Thursday 30 October 2014

How well do you know your neighbours?

Good morning world, yesterday as you may have guessed I didn't feel like writing a post, no real reason for it just realised in the afternoon that I hadn't done a post so was looking for something easy to post so that is why you got what you got.

Anyway today I thought I would write about life in Australia compared to what life in Australia looks like in movies and television.

Shows like Neighbours and Home & Away make it seem like everyone in a street or neighbourhood know each other and get along and hang out with each other. I have never experienced anything like that. I know who all those who live in this complex are more or less but I don't hang out with them, we don't pop in and out of each others homes.

We nod or wave to each other if we pass each other in the driveway but pretty much we all keep to ourselves. I couldn't tell you the first and last names of most of my neighbours, with the exception of Diane & Kevin and Cath I know their last names but I do not know the first and last names of any other neighbours. I do know most of their first names, there are 16 townhouses in this complex.

When I was growing up I remember my parents getting along with usually one neighbour, chatting to them most days but I never remember mum spending hours on end at a neighbours place.

Although mum did spend a lot of time with Mrs Kelly when dad was working in Sydney, well my sister Sandra says she did. Since by then I was married with 3 children I wasn't home to know if mum was home or not.

I don't really have any memories of my parents have friends they hung out with, both my parents usually spent their time with the family. Which maybe why it seems normal to me to not have friends but instead have family.

What is it like for you, do you see a lot of your neighbours or do you pretty much keep to yourselves?

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Things Mum Say

These are things I have said far too often, how about you......................

Tuesday 28 October 2014

A birthday, my Blain and other stuff

Good morning we are in for another hot day here in my part of the world, this morning I watched Summer while Kathy took Sydney-May for her last swimming lesson. I was woken this morning by a phone call of course Tim wouldn't get up and answer it because he says it's always for you well I get up answer the phone and it was of course for Tim, it was working calling him, he had to go in and do a school run before his shift.

Speaking of Tim he rang not long ago to tell me that some guy he works with had a heart attack and died last night and the guy was only in his 50's. Of course this is not going to make Tim give up smoking and drinking and to be honest it wouldn't make me give up things I like doing either. As I feel we are all different and just because on guy died doesn't mean it my bad habits are going to shorten my life, we have all heard of the people who have lived it be in their 90's or even 100 who smoked and drank their whole life.

Today is my sister Sue's birthday she is turning 46 I sent her a text message wishing her a happy birthday. I gave her a present last Friday, a dress, a top, a book and some perfume she seemed to like what I got her.

The next birthday in the family is on Friday when my brother will turn 36, I have no idea what I am going to give him.

I will have Blain sleeping over tonight he wants to start staying over more often and I am all for that, I miss seeing him also. Of a weekend he goes to his dad's so he can't stay over then so I have said he can stay over during the week. However, his mum will have to take him to school as I will be going to see my nan and I may get picked up early around 8ish. 

Monday 27 October 2014

Good Afternoon

Oh hell what another warm no make that hot day here in my part of the world, I have to have the air conditioner on like I have done for the last few days.

Yesterday I was up at 6am with Leo, I was not a happy chappy as I had told Jessica that her and Leo could stay but she would have to get up with him. Well as it turned out on Saturday night she called in to pick up her house keys as she was going home for the night and Leo got out of the car to see papa and wouldn't leave so what did papa say “go get in bed with nanna” so Leo stayed and Jessica went home and that meant I had to get up with him in the morning.

On a different note Tim is on afternoon work again, and that means for me a nice quiet afternoon and evening. Recently I have found that I am not eating as much, this morning I made pancakes for breakfast I ate only 1 of them. When I went to get fresh bread I bought myself some hot chips for lunch but ate only 6 chips, I have put the rest of the aside and will reheat them for tea tonight I am not wasting $2.95. Thankfully the air fryer reheats them nicely. Nothing wrong with eating less..........

I have been in a lot of pain today with my back,any movement causes pain and yes I have taken pain relief and it has helped but still the pain is there.

Jessica went back to her place this morning after her run it is nice when she does that although most of the time her being here doesn't bother me.

I have also bought a couple of other personalised things for Christmas this morning good thing Tim doesn't know how much I spend on things at Christmas time, because trust me he would complain because he likes to complain.

Well this is a post about nothing much just this and that which is fine nothing wrong with that either. 

Sunday 26 October 2014

Now for a post about British Submarines in WW1

Ok now it's time to talk about British Submarines, at the start of the 20th century all submarines were crude machines and those in the British Navy were no exception. However, by the end of the First World War the development had come so far that it would pretty much remain the same at the start of the Second World War.
The British Submarine Service was a volunteer branch of the Royal Navy. Those who worked in the early submarines had to both effective and efficient workers and intelligent enough to use machinery that was complex for the time. The Submarine Service was never short of volunteers and the Navy could afford to pick the very best after a thorough selection process. Those volunteers who made it past the selection process then faced a lengthy training programme. Pre-1914, those who joined the Submarine Service saw themselves as an elite force within the Navy and this caused resentment amongst those who worked in surface ships.
The first British submarine, pictured above, was launched on November 2nd 1902, a Captain by the name of Roger Bacon invented the submarine's periscope, the periscope was raised and lowered by the use of a ball and socket joint. This type of periscope would remain the same throughout the First World War, although modifications were made to the lenses to improve visibility.
There were smaller submarines like the Holland and its successor, the A-class submarine,these were restricted to coastal duties because of their size. Roger Bacon wanted a small-calibre gun on the deck of the B class submarine but was prevented in doing so by Lord Walter Kerr the First Sea Lord who never gave his full support to the Submarine Service.
During the war, Britain invented three new types of torpedo, one was powered by oxygen those powered by compressed air left a tell-tale wake in the water, oxygen is soluble in water and left no tell-tale wake. Another was a circling torpedo the theory behind this was that if it had missed its main target it might hit another. Then there was the acoustic or magnetic torpedo which was attracted to the noise made by a ship's propellers or would attach to the metal hull of the ship. This torpedo was of little use in the First World War but would leave its mark during the Second World War.
The inside of a Holland submarine was very cramped. The captain stood with his head in a windowed cupola and on each side of his head was a six-inch steering wheel – one for horizontal steering and the other for vertical steering. Using both wheels and giving orders out to the crew must have been demanding in times of calm – let alone when the captain was under pressure. Later designs of the Holland moved the steering wheels elsewhere.

Friday 24 October 2014

5 Things for this lovely Friday

Well another Friday has rolled around as it does so that means it is time for 5 things Friday.

12 People at breakfast

Being told I spoil Leo and not the other grandchildren

Rocking a new dress...........should have taken a photo

Paying off my Christmas toy layby

A small pile of letters to answer over the weekend

Thursday 23 October 2014

Yesterday I was tired, the day before Jessica was in pain

Good morning world, I guess some of you would had noticed I wasn't around blogland yesterday. Well this was because yesterday I was so very tired it felt like I was on autopilot all day, just going through the motions. I tried to write a post but just ended up looking at a blank page so gave up. I tried to read posts but again found myself just staring at the screen not reading so gave up. I ended up going back to bed for a bit and when I got up again I felt about the same so that really worked............not......

Then last night after I had spoken to mum on the phone I started getting the stabbing pains in the head (cluster headaches) again so I took some strong pain meds and went back to bed.

This morning I seem ok no headache not really tired or anything so let's see how the day goes.

Now let me tell you about Tuesday afternoon/night around 4.20pm I get this phone call from Leo he is distressed as his mum is laying on the floor crying in pain from her back. I tried to talk to Jessica but that didn't go well as she was screaming and crying and I couldn't really understand her, I asked if she wanted me to come down she snapped NO so I didn't.

Leo rings me back about 10 minutes later saying “come and do something nanna she is hurting my ears”. The next thing I know Jessica is ringing me saying she has called an ambulance as the pain is so bad.

So I get in the car and go to her place, the ambos are there and Leo is upset and excited at the same time, anyway they took her to Belmont hospital and Leo of course wanted to go in the ambulance with her. I had to tell him I would take him to the hospital to see her after we came home and got papa. I really didn't want to take him as I knew he would just get bored and play up.

So we come home and he is ok for a couple of hours then he decided he was going to see mum and tried to run off to find her so we had to take him to the hospital to see her.

Well we get to the hospital she is not in emergency but down in GP access and she is in a lot of pain again, the pain stuff they gave her had worn off. She had been sitting there 20 minutes and was shaking with pain and cold after about 10 minutes the called her in and of course Leo wanted to go in with her so I took him in and then of course after he saw what was happening which was not much he wanted to leave and go back to papa.

So the doctor eventually sees her and does nothing, gives he nothing for the pain and send her home, what a bloody waste of time. She cried all the way back to mine, and when we get home Tim decides to rub some Voltaren into her back and that did the trick.

I dropped Tim,Leo and Jessica off at home and went to Macca's to get food as I hadn't eaten and by the time I got back took me about 10 minutes Jessica is sitting on the lounge talking to Tim not in pain.

So yesterday I went and bought her creams and a spray to have at home so next time she gets the pain she can get Leo to rub some cream into her back or spray the stuff on her back the spray is an ice spray that my niece swears by for her back pain.

Oh yeah because they spent Tuesday night here I had to drive them home at 7am yesterday and take Leo to OOSH. Of course for some reason when I dropped him at OOSH he got into a mood and wanted to leave with me but the woman in charge who's name I cannot remember right now came outside and took hold of him and I just left.

Went to see nan yesterday, she was about the same both mum and I agree that even though we would be sad to see her pass away we feel that it would be for the best as she is just existing from day to day,unable to really talk, move, feed herself or have control of her bodily functions and as much as we love seeing her it also can be upsetting seeing her if that makes any sense. I think I might tell her next week if she wants to go and be with pop that is ok with us, just so she knows.

Well I have rambled on about my life for long enough so I will now post this for all to read. When you blog your life really is an open book.    

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Overstretching, and it's cold and Gough is dead and things we don't say

Good morning world, guess what I slept in this morning the first thing I thought when I got up was I slept in the second thought was I don't feel well so maybe that is why I slept in..............I am now up and dressed but really don't feel like doing much of anything this morning.

It looks cold and wet outside, I am in long pants and socks on my feet as it is cold, have to say this weather lately is annoying, it's hot then cold then hot again sometimes all in one day.

Now here is a question for you do you ever find yourself over stretching while on the toilet, I have there have been times when I am on the toilet wiping my bum and think to myself stop stretching Jo-Anne where do you think your bum is in the next room. Really have no idea why I do that but I do and it is annoying but being annoying doesn't seem to stop me stretching like my bum is in another room. Yes I know you are wondering why on earth I would share this with the world but hell my life is an open book and I share many embarrassing things.

The big news here today is that Gough Whitlam has died he was our 21st Prime Minister, what I remember about him is that he was the only Prime Minister to be sacked from office that happened in 1975. Although everything I am hearing on the telly this morning is that he did a lot of good for the country in the 3 short years he was Prime Ministers. He brought in no fault divorce, which is a good thing, he is also the one who brought home our troops from Vietnam.

Moving on to things that are not said in Australia by Australians, like “crikey” the only person who said that was Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter),

Also don't hear people saying “fair dinkum” that was a saying from my grandfathers generation.

We also don't say “g'day” usually we say “hi” or “hello”, also my generation and young generations don't call women “sheila” that is also one for past generations.

Lastly we don't use the term “root” because here it means to have sex, it is often used in place of f****k. So to say you are rooting for someone just sounds wrong.

Ok that is enough dribble for this post, hope all have a good day, or night or whatever it is where you are. 

Monday 20 October 2014

I love him but he can be so annoying at times

Good morning, well I started this last night but not posting till this morning. I am trying to get some more posts written and saved ready to use when I am busy or can't think of anything to write about.

Tim is so annoying at times, it isn't hot nor is it cold but it is very cool with the front door open, I have shut the door a number of times and Tim opens it again. He just came out from having a shower and because he is hot he opened the door again, when I said I didn't want it opened he said “well I am hot” so once again what he wants is more important.

Although I am watching what I wanted to watch, the new show called “The Embassy” Tim said he thought it would be dribble, but knew I would like it so he went off to have his shower. I also have the subtitles on which I know would annoy him as he hates subtitles but I don't care.

Another thing I hate is when Tim will say “you're going to bed” and I will snap back yes I will be going to bed tonight but not right this minute............just because I am going to be soonish doesn't mean you get to watch what you want without consulting me.

We have an election coming up soon I don't remember when it is but it is soon, anyway this afternoon I had a phone call about a survey about the upcoming election thankfully I answered the phone and I answered the questions it was just punching in a number for your answer. Tim said he would have just hung up, ok at first he said he would have told them to get effed and then hung up I said you didn't speak to anyone you just hit a number, so then he said I would have just hung up. Me I feel that my opinion matters hence the reason I answered the questions.

Speaking of Tim not answering the phone, he rarely answers the phone, he can be sitting next to the phone but will still not answer it. Usually he will say it's not for me so why should I bother answering it, that is also what my dad says, he is also terrible at answering the phone.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Books and Ice Cream

Good morning all, it is a nice Sunday morning here in my part of the world. Yesterday I was going to post but just didn't feel like it,so I didn't, I did, however, read 24 blogs then I deleted the rest out of my inbox.

The girls are coming for lunch today, we are having home-made chicken tenders and potato bake, Kathy will be here first around 9ish and Jess, Kelli and the boys should be here by around 11ish.

Last night for some reason Leo woke up around 2am and was awake for about an hour or so, but he was good he just stayed in bed playing and talking to me and papa even though both of us were still asleep.

I found dad a birthday present, a book about the history of Australia I was at the post office on Friday and saw it and thought dad would like this so I got it.

You know when I was a child I never saw dad with a book and when he first retired he was always at the computer but since he had cancer in 2009 he has taken to reading a lot. In fact you will see dad reading pretty much every day, I said as much to him yesterday when I dropped off his present. I think it is because reading is an easy hobby and so relaxing as well.

Dad doesn't read fiction books though he only likes books about history, I have given him a number of books the last couple of years.

ON another topic who thinks ice cream is ok for breakfast, on Friday I gave Blain an ice cream for breakfast and this morning I am allowing Leo to have ice cream for breakfast as well. When my girls were little I often let them have ice cream for breakfast, even though now those same girls will give me a look when I allow their child to have ice cream for breakfast.

Well that is all for this post, hope everyone is having a great day. 

Friday 17 October 2014

Five thing Friday......................yet again

Ok it's Friday here and have to say this Friday I will be glad when I get to bed as I am just so worn out but then again I usually am on Friday afternoon.................anyway since it is Friday that means it is five things Friday 

No Leo tonight, having him tomorrow night instead

Drove Blain to school this morning

Natasha had another job trial 

Starting my Christmas shopping 

My dad turned 72 yesterday

Wednesday 15 October 2014

10 signs of aging

Well another day is upon us, a cold wet day at that as well I have been up and doing stuff for a while now and now I am just waiting for mum to pick me up to go see nanna because it's Wednesday.

Anyway today we are going to talk about the 10 signs of ageing, so many creams say they can reverse the first signs of aging and maybe these creams can make the fine lines of wrinkles fade and your skin look more toned and soft but can they really revise the signs of aging I doubt it, so let us look at those signs that all women and many men will recognise all too well.

A sudden interest in pockets, pants with pockets, dresses with pockets why did we not know how useful pockets were till now

Why has the washing machine suddenly started shrinking our clothes really these clothes fit before and now they don't and what is with these friends telling us that we are thickening around the waist, no the washing machine is shrinking our clothes.

What about the problem with the Logies and other award shows when we don't have a clue who anyone is anymore.

Realising that no matter what the distance we are flying we want an inflatable travel pillow.

Having chats to our friends and family about why on earth someone would want to go out at 11pm when they should be home in bed, don't they have to get up and go to work in the morning or have a family to take care of.

Wondering why young people go out without a cardigan or jumper don't they get cold.

Having to hold things a foot or more away from us to read it without our glasses, and not being able to find my glasses if they are not hanging around my neck.

An obsession with convenient car parks, really who wants to walk a mile to get into the shop, hence the reason I like to get to the shopping centre nice and early just like my nan use to.

Suddenly realising clothes come in colours other than black , honestly for years black was my colour now I find myself dressing in many different colours.

Suddenly not giving a rats ass what other people think about how, I am dressed, how I dance, or how I live my life, I am happy and if someone has a problem with it, it's not my problem and I don't care.

So do you think there is a cream that can reverse those signs of aging and even if there was would we want it, I wouldn't I happen to like aging it is empowering..............

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Happy Birthday...............Baby Girl...............aka..............Sandy Mae

Good morning world yeah I know I say morning when it may not be morning where you are but it is here and what a morning it is nice and cool and wet, Tim had to take Jessica's car to work due to the wet weather and the fact that I need my car to go to the doctors. Nothing wrong with me just need a form filled in for the RMS (roads & maritime service).

Anyway today is a special day in the family it is my sister Sandra's birthday she is 37 today, bloody hell.

I can remember the night she was born, I was staying at my grandparents house while mum was in hospital and I was in bed already when dad turned up on his way home from the hospital to tell nan & pop and me about the baby. I remember hearing dad's voice so I got out of bed and walked out to the loungeroom where he was and tells me I have a new baby sister, Sandra Mae.

I also remember going back to bed and feeling super excited, I was nearly 15 at the time.

I think somehow I knew this new baby would be like my own baby, I loved taking care of her and helping mum with her. As she grew into a toddler and mum had David to tend to I would look after Sandy more. She would come into my bed at night and cuddle up to me this she did for a long time and I have to say I liked it.

When she was only a tiny baby though I would take her into my room in her bounce and while I listened to music and I listened to loud music.

I remembered taking her with me when I walked around to the shops for mum, in fact I took both Sandy and Dave as mum had this big old pram and I would put both of them into it and walk around to the shops.

Our sister Jeannie was so excited about a baby sister that she took Sandy to school for show & tell, Jeannie was around 9 at the time.

For as long as I can remember Sandy was my baby girl, I often as a teenager like to think of her as my baby, she was the first baby I had fall off my, thankfully she wasn't hurt and I just picked her up and settled her down, I didn't want to tell mum she had rolled off the bed............

So baby girl happy birthday from you big sister, ok you have 3 big sisters but the one who is a mummy/ you sis

Monday 13 October 2014

Tongue in cheek.............heard the saying............understood the saying..............

Good morning all it is a cooler day today here in my part of the world, I was just over at Diane's blog who can be found here:
and she used the term tongue in cheek which reminded me that I wanted to write about the saying as the other day I was talking to Jessica and used the term myself and she wanted to know why people say it as it didn't make any sense to her.

I explained to her it is said when something is not serious or intended to be taken seriously but still she thought it was a silly saying.

She stuck her tongue in her cheek and said what is funny about this, I had no answer for her, she then wanted to know who came up with the saying and again I had no answer but thanks to Google I can tell you it was used in a poem in 1842 called “The Ingoldsby Legends” in which a Frenchman inspects a watch and cries “Superbe Magnifique” (with his tongue in his cheek)I can also tell you with the help of Google that the ironic usage originates with the idea of suppressed mirth-biting one's tongue to prevent an outburst of laughter.

So now we have all learnt something thank you Jessica for asking me a question I didn't know the answer to and thank you Diane for reminding me I wanted to Google the question in order to answer it for Jessica.

So anyone else have a saying they don't get or know how it started or why if so Google it...........or tell me and I will Google it for you and write a post about

Sunday 12 October 2014

A Rambling Post With Pictures of Hawaii

I just realised this morning that I didn't post yesterday even though I had started to write a post, I guess with Leo being so demanding and the washing and such I just forgot to get back to the post and finish it off and hit publish oh well such is here is what I wrote yesterday with what I am writing today and today I will remember to post it.

Dawson is getting used to his new driver but not without another drama in his mother's eyes, the new driver has the child lock on the doors and Michelle (his mum) rang up and complained to the school. However, she was told it was a new policy introduced and there was nothing that could be done about it, Michelle was arguing because the boys are all teenagers but they are teenagers with problems hence why they are going to a special school. She is also still complaining about the route she takes to the school, but really the woman has to do what she thinks is best and what does it really matter.

It's another hot day here in Newie I manage to do all the washing and get it on the line before it got too hot, although inside the house it is not that hot.

Last weekend Dave manage to get the hands free in my car to work and I have already answered a couple of calls using it, I am so happy so thank you baby brother.

Now to Sunday, well I manage to have a sleep in this morning, I got up at 8am and that is a sleep in for me since during the warmer months I am usually up, dressed and doing stuff by 6-6.30am. Hence the reason I often feel like a nap in the afternoon, but having to pick Leo up makes it difficult and by the time I get home from getting him I usually don't feel like doing so.

Tim wants to go out when he gets up to do stuff I am not sure what but he was talking like he wants me to go out with him, sometimes I do wonder why he needs me with him oh well will worry about that when he gets up which will be in a couple of hours I expect.

Mum was telling me last night that her and Sandra went down and listed all the stuff that will stay in the motor home when they sell it, now she just has to get dad to advertise it and to stop talking about it and do it. He keeps saying they have to do this or that before he advertises it and mum is like just advertise it already and we will get the things done because advertising it and selling it are two different things.

He is worrying a lot about money and mum says well if you sell the motor home that will give us some money. Mum doesn't worry about money as much she can't see the point worrying will not change things so why bother is mums point of view and have to say I agree with her. I also don't worry about such things, in fact there are very few things I worry about I just take each day as it comes.

I can smell something sweet but not sure what it is or where it is coming from, might be pancakes I am not sure but it is a nice smell............kind of making me hungry.........oh well.

I guess I have rambled on enough for one post so I will now post this with some pictures of Hawaii.........

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