Saturday 26 June 2010


Ok I'm, well not quite but last Tuesday I picked up my hearing aids and they guy who fitted them for me said they are easy to get in just pop this bit behind your ear and this little bit goes down into the ear..............easy.

No.....not easy for the love of me I can not get them in, well not the way he said my dad suggested I do it the other way around placing the little bit down into the ear first and then put the other bit behind my ear. That is easier but I still have trouble with them.

In fact I have had so much trouble I feel they are more trouble then they are worth.....I know they are not but still I can't help how I feel.

Tuesday 22 June 2010


Hubby is working away this week since he is doing a 6am to 8pm shift he has decided to spend the week in his van to save petrol, it's a good thing he hadn't sold it yet. We have been talking about getting rid of the van for a few months now but as yet we have done nothing about it. He hasn't found another job yet he is just driving buses doing whats called "rail" work while there is track work being done.

Kathy told me that she will be doing an extra day at the servo from next month but at the moment she has no idea when she will go back to woollies, I have told her to take it one day at a time. She is still looking for a place of her own but is in no hurry to move as she likes having a dishwasher and Foxtel and me to let her have a nap or sleep in when needed.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

This is Home

My precious number one daughter said last night she thinks she will put off moving out of home till after Tim and I come back from our cruise in October which is fine with me, as I am in 2 minds over her moving out.

I do like having her here most of the time and not only because she is the one who does most of the housework. I genuinely like having her here most of the time, there are times when she gets drives me crazy but most of the time things are fine.

I love having Sydney-May here watching her grow and will miss her when they do move out.

Both Tim and I always say this is their home and they can come and stay whenever they like..........

Oddly enough when I first married Tim he didn't understand that I said my parents home is my home but now that his daughters are grown he does as he always says this is their home no matter how old the get.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Lost Job

A week ago Tim had a accident at work in the truck he was following his GPS and it sent him the wrong way as soon as he started to make the turn he realised that he couldn't go done the street at it was a small weight restricted road and when he tried to back out he got stuck all in all it was a nice mess and to make matters worse he did some damage to the truck. The following day he had to go in and do a report about the accident and the next day he was called into work and told he had lost his job.

So now he is unemployed and as like the last time he lost his job he is working all weekend driving buses which is good, he has already started looking for another job. I don't think he will be out of work long.

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Wet Wet Wet and Sydney

Boy have we had some wet weather it has stopped today so hopefully the yard will dry out some, Kathy parks on the front lawn and so does Jes when she comes to visit as we don't have enough parking spaces so we don't like it when it rains so much turning the lawn into slosh.

Sydney is sick and I'm not much better yesterday Sydney slept all morning until her mum got home from work and then she was more awake then asleep till 11pm, think part of the problem was that Kathy would pick her up when she would start to whinge where as I would have waited until she started crying. I offered to help her last night but she snapped at me and told me to go to bed which I did.

So this morning I let her sleep while I got up with Sydney, I do try to help as much as I can but it isn't always as Kathy can get short tempered at times but I have not been getting upset by her behavior like I use to.

She is still living at home with me and Tim and isn't sure she when she wants to move although when she is in a mood she wants to move but when things are going good she isn't in a hurry.

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