Thursday 31 May 2012

My Wonderful Nanna Is 91 Today

The above photo is of my nan and my mum it was taken about 20 something years ago but it is one of my favourtie photos, this is how I see nan when I look at her.
Today marked the 91st birthday of my wonderful nanna with who I have always had a special relationship and even though I know she no longer remembers our special bond I do and that’s enough……………… because it was her birthday she had more visitors all at once instead of just me and mum and Temika.  My uncle Frank & Aunt Pearla were there and my sisters Jeannie and Sandra came and there was cake, Pearla bought a large chocolate mud cake which was shared with other residents and staff……….

My other uncle Ronnie didn’t turn up but then no one rang him and about this morning’s gathering but hell he knows when his mother’s birthday is so no one should have to ring him. However, he has had a problem with nan since she started to lose her memory, I remember mum telling me that he said he was embarrassed by her this was back when she would repeat herself over and over again, now of course nan says  very little. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is embarrassed by the fact that she is unable to feed herself now and can’t walk of course or do anything for herself.

But to me she is nan I do not see these things I see my nan the woman who played such a large role in my life. I woman who I think of often during any given day, I know that one day she will pass on and be with my pop but I do not like to think of that time. Yes I know her quality of life isn’t much at the moment but I love her so much and do not like to think that one day I will not be able to visit her.  This photo above is one that was taken of her not long ago.

As for gifts well there is very little we can get her as she doesn’t need clothes or make up so mum bought her a nice rug to go over her legs as she is always in a wheel chair and a bunch of flowers and I did this collage for her which is now hanging in her room above her bed.

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Anger Can Be Painful Just Ask My Precious First Born Daughter Pain Like A Needle In Your Hand........................

How is everyone today? Me I overslept this morning I woke up to Natasha saying "mum". She was here to pick me and Leo up to take him to day care, as hubby took the car to work and he had arranged with her to come and get us. As a room Leo will have me awake at 7am at the latest but not this

Anyway I will share with you today a little antidote about Kathy-Lee.......
When Kathy was a child she had a temper and I mean a terrible temper this happened before she went on medication for her depression. Now her depression didn’t show it’s self by her being sad or crying but by her getting angry and having really bad flare ups over the littlest of things.

This incident took place one morning before school I had been mending something and I had stuck the needle into the arm rest on my armchair. Anyway Kathy got pissed off with her sister Jessica because Jessica wanted to change the channel on the telly. Kathy & Jessica would fight like cats and dogs and Kathy had a lot of anger towards Jessica so on this morning Kathy is having a rant about not wanting to change the channel and she slams her hand down one the arm rest and the needle went into her hand. 

She had to pull it out but did it teach her anything nope…………………she still had a temper and things didn’t get any better around here till she went onto medication.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Something About Jo-Anne On This Cold And Wet Tuesday

What do I think of ME………………………………….not an easy question to answer I have been trying to write this post for a while, for a long time I did not think very highly of myself now when I was younger like in my 20’s I use to say that I was  “perfect” I never meant it I only said it jokingly but after my sister Sandra having a go at me for saying it and I don’t mean just having a go at me once she did it all the time I stopped saying it…………………….then my opinion of myself seem to go downhill.

However in the last couple of years my self-esteem has started to climb again and again I am feeling better about myself. I don’t think I will ever say I am perfect again but I do know that I am a pretty good woman. I love my family and they love me I try my hardest not to judge others even if they live their lives in a way I do not approve of as it is not my place to judge others there is only one judge of peoples lifestyles………….GOD

I take people as I find them, if I don’t like you then I don’t, I don’t have to like everyone…………lol

Now my daughters have had some men in their lives that I did not like but while said man was who they chose to be with I said nothing about how much I didn’t the guy like Lucas, Natasha one time boyfriend he was in my opinion a waste of space he couldn’t lie straight in bed and would speak to me in the most disrespectful manner but I never once let on how much I didn’t like him………I also never liked Chad Kathy’s ex but I didn’t let on about that either…………..

My mother had always said “I don’t have to like them” but if you chose to be with someone then as your mother I should treat them with respect…………………….

Of course that has nothing to do with what I think of ME……………………………….lol

Oh one more thing saw the doctor yesterday and he has put me on iron injections 5 of them one ever second day. The we will see what my iron levels are..................this is the second time in my life I have had to have iron injections the last time was when I was a baby/toddler.................

Monday 28 May 2012

I Now Love Banana Bread and I Have A Super Cute Granddaughter Plus Life's Too Short To Be Miserable............

My oldest daughter Kathy-Lee is becoming quite a good cook, today she brought me over a loaf of freshly made banana & coconut bread and it is so yummy………… know I never use to like banana bread I never tried it until a couple of months ago and thought wow I like this stuff and Kathy’s homemade bread is extra yummy………….

Her daughter Sydney-May is quite talented in my humble opinion she is only 2 and can recognise 20 different words and counts to 5 in three languages and up to 20 in English and she is just so cute and adorable you just want to squeeze her………………..

Last night was a horrible night for me I was up to the loo every half hour or so and felt like shit all night……………..pun intended…………………lol

I was awoken this morning by a phone call from the doctors surgery the doctor wants to see me about my blood tests, I had my iron levels checked again on Friday and yes I reckon they are still low and I know there is nothing else I can do about it………………………….but I will go and see what he has to say like a good little Jo-Anne………………..

Moving on to something about more interesting, ok maybe not more interesting but I want to fill out this post a bit so I am add this little tid bit…………………

Right now is the only moment guaranteed to you.
Smile through the hard times, even though it doesn’t always seem to get any better.  A smile is the first step to fixing things.  The trick is to enjoy life by noticing what’s right.  Don’t wish away your days waiting for better times ahead.  Right now is the only moment guaranteed to you.  Right now is life.  Don’t miss it.

Sunday 27 May 2012

Leo's Collection

A few days ago I decided I would tell you all about Little Leo’s collection these are a couple of photos of his collection.  

His collection is on my bedside table where my touch lamp is now he plays with these toys but when he isn’t playing with them they have to be on the table in a certain order.  When he gets here often one of the first things he will do is go and check on his collection, now a few weeks ago he gets here he goes into the bedroom and then comes out and says “who touched my collection” I tell him that Sydney-May was here and she was touching it he goes back into the bedroom and comes out again and says “where is my chipmunk” I tell him that Sydney took one of the chipmunks home with her he then growls and goes back to the bedroom………it was really cute…………….

Now last week when he was here he wanted to add some things to his collection but there really isn’t any more room so papa asked him if he wanted to put them on his bedside table instead but he says NO my collection goes here on nanna’s side not your side papa…………………..he moved a few things around and managed to get the extra toys on the table…………………

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