Saturday 30 June 2012

A Baby Shower For A Beautiful Niece

Wow I have had a busy Friday no surprise there as all Fridays are busy for me but yesterday afternoon I agreed to pick Little Leo up from day care and drive him home so it was around 5.30pm before I could really relax, I did manage to read about 10 blogs yesterday but didn't get back to my blog to read all the great comments I had till this afternoon.

Today I went to a baby shower for my beautiful niece Samantha, Jessica was going to come with me but when she got her she was crying and complaining that she had a headache and was just so tired as she had been up since 4am with Leo. So being me I told her to go and have a sleep while I took Leo with me to the baby shower.

Now I couldn't remember the address for the baby shower so I went to mums place but mum had already left so then I went to my sisters place and she gave me the address then I went and called in to see Natasha and made sure she knew were to go and she said she did and that she would come with me so I took her and Blain with me.

There was a good turn out of people from Sam's family as well as from her partner "TommyLee" family. I made sure everyone had presents for her becuase that is what I do and when I got home I settled down to read some more blogs I only got through around 8 or 10 before I left then I read all my comments and then read some more blogs then I went and had a nice hot bath and now I am writing this.

Tim left this morning for work at 7am so he should be home around 5 or 6pm thankfully it has stopped raining and I hope it is fine tomorrow as well as I have washing to do but since I was out for half the day I decided to do the washing tomorrow. I am also going to do a chicken pasta dish for lunch,so I am now ringing Kathy then Natasha and letting them know in case they want to come.

Thursday 28 June 2012

How Fast Does Your Heart Beat............Or Why I Wasn't Here Yesterday...........

Yesterday was another busy day started early well early for me at 6.30am after getting Little Leo off to day care I came home and had breakfast checked a few emails only a few and then mum was here to pick me up.

She had an appointment over at the John Hunter Hospital for a CT Scan of her heart her appointment was for 9am and we were there by 8.30am and left at 12.30pm so we were there 4 hours anyway when we arrived they took mums blood pressure and checked her heart rate.

Mums heart rate was 95 beats per minute and it had to be no higher then 65 beats per minute so she was given 2 50mg tablets of something called Metoprolol Tartrate to slow her heart we were told it would take 45 - 60 minutes to work, she was given the tablets at 9.20am and after an hour her heart rate was still between 77-80 beats per minute.

Also mum was sitting in a chair at the time and she was cold and her back was starting to ache so I went and found the nurse and told her and she found mum a bed at 11am mum was given another 50mg tablet of Metoprolol Tartrate as her heart rate was still around 75 beat per minute.  This 3rd tablet did the trick and in minutes her heart rate droped to 66 beats per minute and by 11.10am it had dropped to 63 beats per minute and she was taken around to have the scan. The scan itself only takes 5 minutes and after she had the scan she had to wait half an hour before she could leave, she was given an egg sandwhich and a cup of coffee, the sandwhich was not that great and the coffee was aweful but she drank it anyway.

Mum offered to buy me lunch after we left but I said no it was to growded at the cafeteria and couldn't be bothered waiting so I had lunch when I got home and then went back to reading my emails and reading some blogs but before I knew it, it was time to go and get Little Leo from day care yes we had him here again last night.

Since we had to go to the hospital we didn't get to the nursing home to see nan and we were going to go this morning but mum is still feeling washed out and tired so I told her to get some rest and I will see her tomorrow and we will see nan next week.

So today I am at last getting a chance to do a post and read blogs but hell I read some blogs ever day just somedays I read more then other days.............

Tuesday 26 June 2012

You Need To Love And Respect Yourself

Why do some people think they need a man/woman in order to be happy why can't they enjoy thier life if they are single and not seeing anyone. Why do they feel that unless they are in a relationship they are incomplete, now I know many of you will be thinking I have no idea what I am talking about since I have been with Tim for 29yrs and maybe you are right but I also know if i was to lose him tomorrow I will be single and not in a relationship with another man for the rest of my life as he is the only one for me and I do not feel that I need a partner to be complete.

Why do some people always end up with partners who are not good for them, people who bring them down instead of lifting them up and making them feel like they are on top of the world.  Why do they think any relationship is better then being single even a bad relationship.

Why do they not have enough self esteam or self respect to say I deserve better, why do they keep letting someone hurt them over and over again. If the person truly loves you and respects you they will not keep doing things that hurt you, you need to start thinking more about yourself and not just your need for sex but your need to feel loved and wanted and respected.

When you keep forgiving being treated like shit then you tell the person treating you like shit that it's ok for them to treat you like shit because you do not think you deserve to be treated any different. When you are told "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I love you it won't happen again or I will do better" that all good the first time you hear those words but when you hear them over and over and over again they you should relise they are just words and the person saying them says them without any depth they are just words the words that person has learnt work in order to keep you around......................

Why is it you don't think you deserve better? Why do you always put yourself down? What has happened in your life that  makes you think you are not worthy of respect and love because when you keep allowing someone to treat you like shit that tells me you have a low opinion of yourself.............

You are not the black sheep of the family, or a family outcast you are an amazing person someone who has so much strenght, someone who bounces back but you could also be so much more. You need to know that you are loved and respected by those of use who are blood kin to you and yes some of us have not always been there for you and yes there are times when you may be annoying but we still love you and if for some reason you were no longer in our lives then there would be a void that will never be filled..........................

Monday 25 June 2012

100 Followers Can You Belive That............

Guess what guess what guess what I have 100 followers can you imagine that me with 100 followers I never thought I would get 100 people wanting to follow little ole me I have never thought I was that

My 100th follower is Sarajan she can be found here: go and check her out...........

My first post was on the 20th October 2007 but that wasn't much of a post the first real post was the following day the 21st and it can be read here: back then my family read my blog more then they do now, but I noticed on this post there was a comment from Whitangel who can be found here: and she still comments on my posts how cool is

I wish I could figure out who the first person to follow me was I have had a look but I am not sure how to find out who it was...........

Sunday 24 June 2012

A Shower Or A Bath.....................

Good morning everyone how are you all this fine day and by fine I mean bloody cold so cold that I have fingerless gloves and a long sleeve singlet on and had to have the heater on as well for a while, I just had a nice hot cup of chocolate with some biscuits.

So today I am going to ask do you prefer to have a shower or a bath................

Now I know many people thick of a bath as soaking in their own filth but really if you do not get physically dirty or even very sweaty then your not well I don't think so. I am a bath person always have been think I always will be. I find when I have a shower I get cold in fact often when I am in the shower I often cold and it worse if I have the exhaust fan on.

During these bloody cold day I have the heater one in the bathroom while I am in the bath and also in the bedroom so when I get out of the bath I can go into a warm room to get dressed.

Now when I have a bath I like a hot bath it always has to be hot the hotter the better maybe I am a bit strange liking a hot bath but hell this is me and I have always liked a hot bath..............

Saturday 23 June 2012

Talk About Busy.............................I Am Exhausted................

The last few days I have been flat out like a lizard drinking, or maybe I should say I have been flat chat whichever way you put it I have been bloody busy.

Thursday I went with mum to do her monthly shopping and after I got home I read some emails and had a visit from my niece Kelli and Jono and of course baby Daemon them me and Jessica had to go and get Leo and go over to and appointment with Kaleidoscope this one was to get the results of the testing they did a month or so ago............well it seems that the day care think he is a lot more aggressive then we do in fact according to their answers he is borderline ADHD but more likely ODD............our answers said not so much ADHD but definitely ODD and I said to the doctors that I think if he has anything it is ODD...........after talking to us they said that they were going to make some adjustments to the report and send it out to us they said that after the day care get the report they should be able to get someone to help with him although most days when I ask how he has been they say he has had a good day and we haven't had any calls to pick him up so I have no idea how he is going. There was also talk about whether he will be ready for school next year the doctors didn't seem to think he would be but me I think he it maybe good for him to go to school and yes I know that he doesn't like to sit and do things like drawing or listening to stories but then I remember when Natasha was a child she was like that wasn't interested in sitting and drawling or colouring in but when she started school that changed.

Anyway we got to his appointment at 3.30pm for his 3.30 appointment and it was like 4pm before the staff came in to talk to us and the whole time we were there Leo sat on the ground playing with a train set and we didn't leave till 5.10pm, I feel if he was ADHD he wouldn't be able to sit and play for that long without getting annoyed and running around. am I right or am I right.

Moving on yesterday was Friday and like every Friday I was flat out all day up at 7am and non stop for most of the day and in the afternoon Natasha rang and asked if I could have Blain for the night and of course I said yes she dropped him off after school. Tim was late home last night so it was just me and Blain for the night.

At 11.30pm last night I was awoken to the sound of Blain throwing up and feeling the vomit on my back............yuck.............thankfully Tim was home by then and I called for him to come and help with Blain which he did he ran him a bath while I stripped the bed and put the sheets on to wash and of course remake the bed. However when it was time for us to get back into bed Blain got upset he said he didn't want to go to bed so I asked if he would like to lay in the other bed and watch a movie but he said he didn't know what to do as his mum wasn't here to ask. So I rang Natasha and then he wouldn't speak to her he did settle down after a bit and there was no more problems. Until this morning and no he wasn't sick again he didn't want to get dressed in fact I ended up taking him home in the pyjamas he slept in last night.

This morning I have spent the morning/day and reading emails and reading blogs and I have also managed to do 3 loads of washing and get it pegged out and I will shortly have to go and get it in as it should be dried............

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Do You Think Before You Speak............Or Do You Think I Am Abrupt................

Do you know someone who never seems to think before they open their mouth so they are always ending up with foot in mouth disease?  

Or do you know someone who has a habit of coming across as rude or abrupt and they are clueless as to why people may think in such a way about them and really it is only because they don’t think before they speak. 
 Then there are people who don’t seem to realise what they are saying will offend people. 

I try to think before I speak I don’t like to offend people but many years ago my sister Sue would use words like abrupt, aggressive, rude  and harsh to describe me can you believe that. However, back then Sue and I didn’t get along like we do now days. In truth I think Sue thought that I thought I was better than her which I have never done.

Now Tim’s family have always thought of me as being aloof and rude and kind of snobbish because well I did/do think I am better than most of them…………lol

Tuesday 19 June 2012

A tribute to all mothers

Nobody can replace her... Nobody should replace her... Nobody can do half the things she does, or has done, for you... Nobody can compare to her... Only God can love you more than she does... She’s only one person... But she’s the person that matters the most... 

Do you feel this way about your mother? It is how I feel about mine but I know that not all mothers are like mine. My mother isn’t just my mum she is my best friend, it wasn’t always like that but the older I get the closer to my mum I get. When I was a child I never gave mum a lot of thought she was just mum and I thought all mums where like her, being there for her children doing stuff for us day in and day out. 

Now my nephew Dawson’s mother is not like my mum she yells at him and swears at him and calls him names, she hocks his stuff all the time and just really isn’t there for him the way I think a mother should be. 

I hope I have set a good example for my girls like my mum did for me, I have always thought if I am half as good as a mother as my mother is then I know I will have done a pretty good job……………

Monday 18 June 2012

Do You Write Letters Or Only Send Texts Or Email............

Are you a letter writer? Do you write to family members or to pen pals? Do you keep letters you receive? 

I have been writing to pen pals for many years I started in my teens writing to pen pals although I don’t still write to the same pen pals I kind of stopped for a few years but when Kathy-Lee was a baby I took it up again.

I know write around 20-25 penpals from around Australia and the world, I also from time to time write to family members as I think it is nice to get letters in the mail. To me going to the mail box and finding something other than a bill or junk mail is just great.

I prefer to send letters via snail mail but that said I do sometimes write email letters some family members just to touch base. 

I see my penpals the same way I see any type of friend they are real friend they know me as well as anyone I find it easy to open up and share things with my pen pals. The good the bad and the ugly……………lol

I don’t keep any of the letters I have received over the years I use to but after a while it gets to be a bit much, ok saying I don’t keep any is a lie I do have a few letters that I have kept over the years but the bulk of my letters I do not keep anymore…………………….

Sunday 17 June 2012

The Best Job Ever.............For Me At Least...........

I think this says it all about what it is like to be a parent this is the job I wanted to do, in fact it is the only job I have ever wanted to do I don't consider being a wife a job it is just what I am but being a mother is a job a full time never ending job and it is the best job a woman can do. As being a father is the best job a man can do.

It isn't an easy job but it is so rewarding the first time you hear your child say "I love you" brings such joy to your heart. I believe you don't know what unconditional love is until you become a parent even when your child is driving you around the bend and up the wall and you are having a moment when you don't think you can do it any more you will still love your child...............Then they come up and give you a hug and say I love you and you know it is all worth it.............

Now I know there are people who don't want to be a parent at all and if that is someones choice then so be it, we are all different and the simple fact is that some people don't want to be a parent. However for the most part I think most people who may not plan to be a parent will find when they are one that it is the best thing ever to happen to them.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Have You Turned Into Your Mother..................

Do you remember your mum saying these things? Did you think I won't say that when I am a mum and now do you find yourself saying these things to your

Now my mum never said "wait till your father gets home" if we did something wrong she dished out the punishment and because of that I tried to do the same thing although I would at times say to my girls do you want to deal with me or wait to your father gets home and deal with him and of course they always picked to deal with

I can remember my daughters saying that "because I said so" wasn't a good enough reason but of course now that they are mothers "because I said so" is definitely good enough as it is what they say..........

I can also remember my eldest saying she never wanted to turn into

Now she will admit she is turning into

Thursday 14 June 2012

Lipstick, Lip Balm or Chapstick Or None Of The Above

Are you someone who likes to use a chapstick or lip balm?  If so what is your favourite kind? 

Do you wear it every day or just when you go out in the weather, or do you prefer to wear something like lipstick or lip gloss and if so do you wear it all the time or again only when you are going out. 

Now me I am not a chapstick or lip balm person I do wear lipstick when I go out but at home I don’t wear anything although lately I have had times when I have thought I should so maybe I will have to find something and give it a whirl. 

I have small lips and I think my lips are just the right size for me I know some people like to make their lips look larger than they really are but not me I do not think I look good with big lips and in fact when I wear my lipstick I do not cover my whole lips as when I do they look too big for my face…………lol

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