Tuesday 29 November 2022



Good morning everyone as you may have noticed there was no post yesterday because I forgot it was Monday.

Anyway we are going to look at the tree kangaroo heard of it......

This is one strange kangaroo, it lives in trees, eating leaves and fruit. It has muscled forearms needed for climbing trees and short hind legs and a small snout. In fact many think it looks like a small bear with a long tail.

Tree-kangaroos are marsupials of the genus Dendrolagus, adapted for arboreal locomotion. They inhabit the tropical rain forests of New Guinea and far northeastern Queensland, along with some of the islands in the region. All tree-kangaroos are considered threatened due to hunting and habitat destruction

Sunday 27 November 2022

WEEK 47 OF 2022

 Sunday is here and so am I awake washed and dressed for the day.

Tim is very upset and depressed he was chatting with Sam (Leo) last night and said something about gay people going to hell unless they repent and ask forgiveness. He seems to think being gay is a choice, it is not it is the way God made you. In my opinion. Sam cracked the shits and left, Jess came over spoke to Tim what was said I do not know but now he thinks they hate him they don't they are annoyed and also hurt.

Sam came over this afternoon he said he doesn't hate Papa but is annoyed with him.

The start of another working week, hope it is a good one. I am still worried about Tim he feels like a failure as a dad and grandfather.

Before he left for school Sam gave him a big hug and said he didn't hate him.

Been a good day, very warm and a bit windy.

Tasha was telling us a bit about the course she is doing she wants to be a personal trainer. It is a hard course and she has a learning difficulty but she will give it her best shot.

It's my cousin Ashley's funeral today both Tim and I are going. The funeral went ok a lot of people I didn't know but my siblings were there except Sue.

Tim decided to start prepping a wall ready to be painted.

I slept well and woke feeling good except for my nose which is still running.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Jessica quit her job driving special needs kids to and from school the job was depressing her. She still has her traffic controller job which pays better.

A pretty good day, Tim had a doctors appointment so left early for that then work.

Had a bit of a rough night waking often ended up getting up at 5.10am.

A good morning not much pain and able to sit and do some stuff at the computer desk. Including the weekly shopping.

Anther very warm day.

Kelli called in just to say hi and get a hug.

Woke up shaking as per usual up at 5am with a bursting bladder figuratively not literally because that would be gross. I was also drenched in sweat.

Jess wrote out her work schedule for the next week, she quit her job driving the special needs kids ti and from school but is working 4 days next week for the same company doing hire car work.

I am in a bloody lot of pain today.

Had a decent night woke drenched in sweat, have to wear lose fitting long pants as no clean shorts.

A lazy day for me as no motivation at all. Kathy came and gave me a good shower and shaved my legs.

Tim did a bit of running around the shops and gave the wall he is painting another coat.

Tuesday 22 November 2022



Hello all here we are at Tuesday so it is extreme creature day and today's creature is the Blue Sea Slug heard of it, I hadn't.

Anyway this vibrant blue sea slug grows to about 4cm long about the length of some thumbs just not mine.

It eats bluebottles whose stingers it stores the stingers in the tips of its feathery “fingers” and uses them for its own protection.

The Blue Sea Slug actually floats on its back, it fills up a sac in its stomach with gas to help it float.

Monday 21 November 2022


 Well hello everyone, I hope this is a good week for all of us it's Monday so here are some facts.

The teeth of a lobster are in its stomach

Traffic lights were used before the car was invented way back in 1868 a lantern with red and green signals was used at a London crossroads to control the flow of horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians.

The first program on American television was a Felix the cat cartoon

The 33rd American President was Harry S Truman the S stood for nothing his parents couldn't decide between Shippe or Soloman so just went with the letter S.

It is a 7,000,000,000 mile round trip to the planet Pluto.

Sunday 20 November 2022

WEEK 46 OF 2022

Sunday today and Kathy is coming to shower me before we leave for Sydney ready for my appointment tomorrow.

What a trip down to Sydney or do we go up to Sydney I don't know. What I do know is that due to an accident traffic was moving slowly at times.

The motel is nice I can get in and out of the bed and it has a disable shower also good.

Day of my appointment, Tim is tired and in a mood. I wanted him to get up, pack up and go get breakfast. That didn't happen.

The appointment went well I was in a room with a dozen or so doctors. I had to walk, stand, move my arms and head. Afterwards I was filmed doing the same stuff for the Dr's records. I have been prescribed another medication to try it is one used for Parkinson's I hope it helps.

We stopped for food on the way home.

Tuesday now and I slept straight threw the night waking at 5am up at 5.10am.

Mine and Kelli's Chrisco arrived at the same time, as the boxes were left outside I was lucky that Jessica was able to carry them inside for me. There is only 4 boxes all grog. I will sort it out later.

Tasha coming down to give me a good shower before bed.

She also wished me happy birthday for tomorrow in case she forgets tomorrow.

Today I turn 60 and this morning I feel good not like 60 or older more like 40.

First message from Sandy wishing me happy birthday. Kathy and the girls wished me happy birthday. I received many birthday wishes.

Kelli arrived at 9ish she took me to have a pedicure and then to lunch at Warners at Bay. Lunch was great but it went through me causing diarrhoea.

Sandy & Ed turned up and gave me gifts from Jeannie as well as from them. Body lotion and face cream as well as foundation. Jeannie gave me stuff I gave her last Christmas which doesn't bother me at all.

A new day after a good nights sleep, Tim off to work early before 7am.

My computer is faster then yesterday when it was in go slow mode.

Managed to do the food shop without issue.

Sue turn up around midday to give me a birthday present, of ¾ pants and 2 tops.

Another good night, I am getting use to these nights. Kathy sounded tired and distracted this morning, so only a short chat.

Last night Sam (Leo) hung up the birthday cards I received over the curtain rod at the front sliding door. He also found my box of Christmas cards, so I will make a start on them.

Jess & Tasha bought me some chocolate muffins as well as something else that I can't remember the name of. Most of them I have frozen and will take out what I want when I want it.

The weekend has arrived at last and all is good with me if not the world which is in a shit state.

Shopping came early and I left it for Tim to unpack.

Kathy came to shower me as I had only 10 mins to go on the program I was watching, I said I would finishing watching it while she cut up my fruit and vacuum. Well Sydney did the fruit and she showed no sign of vacuuming, instead she says she can come back tomorrow to shower me. For some reason this flicked a switch in me and I snapped “get fucked” this of course started more problems and comments about me being rude. She did still shower me.

Sunday 13 November 2022

WEEK 45 OF 2022


Sunday morning and it is quite cool but I was drenched in sweat so opened the front door.

Tim gets up while I am eating breaky and wanted to turn the ceiling light off, to save money I told him I need light to eat.

Tim stuffed up at work he got the date of my appointment wrong he found he was off tomorrow not the 14th, thankfully he was able to fix it.

He also messaged me to say someone is coming for recliner.

Monday has rolled around again and as per usual I am up, washed and ready for my day.

No one came about the armchair. However, someone should be here late this afternoon. Since I will be laying down Tim has taken the chair outside near the front door so whoever comes can just take it.

The armchair is gone. Got a text to say Ashley's funeral is on the 22nd at a chapel in Glendale.

I am starting to be able to sit longer at the computer without stinging pain in my knee. If only I could sit and stand without effort

Had another good night and this morning I feel more like me, however Kathy sounded depressed and didn't want to talk, which is ok with me I am here if she wants to talk about whatever is upsetting her.

Tim had another appointment with the work counsellor he said it is going well.

Slept well, woke feeling good managed to wash and dress myself before getting breaky.

Tasha drove me to the doctors to get the results of my knee Xrays, I have bad arthritis, like I didn't already know that.

She then took me with her when she went to a health store which is a cross from a pie shop so she bought me a vanilla slice and caramel slice. I even managed to get in and out of the car on my own.

Two electricians turn up one for the light in the dinning room and one for the smoke detector.

A good start to the day, washed and dressed myself made my breaky spoke to Kathy on the phone like I do every morning.

This morning I rang Leo at least 6 times he didn't answer at all. I ended up texting his mum letting her know what was what.

Had someone come and take measurements in the kitchen, the work should start in 3 weeks time. Told Tasha she made some negative comment, about believing it when she sees it.

Tasha also told me she is thinking about training to be a personal trainer. If that is what she wants to do it is cool with me.

The weekend is here again and Tim is working this Saturday as tomorrow we are going to Sydney ready for my appointment on Monday at 8.30am.

I even managed to unpack the shopping slowly and with a couple of breaks but I got it done.

Tuesday 8 November 2022


Good morning it is Tuesday here in Aus and it is extreme creature day and this day we are looking at the Barking Owl, I wonder if that is because it sounds like a barking dog. It can also sound like a screaming woman.

In fact it is believed that the early settles would in fact believe there was a woman screaming for help.

The barking owl, also known as the winking owl, is a nocturnal bird species native to mainland Australia and parts of New Guinea and the Moluccas. They are a medium-sized brown owl and have a characteristic voice with calls ranging from a barking dog noise to a shrill human-like howl of great intensively he barking owl, also known as the winking owl, is a nocturnal bird species native to mainland Australia and parts of New Guinea and the Moluccas. They are a medium-sized brown owl and have a characteristic voice with calls ranging from a barking dog noise to a shrill human-like howl of great intensively.

Monday 7 November 2022

More Facts


Good morning everyone hope all are well, it is facts day so here they are.

Several million trees every year grow as a result of squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts.

All names originating from Hebrew that end with the letters el have something to do with God.

The grand jury in America used to write “ignoramus” meaning “we don't know” in Latin on the back of verdicts that were undecided, or not to be sent to court. This was often an indication of the stupidity of the jury, hence its present meaning.

In English four is the only number that has the same number of letters as its value.

Naked means to be unprotected. Nude means to be unclothed.

Sunday 6 November 2022

WEEK 44 OF 2022

Had a rough night had to wake Tim to help me.

Also had to wake him at 6.30 to get ready for work and I needed his help with breakfast.

Had shopping delivered and the bloke took them into the kitchen for me.

Late trying to unpack the cold stuff I dropped my drink spilling a heap of it and when I tried to clean it up I stumbled and fell against hallway wall.

At 1ish Kelli and kids turned up she brought lunch KFC and shaved my legs before putting me to bed.


Tasha took me to have Xray's done not an easy thing to do.

Spent a good half hour writing today's blog post only to lose it when I hit save. So no post today.

A cold and wet morning, Kathy and I talked about how alike we are.

I am in a much better mood this morning.

My mood is good my motivation is near enough dead.

Had another good night awake an up at 5.30, I thought it was later.

Managed to write a blog post about how slack I have been.

Feeling good enough to have a shower.

A bloody cold morning, I feel like putting the heater on but I won't.

Sandy called in to see me she is having a bad week but it was great to see her. She was here for 45 mins.

A bloody good night woke feeling like shit as in headache and body aches.

Managed to do food shopping without a problem.

Tim at last as made a start on fixing Leo's room, I'm not expecting him to do much but we will see.

Had a good night had to wake Tim to help me with something, something I asked him to do last night but he didn't.

Kathy and family turned up around 2ish and she gave me a lovely shower. Michael helped Tim carry the dinning room table and one of the benches out from Leo's room.

I am still trying to get him to clean his room.

Wednesday 2 November 2022


 Well hello everyone, I have been a bit slack here recently on Monday I wrote the post hit save and lost the lot. My back was aching an my knee stinging and I just bugga this I am done.

Yesterday my internet kept dropping out so not much blogging.

Also yesterday was Melbourne Cup day and for the first time in decades not since I was in my early 20's, I listened to the race. From the age of 13 I would go into work with my Nana, she was a cleaner of an office building. I would help with dusting and such, they were great times me and nana time. I did this till I was having Kathy.

Today is Wednesday and my body is awake and my brain isn't. Spoke to Kathy as usual she was complaining of bags under her eyes, so I asked if I have such bags, she said she didn't know.

FYI: I don't

Well not much........

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