Sunday, 20 June 2021

Yes I am late again, why, well I was busy or I forgot or maybe I am dead...............

 Up at 5.40 again, some people can get up and pee then go back to bed, not me it is a struggle to get out of bed, so much so that once up I stay up.

Kathy came and showered me then she drove Dad and me out to see the progress on the new house.

After that Tim & I went out for lunch at the Eastern Tiger the all you can eat place he likes.

I think I spent too much time on my feet as my knees and lower back are very sore.

Awake and out of bed at 5.30 again.

Saw Kelli and Freya when she dropped off Blain.

Been really restless this afternoon, can't sit for more then a minute without feeling needing to move.

A public holiday so no school but of course I was awake and out of bed at 6am.

The temp is only 5 degrees but I found myself dripping in sweat.

The day warmed up.

By 3pm I am unable to keep my eyes open. In fact I don't think I will listen to my book because of how tired I am.

Had a so so night due to waking every 2hrs for what felt like ages but was more likely minutes.

Yesterday I had no letters to answer today Tasha checked the

P O Box and now I have 9 to answer.

Got the results of my mammogram all normal.

A new day had a better nights sleep only woke up twice, had a lovely hot shower this morning. Not as cold today.

For the first time in a bloody long time my phone died, good thing I noticed and put it on to charge.

Decided to dig out photo albums and add to then, including the postcards. Only to discover I am missing the one for Natasha, turns out she has it.

At around 2pm Tasha rang to tell me she is sick, vomiting & diarrhoea. So Jess is putting me to bed.

Another cold start to the day, Leo didn't have his phone on so I had to go up and yell for him.

Tim found out that his cousin Christine passed away her funeral is tomorrow, in Coffs Harbour. We will be going.

I am so very tired this afternoon, Tim wants to leave at 5.30am. Tasha said she will be here at 4.30am to shower me.

Awake at 4.40am when Tasha came in and woke me up. I had a shower and got dressed.

We left at 5.30am and stopped once so Tim could get a sausage and egg muffin, I had banana bread & a banana before we left.

The funeral was small compared to Mum & Dad's funerals.

Tim had a good day he liked seeing his cousins.

I coped on the drive there and back just, I had a lot of pain.

We arrived home at around 7pm and I feel exhausted so straight to bed.

Slept in till 8.20am just before Kathy arrived with the girls. When I told her that I didn't need a shower she said “then why am I here” you can imagine how this made me feel. She did the ironing for me.

Tim went and picked up the compressor that was Dad's and that Dave gave him.

This afternoon I received a message from Michelle she was going on about Dawson needing money and that he shouldn't be giving stuff away. The stuff she is referring to is Mum & Dad's stuff and he has given some of the items he bought for his Nan to his aunts not his mother.

Dawson is a giver he likes giving stuff to those he knows will appreciate it.


Nancy Chan said...

Some nights I will get up once to go to the washroom. Sometimes I can get back to sleep, other times I will be wide awake and have to read something before I feel sleeping again. These days, I can't stand too long without feeling pain in my heels and soles. I think these are the signs that our body is aging.

CWMartin said...

The weight of the day sometimes makes us say things that we don't mean to say. I bet Kathy feels that way.

Debby said...

Not everyone should do this but it works for me. When I have to get up and go pee in the middle of the night, I don't open my eyes all the way...I stumble across my bedroom into the master bathroom - never turning on a light. I have trained myself not to think of anything...sometimes that is a struggle if there are things going on. Then I stumble back to bed and I'm out.

I've done that for years - I do know that it might be dangerous as I get older. I'll worry about that later.

Janie Junebug said...

Kathy's time wasn't wasted. She did the ironing. She spoke without thinking and perhaps regretted it later as I often do. It's lovely that Dawson is a giver. I hope Tasha feels better.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nancy.........I get pain in my lower back

Chris.....Yeah I get that

Debby.........I do that too have done most of my life

Janie.....Tasha is better, Dawson takes after my mum


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