Tuesday 24 November 2009

Opp and Freezers

At long last I am off to hospital on Friday to have my opp to fix my incontinence and I hope it works as I hate being how I am. I have been on the waiting list a bit over a year and got a letter with the date at then end of October then got a phone call telling me that it had been cancelled then a week after that I got another phone call to tell me that it is back on so I am off to hospital on Friday fingers crossed they don't cancel on me again.

Over the weekend I got stuck in and changed bedrooms around and sorted out stuff which involved throwing out a lot of junk which is now sitting in the trailer on the front lawn I hope hubby takes it to the tip sooner rather then later.

I also need to get hubby to go over to my brothers and pick up a chest that belongs to Kathy which she wants and also a chest freezer which he said I can have that I have to clean out as it smells and get rid of the smell and then we can use it. However my dad now wants the freezer so if hubby doesn't get a move on we will miss out on it and then we may have to buy another freezer as we have Chrisco and Castle hampers coming in a couple of weeks and the freezer we already have is full as Hamper King hampers came last weekend.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Sisters wedding

Well last Saturday was the day my sister Sue became a Mrs again after years of a on off relationship with Mick. I do truly hope she is happy this time around. She looked beautiful and happy.

I didn't stay long at the reception as Kathy was my ride home and she felt uncomfortable there as I did as well, the same goes for my parents and a couple of my nieces. I would have liked to stay longer but since I was uncomfortable I was glad to leave.

Tim came to the wedding with me but he couldn't stay long as he had a 1am start and wanted to leave early enough to be able to get some sleep before he had to start work.

There where bikers there and they worn their leathers/colours and there where bikes out the front and I really just didn't feel at ease.

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