Wednesday 31 January 2018

Photo Wednesday

Yesterday this wonderful woman had a birthday, I could ask you to guess her age but if you are like me you would suck at that so I will just tell you she turned 78

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Indestructible Creatures No 3

What indestructible creature should I tell you about today, how about the Pompeii Worm............

They live at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where super-heated water churns out from underneath the seabed at temperatures of 100°c (212°f) that is bloody hot indeed.

This worm is pink and wriggly wit h greyish fur made of bacteria and red gills, the worm oozes out a slimy substances for the bacteria to feed on and in return they shield it from the hot water.

They disappear into their tubes to hide from predators but some of them still get eaten by hungry hunters, such as vent octopuses or eelpout fish.

Each worm builds a thin papery tube to live in, stuck to the side of a vent or opening where the hot water comes out. The worm sits in the tube, with its tail near the hot vent and its head sticking out into the cooler water, so it can catch food and breathe in oxygen with its feathery gills.

Monday 29 January 2018

Did you know no: 3

Another Monday another set of did you know facts............................

In 1845 Boston had a law banning bathing unless you had a doctor's prescription, what the hell

Male mosquitoes do not bite...............

If your skin was laid flat it would cover an area 18 square feet.....................

Bowling used to be played with nine pins................till a law was passed in colonial America making bowling at nine pins illegal, so the potential offenders just switched to using ten pins, thereby keeping their game legal and ten pins became the norm.

A pint glass will hold about four million grains of sand, like who counted them, to know this fact

Friday 26 January 2018

Happy Birthday Australia

Today is my country's birthday and the birthday of the love of my life, Tim is 57 today. The country is 230 years old, well it is a lot older then that but you know what I mean.

Image result for history of australia day
Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Indestructible Creatures No 2

Ok it is Tuesday so I guess that means it is indestructible creatures day, today's creature is:

The scorpion, ok most of us know they can be dangerous but did you know that they have been around for around 400 million years, like how the hell do they know that. They live in most parts of the world but are especially good at surviving in deserts, deserts not desserts just saying.

Deserts are know for being stinking bloody hot during the day and oh so bloody cold at night and scorpions don't care they can survive a huge range of temperatures from -47.2°c (-53°f) till as hot as45°c (113°f).

Also they can live for up to a year without food, what the hell is with that. When they do catch some prey they eat a lot. They can slow their bodies down, so that they use up the food very slowly, they get all the water they need from what they eat and they don't poo much because they use every bit of their food to give them energy.

If a scorpion stings itself it isn't affected by its own venom, however, it can sting and kill another scorpion of a different species, they do often hunt and eat each other. Who knew..........not me........ 

Monday 22 January 2018

Did you know Monday

Here we are at another Monday so that means it is did you know Monday.

Every year the moon moves 3.82cm further away from the earth which is about the length of a matchstick.

Blonds have more hair then dark haired people

Every day the number of living things on earth increases, it is believed that there is over 10 million species of living things on earth.

Bees may have a true sixth sense, one that people probably do not have: they have magnetic crystals in their abdomens with witch they may feel direction relative to the earth's magnetic field.

Diamonds are flammable

Friday 19 January 2018

Five things Friday No 1

Ok this year I will be doing Five things Friday again and I am hoping to keep on top of things such as posts, so for my first Five things Friday for 2018, I will share these things.

Staying organised

Regaining mobility

Staying focused

Being happy

Less stress

Thursday 18 January 2018


Well as we all know the Christmas period is over, same with the New Year and I saw on another blog this questions “when do you take down your holiday decorations”, so I decided to write a post about this for today's post.

I put my Christmas decorations up around the middle of November and leave them up till the 1st of January. The type of decorations I use mostly now days are the ones you just stick on a wall, I find that they are easy to do and in all the time I have been using these type of decorations I have only had the paint come off while removing them a couple of times. Although when Kathy-Lee was removing them last week she removed some paint because she didn't remove the decoration slowly trying to rip it off fast.

Even my Christmas tree now days is a small tinsel tree that sits on the dining room table, I also like decorations that I can sit on top of the television and other things. I do have a larger Christmas tree I just don't have the room to put it up.

The only time I decorate the house is at Christmas time, I know in other countries people decorate at other times but here in Australia and mostly my family it is only done at Christmas time.

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Indestructible Creatures No: 1

Well here we are at the first Indestructible Creatures post for 2018, this will be a regular Tuesday post this year.

Have you heard of the Himalayan Jumping Spider, they are just 1cm big and live way up on Mount Everest. They are thought to live higher up than an other animal, it is covered in thick hair and can manage for days without food and jumps from one wind-blasted icy rock to another as sure-footed as a mountain goat.

Even though spiders are meat eaters there are no other animals this high up, so they feed on dead insects such as flies and springtails that have blown up the mountainside in the wind.

Like most spiders the Himalayan Jumping Spider has eight legs and eight eyes but only six of their eyes face forward, they have two eyes on the side of their head that allow them to see behind them, what the hell.

Monday 15 January 2018

DId you know No:1

Here I am with the first “did you know” Monday of the year, more trivial facts that you may know or may not know, that may or may not interest you but my life isn't that interesting and I like to share not only my life but other things as well.

So here we go with did you know.

In 1996 Martina Hingis became the youngest ever Wimbledon Champion, winning the Ladies doubles with Helena Sukova at the age of 15.

In 1985 Boris Becker was the youngest male to win the men's singles aged 17 & 227days old, however, in 1989 Michael Chang, won the French Open when he was17 years & 110 days).

It is said that people born on Christmas Day are lucky in life and will never drown or be hanged also they are unable to see ghosts, really?????????????

Speaking of ghosts they appear in four Shakespearian plays, Julius Caesar, Richard 111, Hamlet & Macbeth.

The "Curse of Macbeth" is the misfortune that happens during the production of the play.

The theory goes that Shakespeare included actual black magic spells in the incantations of the weird sisters. Those who appear in the play or those who mention the play's name within the confines of a theatre risk having these evils brought down on their heads.

Saturday 13 January 2018

Home again

Well we are home, drove all day Wednesday to get home and it didn't all go smoothly, we had a flat tyre and Tim didn't want to put the spare on so we called into a tyre place at Grafton to have it repaired, after stopping three times for Tim to put more air in the tyre anyway we had it repaired and it only lasted to Coffs Harbour where Tim had to suck it up and put the spare on. He was none too happy about the fact that he paid $27.50 to ave the tyre repaired for nothing.

It was 8pm by the time we got home, it was Jessica and Leo who wanted to drive all the way home and it was Jessica and Leo who complained about how long it was taking to get home but at the end of the drive we were home and able to sleep in one's own bed and we didn't have to get up early on Thursday morning.

After we got up Thursday we took the caravan back to my parents and then went and got to new tyres for the car and did some food shopping then home for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was Friday so that meant doing more shopping and picking up scripts the morning and getting the mail before coming home and doing nothing else for the rest of the day, I am glad to be home and to be able to sleep in air conditioned comfort at night.

Tim was suppose to go back to work tomorrow but he was called into work today.

I have read all the comments on the last few posts but didn't respond to them all as to be honest I am still exhausted and this morning I woke up feeling unwell, in fact Tim came in at 9.40am to see if I was ok as I was still asleep, I got up but really didn't feel like doing so.  

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Last day in Qld

Here I am at the end of our last day in Queensland and yet again I am exhausted and my feet are very swollen and all I want to do is sleep which I will do soon. I have had a long shower and feel fresher but it doesn't help my swollen feet.

I love Jessica but she has been giving me a headache recently with her complaining about stuff, her and Leo wanted to head home today but since we have paid for the night we are staying the night. We will leave early in the morning and Jessica wants to pack up a lot of stuff tonight that she can do if she wants to.

This morning we went back to Dreamworld so I could get some souvenirs then we went to Skypoint tower to check out the view and then back to the van to do nothing.   

Monday 8 January 2018

Australia Zoo & Dreamworld

Well been a couple of days since I last wrote, busy days, stinking bloody hot days but good days as well.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Australia Zoo and I was able to hire a motorised scooter to get around the zoo and that was great, so much easier for me and also for Tim and Jessica. Although the fact that Tim woke us up at 6am was a bit much his phone didn't reset for Queensland time and he thought it was 7am

Granted I was unable to go on the shuttle around the zoo but that was ok, I managed to see about 70% of the zoo then we broke for lunch and after lunch I suggested that the others take the shuttle to the other parts and I would go through the shops and just wait for them. So while they did that I waited in air conditioned comfort. Jessica was surprised that we spent 7hrs at the zoo.

Today saw us go to Dreamworld another long day we arrived around 10.30am but it was near 11am by the time we got in hired the wheelchair and set off. We left at 5pm when they were closing up, however, there was a part we didn't get to, so Tim and I decided to go back tomorrow with Jessica & Leo of course.

Today is Leo's birthday he is now 10yrs old and he seems to have had a good day and was excited with all his presents and he was somewhat spoilt, this whole trip was for his birthday, so both papa and I wanted him to have a good day.

Now I am going to post this and go and have a shower and freshen up before going to bed, last night I was so exhausted I didn't have a shower just a wash in the van and Jessica went on and on about me not having one but I didn't care, I was too exhausted to care.

Saturday 6 January 2018

Day 1 & Day 2 of Queensland holiday

Well here I am at the end of our first day of travelling for our holiday and I am exhausted as per usual. The original plan was for us to park the caravan at the home of a friend of Jessica's for the night but I didn't like that idea and I wasn't consulted about this plan. See I have to get up two or three times a night to go to the toilet and I do not like the idea of going into a strangers house during the night to use the toilet.

I said I would cope but Tim decided to see if he could get us into a caravan park and he did, this park is only a few minutes drive from Jessica's friend and it is only $20 for the night, so I am much happier. The site is right near the amenities as well and the amenities look nice enough not grotty or anything. This park is a Discovery Holiday Park and I would recommend it.

Yes it is hot here and yes I may have trouble sleeping but we will see, I am in no way hungry might just have a couple of slices of toast later.

The reason we have stopped here for the night is to allow Jessica and Leo to visit her friend Jay.

Day 2

Day 2 is here, had a good nights sleep only took a few hours to get from Casino to here, we are staying at the Treasure Island Holiday Park an NRMA caravan park. It is a nice park, there are a lot of children around, too many children for Leo's liking.

Jess and I went to Coles to get a few things while Tim and Leo set up the tent for them to sleep in tonight, Leo is super excited about sleeping in the tent so I hope it goes well and he likes it.

It is stinking bloody hot here and of course no air conditioning and my feet are so swollen it isn't funny it is painful to walk or even to just sit with my feet resting on the ground this is something neither Jessica or Tim understand and the heat is making me short tempered.

Thursday 4 January 2018

Nearly time to leave but not just yet

Well it is the day before we leave for our holiday in Queensland and it's been a somewhat busy day packing and going to the shops for a few things then heading over to pick up the caravan from mum & dads place.

Tim wanted to go out for lunch at the RSL club which we did, lunch was good we always like going to the Eastern Tiger for lunch.

What I notice was how bad Tim parked the car, he often complains about how I park the car and what made things worse was earlier this week I came home and people were parked in the visitors parking in such a manner that I found it hard to pull up right and thus had trouble parking and of course Tim was watching and commented that I suck at parking. I DO NOT.

Anyway while out today I notice on the three occasions that Tim parked what in my opinion was terrible, he wasn't straight, not squarely in his lines and if I had parked like that he would of course made some comment about it but I said NOTHING.

He keeps going on about wanting to leave really early in the morning which is fine but does he have to tell me over and over, I get it that he wants to leave early stop going on about it.

Tuesday 2 January 2018

A New Year and Getting Away

Well 2018 has arrived, yesterday, as today is the 2nd and after going to the doctor and taking Leo home I am now home for the day. I have nothing else planned for the day which is good, as everyone knows I like quiet days when I have little or nothing to do.

Yesterday I had Leo all day while his mum was working and even though she was back in Newie by 5pm she was tired and exhausted and just wanted to go home eat and go to bed. So when she explained that to Leo he told her he would stay here so she could go home and go to bed without having to worry about him.

We had him from around 3pm on New Years Eve as his mum had to get up early for work, yesterday while here he helped me clean the bath, the bathroom sink and the stove top, he also emptied 2 of the recycle bins. I had meant to get him to vacuum for me too but forgot. He likes to do things for me and often does little things without being asked.

After today Tim will be off work till the 11th or 12th can't remember which, we are leaving on Friday for a short break away with Jessica & Leo we are taking the caravan and going to the Gold Coast, we are taking Leo to Australia Zoo and Dreamworld for his birthday which is on the 8th January he will be turning 10.

I would love to be able to go away with Natasha & Blain but Natasha can't afford it and we can't afford to pay for them, Jessica always pays for her and Leo when we go away. Wouldn't mind one day going away with Kathy, Michael and the girls but not sure if Kathy & Michael would like to do that.

Both Tim and myself feel that holidays are much more fun when taken with other family members, when our girls were little we went away with my parents and Dave & Sandy who were young teenagers themselves.

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