Monday 21 November 2022


 Well hello everyone, I hope this is a good week for all of us it's Monday so here are some facts.

The teeth of a lobster are in its stomach

Traffic lights were used before the car was invented way back in 1868 a lantern with red and green signals was used at a London crossroads to control the flow of horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians.

The first program on American television was a Felix the cat cartoon

The 33rd American President was Harry S Truman the S stood for nothing his parents couldn't decide between Shippe or Soloman so just went with the letter S.

It is a 7,000,000,000 mile round trip to the planet Pluto.


  1. Again--never heard of any of these. Good ones, Jo-Anne! :)

  2. I've never heard of these either Jo-Anne. Interesting.

  3. Rita.......You are not alone


  4. And now you know why lobster dentists never get those kickbacks from the toothbrush and floss manufacturers...


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