cold. I changed back into shorts around 9am.

This morning at 8am the alarm had just gone off for me and Sam to go up the top of driveway, however, before we could leave we see the transport van out the front of our unit, this was a surprise.

Tasha rang Saint Vinnies to get help with some food vouchers for herself and decided to ask about me and her dad getting help. So two people came out this morning and asked a few questions and gave us two $50 gift cards for Coles, this will be a big help.

I had to turn the air con on around 12.30 as the heat was getting to me.

I decided to put long pants on when I got up, it isn't suppose to be as hot today.

I was surprised when Sam rang me at 7am this morning not sure why he rang or maybe that should read she rang as Sam now identifies as a female, which disturbs Tim and I am not sure how I feel about it but we will see what happens over time.

Sue called in to see me she was here about 30 minutes, I told her that my plan for individual calendars has changed as I saved close to $30 by getting a package of 5 for $44 including postage.

I am having a better day.

Tasha has decided to get car insurance about bloody time.


We are in for another hot day and it is voting day, I have already sent my vote in but Tim will need to walk down and vote.

At 10am Jess came over to see if Tim was ready to walk down and vote but he was still in bed, so she walked down with Tasha to vote. Tim walked down to vote and was out of breath by the time he got back.

Tasha bought be a chocolate muffin.

Thursday 12 October 2023

Working Life in the 1890's


Good morning all, it is Thursday here in my part of the world, here we are at another post about working life in the 1890's.

After a campaign was run by newspaper proprietor David Syme, in the “Age” a Victorian newspaper. The Victorian government under Alfred Deakin appointed a Shops Commission to report on how the Factory Act was functioning.

The commission found unacceptable conditions in small workshops and in the homework system. This resulted in the 1885 Factories and Shops Act, which provided for compulsory registration and inspection of all factories.

The Act also required the safety fencing of machinery and the provision of proper sanitation and ventilation.

Employment of boys under 12 and girls under 13 was forbidden, shops had to close by 10pm on Saturdays and 7pm on other weekdays. This Act applied to all workplaces where at least 6 people were working but it didn't prohibit homework.

Improvements in working conditions were also won in the mining industry, a Mines Regulation Act was passed in 1873 and in 1877 Victorian goldminers won an eight-hour day for underground workers. This and other improvements were ratified in amending Mines Act in 1883 and 1886.

In NSW coalminers won inspection for safety as early as 1862 with the Collieries Regulation Act, with subsequent acts amended to the advantage of the workers. Adult workers had a 10 hour work day and workers aged 13 to 18 a 9 hour day, Monday to Friday.

More to come next week

Wednesday 11 October 2023

More Aussie Slang


Good morning all here I am doing another post about Aussie slang, so here we go.

Manchester: Household Linen ie: sheets & towels

Middy: 285ml glass of beer in NSW

Matilda: Swagman's bedding, or sleeping roll

Muster: Rounding up cattle or sheep

Nipper: Young surf lifesaver as in children learning how to be a lifesaver.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Creature Day


Well hello everyone, hope everyone is well and ready to see a naked mole rat, yeah that's what it is on this creature day.

Looking like a cross between an uncooked sausage and a miniature walrus, the naked mole rat fits into a teacup.

These virtually hairless mammals live in colonies of 20-300 individuals in an area around the size of half a dozen football fields, however, big that is. They rarely leave the safety of their sandy burrows in sub-Saharan Africa.

Like bees and ants the colony is lead by a queen, foot soldiers dig the burrows, collect food and tend to the young but she is the only one allowed to breed.

They eat roots and bulbs but also are known to eat their own poo, they have even been known to chew through concrete. They don't drink water and their teeth can operate individually with a quarter of the muscle mass being in their jaw.

They have a lifespan of 10-30years

Most people think they are blind and yes their tiny eyes are not much use underground but they can still see a little bit. However, they mostly rely on their senses of hearing, smell and touch more then their sight.

Monday 9 October 2023

History of NSW Police


Good morning all, it's Monday and I am continuing with the posts about Australia today I touching on law enforcement and the first police officers in Australia.

This information will be posted over a few weeks, this is part one.

The New South Wales(NSW)Police Force is one of the largest police organisations in the English speaking world. It began as the first civilian police force in Australia, known as the Night Watch, and was formed by Governor Arthur Phillip in 1789 to guard Sydney Town. It consisted of 12 convicts who were considered to be the most well-behaved in the colony.

In 1862, all Watch Teams were combined under the Police Regulation Act 1862 to form the NSW Police Force. That Act was later replaced by the Police Regulation Act 1899.

In June 1987, the NSW Police Force (which had carriage of operations) and the NSW Police Department (which had carriage of policy and administration) were amalgamated. We operate under the Police Act 1990 and the Police Regulations 2008.

Way back in 1788 when the First Fleet arrived the initial policing of the new colony of NSW was placed in the hands of the Royal Navy Marines. This was not something the Marines wanted to do so Governor Phillip appointed a bloke by the name of John Smith a free settler to the position of Constable, although he didn't stay in office long but Smith was the first recorded Police Officer in Australia.

In 1789 the Night Watch and the Row Boat Guard were appointed by Governor Phillip drawn from the ranks of the best behaved convicts. In 1790 the Night Watch was replace by the Sydney Foot Police which continued as an organised force until the amalgamation of all NSW colonial police forces in 1862. The Row Boat Guard was both an independent Water Police as well as part of the Sydney Police and was the forerunner of what is today known as the Marine Area Command.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Week 40 of 2023


Up at 4.55am as per usual I am not one of those people who will comment that it is really an hour earlier, I don't see the point.

I received 3 letters yesterday when Tasha checked the P O Box one from a pal saying she is no longer able to write and one from someone who said they have written a few time but received no reply which is weird.

Had to restart the computer 3 times this morning and it is still running slow and my book won't play, it was working but not at the moment which is frustrating.

Tasha got pissed off when I reminded her that her dad would not be paying her CTP this time because she hasn't been driving her car a lot the last 6 months her friend has been driving it a lot, when she first lent him her car both me and Tim told her that because he was using the car so much we wouldn't be paying the CTP and she got super pissed and there has been something of a fight and she says she is done with us and she didn't want the car and blah blah blah. I got upset and cried wanting my mum to talk it over with. I will not be contacting her for a little while and I hope she calms down and understands how things are, she has really over reacted in my opinion.

Had a bad night with upsetting dreams, something to do with my dad being angry about what I don't know.

Tasha brought down my medications and told me she is done with us I tried talking to her again but everything I said she turned around and made out I was calling her lazy and other stuff I got frustrated and feel even more hurt.

Kathy and the girls came over the girls helped me emptied the bins and Sydney vacuumed out for me. Kathy went to talk to Tasha, I asked how Tasha was and Kathy said she was fine, nothing else just fine.

Tasha came down and gave her dad $15 for fuel for letting her take the car to the gym.

She came back at 3pm with a bag of things she had picked up at the shops for me and to help me get ready for bed, this is when we managed to talk without her going off her brain and by the time she left we had patched things up.

Had a better nights sleep although when Tim came to bed he got straight up again as both the hallway light and the light in his office came on then off again so he got up to investigate, thinking Sam must have come in but no he wasn't here and all I said was that maybe it was dad

A bloody hot day temps in the 30's.

Tasha came down at around 8.30ish to ask if I had any idea why she is so tired, she is sleeping well but always tired and has no energy. I said maybe she is low in iron or vitamin B something. She bought some Berocca which she said helped a little, she see the GP on Thursday.

Took a video of myself watching TV I thought I was sitting still and felt happy, when I replayed it I looked stunned and my jaw was moving all the time and at a couple of points it looked like my body was moving, I knew my arms/hands were moving.

Before going to bed last night I had a shower and shaved my own legs but it wasn't a good job I hope next time I will do better. It is suppose to be not as hot today.

Kathy and the girls arrived around 9am not long after Tasha came down, she took the girls to Glendale to go to Kmart to get some Halloween things.

When they got back the girls wanted to apply make up to Nana's face and I of course let them do so. Tim said I looked scary.

Turned out to be another hot day and had to turn the air con on around lunch time.

Men came an finished working on the roof, they said it was all done when they left and it shouldn't leak anymore, we will see.

Back into long pants and so cold part of me feels like turning the heater on but I won't.

The computer is so slow this morning but I am not getting stressed by it.

Sue came over to see me and we had a nice chat I told her the disagreement we had with Tasha on Sunday and Monday. This is something Sue understands as she has problems with her kids at times. We both had a little cry then changed the topic and had a good laugh over our sense of direction which we both don't have. Don't ask me which way is North or South or even East or West because I have no idea.

Another cold morning so still in light weight long pants.

Had a text from my baby brother saying they may be over on Saturday (tomorrow) to see me just because he hasn't seen me in a while.

At 7.30am the computer started telling me I had no internet again even though I do, which is so frustrating. It was at this time I realised I hadn't heard from Kathy so I sent her a text, she rang saying she forgot about me but that's ok she was enjoying her kid free time, her girls are at their other grandparents place, they slept over last night as she has them Thursday and Friday during the school holidays.

Tim had an appointment with his counsellor, he said it went well.

Up a little early 4.50am in for a much cooler day, this morning it isn't too bad but far from hot.

Another day with a temperamental computer.

Had a text from Sue she isn't having a good day, very depressed, I sent her a reply that I hope helped how she is feeling.

Dave, Leigh & Liarna came over for a visit they had their new pup with them another border collie this is their 3rd dog all are border collie's. It was great seeing them.

A bit later Sandy turned up with Temika, Denni & Skylar but also had Temika's new boyfriend with them, so a crowded small car.

Sam has been here in his room all day while his mum has been at work.

Friday 6 October 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts

Hello everyone, this cold morning is causing my brain to shift into neutral and not want to work right, anyway what is Jo-Anne thinking about this morning, other then being frustrated with the pain in my back, feeling my jaw move and and the internet being a bitch and not working.

Well I had a visit from my sister Sue yesterday that was nice we both had a cry over the way our children can treat us at times, she has 4 children and feel like at any given time she will say or do the wrong thing causing someone not to want to talk to her, my girls can be just as bad at times with me not knowing what the hell I said or did to piss them off. This is not a problem I remember mum and dad ever having with me or my siblings.

This morning I had a text from my brother saying him and his wife would like to come over on Saturday just to see us because they haven't seen me in ages.

I ordered some writing paper from Wish (over the internet) and stuffed up one lot of it is small note size paper, I must have read the description wrong, oh well I will use it for something it is just frustrating. Buying nice writing paper isn't easy partly because I don't get to the shops in person to have a look around.

I feel that no one really wants to take me shopping because I walk so slow and need to stop and rest often, unless we take the wheelchair and someone pushes me which they don't like doing. I could take the scooter but they girls say they don't know how to take it apart and it won't fit in their cars. So I am stuck at home shopping online when the bloody internet is working and not freezing and being a bitch.

The above photo is how I looked after my granddaughters did my face.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Working Life in 1890's Pt 4

 Well here we are at another Thursday, and another post about working life in the 1890's.

The number of unions grew between 1855 and 1885 as the old craft unions were joined by mining, industrial, manufacturing and pastoral spheres unions.

A symbol of the growing influence of unions was the building of a Trade Hall in Melbourne in 1859 by the National Trades Hall and Literary Institute. This was claimed to be the first build of its type in the world, the early timber building was replaced in 1876 by a fine Greek-revival Trades Hall building. A Trades and Labour Council was formed in Sydney in 1871 and the Melbourne Trades Hall Council was formed in 1884.

Let's move on to working conditions, the first factory act in Australia regulating the employment of females in workrooms and factories was passed in Victoria in 1873. Hours were limited to eight and a minimum provision of 25 cubic metres of air space per person male or female was stipulated.

These new laws, however, didn't effect conditions for all workers, there were many “home” or “out” workers who were paid at non-union rates. Homework was work taken home by factory hands after hours and paid for by the piece. Outwork was done by people in their homes and was not therefore subject to union conditions. There were also many small workplaces with fewer then 10 people employed which fell outside the 1873 Factory Act provision.

More about conditions next week.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Aussie Slang


After a few stinking hot days, today will be much cooler with a top of 27 degrees instead of being in the low 30's. Today is the day for some Aussie slang.

Dobber: Someone who tells on others just to see them get into trouble

Kero: Kerosene

Milk Bar: Corner shop that sells take away food

Mongrel: Despicable person

Mug: A friendly insult or a gullible person

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Creature Day

Hello Tuesday time for another creature and this week it is a Giraffe, this I am sure we have all heard of.

There is no other land animal on earth as tall as the giraffe, if you stood on the second floor of a building a giraffe could easily look in on you through the window. Why is this well because its neck is as long as its legs about 1.8m and its feet are the diameter of a dinner plate.

In fact everything about the giraffe is oversized its heart is 60cm long and its tongue stretches up to half a metre. It has a black tongue which protects it from the harsh sun in Africa.

The pattern of a giraffe's coat is unique just like our fingerprints. The shape of the patterning reflects where they live in Africa.

Females give birth throughout the year and usually reach sexual maturity between the ages of five and seven years. Males reach sexual maturity between seven and eight years of age and travel extensively to detect and investigate females receptive to mating.

They can live as long as 25 years.

Aside from humans,crocodiles and lions are giraffe's only predators. However, due to their size, giraffes do not hide from these predators. They are able to protect themselves from predators by staying in groups, as it makes it more challenging for the predator.

Hello Tuesday time for another creature and this week it is a Giraffe, this I am sure we have all heard of.

There is no other land animal on earth as tall as the giraffe, if you stood on the second floor of a building a giraffe could easily look in on you through the window. Why is this well because its neck is as long as its legs about 1.8m and its feet are the diameter of a dinner plate.

In fact everything about the giraffe is oversized its heart is 60cm long and its tongue stretches up to half a metre. It has a black tongue which protects it from the harsh sun in Africa.

The pattern of a giraffe's coat is unique just like our fingerprints. The shape of the patterning reflects where they live in Africa.

Females give birth throughout the year and usually reach sexual maturity between the ages of five and seven years. Males reach sexual maturity between seven and eight years of age and travel extensively to detect and investigate females receptive to mating.

They can live as long as 25 years.

Aside from humans, crocodiles and lions are giraffe's only predators. However, due to their size, giraffes do not hide from these predators. They are able to protect themselves from predators by staying in groups, as it makes it more challenging for the predator.

Parkinson's Disease Treatment History

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