Thursday 29 February 2024

Working Life in the 1890's


Well here we are at Thursday again so it is time for more about the working life in Australia in the 1890's.

This week we are looking at transport and shops.

To save money most workers lived either in the city or the inner suburbs meaning they would be able to walk to work. As the cities began their slow sprawl to the outer suburbs, trains, ferries, trams and the omnibus system was established to service them.

In the 1890's the main form of transport was the horse, it was in 1898, 670 four wheeled cabs and 212 hansom cabs crossed the streets of Melbourne and 1,332 drivers were licensed for the movement of goods.

Over time more and more cable trams were able to carry more and more passengers, in 1898 a first class gripman earned 40 shillings per week, while first-class conductors earned 38 shillings per week.

Large department stores had become a feature of city and suburban life by the late 1800's. Salespeople worked long hours and had strict rules which contrasted with surroundings the these lavish stores, such as David Jones, The Mutual Store and others.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Aussie Slang Pt 8


Here we are at the time for more Aussie Slang.

Up one's self; To have a high opinion of yourself

To get up someone To rebuke someone as in the boss got up me for being late.

Vinnies: St Vincent De Paul, a local charity organization/shop

WACA: The Western Australia Cricket Association. Perth's cricket ground

Woop Woop: A made up name for an unimportant town, think he lives at woop woop

Tuesday 27 February 2024


Hello Tuesday, I hope everyone is doing well this weeks creature is the North American Beaver .

The first thing many notice about this beaver is its teeth they are large and strong , they use these to gnaw down trees and build dome shaped homes called lodges.

The can swim up to 8km/h with the aid of their webbed back feet and paddle shaped tail. They are also able to stay underwater for up to 15 minutes and have a set of transparent eyelids that function like goggles.

They are second only to humans in their ability to change their environment, felling trees to transform forests and fields into ponds.

The North American beaver is one of two extant beaver species, along with the Eurasian beaver. It is native to North America and has been introduced in South America and Europe. The North American beaver is one of the official national wildlife of Canada symbols and is the official state mammal of Oregon and New York.

Monday 26 February 2024

More Earth Facts


A new week has arrived and that means some facts about the Earth.

If you went soaring through the atmosphere in a hot air balloon, you would find it harder to breathe the higher you went as the atmosphere gets thinner.

The mixture of gases in the atmosphere has taken over 4.5 billion years to evolve, around 99% of the atmosphere is made up of oxygen and nitrogen, the remainder is tiny amounts of other gases.

The force of gravity is not even all over the Earth, a person weighing around 150 pounds at the equator would weigh 151 pounds at the North Pole.

The part of the Earth that has life on it is called the ecosphere.

The length of a day on Earth is increasing by 17 milliseconds per century.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Week 8 of 2024


Up at 4.50am after a decent enough good night.

I have no deodorant as Jess ran out and came and took mine, and boy do I stink. I went in and washed under my arms. I turned the a/c on at 9am as I was sick of being drenched in sweat.

The computer was working well till 9am when it decided it was time to freeze.

I decided to start having an egg flip with or for breakie as I am not eating much during the day.

Had a really good night, slept well woke twice to pee but straight back to sleep.

Yesterday afternoon around 3pm Sam walks out of his room needing help with a bleeding finger due to a slip of the knife, he had been eating a pie. Anyway Papa helped him clean it up and cover it with a band aid, it's not a serious cut thankfully. I helped change the band aids this morning.

Sue popped over to see me no reason other then to make sure I am doing ok. I asked I she could send of the parcel for Thea & Daemon which she said she would do.

Tim had another meeting at work and they have terminated his employment this is ok, he was frustrated with the run around and he has no idea when he will able to go back to work at 100% and that's what work wanted to know.

It started to piss down rain around 10.30am and came over pretty cool.

Sam out early and Tim was just walking out to go meet him but he was already here.

After around 3hrs sleep I found myself needing to pee 3 times in under an hour, so I decided to get up for an hour or so. I did at last settled down on returning to bed.

I woke to find Tim asleep on the lounge at 5am, he moved from the lounge to our bed.

Had to ring Jess to wake Sam who's phone was going straight to voicemail, also been raining on and off and I am not suppose to take the scooter out in wet weather.

Due to the rain I rang and cancelled my podiatry appointment. As I sat at my computer and watched yet another very heavy downpour I decided to cancel as I am slow getting in and out of the car and if such a downpour happened when I was getting in or out I would end up drenched. I now go next Wednesday.


Had a really good night slept straight through for like 10hrs and haven't been shaking at all since I got up nearly an hour ago. Feels good.

The no shaking lasted till 8.30ish and even after it returned it wasn't bad.

Felt good all day.


Had another good nights sleep woke only once to pee and then straight back to sleep. Tremor wise I am not as good as yesterday when I got up but it is also in no way bad.

A warm and sticky day, had turn the a/c on at midday.

I have restarted my exercise program to help keep my body moving as it should, I got a little slack for a while but I think that has passed now.

Another good night, slept straight through again woke with very little shaking. I have the front and back doors opened and the breeze is nice, we are in for another hot day.

I had to go and wake Tim at 11am. He was shocked at how late it was and he was in a deep sleep as I had to say his name a few times before he woke up.

He had a phone call from Youi they said that the woman Sarah is going to help Tim find another job not driving heavy vehicles as he isn't cleared to do that by his doctors as yet. They guy also said something about how much they will keep paying Tim if he is unable to get another job but I can't remember what was said. The gist I got was they wouldn't be paying the amount they are currently paying but I am not sure.

Had another pretty good night woke when the alarm went off, much cooler this morning only 22 degrees better then yesterdays 38 degrees and should stay around the low 20's all day, with maybe some rain.

I was writing some letters this morning and when I tried to add a photo it came something about the graphics being missing or faulty what the hell, it was fine yesterday. I restarted the computer and it came good.

Been raining all day.

Friday 23 February 2024

Parkinson's Disease Part 6


Well here we are at another Friday and so I will share a little more about Parkinson's Disease, the dreaded condition I have, today I will share a little about slowness of movement.

The name for this is “hypokinesia” if you can pronounce that you are better then me, anyway it affects everyday movements such as walking, getting out of a chair and in and our of bed, turning over in bed. It can also affect speech, swallowing and facial expressions. If the slowness affects one's arms then it will affect one's writing as well as other hand movements.

This slowness of movement is the most important feature in the diagnosis of Parkinson's and nearly always the most disabling. It is what causes the expressionless face (which I hate) which can lead some to think the suffer is stupid or angry which we are not.

It leads to the lack of natural movements such as blinking or swinging the arms when walking and even if the suffer is nervous they may sit still without turning their head or moving their hands. I wish I could stop moving my hands at times, it always looks like I am waving at people.

They disability from this arises from the fact that our voluntary movements become slow, reduced in range and require more effort and concentration to achieve. This is why our steps become shorter and we may start to drag our feet in a shuffle instead of lifting them off the ground, when we shuffle we can do so pretty fast being unable to stop causing us to run into things, yes this has happened to me.

Repetitive movements need to do things like brush one's teeth or stirring saucepan can become difficult and frustrating. This also goes to handwriting it can become not just slow but messy and smaller the longer one attempts to write. This books says it can also come to an involuntary halt which will require some effort to resume, damn didn't know that.

Then there the issues with using our fingers such as trying to turn a page in a book, doing up buttons and and bra hooks which is why I don't wear bras with hooks anymore. If one hand is more affected then the other it can make two handed tasks even harder like peeling food or doing up shoelaces.

That will do for this post, more to come next week.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Working life in the 1890's Australia


Hello everyone, time for a bit more on the working life of Aussie's in the 1890's.

This week we will touch other jobs city workers had starting with the good old office worker. Until the invention of the typewriter in 1864 office workers were mostly male.

However by around 1890 more and more middle-class young women were being employed to work the new office machines. Business colleges were teaching the skills of typing and shorthand to more and more females, although these skill were still studied by males.

Despite the advent of typewriters the careful “public service” copperplate hand-writing was still paramount until the twentieth century for work in registers and ledger books.

Then there is the job of a telephonist with the invention of the telephone came new opportunities for young females for employment as a growing number of manual exchanges started to appear. From this time many middle-classes as well as offices had a telephone. Some home even had a special room just for the telephone.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Aussie Slang


Time for some more Aussie slang, phrases and such.

Unit: A flat or apartment, I have always considered a flat to be located above shops or part of a divided house

Vee Dub: A Volkswagen usually the VW Bettle

Walkabout: A walk in the outback by Aborigines lasting for who

knows how long. Or something is lost as in can't be


Weekend Warrior: Someone in the Army Reserves

Useful as tits on a bull: Useless or incompetent

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Flannel Moth Caterpillar


Another Tuesday has arrived so it is time for another creature and this week we have the Flannel Moth Caterpillar.

This moth is also known as the pus caterpillar and touching this creature is definitely a no-no as the hairy comb-over conceals small, exceptionally poisonous spikes that can stick in the skin and cause excruciating pain that lingers for up to 12 hours. If you do happen to touch a puss caterpillar the best way to remove the spines is with sticky tape. Lay it over the site and rip it off.

The puss caterpillar morphs into a flannel moth, which also has a pretty hairdo, but it is harmless.

Another of the caterpillar's charming traits is its method of poo removal, it flings its faeces away from its body to prevent parasites from being attracted to it.

Monday 19 February 2024

Earth Facts


Good morning Monday, time for some facts about Earth for this week, and this week we are looking at mountains.

There are 1,187,049 mountains on Earth

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth above sea level, however, if measured from the centre of the Earth it wouldn't even be in the top 20. Why? Well the Earth isn't a perfect sphere it is slightly squashed and bulges out in the middle

The oldest person to climb Everest was Yuichiro Miura from Japan who was 80 years old at the time.

The highest unclimbed mountain is Gaqngkhar Puensum in Bhutan which is the 40th highest mountain in the world.

Chimborazo which is in Ecuador is actually the highest mountain in the world and the closest to space, when measured from the centre of the Earth because of the shape of the planet.

Sunday 18 February 2024

Week 7 of 2024


Up with the alarm another cool start to the day, expecting a warm day, I managed to eat two slices of toast for breakie.

I went and had a 1hr nap this morning and it helped me not feel so exhausted this afternoon.

Had a bad night, restless and finding it difficult to settle, I woke at around 4am with my mask feeling tight but 4.50am I had decided to get up. I took my medication started to brush my teeth only to throw up. I also have a bad headache. Siting here I remembered that yesterday morning when I took my 9am tablets having a brief thought that I had three 100mgn tablets not two it was only a brief thought as I took the tablets and now I think that may have caused last nights drama and throwing up. So I checked online and I was right it would most likely be he cause. Although why it would take so long for it to make me sick I don't get.

After Sam left for school I went back to bed, when Tim got a phone call and saw me laying there very still he became worried and when Sue tried to contact me to see how I was I was that out of it I didn't hear the phone so she came over to check on me. Sue in fact told all my siblings I wasn't good and they all contacted me to see how I was. After a 2hr nap I felt better not great but better, it didn't last though.

By 3pm I was so tired I was having trouble standing and felt like I was going to fall over.

A new day not throwing up but very tired and nauseous, put my feet up and closed my eyes for 20 minute helped a little.

I decided to wear some eye shadow to try and stop me rubbing my eyes like I am trying to push my eyeball out of the back of my head.

I feel like I have so many things I want to do and no motivation to do shit.

It is a good thing our bodily functions like going to the toilet come natural and not something we have to have motivation to do.

I also closed my eyes a couple more times during the day.


Had a good night, I didn't tell Tim I had gone to bed last night because I was slightly annoyed with him. He came in and was annoyed that I hadn't told him I was going to bed so we were both annoyed.

It has been a good morning Tim off to another GP appointment then into work to hand in paperwork all up he was gone around 4hrs.

This arvo I started a letter to a pen pal in NZ and all was going good till the last save then print and it wouldn't save it just froze. I was trying to decide if I should lose the unsaved part and close the letter and try again when the computer decided to do a system update and restart. All was fine after that happened.

A good night I like good nights when I sleep well up at 5am when the alarm went off. Yesterday it was 32 degrees here, today they say it will be only 23 degrees. Even though it is cooler I am still drenched in sweat.

Tim lodged a complaint with the council about the garbo's making a mess when they try to tip the contains of one bin into another so they don't have to walk up the driveway. There are few of us in the complex that have the blue dot service this means we do not have to take the bin up to the top of the driveway, instead the garbo comes down and gets it. I wouldn't care about how they remove the rubbish except that a lot often goes onto the ground and they leave it there.

Had a so so night, woke up a few times, noticed Tim wasn't in bed he had fallen sleep watching TV again and it was 4.40am before he came to bed.

Tasha an I went to the doctors we both had appointments, all I needed to a referral to see the neurologist and Tasha needed a referral to continue seeing someone over at the hospital.

It isn't a hot day but it is still warm and I was drenched in sweat all morning, after seeing the GP I came home and changed my pants from longish pants to shorts, also was able to remove my shoes and socks.

Sam helped me get my socks on this morning but I managed to get my own shoes on.

Tasha was in a right mood when I rang to make sure she had the disability parking permit but this is because she was over tired and feeling rushed her mood changed by the time we arrived to the doctors.

Had some problems last night, felt a lot pain and had to get up and take some paracetamol and have a bit of a cry, I then went back to bed and settled down pretty quick.

Tasha came down and got my skillet (small electric frying pan) out of the cupboard for me.

Turned the air con on at midday couldn't handle the heat any longer.

Tasha came down to help me get ready for bed but she was in a rush, her phone kept going off either with a message or phone call.

After about 3hrs of sleep I woke enough to hear Tim speaking to someone and he said he was going to Morisset to pick up Kathy, Michael & Summer as their train had broken down and they needed a lift home. He didn't come and tell me and when about an hour later I got up for a drink and noticed there was no one in the house but me if I hadn't heard him earlier I would have been worried.

Friday 16 February 2024

Parkinson's Disease Pt 5


Sadly I have no more already prepared posts about Parkinson's Disease and the book I was using as a reference had to be returned to the library.

Let's look at Rigidity which is something I am struggling with myself lately. Most suffers don't notice and stiffness or rigidity of their muscles and may only be revealed after an examination by a doctor.

Muscles stiffness does cause a number of important symptoms which are commonplace and cause many considerable distress the most common is pain. It is not uncommon for suffers who have arthritis or other muscular conditions to have their pain misdiagnosed. Now treatment for these other conditions will not relieve the painful rigidity of Parkinson's an effective Parkinson's treatment is of course what id required.

The pain caused by Parkinson's is mostly felt in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and leg muscles. This is true these are the areas I feel the pain. It is a continuous ache made worse by exercise or fatigue. The pain is generally associate with exhaustion and the thought of moving from a comfortable chair is low, however, sitting doesn't stop the pain or even ease it and often normal pain killers don't help.

When the pain is in the upper neck or head the suffer may think they have a brain tumour or if the experience it int h4e chest they may think they have a heart condition.

Rigidity of muscles may cause an apparent weakness, however, when a muscular strength test is carried out all seems to be normal.

This symptom is nearly always associated with slowness of movement, which we will discuss in the next post.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Woking Life in the 1890's


Here we are at another Thursday here in Aussie land so it is time for a little more about life in the 1890's here in Australia. This week we are looking at the clothing trade during the 1800's the clothing industry consisted of three major sectors those being tailoring, dressmaking and millinery.

Tailoring was divided into coat, vest and trouser making, males were taught to make all garments while females made only one or two items. This led to the deskilling of tailoressess and the setting of low wages. Of course this saw men's wages increase over time, with much of the sewing involved being done on steam powered machines.

The making of shirts, dresses and underclothing was left to the lower paid women to do.

An inquiry into the sweating system in Victoria in 1890 revealed the terrible conditions faced by some workers. It was reported that some women worked between 60 and 84 hours a week making clothes as diverse as dungarees, silk shirts and tweed trousers. One woman who worked 84 hours a week making tweed trousers at eight or ten shillings per dozen earning a total of only 31 shillings for all her work. She was the only one earning a wage as her husband was blind.

Some improvements were made in the late 1890's when the wages board was set up to determine fair wages for factories and rates a piece of work for factories and outwork.

From this time the use of outwork began to drop off as it was less economical and at least on the surface the so called sweated labour less common. However, it was more likely driven further underground as desperate women fought to earn even a few shillings.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Aussie Slang

 Good morning all, we are in for another stinking bloody hot day here in Newie anyway while I can still function more or less and if you could see how many mistakes I am making you would go with less functioning not more, just saying, what was I saying, oh yeah it is time for some Aussie Slang.

Turps: Turpentine or pure alcohol, if you go on the turps it means you are on a drinking binge

Two Up: A gambling game played by tossing tow coins simultaneously, that's all I know never played the game

Tafe: Stands for Technical and further education common here in Australia, I went to Tafe after I left high school

Uni: University you know like college in some countries

Ute: A utility vehicle like a pick up part car part small truck like rear in which to store shit, it was designed to travel over rough ground like on a cattle station but is seen everywhere now days

Tuesday 13 February 2024



Good morning all you may have noticed there was no Monday post this is because I was pretty unwell throwing up, extremely tired and felt like shit.

Ok time for this weeks creature and it is the Axolotl know what this is, how about if I say it is the Mexican Walking Fish.

However, it isn't really la fish but an amphibian and like the frog and the toad they breath through their gills having three on each side of its head, just above the legs and skin.

However, unlike other amphibians they don't develop past the larval stage which is the tadpole phase in frogs, if they did they would become salamanders.

They are native to Mexico and considered critically endangered, in the will they live for between 5 & 6 yrs but in captivity they can live up to 15yrs.

They are able to heal almost any injured body part, regenerating arms,legs,tails,skin and even major organs such as the heart, liver and kidney.

Sunday 11 February 2024

Week 6 of 2024


I slept pretty much straight through the night waking once to pee at 11.40pm. Then the next thing I knew it was 5.11am and I needed to pee again.

Another stinking hot day turn the air con on at 11am.

Tim drove Sam over to his girlfriends.

Woke to heat it is going to be another stinking hot day, I have the doors opened but no cool breeze this morning. I turned the air con on at 8.30am due to dripping in sweat.

Tim has had his work appointment changed from today till Wednesday at 2.30pm. His physio went well as far as I know and yes I was sitting within feet of him but I put my headphones on and watch my tablet while his appointment is going on.

Damn it has turned out hot really hot and I am feeling drained.

What a morning, I woke up at 6am over sleeping by an hour and I feel rushed, so rushed I skipped my morning wash.

I then realised I took the wrong mediation last night taking my morning tablets instead of my night time meds. Explains why I had a hard time settling last night.

Then my mouse wouldn't work I tried to change the battery didn't help. After some fiddling around I got it working.

Tim went to the chemist I was expecting the meds to cost around $180 it cost $230, either prices have risen a lot or this chemist is just more expensive.

Had a better night sleep woke and got up at 4.50am it is suppose to be only around 21 degrees to much cooler then the last week.

Tim has gone to his doctors appointment then he has to go into work for the meeting about him returning to work.

Tim arrived home at 3.30pm and he was in a right mood, the meeting was cancelled and he was told they want a full clearance for him to work full time, damn if his doctor thought that was possible he would have done so already. They just want an excuse to sack him and as Tim finally said screw them and the job he doesn't need this added stress in his life. I have been saying for a while if they sack him it will not be the end of the world.

Had a good nights sleep woke at 4.20am and after peeing I went back to bed for halfa getting up at 4.50am.

Sam told me about how his girlfriend had issues last night and ended up walking her to Sam's place and how he was upset and worried about her, this caused him to have a bad night.

Tim drove me to the post office so I could buy a pre-paid satchel to send something to Kelli for Thea's birthday. He was shocked at the cost, I wasn't, it cost $30.

A new day has arrived after another good nights sleep.

When I got dressed this morning my shorts are very loose won't be long before they will be falling off me if this continues. This as in me having bugga all appetite.

Managed a banana sandwich for breakie and a glass of chocolate milk.

I have been looking for Thea's birthday present all day I know I have something, I just can't find it.

I have felt ok most of the day but by around 2pm I started to feel restless, I ended up going to have a shower and it kinda helped.

Woke to a wet day and a cool day as well but I don't need to leave the house today so it's all cool.

Ok I remembered that Tim and I were talking about the electricity bill and how it hadn't arrived, so this morning I went online to check it out for some reason our e-billing wasn't in place I fixed that and the bill was due on the 1st February so I paid that. Later I will go back and set up direct debit payment again.

This afternoon I was shaking a lot, I looked like a fish out of water. Both Tim and Tasha want me to go back earlier to see the neurologist which means going to the GP to get a new referral then going to Sydney to see her, I am not so keen on the idea.

Friday 9 February 2024

Parkinson's Disease Pt 4


Do you know how Parkinson's Disease get its name? Well it was down to a doctor named James Parkinson's back in 1817. He noted what has became known as the classic symptoms of the condition tremor, rigidity, slow movements. Now days balance problems have been added to this list. There are other not so common symptoms.

Dr Parkinson first name for the condition was “shaking palsy”, I don't know when it became more commonly referred to as Parkinson's Disease.

Someone with Parkinson's may not have all four of the main symptoms in fact some don't have a tremor. However, from what I have read everyone with Parkinson's has bradykinesia which is the slowness of movements. Generally speaking a person will not be diagnosed with Parkinson's if they do not show signs of bradykinesia that said a person needs to have other symptoms in order to be diagnosed with Parkinson's.

As mentioned not all suffers have a tremor and a tremor on it's own could be something else. Tremors can be difficult to treat and may be disabling, even though usually the tremor can be treated with medication that either controls the tremor or eliminating it but of course they don't always work. Around one in five Parkinson's suffers have a treatment resistant tremor.

Then we have the issue with slow movements and smaller movements when being examined the doctor will have the patient tap the middle finger against the thumb so the doctor can see how big the movements are as well as how fast the movement is done.

Some other examples of this is small handwriting and taking more time to write the words from experience when saying handwriting they mean cursive writing not printing. Suffers also often find that their arms may stop swinging when they walk.

Then there is the problems with facial expressions which includes less blinking and have a mask like expression or may look like they are angry or upset when they are not either. They can have slurred speech spoken in a soft voice. Overtime they may find it hard to get out of a low chair and walk in a shuffling way.

Also under the umbrella of Bradykinesia comes a slowness in reaction time which is one reason why people with Parkinson's fall over, as if they trip they cannot react fast enough to prevent a fall. It can also affect how someone gets in and out of bed, in and out of low chairs, and in and out of a car. Medication is good for this in the early stages of the disease.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Working Life in the 1890's Australia


Hello all time to step back till the late 1800's and what the working life of people in Australia was like. According to a Victorian year book of 1894 something like 200,000 people were engaged in manufacturing work in the Aussie Colonies.

Items that started being made in commercial quantities such as biscuits and confectionery had been made in small workshops but slowly that faded out and the big manufacturing companies started to take over.

In the days before Australian factories things like boots, shoes, clothing and even cigarettes were imported from Britain or made in small local workshops. By the end of the 1800's Australian factories would be competing with imported items.

In Melbourne boot and shoe factories were established in the inner city suburbs of Collingwood and Fitzroy. As I said earlier these items would have been made by a small family run business in which the man would cut, join and shape the leather.. His wife would have done the sewing while the children or another apprentice will do other tasks.

Even after the invention of the treadle sewing machine many still like to do the finishing work by hand.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Aussie Slang Pt 5


It is Wednesday seems to come around every week, oh yeah it does indeed come around every week.

Well here are this weeks Aussie Slang words and phrases.

Tall Poppy Syndrome: The tendency to criticise successful people

Throw Down: A small bottle of beer easy to throw down (drink) it is only 250mls

Top End: Far north of Australia

Trackie Dacs/dacks: Track pants or what some may call sweat pants

True Blue: A patriotic or loving this awesome country

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Glasswinged Butterfly


Time for another creature and this week we are in South America and the creature is the Glasswinged Butterfly, I have never heard of it till I opened my book and saw it.

Unlike other butterflies which have colourful, patterned wings designed to warn off predators these ones do not. Instead they are pretty much invisible as its wings are all but transparent.

If you thought that was cool how about the fact that their 6cm wide wings can carry around 40 times it's own weight and it is also a damn fast flyer at speeds of up to 13km an hour.

The glasswinged butterfly is most commonly found from Central to South America as far south as Chile, with appearances as north as Mexico and Texas. This butterfly thrives in the tropical conditions of the rainforests in the Central and South American countries.

The adult glasswinged butterfly can be identified by its transparent wings with opaque, dark brown borders tinted with red or orange. Their bodies are a dark brown colour. The butterflies are 2.8 to 3.0 centimetres (1.1 to 1.2 in) long and have a wingspan of 5.6 to 6.1 centimetres (2.2 to 2.4 in)

Monday 5 February 2024

Some Facts About The Eart


Here we are at another Monday, which o f course means a day for some facts.

The thickness of the Earth's crust varies between 5 kilometres and 70 kilometres, the thicker part forms the land and the thinner the oceanic crust makes up the ocean floors.

The crust is broken into irregular plates which drift over the upper mantle layer near the Earth's surface.

The first landmasses appeared soon after the Earth was formed. They move, joined together and broke apart many times throughout history.

Many of the Earth's fascinating features occur at plate boundaries, mountain ranges were formed when two continental plates collided.

Volcanoes, ocean trenches and earthquakes are all the result of the movement of Earth's plates.

Sunday 4 February 2024

Week 5 of 2024


Another warmish day I had a little sleep in till 5.20am. A pretty damn warm if not hot day here but no need for the air con which is good.

Trying to get through to Tim that just because they disagree doesn't mean they hate him. In fact on his birthday when he was in a mood Sam looked straight at him and told him he isn't allow to die. Sam also said that went for me and Kathy who was here at the time but he was looking at Tim, who didn't notice and didn't take in what was said.

The laptop keeps freezing this morning but I got the shopping done took close to 2hrs but it is done.

Another warm to hot start to the day and another day of a laptop that likes to freeze. Kathy is dropping the girls off around 8.30am they are in our care for the day till Michael gets off work.

Tim has the female physio coming this morning, I have not seen him do any of the exercises she asked him to do.

Tasha took the girls with her when she went to the shops.

Bought the girls Maccas for lunch

Tim cut my hair and I had a shower before going to bed. However, after only a few hours I was up due to my legs shaking so much and me not feeling good, stayed up about 30 minutes then went back to bed.


A rough morning woke feeling not so well, I was retching while brushing my teeth after that I took my medication with a drink of milk. That made me feel worse and I ended up throwing up, I think the milk is going off after throwing up I managed to eat 2 slices of raisin toast and started to feel better but not 100%. I now have a headache.

Tim has a hand rehab appointment he says he has another appointment in a month or something.

Sandy went to the cemetery and she had Skylar with her, she looked at Skylar and thought something wasn't right when she spoke to Skylar she said “Nana” was talking to her she then gave Sandy a really long tight hug she hasn't done that before and Sandy asked why such a hug, Skylar said nana told her to do it. She then said nana told her that she loves Sandy so much.

I have felt off all day.

I am not feeling 100% this morning but not as bad as yesterday morning.

The cleaners came as they do, every fortnight.

After the cleaners left Tim turned the air con on as it is so very humid.

A new month and the start of another school year, Sam is in year 11 this year, Sydney-May is in year 9 this year and Summer is in year 6.

Sam walked in at 6.50, so no need to ring and wake him to come down.

Went to the doctor's to have my medical form filled in form my disability parking permit renewal, the Tim and I went and handed in the form to Service NSW we walked in at 11,16am and walked out at 11.28am. Had to take a number and wait to speak to someone.

After that Tim and I went down to the lake to just sit and look at the lake.

What a terrible night up an down like a yo yo and tossing and turning this went on till close to midnight. I was still awake and up at 4.50am.

This morning my internet is playing up, I keep getting a message saying I have no internet but I do have it.

Asked Tasha to let me know if she was coming down to help me get ready for bed as I am having a shower before bed but of course she didn't.

My new shorts came I will try them on over the weekend.

Had a good nights sleep up at 5.15am, it is a nice start to the day there is a slight breeze through the house.

Haven't needed the air con on at all today which is nice but it has been a warm day.

Tasha came down for an ice block she has had a busy day with work and other stuff.

Tim is pissed off with the troubles of trying to set up a meeting at work with his advocate being able to attend, the company said Monday but she is unable to attend on Monday and Tim has a doctor's appointment that morning but the company are saying to bad, to sad, don't give a fuck.

Friday 2 February 2024

More about Parkinson's


There are no blood tests, or scans to tell one's doctor that they have Parkinson's, in 1967 some doctors developed a system of stages to determine how advanced the condition is.

There are five stages of Parkinson's, here is a brief description of the stages.

STAGE 1: People with Parkinson's have symptoms only one one side of the body, such as a tremor or some rigidity and slowness of movement in one arm or leg (or both if on the same side of the body).

STAGE 2: Symptoms appear on both sides of the body or in the midline of the body, such as decreased facial expression, drooling, stooping or shuffling while walking. However, there are no problem with balance. The first two stages are considered mild.

STAGE 3: As soon as the sufferer begins having trouble with balance they have crossed into stage three. In this stage they don't need help walking or getting up from a seated position but their body movements are becoming increasingly slow. The disease is now considered mild to moderate.

STAGE 4: A person with Parkinson's can no longer be completely independent, with symptoms including disabling slowness of movement and stiffness are moderate to severe. The disease impact on balance and walking is so great that them suffer usually needs help to walk. However, they can generally still get in and out of bed and in and out of a chair without help.

STAGE 5: Once the sufferer is unable to get up from a chair or in and out of bed without help they have crossed into stage five and will require help with pretty much daily actives and may soon find themselves in a nursing home.

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