Thursday 29 August 2013

What the hell...................drugs

MOSCOW (AFP) - Russian police on Tuesday 13th August said they had arrested a Siberian surgeon on suspicion of stealing heroin that he had just extracted from the stomach of a drug mule.

The surgeon at a hospital in the small town of Bogotol more than 3,000 kilometres(2,000 miles) east of Moscow was high on drugs when he was arrested, the police for the Siberian Krasnoyarsk region said in a statement on their website.

The surgeon carried out an operation to remove packages containing heroin from a man's stomach at the request of police, but the criminal investigative department later realised some of the drugs were missing.
"When they searched the surgeon, they found a package with five grams of heroin hidden in his clothing. At the moment of the detention, the doctor was in a state of narcotic intoxication."

In a police video, the surgeon declined to answer questions. He faces up to 15 years in prison for theft and possession of a large amount of drugs.

The police arrested the suspected drug carrier, a man from the ex-Soviet state of Tajikistan, when he fell ill on a train between the Siberian cities of Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, a regional transport police spokesman told Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

The train stopped at the nearest station, the town of Bogotol, and police took the courier, who had slipped into a drug-related coma after the heroin leaked into his stomach, to have the packages surgically removed.

The surgeon involved had previously been convicted of drug possession, regional police spokesman Vladimir Yurchenko told the RIA Novosti news agency.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

History of Warners Bay

The suburb was named after Jonathan Warner who first settled the area, the 2011 census stated the population as being 7, 457. Warners Bay is part of Lake Macquarie City Council; the first inhabitants were the Awabakal tribe over 8,000 years ago.

Lake Macquarie's original inhabitants derived their name from the lake, with the word Awabakal meaning people of the calm surface. The calm surface also heavily influenced the first white settlers to the area in 1800 as they developed a strong fishing industry on the lake.

In January 1825, the Reverend Lancelot E Threlkeld of the London Missionary Society made the decision to found a mission among the Awabakal at Lake Macquarie. The site “Biddobar” or “Biddaba” was chosen as the location of the mission. In a map accompanying a claim for land in 1829, Threlkeld marked the location – at the lakeside of what is now Warners Bay.

Jonathan Warner was a disbanded officer from the New South Wales Royal Veteran Corp. He had also been the Assistant Surveyor of Roads and Bridges in Wiseman’s Ferry District. In this role he was sent to check a proposed road from the Hawkesbury to Maitland via Lake Macquarie. 

Warner selected his land at the Threlkeld’s original mission site in July 1829 and was authorised to take possession in 1831. He built a two-storey weatherboard house which he called “Biddaba” - (silent resting place) on a hill near the present Warners Bay Primary School. There he established a farm and orange orchard. He had a number of assigned convicts to work on the farm in addition to his sons.

In 1833, he was appointed Police Magistrate for Brisbane Water, which involved fortnightly horseback journeys to Gosford to attend court sittings. He died in 1842, leaving his widow to manage the estate.  The orchard was a showplace as late as 1870 and visitors came from Newcastle to see it. The Warner Homestead was demolished in about 1932.

The Warner family had a small coal mine in the form of a tunnel on the waterfront below their house, the coal being taken away by boat from a jetty there. A second tunnel had been dug for coal in a gully near the homestead but it was not economical because of the difficulty of transporting the coal to the waterfront.

In 1883 a company headed by Hyde, Waterhouse and Cowlishaw leased the Warner Estate from the surviving heirs with the intention of drilling a third tunnel but the project does not seem to have materialized. On 24 July 1884, Archibald Gardiner notified the closure of the Warners Estate mine on behalf of the South Wallsend Coal Company.

By boat or horse; Jonathan Warner made his fortnightly journeys to Brisbane Water accompanied by two of his sons for safety. There was a horse and dray track to Newcastle, which was used to transport farm produce.

In 1931, a private bus service operated from Speers Point to Broadmeadow via Warners Bay and Charlestown. This was converted to a government service in 1937 and extended to Newcastle.

Opened as a provisional school in July 1892, Warners Bay Primary School became a public school in April 1904. The school was called “Warner” until November 1913. Warners Bay High School was opened in January 1966.

The Warners Bay Shopping Centre expanded rapidly after 1980. Lake Macquarie Council created a reserve along the edge of the bay using fill from various sites. This foreshore has become a hub for recreational activity both on and off shore, sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding are all popular activities. The area also features a shared cycle path and walking track stretching from the Lake Macquarie Art Gallery at Booragul to Green Point; the path is widely used by the local community.

Monday 26 August 2013

Where do you live

Where do you live?
 By that I mean in what state or part of what country.

Me I live in Warners Bay which is a suburb of Newcastle which is in the state of New South Wales in the country of Australia.  Warners Bay is located on the northern side of Lake Macquarie, and I live a short 5 minute walk from the lake, so you would think I would spend a lot of time by the lake but nope I hardly ever go near the lake.

Tim and I moved to Warners Bay from Gateshead in 1988, over the years we have watched the area grow. I can tell you I love it here and have no interest in moving.

When we first moved here, there was no were near as many shops, there was a supermarket “Bi Lo” but I rarely went there as it was poorly lit and often didn't have what I wanted. Now we have a great supermarket “Coles” along with a bunch of other shops in the complex including a butcher, bakery, take away shops and coffee shops.

Tomorrow I will share with you the history of Warners Bay.

Sunday 25 August 2013

High School......................Liked it or not................or neither

High school was it a great experience or was it a nightmare, or maybe it was just something you felt you had to do and all you wanted was to get through it with as little fuss as possible. 

I didn't give it much thought at the time, it was a place I had to go and endure, I was not popular and in fact I was picked on a lot of during high school and had only a few friends. Now despite how much I didn't like school, I went every single day more or less usually only having one or two days off a year due to sickness. 
I never skipped school, it never occurred to me to not go, I never tried to get out of going because it never occurred to me to do so. I walked to school most days also walked home most days, in fact I found walking home to be very relaxing a nice time to unwind from a day of work. 

I was not a A grade student, I was in a C class in fact I was in the class about the dumb class so not bright in any way shape or form, that said I was also top of my class not because I was the smart but because the class was filled with a lot of dumb assess who would rather spend their time talking to each other over doing the don't get me wrong I spent a lot of time chatting to Cathy ( my best friend) and eating junk food, yeah I would eat in class.

I rarely got into trouble at school both me and Cathy were considered to be good kids. We would both spend a lot of time hanging out in the school library and we both pretty much hated sport or PE although I think I hated them a bit more then Cathy did. 

We both left school at the end of year 10 after getting our school certificate, there was no way we could have stayed and done the higher school certificate we just didn't have the brains to understand the work.
Now days there is this big thing about getting kids to stay in high school to year 12 and get their HSC, but some kids just don't have the brains to do so. 

If you could go back and talk to yourself in high school what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself that my life will turn out pretty great and that I will married a great guy, I wouldn't tell myself not to stress about my future since I never did. As I have said before I just driftered through life going with the flow.

Thursday 22 August 2013

We Want to Know..................or You Want to Know.................ok no one wants to know but I am telling you anyway

1. What is the weirdest thing you own?
A life size portrait of Julia plunging the knife into Kevin's back.......................ok not really......truth is I don't own weird
2. What reality show would you want to be on?
Great Australian bake off but only to eat the food as I can't
3. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
Nothing, never gave it any thought I just drifted with the flow
4. What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?
That I am full  of self doubt and I am not as happy as I often make out I am
5. What is something you've always wanted to do but are afraid of?
Be a passenger in a race car speeding around a race track............

Wednesday 21 August 2013

A weighty blog post and baby Summer

Hello everyone, how is everyone on this cold August morning? I am cold but other than that I am fine.

I have baby Summer here with me she is starting to crawl, ie.........drag herself around the floor reaching for different things. I woke up this morning just as Kathy and the girls arrived here.

Yesterday I went to see the my GP about a weighty weight, a couple of weeks ago I had a bad morning it was one of those mornings when no matter what I put on I thought I looked so fat and I ended up getting depressed. So while I was sitting at the computer I wrote my feelings down. Kind of like a diary entry and than on the spur of the moment I addressed it and sent it to my doctor. After she read it she rang and arranged an appointment to  discuss it. 

Now the appointment left me wondering why I bother, and did she get that I do not want lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery, because I said clearly in the letter that I do not want these things they are not for me. 

Anyway she went over my diet and told me that I not be adding crushed peanuts or bacon to my home made rice, now I don't add a lot of either only a dessertspoon full of each and said I should eat more veggies but I am not a big veggie eater. I told her I love to have fruit salad in the summer months and she said I should only have one small bowl of fruit salad, like that is going to happen as I love my fruit. 

She also referred me to another dietitian who I will ring and find out how much that will cost and then tell Tim and arrange an appointment to see him, she said the dietitian that I had been seeing was a bit "soft & nice" with her clients and that she thought I should see a tougher person. 

I told her that I put on the most weight while I was exercising every day for an hour or more and going for a long hour long walk most days and I ended up just getting to a point where I thought why and I bothering. I know I have to get back into exercising more at this time I am only doing 30-40 minutes per day.

I know all the right things to do, there are just times that I do not do the right things and can't be bothered, sometimes it all seems too hard. There are days when I am happy with who I am and then there are other days that I hate who I am. I doubt I am the only person to feel like this.

Monday 19 August 2013

Dad is a worry at times.....................

Well today I woke up tired and I have felt tired all day and for a while I didn't think I would do a post today as each time I sat here to write one my mind would just be blank and nothing came to me to write about so what am I going to write about, well nothing

Ok after some thought I have decided to tell you about the latest concerns about my dad.

On Friday morning mum rang me to tell me that my dad was not good, he was confused, unbalance kind of like off with the pixies, when he spoke he was speaking gibberish and didn't appear to hear those around him. This really concerned me and I wanted mum to take him to the hospital, in fact all us kids wanted that, however, after he went back to bed for a while he seemed better although he was still breathing terrible and coughing bad and mum was convinced he either had phenomena or pleurisy.

She did take him to the doctor on Friday afternoon, who sent him straight to the hospital which is what me and my siblings said would happen, the doctor said he thought dad might have a collapsed lung. 

He doesn't have collapsed lung thankfully and was to go back and see his GP today, at the time of writing this I have no idea whether he did or not.

I am still concerned he might have had another mini stroke as all those symptoms can be the sign of a mini stroke, mum of course didn't mention all the confusion and being unbalanced and talking gibberish to the GP when they say him on Friday. I am just very worried about him.

Sunday 18 August 2013

I took the test and liked the results

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take this test and see what the answer would be well I was surprised by the results it gave my Real Age as 52.7 which is a difference of 2 yrs from my actual age of 50. I honestly thought it would have been a great difference since I do not think of myself as being healthy or anything. However I must be healthier the I thought…………………lol
Has anyone else taken this test that Dr Oz reckons is so bloody important?
I did the test for Tim and his Real Age is 66.4 which is a difference of 13.9yrs over his actual age of 52yrs.

Thursday 15 August 2013

Our Upcoming Election

Yesterday I noticed this on the Yahoo home page about how some American talkshow had to make fun of our upcoming election on the 7th of September. It struck me as both strange and funny so I am sharing it here with everyone. I have never thought American’s or anyone else would give a rats ass about our election.

US voters have put up with a lot in recent years, whether it was Alaska governor and moose hunter Sarah Palin's bid to be vice president, New York mayoral candidate and serial sexter Anthony Weiner living up to his surname or just the severe pain of suffering through the multi-year presidential campaigns.

But, America is enjoying some relief courtesy of the Australian federal election.
Yes, Australia. That's right.

America, land of the never-ending cycle of absurd politics and scandals, is laughing at us.
The US political late night TV talkshow, The Daily Show, devoted a segment on Monday to the oddities of the Australian election campaign.

The segment had the studio audience in hysterics and on Tuesday was picked up by America's mainstream media, including the Los Angeles Times which ran the headline: "The Daily Show discovers Australian politics as absurd as our own".

The show's host, British comedian John Oliver who was filling in for regular frontman Jon Stewart, began by telling the audience "Australia might have something to teach us when it comes to democracy" because the election campaign is only one month long.

"Four weeks!" Oliver exclaimed.
"That's like only three new iPhones from now."

Oliver also noted Americans who enjoyed the scandals that a three-year presidential campaign unearthed might think they would miss out if the US election campaign was just four weeks.

"You're wrong," he said.
"You name a great (US) campaign moment and Australia will get to it this month."
He then went through, with Australian news clips to back up his points, recent hiccups on the campaign trail.

"You want a clumsy on camera pratfall from a candidate for major office? Check," Oliver said.
A clip was shown of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott attempting to kiss a baby, but missing and puckering the back of a woman's head.

"Yes, that's a creepy moment, but is it any creepier than a stranger pressing his lips on the head of a non-consenting baby?" Oliver asked.

Then onetime Republican presidential frontrunner Rick Perry's moment of amnesia during a nationally-televised debate that led to his downfall was compared to Liberal Party candidate Jaymes Diaz's abysmal failure to explain Mr. Abbott's six-point border protection plan.

Next up was Weiner being compared to Queensland MP Peter Dowling's sexting scandal.
"You do not pair a penis with red wine," Oliver said.

"Try something lighter, crisper to offset the nuttier notes of the penis, plus it is almost impossible to get red wine stains out of a penis."

Then came Oliver's grand finale.
"So, in just four weeks Australia already has a Rick Perry and an Anthony Weiner," Oliver said.

"Of course, the real test: Does it have an under informed right wing woman thrust into a national political spotlight she is not only unprepared for, but at times, seems to barely comprehend?

"What I'm asking is: Does Australia have a Sarah Palin?"

The show then aired the interview where One Nation candidate Stephanie Banister mistook Islam for a country and confused haram with Koran.

"Australia, you truly are a nation of criminals because with that magnificent sound bite, you just stole my heart," Oliver smiled.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

What the Hell Number 2

It seems that stories such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” are to blame for people in London becoming trapped in handcuffs according to the London Fire Brigade, as in the last 3 years they have been called out to 79 of these emergencies. If that isn't strange enough or embarrassing enough there has been 9 instances of men with rings stuck on their penises…………..what the hell are people thinking

A groom in South Africa set fire to a wedding venue after the place cancelled his reception due to unpaid fees. Jean Greying 28 admitted to starting the fire which burnt down the hall near Bloemfontein.  Seems he thought if he burnt the place down he would not have to pay his bill, so the cake bakers and florist better be warned as they also have not been paid………what the hell was he thinking

An English woman has been charged with grievous bodily harm after allegedly biting off another woman's nose at a holiday camp. The incident is alleged to have taken place in the theatre area at Butlins in Bognor Regis on April 11 when a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk was taking place. 
Tina Love, 27, of Dartford, Kent, has been charged and bailed to appear at Worthing Magistrates Court on August 27. A Sussex Police spokesman said the 47-year-old victim was treated in hospital, "including an attempt to replace a piece of her nose which had allegedly been bitten off".
She has since been discharged from hospital to recuperate. What the hell…………….

Monday 12 August 2013

A Wedding in the Family

Saturday was the wedding of my beautiful niece Heather to her long time partner Paul. It wasn't a fancy church wedding, instead it was a lovely back yard wedding, held in their own back yard. 

Heather's best friend from the age of 10 was an attendant along with Heather & Paul's two daughters Isabel & Holley. Paul's best man was their young son Lenny aged only 4. Heather looked stunning I liked he dress which I heard she got from City Chic. Lenny looked so cute in suit pants and shirt (no jacket), neither Paul, Lenny or Rex (father of the bride) wore jackets as it was a casual wedding but they all looked pretty smart anyway. 

I went to the wedding alone as Tim had to work and for the most part I had a bloody great time, there was very little in the way of grog there. Paul did bring out a couple of bottles of bubble and 6 pack of beer but that was all there was as neither Paul or Heather drink as a rule.  Anyway let's get back to me, I started to feel rushed a bit when Tim rang and went mad because I hadn't answered my phone. He ended up ring my brother who passed his phone to me to talk to Tim. My phone was in my bag in the bottom of my sisters stroller, me I was wondering around talking to be and watching the kids play and didn't bother to have my bag with me.  Well he wanted to know how long I would be and if I could go and get Leo after I left, I had Jessica ask him to go and get Leo as I had no idea how long I would be at the wedding. I ended up speaking to Jessica and telling her that she would have to take Leo to our place as I wasn't go down to her when I was finished. Yes I knew Tim had been at work all day but I still thought he could had gone and got Leo when he got home.

Moving on there was no reception after the ceremony, it was just everyone sitting or standing around chating and eating the finger food that my niece Kelli had prepared she did all the food for the wedding and have to say she did a bloody good job at it indeed.  There was plenty of food and it was yummy food indeed, I liked the home made meat and cheese pies and the mini cupcakes.

I did kind of wish I had taken Leo with me as he would have had a ball playing with all the other kids in attendance, speaking of grandsons my other grandson Blain was was there and in fact when I saw Blain turn up I got all emotional and started to cry, as it felt like a long time since I had seen him. Blain came with his dad and Kelli and of course his little brother Daemon. 

Thursday 8 August 2013

WWW................this and that

1. Which actress would you choose to play you in a movie? 
Melissa McCarthy because she is funny and more my size, remember I am a short fat middle aged woman.
2. Would you rather drink Coke or Pepsi? 
In my youth it was always Coke but now I prefer Pepsi Max
3. Is there anything you are looking forward to this month? 
Nope nothing
4. Would you rather have a cat or a dog? 
5. What is something you feel strongly about? 
Family but that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

July not as cold as I thought it was...............

At the start of August I saw this on Yahoo’s home page and thought I will save that and use it for a blog post, so here it is. I live in a suburb of Newcastle; Nobbys Head is a beach area in Newie.  

THE Hunter is still basking in the unseasonably sunny winter weather with most of the region experiencing the warmest July on record.

Newcastle, Maitland and Cessnock all trumped previous records by about half a degree and rainfall was at a minimum as well.

Nobbys Head, which has recorded temperatures for 54 years, had a maximum average of 19.3 degrees.
Maitland clocked in at 19.4, Cessnock at 18.8 and Singleton recorded its warmest July in ten years with a 19.3 degree average.

Overnight minimums along the coastal suburbs were also about one degree above average.
Weatherwatch meteorologist said the records could continue to be broken in future years.
‘‘When we’re talking about maximum average temperatures half a degree is actually quite significant,’’ he said.

On July 17 both Newcastle, 23, and Maitland, 24, recorded temperatures six above the average high.
The heat won’t stop there either with the Hunter expecting a few hot August nights to follow the warm July.
‘‘I think we are certainly in a pattern where we’re seeing warmer periods over winter, and that should continue in August and September,’’ Mr. Cornelius said.
‘‘Whether that will continue in summer, it’s too early to say.’’

Rain was also at a minimum during July with most areas in the Hunter only receiving about 50 per cent of average falls.

So even though I was complaining at times about it being cold, over all the month wasn't that cold but don’t get me wrong it was bloody cold some days indeed. July and August are the coldest months of the year were I live.

Monday 5 August 2013

Thomas the Turtle

Hello everyone my name is Thomas the Turtle and I live at Sydney-May's new day care a couple of weeks ago Sydney-May got to take me home with her for the week and what fun I had at Sydney-May's house.

She has this great house with a indoor play area, she told me that this is a new house for her and that they only moved into just before I came to visit. Anyway I am going to tell you all who read her nanna's blog about my visit, at night “Mickey” who is her sister Summer's daddy but who I heard Sydney-May call daddy too would read us a story before going to bed. I even had my own bed how luck was that.

She also took me to visit her nanna who was nice but I bet you all know that already. We also went swimming which was exciting Sydney-May is a real good swimmer she can swim all by herself without a bubble or anything to help her stay above water. I didn't go into the water as she said it would ruin my fur and that would not be good but I did watch and her are a couple of photos of me with her at the pool. Sydney-May goes swimming every week what a lucky girl she is.

On day while we were out and going home we both got very tired so we both decided to have a little nap in the car, does she look so cute when she is sleeping I saw her mummy take the photo but pretended I didn't.

After my week with Sydney-May I had to go back to the day care so another child could take me home for a visit but I can tell you I loved my stay at Sydney-May's house and her baby sister Summer was good she didn't throw up on me or anything although Sydney-May was pretty careful to keep me to herself most of the time.

Saturday 3 August 2013

It's Saturday afternoon and I am buggered

Yesterday it was my niece Kayla's birthday she is 10 now, above is a photo of her dressed as a princess I don't remember what the occasion was but doesn't she look beautiful.

On Thursday I went to Wakefield school for Dawson's open day, on the day he received and award which was great and he was excited that I took Summer with me and that he his other pop went and took his little brother Landon with him, he loved showing off his little brother and his cousin. Summer was a good girl she didn't cry at all but all in all she didn't have a lot of sleep that day. 

Many members of staff were amazed that Summer is mum's great granddaughter a couple asked mum how many grandchildren she had and were surprised when she said 17 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren of which Summer is the youngest. 

Yesterday while I was at breakfast my sister Sandra & brother in-law Ed were there and I asked Ed if he had a good birthday and he said he did and I asked how old he was and he said 37, Sandra said he was just over a year older then her, she will be 36 in October and I was like what the hell how did she get to be

Today I went with mum to see nan we couldn't go on Wednesday as mum had her pre opp at the hospital and Thursday we went to Dawson's school and Friday is shopping day so it had to be today. Speaking of today I was up early and got the silverside on with the spuds and carrots did them in the slow cooker for lunch the spuds were a little under cooked but tasted ok anyway. 

Oh yeah yesterday I was pretty crook in the afternoon had a really bad headache and had to go and have a nap before tea and then after tea pretty much went straight back to bed, so it was good to get up this morning headache free.

Thursday 1 August 2013

WWW................This and That............

1. What are three things you couldn't live without (not including food, water, shelter, etc)?
Family, Kindness & my blog............ok I could live without my blog but I don't want to so shoot
2. If you could only wear one beauty product, what would it be? 
Moisturiser it is a must to care for one's skin if one doesn't want to be looking old and wrinkly before their time.
3. Are you excited for the school year to be starting soon?
Ours started in January so it's half over and since I don't have school aged kids it doesn't bother me one way or the other.
4. What has been your favourite thing about the summer so far? 
Her smile...................oh yeah the season not the granddaughter well that would be clothes drying nice and quick and being able to peg the washing out anytime of the day and know it will dry.
5. What are some questions you would like to see asked in the We Want To Know Link Up?
Do you think your country has strong enough gun laws?
Do you think your country has a good health system?
Do you think your country has good wages?
Do you thing there are too many reality tv programs?

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