Monday 28 February 2011

Night Terror

I have heard of Night Terrors in the past but have never experience them well that changed last night. My 3yr old grandson Leo suffered 2 of them last night the first one only lasted about 10 minutes and wasn't much he was just a little restless. However the second one was a lot worse and lasted around 30minutes that time he was thrushing about and crying for his mummy who had gone out to see a friend. I rang his mummy straight away and she came straight home but when she got here she was unable to settle him either.

At first I had no idea what was wrong with him but then I suddenly thought night terrors so I came out and got online and looked it up and yes that was what was wrong. Everything I read said comforting the child made it last longer so I told Jes that and she left him and came out to the lounge room and within minutes he settled down and by the time she went back into the bedroom he was laying down watching telly like nothing happened. Which according to everything I read that is normal.

I do hope he doesn't suffer from them very often as it is distressing to both me and his mum and of course being very tired didn't help us either.

Thursday 24 February 2011

May she rest in peace

Yesterday was my mother in-laws funeral all went well although no one there showed much emotion, my husband had a few tears and I noticed her husband had a tear in his eye when we where at the cementry but all in all there was not much emotion.

Now I know everyone is different but when I went to my grandfathers funeral I cried a lot and I know I will be the same at my grandmothers funeral when that time comes. I also know when I lose either of my parents I will be a complete wreck.

We had to get up at 6am and get read to leave as we didn't want to get caught in peak hour traffic, the funeral was in Sydney but as it turned out it was nearly 7am before we left home. I was the first one up and got mself dressed got my grandson up and got him dressed and took him to day care then when we got to the day care I realised that I forgot to take his lunch so we had to drop his lunch then we where on our way.

Two of our daughter came with us along with one grandchild Sydney-May who was so cute running around everywhere yelling and squealing. Although my daughter said she ran out on the road and she had to chase her.

We left for home staight after the funeral and we where home again by 3pm in time for me to go to a flat inspection with my daughter.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

I'm a Pushover

Why oh why am I such a push over at the moment I am watching Leo while his mother has gone out and she is going out for the night also as she is leaving on Thursday to go and visit a friend in Casino for a few days and she is not taking Leo with her. Jessica tells me that I can say no but I rarely do, I do not know why I find it hard to say no to my children.

Right at this stage Leo is outside playing with the dogs I hope he doesn't get to dirty as it has been raining on and off all day.

I love my girls so much and I think part of the reason I always say yes is because I do not want to deal with them when they are pissed off at me for saying no. Oh well I am who I am and if I don't want to watch a child I have to learn how to say NO and mean it and stand by it.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Going Blind

Above is a photo of my sister and my second daughter Natasha

Last week I heard some upsetting news my sister who is 6 years younger then me will be blind in one eye in 3 months and blind in the other eye in 6 months time without to fix the cataracts in both eyes.

In order to fix the bad eye she needs to have the operation next month the out of pocket expense for the operation is around $2000. The operation will have to be done at the private day stay hospital because if she waits to get into a public hospital she will already be blind in one eye.

Now she doesn't have the money for the operation and mum and dad has asked the family to chip in to help raise the money, but as day said that really means him, my hubby and maybe my brother although I know bro doesn't have much money either at this time.

When I told my youngest daughter she said she wanted to help even though she doesn't have much money she did give my mum $50 this morning and mum has said she is so proud of her for chipping in and so am I she is a wonderful girl

Saturday 5 February 2011

Off To School

My grandson Blain has started school this year and he looks so cute in his school clothes and he says he likes school so far hope it continues like that.

I didn't go with his parents to the school felt like if my daughter wanted me there she would have asked me to go. His fathers mother, however, did turn up along with his father's sister and that annoyed my daughter she said to me she didn't want them there but the woman just invited herself .

He wanted to go to school today but today is Saturday and there is no school so instead he has rang me 6 times as his mother will not get out of bed and see to him.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Bus Driver Again

Yesterday was hubby's first day at his new job although it is a job he has done before his is driving buses again last time around he drove for Blue Ribbon bus company now he is driving for Hunter Valley bus company but in fact it is the same company they have just changed their name. He did say that there has been a number of changes since he last drove buses but he seems happy with the job.

I think it is good just to have him back at work as he hated being out of work and was becoming very lazy not wanting to do anything as he felt like whats the point. I just hope he manages to keep this job for a while to come, as I think losing 3 jobs in 2 years has knocked him about mentaly a bit.

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