Wednesday 30 September 2020

Photo Day


My daughter Kathy-Lee and her daughters Sydney-May above her and Summer next to her 

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Spider Silk

 Well it's now Tuesday and that means it is indestructible stuff day today's stuff is spider silk.

If you have every walked into s spiderweb you will know it is super sticky and stretchy and of course strong. 

All spiders make silk to do useful jobs such as spinning webs, wrapping up prey, dangling from ceilings and carrying eggs and it's one of the toughest natural material there is.

Because it is so tough, spider silk can be very useful to us as well, with it we can make things such as ropes, clothes and parachutes.

Spiders make silk as liquid inside their bodies, it forms strands as they push it ou from their abdomens.

This natural wonder has many cool properties, it's tough but light, some say weight for weight it's harder then steel.

It is incredibly elastic stretching up to four times it's original length without breaking.

It gets stronger when it is wet, helping spiderwebs hold up under heavy drops of dew.

It keep its strength and stretchiness even at extreme low and high temperatures.

The spiders with the strongest silk are Darwin's bark spider and the golden orb weaver, which spins a gold coloured silk.

Monday 28 September 2020

Fact Day


Good afternoon everyone, hope all is well with everyone, I am recovering nicely from my accident on Saturday. Well it's Monday so that means it is fact day. Today's facts are :

People who become hysterical when peanut butter becomes stuck to the root of their mouth are suffering from the condition “arachibutyrophobia”

In 1921 the commissioner of Ellis Island in New York made the decision to treat all incoming immigrants to a taste of something truly American by serving them ice cream as part of the first meal.

Queen Isabella of Castille, who sent Christopher Columbus to find the Americas, boasted that she had only bathed twice in her life. Once when she was born and once before she married.

The scientific name for a tomato is lycopersicon lycopersicum which means wolf peach.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist

Sunday 27 September 2020

My week

 I slept late getting up till 8.20am as Tim was going to work. I dressed myself took ages of course.

It is a cool wet start to the day but ended up really warm.

Kelli brought Blain & Leo home, it's nice to see her.

Leo came straight here when he arrived and hasn't been to his own house yet.

Awake at 5.30 and up at 5.45, managed to dress myself only took 7 minutes if Tasha had down it, it would have taken 1 minute.

Tim is off this week, he hopes to get a few jobs done around the house.

Leo had to wear his grey track pants to school as his school pants were in the wash. So I made sure his school pants will be washed ready for tomorrow.

Tim had a Dr appointment he now is on an extra tablet for his blood pressure the same one I take for migraines.

Tim working on the spare room today.

It has been a really warm day.

Tim cut my hair then Tasha gave me a shower before bed.

Woke just before the alarm, up and dressed with Tasha's help. I woke with cramps in the gut.

Tim had an appointment at the Royal out patience department with the ENT clinic. When I asked how it went all he said was ok.

Been a bloody hot day

Tim finished off the spare bedroom aka Leo's room.

Tim thinks I should start wearing a wide brim hat to try and deter the Butcher birds. He will see if he can get me one tomorrow.

Mum wasn't the best she said that the last few days she has felt very lonely with no one to talk to because on day I was distracted and not really with it. This made me feel terrible.

I woke at 5.40 but decided to wait for the alarm, however, a few minutes later I heard Tasha coming inside. She was frustrated because she had trouble unlocking the door.

Tim took all the cans and cashed them in.

It has been another warm day but not as hot as yesterday.

I started an online order for Big W but when I asked Tim if he would go and pick it up he said he would just go and buy the stuff this afternoon. Which he did.

Tim got me a black wide brim hat to wear when I ride the scooter.

I woke at 5.40 and got up straight away as I needed to pee.

Tasha arrived shortly after to get my breakfast,she said she will be back at 9am to give me a shower.

Tim went and bought me a new pickup tool so I can reach stuff I drop.

This afternoon Tim has gone to look at motorbikes, but no luck.

I am feeling like shit to day, depressed and wanting to cry for no reason.

By 3pm I was so tired I could barely stay awake.

A new day, got up at 6am just before the 6.15 alarm opened the house and while I was having my morning wash Tasha arrived.

Sandy picked me up at 9am and took me to see mum, I stayed about an hour, Tim picked me up and brought me home.

Today is the last day of term for school.

Blain has gone to his dad's for the next 12 days.

It has been a very windy day

Jess putting me to bed.

Had a restless night my mask lost its seal so was making a lot of noise. It woke me at 3.40am so I went to the loo and found the cotton wool and blocked the leak.

At 7am I got up peed and rang Tasha to help dress me and take me to the pathologist for the fasting blood test.

It is a freezing cold morning.

Around midday I went to take Jess her milk but Leo arrived and took it, so I was parking the scooter and misjudged and hit the wall this caused the scooter to tumble over and me to fall and hit my head hard on the chair of the table this caused a lot of blood.

I yelled for help and Tim came and went and got Jess who sent Leo to fetch Tasha.

Jess applied pressure to the wound and after some discussion Tim rang the ambos who came and checked me over and decided I should go to hospital.

I was at the hospital for 3hrs and received 6 stitches. Tasha came and picked Tim & I.

We got home around 4.15 and I ate then went to bed.

I cannot wash my hair for 48hrs and need to make an appointment to have the stitches out next Friday.

Thursday 24 September 2020

Poem of the week



Shel SilversteinBy  More Shel Silverstein

Underneath my outside face
There's a face that none can see.
A little less smiley,
A little less sure,
But a whole lot more like me


Wednesday 23 September 2020

Photo Day


                                                        My youngest daughter Jessica with me 

Tuesday 22 September 2020

On this day


Good morning here we are at the 22nd day of September, 36yrs ago on this day I went from being a Jenkins to a Meadows.

I meet Tim on the 9th June 1983 in my parents lounge-room this was because we met through a dating agency. I knew by our next date that he was the man for me.

In September that year he tells me ha had invited a few mates to our engagement party. I looked at him and said “what” you haven't even asked me to marry you., he laughed took my hands and said but you will won't you. My reply was not the point but of course I will.

Our engagement party was paired with m

y 21st and held at my parents place, it was a good night ending around 3 or 4am although Tim crashed in the back of his panel van around midnight, after he fell asleep on the toilet. The last to leave were Tim's mates and a couple of gatecrashes as in neighbours from up the road.

We married on the 22nd September 1984 in St Alban's church in front of around 100 guests. The reception was held in the church hall back then my mum was involved with the church so we got a good deal.

I wore a dress that had been my aunt's wedding dress, I was never thrilled with the dress but said nothing, I also had no say in the wedding care which was a traditional fruit cake, I do not eat fruit cake.

I have wanted to renew my vows for many years but Tim has no interest in doing so.

Monday 21 September 2020

Fact Day

 Hello world, another lovely day here in Newie, being Monday means it's fact day so here are this weeks facts.

Los Angeles full name is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula”

Right handed people live on average 9 years longer than left handed people.

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated

There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball

There are 701 types of pure breed dogs

Sunday 20 September 2020

Just another week

 A nice sleep in this morning got up at 7.30 just after I woke up and at the time Tim was getting up.

Tasha had been and tossed a load in the washing machine. I got the finished load out and tossed the second load in to wash for her.

Found 99+ messages on the family message group on good old Facebook. Read/listen to them all a lot about the ball incident.

Turned out a nice day all round.

The start of another working/school week here in Newie, going to be another warmish day.

Leo's driver drove down to the house as I wasn't there and this is the first day of the new routine and I was just leaving the house to take Leo up.

Been a very warm day, Leo arrived home at 3.26pm only 6 minutes after school got out.

Tim's youngest sister Diane who is intellectual disabled and has poor reasoning and is more like a child, has been arrested for refusing a Covid test in South Australia.

Seems she hooked up with a man who convinced her to travel to South Aus, they say she was groomed by the man who was arrested on paedophilia chargers.

We have very little to do with Diane by that I mean nothing.

A new day and I woke before the alarm again. I got up and dressed and found myself dripping in sweat even though it is far from hot.

Realised after Leo left that he didn't have his medication, I forgot why I do not know. Brian picked him up at the door at 8.10 earlier then I expected.

I decided to try and switch the phone cords around to see if the cordless would work and it did. I am happy, I did have to get Jess & Tasha to come and help me.

Tasha & Jess carried on like children, tickling each other and acting silly.

I woke with the alarm and found Tim was up and gone he had a 5.30am start.

This morning at 8.10am I went to get Leo for school, narrowly being missed by the bird. Brian arrived as we were headed up the driveway.

Tasha brought be 2 cupcakes made by Blain they were very yummy.

It has been a bloody warm day and I am in shorts, had to toss out a pair this morning as they felt a bit loose.

A very short chat to mum as Dawson arrived home and was on the phone to his mum and this caused mum to become distracted.

Up before the alarm but not dressed as Tasha is going to give me a shower after Leo leaves.

Had a nice shower, and Tasha changed the sheets.

Spoke to mum for an hour or so she was feeling lonely. Half an hour after I hung up from mum she rang back to tell me that Michelle had rang her for no reason she said by mistake and they talked for half an hour about nothing.

It has been a very warm day.

Tim home at 2pm a short day for him.

Awake at 5.33am got out of bed at 5.45 as I was awake and generally don't like staying in bed once awake. I managed to dress my bottom half before Tasha arrived, she did my top for me.

Tasha had to take Leo up as it was raining.

Stopped raining so I will be able to collect Leo this afternoon.

Didn't have much of a chat with mum as Dawson rang twice and then Dave rang.

Leo has gone to Kelli & Jono's for the weekend.

Thursday 17 September 2020

Thursday's words


If I Could


Published: August 2017

If I could catch a rainbow,
I'd do so just for you
So you could share its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could, I'd buy an island
You could call it your very own,
A place to find serenity,
Where you could be alone.

If I could take your troubles
I'd throw them in the sea,
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me.

'Cause I can't buy an island
Nor catch a rainbow fair,
So I'll just do what I do best:
Be someone who's always there.


Tuesday 15 September 2020



Well Tuesday is here and it's another nice warm day, which means I am dripping in sweat on and off all day.

Tuesday is now indestructible stuff day and today it is the well known Superbug, we have all heard talk about this or that superbug.

A superbug is actually a disease causing bacteria that is resistant to run of the mill antibiotics.

The first antibiotics were developed back in 1928 based on natural germ-killing chemicals found in mould. Since then these drugs have saved millions of lives. The ability to cure bacterial illnesses and infections such as tetanus, tuberculosis, and even the plague.

The problem is there is often just a few bacteria that are tough enough to survive the antibiotics. As the others are killed the extra tough survivors become superbugs, a kind of super strong bacteria that antibiotics can't kill.

This means they can kill us, just like before we had antibiotics.

So you are wondering what to do to protect yourself , really..............

Every man and his dog know you need to wash your hands, use hand gel, clean surfaces regularly

Monday 14 September 2020

Fact Day Again


Well hello Monday, the start of a new working week and life goes on as it does with each and every one of us, hopefully...........

Monday is fact day, so here are this weeks facts you may or maynot know already.

The most populated city in the world, when major urban areas are included is Tokyo....

Swedish confectionery salesman Roland Ohisson was buried in a coffin made of chocolate in 1973

Mercedes Benz cars are named after a girl called Mercedes Jellinek

Coca Cola and Dr Pepper were both introduced in the same year 1886

One weird wedding present received by Queen Victoria was a giant wheel of Cheddar Cheese it weighed over 1,000 pounds.

Sunday 13 September 2020

Last Week is done with

 Father's Day today and I have nothing for Tim as I have not been out to be able to go shopping for something.

Been a busy day washing, vacuuming and doing the weekly medications.

Mum rang and asked if I wanted to go over for lunch but I said no I really didn't feel up to it.

I have been missing dad so much lately.

A new week and let's hope it is a good one Leo is happy and rerady to start a new week of learning and fun.

Jess came over at 10.20 wanting to know where his webster pack was, I think I forgot to ask Tim to get it on Saturday.

Tim has an early day so he took the car into have it looked at im he doesn't now how to change the setting so the lights don't come on automaticly.

I was on the phone to mum when it was time to go get Leo so I asked Tim to let me know when the alarm went off and he forgot to tell me. I must have just mised him as I was there at 2.40pm.

Tim was told that the screen needs to be replaced for the reversing camera to work again and that will cost $2,000

I woke at 5.40am and decided to get up, however, I am not dressed yet as Tasha wants to shower me after Leo goes to school.

I did have a shower after Leo went to school, going to be another warm/hot day.

The umbrella Tim placed on scooter feel apart this afternoon.

Good morning Diary had a reasonably good night sleep. Woke at 4.40am but managed to go back to sleep till the alarm went off.

When I went to take Leo up it was spitting lightly and he would not let me go in the scooter in wet weather, so he went and got Tasha to go with him which she did.

A much cooler day back in light-weight long pants after 3 days of ¾ pants. Turned out petty cold.

I have been restless all day doing bugga all, little to no motivation.

Tim home at 1.45pm, so he was able to get Leo as it was wet.

Another day but not as cold a day as yesterday was. I woke just before the alarm went off just after I peed Tim got up and spent ages in the bathroom.

After Leo left I cooked boiled eggs for breakfast and just after I finished eating, I had a sip of drink and it went down wrong causing me to chock, cough and vomit a bit as well as wet myself. Had to get Tasha to come help me change.

Mum was good when I spoke to her she only repeated herself once.

Despite the cold I was sweating on and off all day.

Woke again before the alarm around 6ish, I was having a wash in the bathroom when the alarm went off. I even managed to partly dress myself.

Tasha got my breakfast and helped me get my top on.

Tim home just after 9am he is here till around 1.30ish when he goes back to work.

The cordless house phones stopped working so I turned the modem off and on again, twice and still not working.

I was told by Leo's driver that from Monday Leo will go from being first pick up to last picked up, and from last drop off to first drop off.

Awoke at 6.10am but managed to stay in bed till 7.30 when Tim got up so I got up as well.

Kathy & the girls arrived at 9am so she could give me a shower.

Jess not working today and she said it feels odd not working.

Leo;s friend Katja came over to hang out for a bit

Kathy & girls came back as Syd had left her ball here. While here Syd was throwing the ball against Jess front door/wall and Jess yelled when she saw it, she was at Tasha's place. This scared Syd and her mum smothered her as if Jess had done something to intentionally tried to scare her.

Saturday 12 September 2020

Phone Troubles


I am having phone problems my cordless phones since yesterday around lunch time and it's so annoying. Our house phone aka land line now runs through the modem has none since we became connected to the NBN.

The NBN is a type of internet service here in Australia, which for so many of us suck with outages and dropouts

There is little to no point of complaining to Telstra as you get told to turn the modem off and on again and then you are told to disconnect the phone line and reconnect it, you also get told to disconnect the phone power line and then reconnect it. If that doesn't work you get told you may need new phones.

It is so frustrating

Thursday 10 September 2020

Thursday Poem


Finding Hope

©  More By Sabina Laura

Published: September 1, 2020

I am learning to find hope
in the smallest and most unexpected places
like the whispers through the forest
and the velvet evening sky
and the way your love is bringing back
all the parts of my soul I thought I had lost.


Tuesday 8 September 2020

Flu Virus

 Good morning all, anoteher nice warm day herre in Newie, today's indestructible stuff is the humble Flu Virus. Which I reckon haas been arround since the days of Adam & Eve.

Pretty much everyone has had the flu at some time but how many think about how tough the virus is. In fact the Flu Virus will probably be around forever, or as long as there's anything left to infect.

Viruses work by invading living cells and using them to make more copies of the virus. Whenever more copies of the flu virus are made, the virus changes slightly, this changing creates morer and more types or strains of flu.

Because the flue keeps changing scientists have to keep creating new vaccines to try and prevent the flu. Sometimes new and dangerous strains appear that can cause deadly epidemics in the world. Scientists are constantly keeping tabs on flu to see what it's getting up to, but nevere completely catch up with it.

Some affect animals instead of people.

Back in 1918-1920 a deadly flu strain ravaged the world killing around 50 million people.

A year ago we would have said that we now have better medicines so such a disaster would be unlikely to happen again.

Enter March 2020 and Covid 19 or Coronavirus in Australia we have had 26,322 cases wiyh 762 deaths mostly in Victoria. There has been 27.2 million cases worldwide with 890,000 deaths.

Monday 7 September 2020

More Facts


Hello world, a new week isupon us and today is a lovelt day weather wise.

I have a headache but generaly I am doing ok not great just ok.

Here are this weeks facts.

Fingernails grow nearly four times faster than toenails

Alaska has more bears than all the other states in America put together.

The name WENDY was first used in J.M.Barrie's book Peter Pan

You can get round playing cards in India

Pioneer aviator Orville Wright wrote numbers on all the eggs his chickens produced so he could eat them in the order they were laid

Sunday 6 September 2020

Not a good week


I woke at 7am got up peed and went to get dressed and found Tim up himself. I was struggling to get dressed when Tasha arrived and thankfully she helped me dress.

Kelli & family arrived at 12.15pm to drop off Blain, they left Daemon & Freya with Jess while they went to do something.

Freya is such a cute little girl it is a pleasure to see her and hear her talk.

I woke at 6.06am, got up went to the bathroom, remembered to take my phone with me so when the alarm went off I was able to turn it off.

Rang Jess to remind her

After Leo left I was returning to the house and there is a magpie that has a nest in the tree in next doors front yard. Well the damn bird has taken to swooping on people coming in and out of each house. This morning e about the custard for Leo to take to school, she was snappy. Leo was still asleep she woke him and sent him over and he forgot the custard. I had to send him back to get it. the damn thing swooped down and connected with my face. Causing it to bleed, I rang Tasha and got her to attend t my small cuts.

It has been a bloody hot day and I have sweat running down my back and the back of my legs.

I will have a bath after Leo gets home because of how much I was sweating.

I woke before the alarm, Tim got up around the same time. Tasha came and helped me dress in the bedroom. It is going to be another warm day.

This afternoon when I went t o meet Leo that damn bird swooped me twice hitting the back of my head but no damage done.

Mum wasn't good she changed the .topic mid sentence a couple of times and was all over the place.

I received a long message from Michelle going on about how Dawson does so much and feels like it isn't enough for Sandy & Dave. I don't disagree but she has blown it out of proportion

Going to be another hot day, so light ¾ pants it is. Tasha dressed me and at 7am Tim got up.

At around 9.30ish Sandy rang to tell me that she had to ring an ambulance for mum. This morning she didn't wake for her alarm and Dawson had to ring his dad and Dave went over and managed to get her out of bed. When Sandy arrived she was not with it and her blood pressure was high like 143/1k23.

I am very worried about her, Tasha is going on about mum not being able to live alone ans things she should live here with me.

Jess rang Tasha and she came down heard what I said and rang her dad.

Tim came home and drove me to the hospital to see mum.

After seeing mum I was better, she was awake and with it knew who I was and was so pleased to hear Tim was there.

Before we arrived the doctors gave her a drug don't know what it was but it was something to get her heart pumping and it worked.

She has been admitted to the CCU ward and may need a pacemaker, we will see.

I woke at 6.15 no alarm going off till I opened the bedroom door and I could hear it in the loungeroom going off. I had left my phone in the loungeroom.

Sandy sent me a text letting me know mum is doing ok today she will be in hospital till Saturday

It is a bloody hotish day

Rang mum and spoke to her for about 10-15 minutes as Dave was there.

While I was outside I dropped and broke a candle but I managed to clean it up without incident, however, when I walked inside I must have had a small piece of glass in my foot and when I applied pressure it started to bleed and I had to get Tasha to clean it up and bandage my foot.

I will have a quick shower before going to bed.

I woke just before the alarm just and got dressed in the bathroom with Tasha's help.

Got hit in the face by the bird again outside Jess's place I was headed to Tasha's. Tasha came down and patched me up as there was blood.

Because of the bird attacks Tim decided to tie an umbrella to the handle bar of the scooter to see if it deters the bird.

Spoke to mum, she sounded good hopes to go home over the weekend.

I woke at 6.15 but managed to stay in bed till just after 7am.

Had a message from mum letting me know she is at Dave's place was discharged at 5pm.

Kathy arrived at 9.30 to give me a shower I was upset over the message that Sandra sent yesterday. Tasha read the message and sent a nasty reply.

I needed a nap between 10-11am after which I felt better.

Jess has a wine tour.

Been another warm day

Thursday 3 September 2020

Thursdays Poem


If I Could Hear Her

© Carolyn Ferreira

Published: November 2013

I see your teardrops falling.
I hear you cry my name.
I know you cannot see me,
but I hold you just the same.

I watch as you lie abed
as restless as can be.
I hear your whispered words
as you pray for dreams of me.

Every day for you is painful.
Each breath, each step you take,
but as the wise mom, I know
a future you will make.

I envelope you in my love
as for me you used to do.
It's hard to see you in such pain.
Forever the strong one's been you.

Although our lives' journeys
have bid us to be apart,
I am with you, you are with me,
always in our hearts.


Tuesday 1 September 2020

Indestructible Stuff


Hello Tuesday, hope everyone is having a good day. Well it's indestructible stuff day and today's stuff is Deinococcus Radiodurans.

Back in 1956 scientists were testing radiation as a way to kill germs in food and make it last longer. They zapped tins of meat with high-energy gamma rays, which did kill pretty much all of the bugs except for a common bacterium often found in food, soil and poo named Deinococcus Radiodurans.

Since ten this bacterium has turned out to be resistant to about 1000 times as much radiation as humans can endure. It also scoffs at strong acid, freezing temperatures, being dried out and being in a vacuum.

It holds the title of “world's toughest bacterium” and has been nicknamed “Conan the Bacterium” after the legendary, unstoppable comic book warrior, Conan the Barbarian.

Radiation is dangerous because it damages DNA, the chemical that controls living cells. Radio-resistant bacteria can survive because they have amazing ability to rebuild their own DNA.

One day we may be able to build this ability into our own cells.

This would be handy for astronauts who face high levels of radiation in space.

Parkinson's Disease Treatment History

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