Sunday 31 March 2013

Not reading but listening to books.............

Not long ago I thought my computer had packed it in it froze and when I shut it down and went to restart it, it took so bloody long to boot up and I thought it was dead but alas I was wrong and it has booted up and it seems to be working fine now.

Kathy just rang and said she is going to bring the girls over for a visit in an hour or so, this morning when I got up I got out Tim's Easter Bunny it is a Ferro Rocher bunny with a packet of Ferro Rocher chocolates. He gave me nothing but said he will go out tomorrow and get me something, as I told him I wasn't buying myself something he is old enough to get me something himself.......

I slept a bit better last night but I can tell you today I have woken up feeling like shit, I am aching from the top of my head to my toes yeah all over and I am feeling so bloody tired but I am trying not to go back to bed but instead to try and stay awake and do some things like writing this post. I have already managed to read around 40 blogs so I don't think I will bother reading any more this afternoon.

I was going to go over to my parents place and take over their Easter presents but I am just not up to it................really this staying awake thing is bloody hard..................

Last night while listening to an audio book on my eReader it died in the middle of a chapter so I am now charging the eReader so I can continue with my book tonight, I have been listening to a chapter or 2 each nighte before going to sleep. The book is The Green Mill Murder by Kerry Greenwood it is a Phryne Fisher story, you can find out more about Kerry and the Phryne Fishere books here:

The audio book is a digital audio book that I borrowed from the local library you download the book to your computer and then you can transfer it to a device that will play it or you can listen to it via the computer. I wasn't sure if my eReader would play it but it does and I am so happy.
Also on Wednesday I went to the library and borrowed a book on CD this one is a Dick Francis novel, Dick is another one of my favourite authors he writes books set around horse races.

It feels good to be reading again and by reading I mean listening to books being read to

Friday 29 March 2013

Good Friday and what it means to me

Good Friday is a pond us and this post was to be written yesterday but when I got home from doing my shopping I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything so her it is Friday morning and I am at last sitting at the computer to write. 

Well as I said today is Good Friday what does that mean to people, for me it is day you don’t eat meat you eat fish instead and in my whole life 50yrs I can only remember eating a bit of meat once on Good Friday and that was way back when I first meet Tim and forgot it was Good Friday and then I felt aweful for eating meat.

I am not a church goer I use to be but not so much anymore, now I know there are religions other than Christian and that is all good and fine but if you are a Christian do you eat meat on Good Friday. I raised my girls to not have meat on Good Friday and now they are all grown and out on their own I have no control over what they do and don’t eat but I do hope they still don’t eat meat on Good Friday.  Now I know they are not very religious but I hope they don’t eat meat on Good Friday as I feel it is one day during the year how hard is it to go without meat on this one day, and by meat I mean all meat not just read meat and yeah I know there are those who think white meat such as chicken and pork don’t count as meat………….well I you call it meat then it is meat…………… don’t call fish meat…………..I was raised you don’t eat meat on Good Friday none of this it is only red meat you don’t eat that is bullshit…………….yes I said bullshit…………it is all meat and it is one bloody day of the year.

I don’t know why it is so important to me but it is and I hope my daughters can do it for me, even though I am not a church goer. I am a believer, I do pray and I do trust God to guide my life. I don’t need to go to church to converse with God I do it most nights when I go to bed before I drift off to sleep at night.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

An Empty Rock and a Find for Mum

Today is Tuesday and this Tuesday mum and I went to see nan, yes we went on a Tuesday we have started alternating the days we go one week we go on the Wednesday the next we will go on the Tuesday this way we are able to take both Temika and Liarna. Temika comes with us on Wednesdays and Liarna on Tuesdays, however today we had no child with us why you wonder…………well Liarna’s mum Leigh wasn’t as work today because he grandmother passed away yesterday morning. 

When I got home from visiting nan I notice that the key rock that is in the front garden was opened and the key missing, my guess is that Leo got into it as he has done that before much to my annoyance. Tim said he thinks we should replace the lock and I am all for that he just has to get the lock and do it. 

Next Monday is Dawson’s birthday he will be 14 and as far as I know his mum has plans for them on the day and his dad is going to do a BBQ lunch on the Sunday for him. 

Mum was telling me this morning that when she was out shopping she notice a grocery bag in a trolley next to her car with stuff in it, she looked around and couldn’t see anyone except the trolley guy on his tractor so she grapped the bag and put it in her car and took it home. She said she felt like she had stolen something but also knew if she didn’t take it the trolley guy would so she did……when she got home she looked inside and it had fruit in it that someone had bought and left behind. She said she couldn’t see the point in taking it back to the supermarket and it was a bit of walk to do so anyway so and she couldn’t be bothered.

Ok that is all I can think of for this post………………….I will be back tomorrow…………..

Sunday 24 March 2013

Car Insurance Important or Not So Much

What a few bloody hot days we have had here, summer is supposed to be over but it hasn’t felt like it the last few days had to have the air cons going all day and half the night. This weekend we had Leo here Friday night and last night we had Blain here, most of the times I don’t mind having them here but every now and again I feel why or why do I always say yes………..

Anyway let’s move onto something more interesting ok maybe not that interesting but different none the less……………….

This afternoon got a couple of quotes for Kathy for insurance for the new car they have as at the moment it isn’t insured well it doesn’t have comprehensive insurance and this is something that me and Tim both feel is important not just if they are in an accident but what if the car is stolen. Anyway she can get insurance with Bingle: for only $450 or $46 a month, yeah I know it is a no frills insurance company but sometimes you have to go no frills it is better than having no insurance at all.

Now I don’t know what is like in other countries but here in Australia you do not have to have comprehensive insurance if you own the car ie: no finance on the car, of course you have to have CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) before you can register any motor vehicle and the cost of your CTP is pretty much the same no matter what company you go with…….

Anyway I was only saying to Natasha today that if she didn’t have her car insured she would really upset if she was in an accident or if the car was stolen, she said she didn’t know if she could afford to reinsure her car but when I said she could pay in monthly and that she should be able to afford she changed her mind. Her insurance would be $30 something a month and she should be able to afford to pay that.

Thursday 21 March 2013

A Mammogram and more

What a morning been flat out since I woke up doing what you wonder well nothing exciting just went to help mum do her monthly food shopping she needs help as she ends up with two trolleys of stuff. I was so busy this morning I didn’t have breakfast before I left the house and didn’t have time to have it while out so by the time I got home I was feeling hungry.  

As soon as I walked in the door Tim rang and asked me to take something out of the freezer for his tea and told me he won’t be home till around 7.45pm so I will eat before he gets home, hell most days I eat before he gets home as he has a habit of coming home and waiting an hour or more before he has something to eat. 

I have always been one of those people who like to eat her main evening meal around 5.30-6pm this goes back to my childhood as mum use to make dinner around the same time so I carried it on. In fact when my girls were at school and I knew Tim would be working late I would often have their tea ready around 4pm that way they didn’t come home from school and fill up of junk food and I didn’t have to listen to them go on and on about being hungry.

Yesterday afternoon I went and had my first mammogram it was about what I expected it to be not painful or not even that uncomfortable but it took a lot quicker than I thought it would.  I am not one who likes to have afternoon appointments if I can avoid it I much prefer to have a morning appointment, this also I get from mum she is the same. I know some people don’t care what time of the day their appointment is and there are even people who would prefer an afternoon appointment but not me. I don’t like going out in the afternoon if I don’t have to.

The high point of yesterday afternoon was that Jessica called in on her way home and had both my grandsons with her. The high point of the morning was when I went over to watch Summer while Kathy popped down to the shops, this I did after I returned from going to see my nan at the nursing home.

Speaking of nan she was good yesterday, bright eyed and answered when she was spoken to she even smiled a few times while we were talking to her. It is these little things that make us (me& mum) leave feeling good; I know many people may think that such little things are not signs of her being “good” but they are to use………….when she isn’t good she doesn’t answer and just stares off into space or she sleeps and doesn’t even notice us……………..but she wasn’t like that yesterday as I said she was good………

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Working Email, a New Car and annoying Letters

Ok I have my email back yesterday a light bulb went off in my head and I decided I would set up Windows Live Mail and also ring tech support and get a new password for my email all this took a few hours but I am done now it is working again which is a big relief as I was really annoyed that I wasn't able to check me email. Anyway when I finally checked it yesterday I had 671 emails and I deleted all by 7 emails which I opened read and went and commented on those blogs.  Today is a new day and I am feeling all good and happy and kind of bubble inside, now if only I didn't have a bloody all would be good.

Over the weekend my precious daughter Kathy-Lee bought a new car it is Michael's fathers old car it is a white car yeah that is about as much as I know about the car can't tell you what the make and model is or even how old it is I asked Kathy but she hasn't told me and if she did I can't

My mum was telling me last night that Michelle (Dawson's mum) got a letter from Hunter Sports High about Dawson's school fees not being paid, she has also recieved 2 letters asking why Dawson hasn't been at school this year which has really pissed her off. Why well because Dawson isn't attending Hunter Sports High this year he is going to Wakefield 5 days a week this year. After the first letter they went and explained it to the school, after the second letter they went again and explained it and after this third letter mum went to the school and talked to them.

She was asked if he hadn't set foot in the school even for a few minutes but no he hasn't it was like they thought if he had walked onto the school grounds even for a few minutes then they should pay the fees....................but he hasn't and they are not paying any damn fees for him. After talking to the office staff for a bit who were very understanding about mums frustrating they told her it was all sorted and they should not receive any more letters but if they do they should just throw them away.

Saturday 16 March 2013

No Emails & the feeling of a crowded house....

What a couple of days still can't get any emails which is really starting to become annoying, anyway last night we had Jes & Leo here for the night and of course they were here yesterday when I got home from shopping and all day today in fact I have to watch Leo while Jes goes out to sit for her drivers authority (DA) she needs this in order to drive passenger cars but not Taxis to drive a cab you need a special Taxi Licence. I have no idea how long she will be gone Tim said the test takes between 4 & 5 hours but I hope when she finishes she comes back she just picks Leo up and goes home. I love Leo but would like to have some room to move in my bed, Leo takes up a lot of room for a small boy…………lol

I am half expecting my other daughter Natasha to ask if Blain can stay tonight and if she does I have no idea what I will say as I hate to say no to Blain but at times I just don’t feel like having a child here three nights in a row even if  it is not the same child. 

Tim is at work today and again tomorrow so tomorrow I am hoping to have the day home alone, it has just felt crowded here with Jes and Leo here most of Thursday and Friday and again today Saturday. 

Here is a question for you when you are used to having a quite house do you find after a few hours do your visitors start to annoy you and you look forward to them leaving and having a quiet house again. I know I do and so do my parents they love having all the family over but love it just as much when we all leave and go home………….lol

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