Tuesday 30 July 2019

Gross Facts No:23

Guess who forgot to do a post yesterday, I don't know why or how I forgot, I just did.

Anway here are this weeks Gross Facts.

Head cheese is the meat from a pig's head set in jelly.......what the hell

Ox brain fritters are popular in Cuba......no just no

Thrips are tiny insects that hide in fruit & vegetables

Oregano can legally contain up to 1250 insect fragments per 10grams

A Limburger sandwich is filled with raw onion, mustard and Limburger cheese, which smells like body odour.

Sunday 28 July 2019

The week that was No:30

Well I was up at 8am had to get Tasha to come dress me, later she came and got my breakfast.

Leo woke up around 9.30am and Kathy & her girls arrived at 10am and drove me to see Dad.

At 11am I medicated Leo and gave him the wrong medication and he has been asleep on & off all afternoon.

Monday I did bugga all, went and waited at Tasha's while she went out.

I was still in bed when Natasha arrived on Tuesday morning. She wanted to know if I could go and sit at her house while she drove Leo to school as she still have workmen there, well one man painting was there.

Leo not here for the night as Tasha couldn't pick him up from school.

Wednesday saw me having a bath at 7am followed by a day at home blogging, watching tv and writing a letter or two.

Thursday now and I woke up coughing this morning, had to get Tasha to help dress me.

I lent as in gave Tasha money for medication for Blain $47 and another $45 for smokes.

Tasha thought the workmen were done and dusted but then they found some water damage I n a bedroom so may be fixing that.

Tasha picked up Leo early from school, he is here for the night.

Tasha told me that she can only drop me at the square tomorrow, and Jess said she can't meet me so I am not going to Charlie tomorrow. I really need her help.

I sent Jessica a Facebook and after some to and fro she decided she would meet me as usual.

This was after I cancelled with mum, so not going to tell mum about the change.

Tasha came down and help me dress after I had a bath, I didn't wear any make up just lippy.

I didn't get a nap because mum rang and by the time I got off the phone it was too late.

I sent Michael a text for his birthday, which was yesterday and I forgot.

It is now Saturday and I had a horrible nights sleep last night. I slept for an hour at a time, for maybe 5hrs max.

I was awake at 1.32am trying to settle, I came out to the lounge room and had a biscuit and a small drink before going back to bed.

Managed to have a 2.5hr nap this morning and a smoke at lunch I had something else.

This afternoon I was ok more or less but I will be early to bed again. I hope I have a better nights sleep.

Jessica arrived around 5.30pm to get Leo, he was good and not medicated all day.

Thursday 25 July 2019

Poem Thursday No:18

Be beautiful inside,
in your hearts,
with the lasting
charm of gentle
and quiet spirit
which is so
precious to God

The First book of Peter

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Gross Facts No 22

Time for some gross facts

Miso is a Japanese paste made from rice, barley and soybeans that is mixed with fungus.......yuck

In China it's considered a delicacy to leave eggs to rot for months, turning the yokes green, before the are eaten.....really gross

Offal are the internal organs of an animal

Tripe is the rubbery lining of a cow's stomach.......no thank you

Black pudding is a blood sausage cooked until it goes solid...........why, just why

Monday 22 July 2019

Did you know 27

Good morning world another cold day here in Newie, I hope this week I am more with it when it comes to blogging.

Here are this weeks did you know facts, more facts about Lincoln & Kennedy.

Andrew Johnson who succeeded Lincoln was born in 1808 and Lyndon Johnson who succeeded Kennedy was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839, Lee Harvey Oswald who assassinated Kennedy was born I,n 1939.

Booth ran from a theatre and was caught in a warehouse, Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre.

Both were assassinated before going to trial.

Lastly nothing to do with either man is

In 1983 the U S A wanted FIFA to pass a law making soccer goalkeepers wear helmets.

Sunday 21 July 2019

The week that was No:: 29

Hello world, here I am a starting another post about my life during the week.

Slept in till 9am only woke once last night so a much better night

When mum rang she said that Dave, Leigh and the girls asked her to go to Port Macquarie with them tomorrow, she said yes.

After mum rang Dave rang and asked if I would like to go to Port with them tomorrow, I said yes. So big day out tomorrow.

I will have to set alarm for 4am to wake Tasha as she wants to be up that early for some strange reason and 5.30am for me to get up as Dave will be here at 6.15am.

Tim said he will give me money for tomorrow.

I had no problem getting up when both alarms went off. I was up and dressed when Dave & Leigh arrived.

I slept part of the drive to Port Macquarie, we had breakfast at Pancake Place before walking to find a cheap shop.

Although I didn't walk far before Dave decided to push me on the walker. It made it so much easier for me.

I slept most of the way home.

Jess & Leo didn't go to visit Jay as Jay cancelled.

I got home by 4pm but mum didn't ring as we spent all day together.

Tuesday has been a quite day here, told Tim all about yesterday.

Had Tasha pick up some treatment for thrush for me. I remember the days when you had to see a Dr be examined before you could get a script. Now you just go to the chemist buy a pill and take it and you're usually right.

My back has been painful all day.

Wednesday has been an ok day, Mum went to Paddy's market with Dave & Leigh and their girls. However, I was unable to go as Dave thought it was too far for me manage. I understand but still I was disappointed.

I had Leo & Daemon while Jess & Kelli went clothes shopping. While they where here Kathy and her girls turned up and both the girls had fun playing the boys. Blain stayed home at Cessnock on his own.

Mum rang me at 5.10pm after she got home.
Thursday was a quite day spent at home doing nothing

Friday was Jeannie's birthday she is 51, saw her at the square and gave her a present.

Leo spent last night with Kelli & family so just me and Jess this morning.

Dawson is unwell so not going to work.

I was so tired that I went back to bed when I got home.

Tasha's bathroom is mostly done.

Saturday I was up at 8am and dressed, Jess & Leo here before I was up.

I forgot that Leo was staying the night till I was having a smoke this afternoon. When I mentioned it to Tim he flipped out, started yelling and throwing things.

Saying I NEVER tell him stuff, he went on about stuff that happened a year or more ago.

Leo told him it was a year ago forget it and move on.

When I went to bed he didn't want to kiss me or hug me. Although after I was in bed he came in and gave me a kiss.

I had of course said I was sorry and when I asked what I could do to help make things better he said to say sorry and I said I already said sorry about 7 times already.
So now it is Sunday and time to post

Thursday 18 July 2019

Poem Thursday No:17

Some people come
into our lives and
quickly leave, while
some stay awhile
leaving footprints
on our hearts, and
we are never the
same again.


Tuesday 16 July 2019

Gross Facts No:21

Good morning all, yes don't faint, I am doing a post. Yesterday I went out for a day trip with my brother and his family and our mum. We went to Port Macquarie for breakfast and to Wauchope to visit dead people.

Anyway let's move on to gross facts, today's facts are as follows.

Kopi Luwak is the world's most expensive coffee......not gross

It's made from beans eaten then pooped out by a small animal called a palm civet....now that's gross

Kiviak is an Inuit meal made by stuffing 500 birds into the body of a seal.......yes gross

This is then eaten by making a hole in the neck and sucking out the juices......really gross indeed

White truffles are edible fungi that sell for thousands of pounds per kilogram.......not for me

Sunday 14 July 2019

The Week that Was No:28

Good afternoon everyone, here I am starting another week that was post, today I did the medications for Tim & myself and Leo. I also vacuumed out once and Leo vacuumed out once. I also got the clothes off the line and hung another load on them.

Monday, Tim and I went to the doctors but as we got in the car to leave the doctors surgery rang and said Dr Arun had to leave for a family emergency so had to see Dr Leo. Tim didn't like him.

He has referred me to see whatever counsellor I want to. He didn't recommend anyone.

So I will have to do some research and find someone.

Had our toilet replaced while we were out can't use it till 2pm.

Tim is off for 3 days.

Tuesday I was up at 6.30am another cold day here.

Kathy rang at 7.40am to ask if I could watch Summer today while her & Michael are working and Sydney is at her father's.

Summer spent most of the day watch telly sitting on my arm chair.

Tim was out and about all day cashing in cans helping Jess with stuff. He left here at 9.30 and was back at 2pm.

After Tim got home I went for a nap before mum rang.

On Wednesday morning Tim had a phone call at 2.55am from Diane next door he got up and went over to see her. She was a bit upset as Kevin was taken to hospital.

Mum got a phone number for grief counselling through palliative care at the Mater. Natasha will ring and make an appointment for a time that is good for her to take me.
Had Leo for a few hours while Jess had work.

Jess also did her tax return and is getting money back, last year she owed them money.

Thursday morning, Tim back at work, Tasha turned up as I was attempting to make breakfast and took over for me which was a big help.

Later on Tasha asked if I could go up and stay at her place while she popped out. She has workmen in renovating her bathroom and kitchen. I was there for an hour.

Leo here tonight, so his mum can have a break, she too our car home for the night.
Not having a good day.

Friday now and I had a horrible night last night, I was waking every couple of hours and it took an hour or more to go back to sleep.

I got up at 6.30am and had to call Natasha to come and dress me.

Jessica arrived at 7.50am to get me & Leo and we all went to the square. We picked up Dawson on the way.

I had a terrible morning but a better afternoon.

Jess took the car home, she is working tomorrow.

Still hot & cold all day, managed to have a nap.

Tim home at 3.45pm

Mum told me that Ed got a shock when he did his tax return, it came up that he owed $5,000.

The ATO say he owes $14,000 from a higher education loan he got years ago, only he has never got such loan and was in fact working at the time. He now has to prove that.

Saturday and Leo here today as Jess doing a wine tour. I had a better night last night.

Natasha drove Tim over to get our car from Jessica's. Will gone Kathy went and stayed at Tasha as she still has workmen in.

Been a nice day, here, very windy

Tim went over and did an oil change for Kevin Brown, on his car.

It was 6pm by the time Jess arrived to get Leo.

Sunday again and time to post this.

I didn't post during the last week just no motivation to do so.

Sunday 7 July 2019

The week that was No: 27

Another post written posted for the week, so time to start the next week that was post.

Tim is working today as he does most days.......

Jessica came over and Natasha dyed her hair, as well Leo's hair as Jessica hasn't been able to get rid of his head lice and they are hoping dying it will help.

Monday morning at 5am I got up to go to the toilet and found Tim up watching TV, he found a lump on his neck which is worrying him so he has made a Dr's appointment for midday and called in sick. By 8am he has decided that it is his gland.

He saw the Dr and he said it is an infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Had a phone call about my blood glucose machine they are sending me a new machine.

Tim striped the bed and washed the sheets and him and Tasha remade the bed this afternoon.

Tuesday morning I was awake at 7.15am but it was so cold I didn't want to get out of bed. So I turned the heater on and laid there for 20 minutes before getting up.

Tasha came and dressed me and complained about how cold the house was.

Felt a bit off most of the morning at around 12.30 Natasha came down and gave me some honey which helped clear my head.

Having a shocking afternoon BGL's all over the place feeling hot and sweating and very emotional crying a lot.

Made a dr's appointment for Monday.

Leo here tonight

Tuesday night I slept well and feel ok when I first got up.

However, I decided not to take my insulin unless my BGL is over 10 and see how I go.

Not taking the insulin has worked out better, I have been much better today, more with it and less confused.

Kathy's parcel arrived so I was able to have a nap this afternoon.
Thursday not as cold today but pretty wet as well. Tim took the car to work this morning because of the rain.

Tasha picked up the pie drive order at the school and was surprised at how much there was.

Leo here tonight.

Tim on early day shifts so home by 2pm.

Tim took the car to work because of the wet weather.

On Friday Tasha picked mum & Dawson up and drove them to Charlie. Saw Jeannie at Charlie.

Jessica met me at the square which was great after we were done Tasha drove us home.

I bought KP24 to treat Leo's head lice and two fine tooth metal combs.

Last day of the school term.

Saturday and Tim off today and he spent most of the day cleaning out one of his sheds and taking stuff up the front for the kerbside collection

We had Leo all day while Jess was at work.

Tasha treated Leo with KP24.

Thursday 4 July 2019

Poem Thursday No 16

Hello Thursday afternoon, it is a cold but mostly dry day but you don't care about the weather,so here is something you may care about.

Sometimes our thoughts turn
back toward a corner in a forest, or
the end of a bank, or an orchard
powered with flowers, seen but a
single time....yet remaining in our
hearts and leaving in soul and body
an unappeased desire which is not
to be forgiven, a feeling we have
just rubbed elbows with happiness

BY: Guy De Maupassant

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Photo Day

                                                  Mum & Dad with their children

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Gross Facts No:20

Here are some gross facts for today.

A type of Sardinian cheese has maggots put in it on purpose......gross indeed

Cider markers use to add meat to their mixture of apples and water, as the meat rotted it helped the mixture turned to cider.........yuck

The meat was usually livestock but sometimes it was from the rats that fell into the mixture by accident..........yuck

Salami develops a mould around its casing while it is being made, the mould is left on to give it more flavour.

Some wine makers use mouldy grapes to make sweet wines.......bloody hell

Monday 1 July 2019

Did you know No:27

Hello world, how is the world this fine but dry, cold but nice in the sun Monday.

Today I am sharing some tid bits about Abraham Lincoln & John F Kennedy.

Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846 Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946.

Lincoln was elected president in 1860 Kennedy was elected president in 1960

The names Lincoln and Kennedy have 7 letters, as does Meadows just saying

Both presidents were shot both on a Friday

Lincoln's secretary as named Kennedy and Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.

BPD & Physical Symptoms

  This week I am wrapping up at least for now my posts on borderline personality disorder or BPD, I will end this by sharing a few other phy...