Saturday 31 May 2008

I was talking to Tasha the other day about how sometimes you can go from loveing someone to pretty much hating them, she now gets physicaly sick when she sees her ex and if wasn't for the fact that they have a child together she would never see him again.

Why has this happened well it's because he doesn't like to see her happy and she feels he goes out of his way to upset her and to try to destroy any new realationship she has. Seems to be something a lot of men do and it is so childish, he says he is over her and wants her to find someone new but then when she does and he finds out about it he has to cause trouble.

She no longer wants to be around him or see him or talk to him ever again this is sad but it is his own doing as he is a child in a mans body.

I can see her moving away and not telling him where she is.

Saturday 24 May 2008

Pissed off Daughters

Natasha has gone out for the night with Lucas to an engagement party I hope she has a good time as she doesn't go out very often, although her and Lucas have been going out a bit more of a weekend but only the weekend that Lucas doesn't have his son.

Kathy was in a mood this afternoon as Tim told my sister Sandra to put Kathy's furniture on the lawn at the house Kathy is moving out of (Sandra is moving in) anyway they put it on the front lawn. My mum rang me to say that they where leaving the house so I went straight over to watch the stuff, anyway Kathy was here when mum rang and when she found out that her stuff was on the front lawn she went off her head. When she got to the house she started throwing things around and going off at me.

Jessica got pissed off at me also this afternoon as she wanted me to look after Leo for the night but I didn't want to do it as I am very tired and the house is a mess. I know her house would also be a mess but she is the one who keeps telling me Leo is her son not mine.

There are times when I feel like everyone is yelling at me or going off at me for one reason or another.

Sunday 18 May 2008

Cost of Being Unwell

I have been getting really bad headaches even have had a few migraines lately and I really need to see a doctor but I can't afford to go and see my doctor so I am thinking about going and seeing a local one that bulk bills but that said I like my doctor the same one I have been seeing for 15 years. He knows me and my family so I am finding it difficult to see someone else.

However it will have to be done as I need stronger medication for these headaches as what I am taking just doesn't help much.

To make matters worse my arthritis is playing up because I haven't been able to afford to get my tables for that, everything costs so dam much lately and all I can think is I am lucky I am not like my parents who where spending $100 a month on medication now they get it free till the end of the year.

Well its late and I am off to bed hope everyone had a good weekend.


Saturday 10 May 2008

Moving Out and Home

My daughter Jessica is moving out of home she is going to share with Jono and his ex girlfriend Ebony. I am a little nervous about this but she has to learn through her own mistakes and all I can do is be there to help her if things go wrong.

My oldest daughter Kathy-Lee is going to move home again when Jessica moves out so it feels like we are never going to have the house to ourselves just me and Tim.

I remember when Natasha moved home she said it would only be for 3 months at the most well now she has no plans to move till either the end of the year or the middle of next year.

Lucky we don't mind having them here.

Friday 2 May 2008

Wedding Plans Update

Picked the Wedding Cake today will order it on Monday couldn't do it today as they needed a deposit and I didn't have it on me so will have to do it on Monday.

It is a 3 tier cake from Michel's patterisse I took Sandy and showed her and got her approval now I am going to arrange her Hens Night and I know my sister she may say she doesn't want one but she is getting one anyway.

Tonight she was talking to someone about the reception venue so hopefully that has been sorted out, I have paid the deposit for the caterers.

I do have to start looking for a dress to wear.

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