Wednesday 30 June 2021

Poem Day


I Am Always There - You're Never Alone


Published: July 2011

When you're feeling down and blue,
And life is being cruel to you,
Just remember you're not on your own.
I'm always there; you're never alone.
You might not be able to see my face,
As hard as you look around the place,
But close your eyes and think of me,
And before you know it, there will be me.
Keep me in the midst of your mind,
And life will seem easier, I think you'll find,
So when life gets too dark to bear,
Just close your eyes and I will be there.


Tuesday 29 June 2021

Dog on Tuckerbox Pt 4


This is the poem written by Jack Moses.

I've done my share of shearing sheep,

Of droving and all that,

And bogged a bullock team as well,

On a Murrumbidgee Flat.

I've seen the bullock stretch and strain,

And blink his bleary eye,

And the Dog sat on the tucker box,

Nine Miles from Gunadagai.

I've been jilted, jarred and crossed in love,

And sand-bagged in the dark

Till if a mountain fell on me,

I'd treat it as a lark.

It's when you get your bullocks bogged,

That's the time you flog and cry.

And the dog sits on the tucker box

Nine Miles from Gunadagai.

We've all got out little troubles,

In life's hard stony way.

Some strike them in a motor car,

And others in a dray.

But when your dog and bullocks strike,

It ain't no apple pie,

And the dog sits on a tucker box

Nine Miles from Gunadagai.

But that's all past and dead and gone,

And I've sold the term for meat,

And perhaps some day where I was bogged,

There'll be an asphalt street.

The dog? Ah, well, he got a bait,

And thought he'd like to die,

So we buried him in the tucker box

Nine Miles from Gunadagi.

Monday 28 June 2021

Monday Facts Again


Hello all, here I am at another Monday doing more useless facts post for everyone.

The Death's-head Moth is Britain's largest moth, has an unusual fondness for honey. It has developed a little squeak that it uses to let bees know it is about to enter their hive. This must work as the bees let the moth come in and stuff its face without getting pissed off.

Air becomes liquid at about minus 190 degrees Celsius, liquid air looks like water with a bluish tint.

In 1940, forecasting the relentless march of science the “Popular Mechanics” magazine said computers in the future may weigh no more then one & half wrong were they.

The word “uncopyrightable” is the only 15 letter word that is spelled without repeating a letter.

The word “facetious” contains all the vowels in the correct order.

Saturday 26 June 2021

Life here during the last week


Slept in till 7.30am, what a shock, Tasha was beginning to think I wasn't waking up.

A cold wet day, Tim is off today, having him home on a Sunday is odd.

I checked the flash drive with music and half of music was gone I have tried to download more but it said the drive was corrupted so I did a scan and repair and it seems to be working now.

Woke just before the alarm and rang Tasha another coldish day.

Sorted out the music flash drive looks good now.

Tim rang up the NRMA about the cheque he received and it is all legit.

By 3pm I am exhausted and ready for bed.

Had a good nights sleep, slept for a solid 10hrs.

A coldish wet morning but not raining.

Tim's roaster has changed he has some overtime this week, that is rare.

Another good night, even managed to get up and pee at 4.40am then slept till alarm went off.

Leo not going to school as there is some excursion that he isn't going on.

I am annoyed because the photo frames and albums I wanted to get online using a gift card I have. They don't have them online so I will see if one of the girls can go into the store.

Another good night, even managed to get up and pee at 4.40am then slept till alarm went off.

Leo not going to school as there is some excursion that he isn't going on.

I am annoyed because the photo frames and albums I wanted to get online using a gift card I have. They don't have them online so I will see if one of the girls can go into the store.

Up at 5.30 and texted Tasha about having a shower, she came down and gave me a shower.

A coldish day suppose to rain but so far hasn't.

A warm day, had another early start woke at 5.30am and sent Tasha a text.

The last day of term 2 and a nice day.

Although I have had 2 incidents where I found myself stuck unable to move my feet. All I could do was wait till they moved again, this is distressing for me.

This afternoon Tasha came and helped me clean out my kitchen cupboards.

Jess putting me to bed.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Poem Day


The Rainbow

Christina RossettiBy  More Christina Rossetti

Boats sail on the rivers,
  And ships sail on the seas;
But clouds that sail across the sky
  Are prettier far than these.

There are bridges on the rivers,
  As pretty as you please;
But the bow that bridges heaven,
  And overtops the trees,
And builds a road from earth to sky,
  Is prettier far than these.


Tuesday 22 June 2021

Dog on Tuckerbox Pt3


Here we are at Tuesday again with part three of the Dog on the Tuckerbox series,

On the 14th February 1976 as a result of representations made by the Gundagai Tourist Advisory Committee, a referendum of voters in the Gundagai Shire was held to determine whether the Dog on the Tuckerbox should remain at the Five Mile, or be moved to Gundagai.

It was overwhelmingly decided that the Dog should remain in its traditional place. The controversy over the “”shift the dog” movement attracted nation-wide attention. The referendum result confirms the Dog will stay where it is.

The Dog on the Tuckerbox story became part. of folk lore of the Australian Bush. At the turn of the century an exhibit at a Gundagai Pastoral and Agricultural Show depicted a dog on a box. It was there that ad poet, wine salesman and traveller, the late Jack Moses first saw the “Tucker Box” and was greatly impressed.

Jack Moses produced “Nine Miles From Gundagai” which became world famous. The poem I will share next week,........

Monday 21 June 2021

Just some facts


Good morning world, or good evening or maybe good night is in order, whichever it is also Monday meaning it is also fact day. So here are today's facts.

The best place to see a rainbow is Honolulu in Hawaii. In the morning or at sunset, the sky becomes orange and the rainbows, instead of being multicoloured are bright red.

The abbreviation e.g. stands for “exempli gratia” or “for example”.

Of all the big cats only three of them an roar, lions, tigers & leopards.

In Nairobi, Kenya leopards were known to steal food from peoples rubbish bins.

French President Charles de Gaulle's final words were “It hurts”

Sunday 20 June 2021

Yes I am late again, why, well I was busy or I forgot or maybe I am dead...............

 Up at 5.40 again, some people can get up and pee then go back to bed, not me it is a struggle to get out of bed, so much so that once up I stay up.

Kathy came and showered me then she drove Dad and me out to see the progress on the new house.

After that Tim & I went out for lunch at the Eastern Tiger the all you can eat place he likes.

I think I spent too much time on my feet as my knees and lower back are very sore.

Awake and out of bed at 5.30 again.

Saw Kelli and Freya when she dropped off Blain.

Been really restless this afternoon, can't sit for more then a minute without feeling needing to move.

A public holiday so no school but of course I was awake and out of bed at 6am.

The temp is only 5 degrees but I found myself dripping in sweat.

The day warmed up.

By 3pm I am unable to keep my eyes open. In fact I don't think I will listen to my book because of how tired I am.

Had a so so night due to waking every 2hrs for what felt like ages but was more likely minutes.

Yesterday I had no letters to answer today Tasha checked the

P O Box and now I have 9 to answer.

Got the results of my mammogram all normal.

A new day had a better nights sleep only woke up twice, had a lovely hot shower this morning. Not as cold today.

For the first time in a bloody long time my phone died, good thing I noticed and put it on to charge.

Decided to dig out photo albums and add to then, including the postcards. Only to discover I am missing the one for Natasha, turns out she has it.

At around 2pm Tasha rang to tell me she is sick, vomiting & diarrhoea. So Jess is putting me to bed.

Another cold start to the day, Leo didn't have his phone on so I had to go up and yell for him.

Tim found out that his cousin Christine passed away her funeral is tomorrow, in Coffs Harbour. We will be going.

I am so very tired this afternoon, Tim wants to leave at 5.30am. Tasha said she will be here at 4.30am to shower me.

Awake at 4.40am when Tasha came in and woke me up. I had a shower and got dressed.

We left at 5.30am and stopped once so Tim could get a sausage and egg muffin, I had banana bread & a banana before we left.

The funeral was small compared to Mum & Dad's funerals.

Tim had a good day he liked seeing his cousins.

I coped on the drive there and back just, I had a lot of pain.

We arrived home at around 7pm and I feel exhausted so straight to bed.

Slept in till 8.20am just before Kathy arrived with the girls. When I told her that I didn't need a shower she said “then why am I here” you can imagine how this made me feel. She did the ironing for me.

Tim went and picked up the compressor that was Dad's and that Dave gave him.

This afternoon I received a message from Michelle she was going on about Dawson needing money and that he shouldn't be giving stuff away. The stuff she is referring to is Mum & Dad's stuff and he has given some of the items he bought for his Nan to his aunts not his mother.

Dawson is a giver he likes giving stuff to those he knows will appreciate it.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Poem Day


Memories Of My Dad

©  More By Rebecca D. Cook

Published: February 2006

He wasn't a hero
Known by the world,
But a hero he was
To his little girl.

My daddy was a god
Who knew all things.
And better than Santa,
With the gifts he'd bring.

I knew his voice
Before I could speak
And loved it when
He would sing me to sleep.

He changed my diapers
And sat up all night
When my body was weak
And I'd put up a fight.

He'd come home late
With not much to say
And made us all kneel
As he taught me to pray.

He taught me life's lessons
Of right from wrong
And instilled in me values
That I might be strong.

And so through the years,
Like a hero he stood.
Working to give
All that he could.

His presence was important,
And we loved to see him smile,
For no one in the world
Could emulate his style.

And so, dear Dad,
My best memory to recall
Is the gift of your presence,
The greatest gift of all.


Tuesday 15 June 2021

Dog on Tuckerbox Pt 2


Hello Tuesday, time for a bit more about the dog on the tuckerbox.

A nation-wide competition was conducted to obtain the most suitable inscription for the monument, and the committee held that the lines written by the late Brian Fitzpatrick, of Sydney were the most appropriate. The verse reads...........

Earth's self unfolds this monument

To conquerers who won her when

Wooing was dangerous and now

Are gathered unto her again.

Today as the dog, a silent reminder of the pioneer days sits sentinel-like at the Five Mile, Gundagai people acknowledge the huge debt it owes to the men who gave the district its great and invaluable publicity medium, and realise that had it not been for the vulgar doggerel concocted by a bush bard over 100 years ago. Who was inspired by a dog's misbehaviour, there would have been no Pioneers' Memorial and Gundagai would be minus the greatest publicity medium that has been given to any town in the Commonwealth.

After World War 11 a decision was made to erect a kiosk at Five Mile and to beautify the area by planting Australian trees and shrubs. The Gundagai Shire Council, Hospital Board and the Rotary Club combined in the big effort to raise the funds and on the 24th April 1956 the then Premier of New South Wales, the late Hon J.J Cahill M.L.A unveiled a plaque on the kiosk. The inscription was:

This Pioneer Memorial and Park were officially opened by the Hon J.J. Cahill M.L.A, Premier and Colonial Treasurer of NSW on 24th April 1956.

More next week............

Monday 14 June 2021

Facts on Queen's Birthday

 Good morning all, another bloody cold start to the day, it is a public holiday here for the Queens birthday. So here are 5 facts about Her Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April 1926. She'll turn 94 this year. The Queen's April birthday is a private affair which she spends with her family. The occasion is marked with 21 gun salutes in Windsor Great Park, 62 gun salutes at the Tower of London and 41 gun salutes in Hyde Park.

This tradition dates back to King George II (1683-1760) whose actual birthday was in November. As the weather wasn’t reliable enough for large public celebrations of his birthday, his official birthday was moved to coincide with the Trooping of the Colour in summer.

She’s the longest-reigning British monarch,

She speaks fluent French

During the Second World War, the Queen received driving and mechanic training.

She’s the only person in the UK who can drive without a licence.

Saturday 12 June 2021

Life here

 A new day that saw me roll out of bed (literally)at 5.30am. I washed and made breakfast and sent Kathy a text about my shower. Since she will be here tomorrow for Jess birthday lunch I suggested she shower me then.

Sandra took me to the cemetery to see Mum & Dad, she took Mum's wheelchair but we couldn't open it. It is now here and still we can't get it to open.

Up at 6.30 checked the casserole it was good although some of the thickly cut carrot wasn't cooked so put it on for a bit longer.

Everyone I expected turned up which was good, however, Kathy had a problem because I had invited Kelli. She said she felt out of place.

Kelli & Jess are more like sisters then cousins. So inviting her was for me the natural thing to do.

It was a good day but by the end I feel exhausted.

Monday again I woke at 5.27 and 10 mins later I was up and having a wash.

Sandra & Ed's wedding anniversary

Leo's early day, home at 2pm.

Trying out the Cpap mask without the extra cotton wool padding, as they told me at the hospital that with the new setting I shouldn't need it.

Awake and up just before 6am, rang Tasha to make sure she was showering me before I got dressed. I am now showered and dressed for the day.

Jess drove Leo to school after they took Laylah(bunny) to the vet as there is a problem with her eye. The vet said they will have to sedate her and that may cause more problems. Leo is worried.

Jessica heard from the vet around 1ish and Laylah is fine.

Heard from the specialist in Sydney and I have an appointment on the 2nd August at 12.20pm.

Slept through till alarm went off, a bloody cold morning even for me.

A bloody cold day

38yrs ago today Tim & I met, our first date saw us going to Pizza Hut then to a local club “Fannys” he didn't kiss me that night and I was worried he didn't like me.

Had a rough night, at around 6ish last night I needed to pee and getting out of bed was very hard. I in fact fell out of bed and it took me 5 minutes to get off the floor.

This morning I had to get Tim to help me get out of bed.

Another bloody cold day.

Been raining lightly all day, so I wasn't able to go with Leo this morning, nor meet him this afternoon.

Had a good night sleep, it is another bloody cold day. Tim up just after me, he started work at 7.50am.

Sandra came over to get copies of Mum & Dad's death certificates so she could send them off to the credit card company.

Had a 2hr nap as I am not feeling great.

A late day as Jess didn't get home till 5pm.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Poem Day


Life Without You


Published: February 2008

Me without you
is like a leafless fall,
a snowless winter,
and a flowerless spring.

Me without you
is like a colorless rainbow,
a sunless day,
and a starless night.

Me without you
is like the ocean without a wave,
the beach without sand,
and a flameless fire.

Me without you
is like a book without words,
a man without a face,
and a child with no name.


Tuesday 8 June 2021

Dog on Tuckerbox


Hello Tuesday I am writing from a booklet I found amongst mum's stuff. It is about the “dog on the tuckerbox”, have you heard of him or visited like I have done.

Much has been written and various stories told of the origin of this famous pioneers monument “The Dog On The Tuckerbox”, which is situated about 8 kilometres or 5 miles north from Gundagai on the Hume Highway. Nevertheless many do not know the correct story of the dog, or numerous happenings which finally led to the erection of the monument and its unveiling by the Prime Minister.

The true story is unique and the booklet I am using has facts of the famous dog, its creator, how it became famous and finally how the decision was made to erect a monument.

The people of Gundagai felt that symbolic of the pioneers was the faithful dog and the tuckerbox were indispensable to the historic band who opened up this vast country.

When the monument was unveiled on the 28th November 1932 by the late J A Lyons, more than 3,000 people witnessed the ceremony.

Since the booklet is 8 pages long I will spread the story over a few weeks.

Monday 7 June 2021

Some More Facts

 Good morning everyone, unless it isn't morning were you are. It is a somewhat chilly morning here,although others may disagree.

Being Monday it is fact day so here we go.

1961 was the last year that can be written upside down and still appear the same. The next year that this is possible will be 6009.

Raw cashews poisonous

Victorian villains William Burke and William Hare used to dig up the dead and sell them to medical students. They stole bodies from graves in Edinburgh and soled them onto a doctor Robert Knox. When news spread of these happenings love ones in Edinburgh would cover their love ones graves with heavy iron grills to keep the evil pair at bay.

Because of this the pair turned to murder to keep up with the growing demand for the dead.

The magic word “abracadabra” was originally for the specific purpose of curing hay fever.

Saturday 5 June 2021

My Week

 Saturday at last, I woke at 5.30am after a good nights sleep. Kathy & Summer came over so she could shower me and iron a few things.

Jess working today and Leo has been here all day.

A cold morning and a very cool day.

Had a distressing nights sleep partly because Tim was restless and a sod he kicked me for touching him, well it felt like that. He said my foot touched his and it tickled so he jerked and that's how I was kicked.

Tim working today

Tasha & others say it is bloody cold but not to me, to me it is just nice.

Last day of May and I woke with the alarm after a mostly good nights sleep.

Had my mammogram this morning I was in and out pretty quick. Tim took me to the appointment.

While eating a piece of liquorice and a small piece got stuck in my throat. It took an hour to dislodge.

Woke at 5am couldn't go back to sleep so got up and texted Tasha.

Tim rang up about the appointment in Sydney, was told Is need to see him in his private rooms, so I emailed off the referral and was called straight back as I sent the wrong form. This I fixed by sending the right form. So now I just have to wait, till I hear back.

Got into a mood when I asked Tim if he was taking me to the appointment at the JHH on Friday morning. He said NO he has other appointments on Friday and then went on that he didn't know about my appointment.

I got annoyed as I have had this appointment since March with the letter taped to the lounge-room wall above my computer.

I knew Tasha wouldn't do it and expected Jess to say the same. The don't like hospital appointments. Tasha said she will speak to Jess.

Up with the alarm as did Tim, I was in the bathroom having my morning wash when Tim said he needed the bathroom as he had to get ready for work.

He then went on about how Jess doesn't want to take me to the hospital on Friday, I said what did I say yesterday.

I asked Sandy but she is busy also.

Jess said she will come with me with me if Tim drives us.

Had another night with issues with my Cpap mask not staying done up.

Tim is sure we have another one I don't think so but will have a look for it.

Tim helped me look but there is no mask anywhere.

Started raining at 1pm, and the temperature dropped. So I wasn't able to meet Leo.

Up before the alarm, and dressed to go out as I had appointment at the sleep clinic about my Cpap machine. Jess came with me which was good. Tim drove us over and came and picked us up.

They said the pressure was set to high and they changed it so I will see how it goes tonight.

I was also told it was too dirty and reminded about cleaning the filter.

Friday 4 June 2021

Baby Love

Babies say love with the flush  on their cheeks
and their great big inquisitive eyes.......
The way they just sort of melt in you arms
and touch you with tender surprise!

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Another Poem


Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Dylan ThomasBy  More Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Ocean Sea Creatures Facts

  Good morning all here we are a6t another Monday, so it is fact day, this week we are looking at sea creatures. The Earth’s oceans are ho...