Thursday 30 July 2020

Thursday's Words

A Friend Is...

© Chloe G. Railsback
A friend is a person
who has always has your back,
a person
who has faith in you and says that you can.

A friend is a person
who points you onward, instead of leading you askew,
a person
who gives you hope to see the journey through.

A friend is a person
who helps you up when you've fallen,
a person
who cheers you up when you're sullen.

A friend is a person
who even though all have passed,
still cheers you on,
even if you're in last.

A friend is a person
who remembers what you knew,
a person
who stands by you and forgets every feud.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Photo Day


Tuesday 28 July 2020


What a cold and wet day we are having and it is plant day today's plant is the Humongous Fungus if you think it is a mushroom you would be right. It is a colloquial name given to large colonies of mushrooms

When you think mushroom you think small above ground plant but this one is found underground and you may not even see it if you are standing next to it.

A mushroom isn't just what you see but also has a network of hair-like roots called the mycelium that spreads through the soil sucking up food.

The mycelium keeps spreading out and new mushrooms pop up in places as it grows. The biggest known fungus is a type of honey mushroom growing quin Oregon USA, it coves 965 hectares which is nearly 4squ miles or 1300 football fields.

They are edible if cooked, if raw they have an acid taste.

Monday 27 July 2020

More Facts

Hello everyone , it is cold and wet today and I feel like shit, stuffed up in the head and a tight chest but that is neither here or there because it is fact day.

The area of the earth is almost 200 million square miles, if you say so

Earth travels through space at 66,700 miles per hour, sounds fast

A “funambulist” is a tight rope walker, I can't even pronounce it

The word “electric” was first used back in the 1600's by Dr William Gilbert a doctor to Queen Elizabeth 1, I wonder why the word was used and what it described back then.

The thin line of cloud that forms behind an aircraft at high altitudes is called a contrail, ok .

Saturday 25 July 2020

Life here last week

Up and dressed at 7am, Tim is off again this is the 4th day he has had off.
Jeannie's birthday she is 52 today, she rang me on Friday to thank me for her present that I sent up via snail mail.
Tim home all day, we watched Ghost Adventures & Ghost Asylum all day something we both like.
Mum was good although she forgot to send Jeannie a birthday message.
I am super tired and feel like going to bed but it is only 2.30pm.
Up with the alarm as per usual, dressed in the bathroom a bloody cold morning.
Tasha is going out of her mind with an irritating itch .
Tim is back at work after 5 days off.
Rang the doctors surgery to arrange a phone appointment, I expect he will ring late in the afternoon.
I am going to bed and still no phone call from the Dr but have an hour before the surgery closes. I will have my phone next to me while I listen to my book.
Up and dressed at 6am before the alarm Jess & Leo arrived around 7am it is pretty cold, had to put on a long sleeve singlet.
Leo's driver has a new car a nice black van, as he has an extra child to drive.
I rang and changed Tasha's Dr appointment from tomorrow to this afternoon. He rang me 4.45 yesterday and said I have to go see Dr Wabbas for a review, this has to be done every 12 months because it is a class A drug.
Tasha has a UTI she is now on antibiotics and has to drink Ural which is disgusting I told her to try mixing it with juice, which is what mum used to do.
I got up when the alarm went off, another bloody cold morning , I got dressed in the bathroom ready to go to the doctors.
Tasha isn't any better and this makes me feel guilty that I need her t o go out and take me to the Dr.
Tasha is in a lot of pain so she asked if she could see Dr Arun and she could. He has sent her for 2 ultrasounds as she may have kidney stones or a kidney infection.
I went to Coles for Jessica and it was nice to walk around the store.
I am so exhausted this afternoon, I had to take phenergan for my nose.
Up at 6.15am and got dressed in the bathroom as it was bloody cold only 5 degrees
I was getting dressed when I heard someone in the kitchen, I thought it was Leo but it turned out to be Tasha and she was getting my breakfast ready. She is starting to feel a little better. She has her 1st ultrasound today and the 2nd tomorrow.
Mum was late ringing, I ended up ringing her at 2.20 seems she forgot about me,
Leo here for the night
Up as usual, dressed because staying in my pj's all day isn't me. Tasha came and helped me get my morning stuff ready such as meds, breaky & socks.
Tasha had 2nd ultrasound the scanned show something, she will find out more on Tuesday..
She spoke to the GP it does look like she has kidney stones she has an appointment to see him on Tuesday.
Jess home early enough to meet Leo this afternoon she will help me get ready for bed.

Thursday 23 July 2020

Thursday's Words

BY: Josh Mertens

You're the one I can't live without.
This fact is true, I have no doubt.
I love the way you smile at me.
I love the way together we're free.
You may be strange and slightly loony,
But all this means nothing to me,
Because you are who you are,
And I can see your beauty
Inside and out,
Which is what threw me.

When every day I see you,
Till then I cannot wait.
To know what we will go through
Is in the hands of fate.
The first time that I saw you,
I knew I must steal your heart.
I hope that it's mine forever
And that we never do part.

You are the one I love the most,
And to this here fact, I propose a toast;
May we grow old and still have fun,
Because I love you and my heart you've won.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Plant/Tree Day

Good morning Tuesday, school goes back today, also bloody cold, anyway it's plant day and today's plant is the Ponderosa Pine, it's technical name is Pinus Ponderosa but is commonly known as the ponderosa pine, bull pine, blackjack pine, western yellow-pine, or filipinus pine is a very large pine tree species of variable habitat native to mountainous of western North America. It is the most widely distributed pine species in North America regions.

Their bark smells like vanilla or butterscotch. The 4-8 inch long evergreen needles, thick and flexible,three to a bundle, droop gracefully from their branches.

They are large trees that live for 500 or more years. For the first 150 or so years, young ones have nearly black barke

These trees don't mind a small to medium fire because that would destroy any small plants growing around them, a big fire is a risk as that may reach higher branches.

They have a few survival tactics they have thick plates of armour-like bark which can be scorched on the outside while the insides stay safe. If a piece of bark does catch fire it will throw itself t o the ground taking the flames with it.

It''s wood,twigs and leaves hold a lot of water so not very flammable, aa it grows taller the lower branches drop off, so a fire can burn around the ground and not spread to the branches.

Monday 20 July 2020

Monday is fact day

Good morning everyone, how is everyone doing, I am coolish on a cold morning only 8 degrees here but I do not have the heater on as I am not that cold.
Well here are this weeks facts that you may or may not know.

The term “it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye” first came from Ancient Rome. The only rule during wrestling matches was “no eye gouging” Everything else was allowed and the only way to be disqualified was to poke someone';s eye out.

The word malaria means “bad air” This comes from the days when it was thought that all diseases where caused by bad or dirty air.

Contrary to popular belief elephants are not afraid of mice.,

Vincent Van Gogh cut off his right ear, however, his self portrait with bandaged ear showed his left ear bandaged because he used a mirror to paint it.

If you took all the urine produced by the world's population in one day it would take 20 minutes or it to flow over Niagara Falls.

Sunday 19 July 2020

Another week in my life

I woke up at 7am at the same time Tim got up Leo got up to say goodbye to Papa.
Kathy arrived at 9am and gave me a shower & a shave and strip the bed and put the sheets on to wash.
I woke Leo at 10..50am and Tasha took him to get his mum and they went to look at cars.
Mum sounded unwell when I spoke to her, so only a short chat today around 30 mins.
Up with the alarm as usual, turned the lounge-room light on and opened. The front door so Tasha would know I was up. She turned up while I was preparing breakfast.
Tim is off work for three days, some days it feels like he is always taking time off, not saying that's the case she feels like it.
Tim and I went to Fantastic Furniture to look for a new armchair for me and found a nice one that will match what we have for $399 of course it was out of stock and should be in stock in 1 or 2 weeks. We took the wheelchair so I didn't need to try and walk.
Mum still sounded sick this afternoon, she rang this morning and asked if I could loan Michelle $50 and this afternoon Dawson transferred it back into my account.
This afternoon I had to take something for my nose it was running like a tap, so annoying.
A cold and wet morning got up with the alarm and dressed in the bathroom with the heater again. No Tasha this morning because it has been so cold and wet, pissing down while I was getting dressed.
Tim went and picked up a bed for Leo cost him $20, now to get a mattress for it then it can be assembled for use.
Went to print something on a small piece of paper and it got jammed and neither Tim or I could get it out. So he set up the Epson from his room. However, when I tried to print it is out of ink.
Another cold day here, I got up and dressed and while having breakfast Tasha sent a text saying she will come and shower me ready to go out for lunch
Had a shower and got dressed ready to go out for lunch.
Tim went down the road for something I rang the chemist after he left to check on uhhthe scripts being sent by the doctor, well they had mine but not Tim's. So I then rand the doctors to check about them and his was still there so I said Tim would go and pick them up while he is out.
Then later in the afternoon he went to the chemist and picked up the medication thankfully we had enough money in the account to pay for it all. Four lots of medication one for Tim and three for me total cost $66.
A new day still cold, even though Tim was at work I decided to still get dressed in the bathroom as it is warmer.
Tim is back at work today so and I am happy with myself as I managed to lodge the piece of paper from the printer and it is working again just fine.
I downloaded a new book for tonight but when I went to find it to listen to I couldn't find it. Tasha found another book for me to listen to tonight.
I woke at 5.30 needing to pee but thought I would hold on to the alarm went off at 6.15 but nope couldn't do it and had to get up at 5.40 so I stayed up. I know some people would go back to bed for half an hour but not me I was up and awake so stayed up.
Tasha dropped off Jess work clothes for me to wash as she has work tomorrow.
I was sitting writing letters when I heard the sound of someone mowing out the back yard I had no idea who it was, so I looked outside and it was our neighbour's son.
Had a phone call from Jeannie this morning thanking me for her birthday ppresent that arrived in the mail today for here, it was nice to hear from her. Her birthday is Sunday so arrived in good time.
I slept all night waking at 6.15 but after checking the time I managed to go back to sleep till 7am.
Found the washing machine going so Tasha had been here.
Had a message from Jess her washing machine isn't working and of course it is full of water and wet clothes. She has asked her dad to go over and look at it when he picks up Leo.
Jess is working today doing another wine tour.
Jess's washing machine isn't draining so her dad went over and managed to empty the water from it and brought over her wet clothes and I am rewashing them for her and I will also dry them.
Tasha went over and looked at Jess's washing machine she pulled it out from the wall took the drainage hose off washed it out and made sure it wasn't blocked. Fingers cross it is fixed.
Tasha also brought over more washing from Jessica's place, which I have done and is now in the dryer.
Tim bought some red spray paint for Leo's new bed.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Thursday's Words

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand —
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep — while I weep!
O God! Can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

BY: Edgar Allan Poe

Tuesday 14 July 2020

The Old Gum Tree

Here we are at another Tuesday and that means it is plant day and today's plant is the eucalyptus tree found here in Australia as well as in the Philippines they are native to Australia and can live for up yo 250yrs.

They are generally called “Gum” trees and are home to Koalas who live off their leaves. Leaves which can dangerous to dogs, cats and horses.

They love fire as well, yep that's what I said ol maybe they don't love fires but they are mot in fear of them which consider how hot it gets down here in some parts ok lot's of parts. If in a fire the tree buns to the ground they can re-grow from its woody stump. It also has fire sensitive seeds that pop open when a fire burns them. They then grow well in the newly burned ashy ground.

They will also help spread fire because they make a flammable oil and release flammable gas into the air, if they are struck by lighting they can burst into flames and its gassy fumes help to draw the fire up the tree spreading it to branches and spreading it to other trees.

Monday 13 July 2020

Facts Monday

Good morning world, good morning Monday, good morning everyone, how is life treating you?
I am well, life is good, I am happy things good by worse and thing could be better but life is what it is so I just deal with life's shit as and when it happens

Here are this weeks five facts.

Winston Churchill was a stutterer, as a child one of his teachers warned him that of the stutter he shouldn't go into politics.

On the 5th October 1974 4yrsmths &16 days after setting out from Minnesota making Dave Kunste the first person to walk around the whole world taking around 20 million steps.

Some say the American Government's nickname “Uncle Sam” came from Uncle Sam Wilson a meat inspector in Troy New York.

After the French Revolution in 1789 the selling of sour wine was considered against the national interest and anyone found doing so was promptly executed.

The pin that holds a hinge together is called a pintle

Damn it is now late in the aternoon

Sunday 12 July 2020

The post I nearly forgot to pst

I had a decent nights sleep,woke at 4 to pee but went straight back to sleep waking again at 7.15 and getting up. I got dressed in the bathroom again.
Jess and Leo turned up for a bit she was wanting her car back while they were here Tasha treated Leo's hair for head lice.
Blain is at his mum's for the first week of the school holidays.
Awake with the alarm and straight out of bed dressed in the bathroom, thought I heard Tasha but no she wasn't here nor had she been here.
I had heard what sounded like someone coming in the front door at around 6am the door was unlocked but no sign of anyone. However she did turn up at 7am with a load of washing.
Tim on late starts again he started at 2.30pm so he left at 1.45pm.
Mum was good a little confused but so was I
Up with the alarm as usual another cold day but not for my body, got dressed in the bathroom again. Had a quick bath.
Found Tasha in the laundry she agreed to wash another neighbours close because his father's washing machine doesn't clean them. I understand and have no problem with her doing that.
Jess & Leo turned up with KFC for their lunch my lunch was already cooking in the oven.
Had the doctor ring so I could get a new script he said he would send it to the chemist for me. I like being able to have phone appointments for scripts.
Had to cancel my appointment with the podiatrist as I am not feeling that well.
Leo here for the night because he wanted to stay.
Up with the alarm even though there is no school at the moment.
I decided to have a bath so I sent Tasha a text to let her know, as I was getting in she walked into the bathroom and washed my hair for me. I managed to get in and out ok.
Let Leo sleep till he woke up naturally which was at 10.45am, just after Papa woke up.
I ironed Tim's work shirts and Jess's work shirt as well.
Leo made himself a toasted sandwich
Jess arrived at 11.20 to get Leo and she brought my Thompson's pie order.
Sandy arrived to drop off something from our brother and took a heap of food with her from my freezer stuff I didn't want.
Tasha has sold her car so she is happy.

I woke before my alarm this morning, I got dressed in the bathroom again, Tasha was here to help get my breakfast stuff ready. She also put my socks on, two pair today.
A quiet day mostly spent alone. Mum a bit confused when I spoke to her.
Kathy rang to check on me.
I got up when the alarm went off and found Tasha in the laundry throwing in a load of washing. She helped me dress and get my breakfast.
Tim had 25 minute chat with someone from his Superfund he sent me the record call so I can listen to it later.
I felt so tired that I went and had a 1hr nap, afterwards I was very cold and had to turn the heater on for a bit.
Saw Jess & Leo this afternoon she told me that she is working tomorrow and Leo will be here all day and tomorrow night.

Had a sleep in this morning, got up at 7.30, found that Tasha had been down as the washing machine was going.
Jess arrived around 8 on her own she arranged for Papa to pick him up around lunchtime.
Tim went out to go to the chemist but for some reason didn't get the scripts because I need a new script I am annoyed but not sure who to be annoyed with.
Leo is here for the night
Kathy rang and said she will be here tomorrow.

Wednesday 8 July 2020


Let''s talk about privacy at home, growing up I didn't realise that it wasn't the norm for children to have locks on their bedroom doors allowing them to lock the door from the inside to have privacy.

I received many letters from penpals they would be left on my bed for me when I got home from school unopened at times I would have a diary which I would leave laying on my bed on dressing table.

Neither of my parents looked through it this I thought was the norm, I was in my mid teens when I discovered other teenagers didn't have that.

My mum didn't have such privacy growing up, like me she had penpals but her mum would open her mail and read it and a lock on her door that just wasn't heard of.

All my girls could have bedroom door locks if they wanted and reading a diary belonging to one of them no bloody way, that is just wrong.

What was it like for you growing up?

Did you have much privacy?

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Plant Day

Well here we are at another Tuesday another cool for me day but cold for others this week's plant is something called Narrow Leaved Campion not something I have ever heard of but it is the next thing in the book I am using, so that's what you are getting.

Narrow-leafed campion, is a species in the genus Silene. It grows in the Arctic tundra of far eastern Siberia and the mountains of Northern Japan.

They are are used to the cold as where it lives the ground often turns to ice, having fruits that can grow after being frozen is an adaptation to help it survive.

Frozen samples, estimated via radiocarbon dating to be around 32,000 years old, were discovered in the same area as current living specimens, and in 2012 a team of scientists successfully regenerated a plant from the samples

It is typically 5–25 cm (2–10 in) tall, has narrow leaves, and a large calyx. It blooms during the summer and has incised petals that are lilac, light pink, or white in colour. It is a perennial that grows on stony cliffs and sandy shores.

Monday 6 July 2020

More did you know facts

Good morning world here I am on another Monday morning sitting here in lightweight long pants and a summer tee shirt and yes it is cold here only 7 degrees when I got up now it is around 9 or 10 degrees but I am hot again.

Well here are this weeks did you know facts.
It took 214 crates to ship the Statue of Liberty from France to New York in 1885

The beam of light from the top of The Luxor hotel & casino in Las Vegas was the most powerful in the world being the equivalent of 40 billion candles the beam was visible to aeroplanes from a distance of 250 miles.

Superman first appeared lifting a car on the cover of “action comic” in 1938, originally he couldn't fly just leap tall buildings but h his super powers have increased over time.

The fattest ever footballer was Willie Henry Foulke, an English goalkeeper who weighed in at 26 stone or 16 kilos his nickname was “Fatty”

There was around 20 million Volkswagen Bettles made


Sunday 5 July 2020

Just another week in my life

Woke at 7am so a bit of asleep in Tim got up half an hour later and left for work at 8am.

Been a nice day, not hot nor cold, wrote 6 letters today.

Feeling stuffed up in the head.

Awake before the alarm, got up and dressed in the bathroom so not to disturb Tim, who got up when Leo went in to say goodbye before leaving for school.

At 11am Tasha came down in tears her car is catcus and she doesn't have the money to repair it so we told her to clean it up park it out the front with a for sale sign on it and advertise it on Facebook for sale. Sell it for whatever she can get for it.

Tim said she can use our car while she looks for another car. He also said he will loan her the money for another cheap runabout.

Leo walked in at 2.20pm I was shocked I wasn't expecting him, I had just said to mum I would need to hang up and head up to meet him . Damn I hate Mondays............

I woke up at 5.45am and got up and dressed in the bathroom so not to disturb Tim. While in the bathroom I heard someone come in the front door, I thought it was Leo but it turned out to be Tasha. She helped me get my breakfast stuff ready and also put my socks on for me.

Tim said this morning that he is thinking again about trading in his bike sometime soon.

Someone came this afternoon and replaced the loungeroom smoke detector.

Went to wait for Leo, Tasha turned up while I was waiting and said she would wait while I came and started Blain's pizza.

I am so exhausted I just want to sleep
I woke up at 5.45am and got up and dressed in the bathroom so not to disturb Tim. While in the bathroom I heard someone come in the front door, I thought it was Leo but it turned out to be Tasha. She helped me get my breakfast stuff ready and also put my socks on for me.

Tim said this morning that he is thinking again about trading in his bike sometime soon.

Someone came this afternoon and replaced the loungeroom smoke detector.

Went to wait for Leo, Tasha turned up while I was waiting and said she would wait while I came and started Blain's pizza.

I am so exhausted I just want to sleep

I woke just before my alarm went off and got dressed in the bathroom again, yesterday I remembered to take my deodorant into the bathroom. I now have it in both the bathroom & my bedroom.
Not a cool day, kinda nice not warm either just nice.
Spoke to Mum she is alright sounded a little confused at times but generally ok.

Woke with the alarm, got up gathered my stuff and went to dress in the bathroom. I came out and opened the front door and turned the security camera off.
I was washing my face when I heard a knock at the door, it was Tasha she had already prepared my breakfast stuff and helped me get my socks on before she left.
Tim got up at 6.45 and left for work at 7.15am.
More internet trouble, just no service, I am connected but no service so frustrating. I ended up rebooting the computer and that fixed the problem.
Not a cold day

Woke up at 5.45 and decided to get up anyway, got dressed in the bathroom again.
Leo has an out of uniform day at school cost of a gold coin, although he still wore is school pants just took his school shirt off.
Had a melt down because I was shaking so much and wasn't able to do anything.
Jess has asked for a Thompson's Pies order in that I will do soon like tomorrow or Sunday.
Last day of school for term 2 two weeks off now.

Had a good nights sleep, woke at 4 for a visit to the loo, I went straight back to sleep till 5.45 laid there for half an hour when I decided to get up.
I got dressed in the bathroom again except for socks and arm brace.
Jess is working today, Leo decided to stay home alone.
Kathy came over and gave me a shower, it has been a week since my last shower.
At 1.20 when Tim rang to check on Leo he didn't answer, so Tim drove over there to check on him. He was fine just too busy playing his Xbox. Jess said she was glad that Tim went over to check up on him.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Thursday's Words on Saturday

There is no beautifier of complexion,
or form, or behaviour, like
the wish to scatter joy
around us

BY: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday 1 July 2020


Do you have adult children?
I do

Do they all have keys to your home?
Mine do

Can they let themselves in whenever they want?
Mine can

Take whatever they need when they need it and leave a note telling you so
Mine do

I have keys to my parents house have always done since I was given a key when I was 18, my brother and youngest sister also have keys but my other two sisters don't,why you ask well they left home before they were given keys.

Tim said when he was a teenager he had a key to his mum's house but when he left home his mum took the key back.

BPD & Physical Symptoms

  This week I am wrapping up at least for now my posts on borderline personality disorder or BPD, I will end this by sharing a few other phy...