Thursday 31 July 2014

A sick baby, A better nanna and Wombat Stew

Hi all been sick yesterday and not in the mood for blog writing but I am much better today and at last getting around to writing a blog post.

Now what to write about, ok I could start by telling you that my granddaughter Summer is pretty sick at the moment she has viral tonsillitis and has been running a high temperature. Her mummy had to get the doctor to your door (after-hours doctor) out to her last night who after looking at her said he thought she should go over to the hospital so Kathy and Summer spent all night at the emergency department.

I could tell you that while she was at the hospital last night Kathy was so tired that she laid down next to Summer in the bed and the next thing she knew she was on the floor and a nurse was asking her if she was ok, she fell out of bed...............

Today Leo went on a school excursion to see something called Wombat Stew I don't know what it was about really,

I know that he had to catch a bus there and back and I think he thought that was the most exciting bit as he has gone on about it a bit since I have picked him up.

What else well tomorrow is Jeans for Genes day so Leo will be wearing jeans to school he has to take a gold coin donation $2 so they can raise money.

Also because it is Jeans for Genes day Kathy told the daycare that she thought a good activity for the little ones to do at the day care would be to make placemats out of old jeans, so she asked on Facebook if anyone in the family had any old jeans and her sister and cousin gave her some so has about 7 pairs to take into the day care for them to cut up and use.

On thing I do know is that I will be wearing jeans tomorrow when I go out just because it is Jeans for Genes day, I would like to wear my blue jeans but they need to be shortened I think so I may end up wearing black jeans or I do have red jeans as well anyway I will find a pair to wear tomorrow.

Before I leave I will let all know that I am feeling much better at last, it has taken long enough I was so sick yesterday I couldn't watch Summer or go to see nan, although mum and I went to the nursing home today to see nan but we could only stay 10 minutes as I had to get back to go to the doctors.

My BGL's are still too high and I have had my medication increased again, the levels are ok if I don't eat much but I like my food too much and that is always a now they have increased my Byetta from 5ml to 10 ml twice a day and we will see how that goes.

Ok that is enough for this post as it has turned into a bloody long one at that......................sorry.............

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Sunday Lunch and being hot because it was cold

Good morning everyone, hope everyone is well this morning or night depending on where you are in the world. Me for some reason I woke up feeling queasy and have been coughing and retching and throwing up.

Right now I am starting this while Leo has his breakfast than of course we will be off to the school, I hope I am ok on the drive to the school.

Now let's move on to more important stuff because my health although important it is not the most important thing by any means.

If I was to say to you that on Saturday when I went out I was hot because it was cold would that make any sense to you.

If not I will explain, on cold days I usually put the heater on for say 10-15 minutes before I get out of bed, I have a small two bar heater in the bedroom. Anyway I put it on to warm the room a bit before I get dressed and on Saturday I didn't so when I got dressed I dressed in really warm clothes and then I went shopping and of course because it was so cold the shopping centres had their heat turn up and that meant that I ended up getting hot. So I was hot because it was cold. Now does that make sense.

Sunday's lunch at my parents place was great, there was 11 adults and 9 children their and we managed to have a couple of family photos taken dad took one and then Kelli took one with dad in it, of course to get on with everyone in it we would need a non family member to take it and there was no non family members there.

Of course I am sharing a few photos taken on the day but not the big family one as yet because that was taken with my dad's camera and I don't have a copy of it yet. 

Sunday 27 July 2014

Some photos of my wonderful nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews............aka Sue's children and grandchildren

Good morning all how is everyone today, I am at last really starting to feel like my old self, yes my nose is still running and is at times still blocked but overall I am feeling better which is a plus.

Today I am going over to my parents for Sunday lunch, this is a welcome to the family lunch for my newest great niece Kelsi Jayne. While there I am hoping to get a few family photos done.

I am really annoyed that the store that I use to have our family portrait done at has closed down and I now can't find anywhere that does them at such a cheap price, honestly I was paying between $10-25 for the photo granted it was only one photo but remember I am married to a man who doesn't like to part with money for such things.

Anyway we will see what happens today and hopefully we should be able to get a few photos taken. Speaking of taking photos I have had my camera on charging over night and it still will not turn on so I guess it is cactus now Tim will have to get me a new

On Monday it is my great nephew Lenny's 5th birthday so yesterday his mum had a family party for him, no I didn't go why because I wasn't invited but that is ok I am annoyed, upset or anything like that.

My point in mentioning it here is because while at the party a number of family photos where taken of Sue's children and grandchildren and I thought I would share a couple here.

Friday 25 July 2014

Five Things Friday No: 7

Another five things for Friday has rolled around

Still sick

Nasal spray

Watching grandchildren.............Leo

Michael's birthday, he is 29 today. Michael is Kathy's partner

Meeting my newest great niece...........Kelsi Jayne 

Thursday 24 July 2014

I feel like shit..............still...............hope to be tip top soon

Morning all, damn I am stuffed up in the head and my nose is still running like it is trying to escape my face. The last two nights saw me in bed before 7.30pm as I just couldn't be bothered to be awake any longer. Have to say I have had two nights of terrible sleep many times I would wake up unable to breathe through my nose and since I use a cpap machine I need to be able to breathe through my nose.

Of course I was unable to just stay home and do nothing yesterday, instead I went and helped mum with he monthly shopping but when I got home from doing that I did nothing for the rest of the day.

Today I still feel like shit but don't have much to do I am taking Leo to school soon and then I will have to go and pick up a dryer for Jessica, it is free from a guy on Freecycle he says it works and that is what she needs a working dryer so she doesn't have to bring her washing here for me to put in my dryer.

I hope I feel a bit better tomorrow when I have to go out and do my weekly shopping. Tim has said that I am always sick but I am not always sick and even when I am unwell it doesn't stop me from doing what I need to do. Even if I feel terrible tomorrow I will still get up and go shopping because it has to be done.

When you are feeling like shit due to a cold or the flu, do you take to your bed for a few days while you recover or do you just solider on because you have to and taking to your bed is just not an option.

I think if I was able to go to bed for a few days I would recover a little faster but because I just solider on and do what mum has to do every day, the cold/flu drags on for what feels like ages.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

I'm Cold

I am cold today, bloody cold I have gone into the bathroom and got the small two bar heater I use when I am having a bath and put it on in the loungeroom since the love of my life doesn't want us to buy a bigger heater for the loungeroom.

This morning I went with mum to see nan and than we went out to Kathy's place as Liarna wanted to see where Sydney-May lives and have a bit of a play with her.

I am so cold today that it is not helping my cold, my nose will not stop running and I am getting a headache now I think because of the cold.

Well that is all for today's post I am just too numb to think of anything to write part of me would like a nap but part of me would like to just curl up on the lounge and watch telly and not think about anything.

Monday 21 July 2014

Morning world are a morning person..........I am

Good morning world, I had planned to do a post yesterday but I was so tired that I ended up going back to bed for a nap at midday, I told Tim to wake me after and 1 ½ hours but he didn't he said he thought he would let me sleep longer and woke me after 2 ½ hours.

After getting up I just had no motivation to do anything and ended up spending the afternoon sitting with my feet up watching telly.

Saturday night I had one of those strange dreams where I dream about dreaming in fact it was a dream about dreaming in which I was having a dream a bit confusing I know. I woke up really tired Sunday (yesterday) and I wonder if it was because of the strange and confusing dream.

Oh well moving on this morning I was still in bed asleep when Jessica and Leo turned up, good thing I am one of those people who can wake up and jump straight out of bed an d be with it right off the bat.

My own mother isn't like she seems to me to take a while to get going of a morning, same can be said for my dad he takes a while to get going of a morning.

I love being awake early in the morning and having the time to do things in a nice and quiet house, so I usually get up before Jessica and Leo get here of a morning so I can get some things done before they arrive.

So here is today's question to all my good blog friends are you a morning person, can you jump out of bed get dressed straight off the bat and fell ready to face the day.

Do you like the quiet of a morning before the rest of the family are up and making noise.

Or are you someone who drags themselves out of bed struggle to make a coffee and really don't find their body or brain in gear till after a coffee and have had time for the body to fully wake up. 

Saturday 19 July 2014

A little about triple zero

In Australia our emergency phone number is 000, but prior to 1969 Australia did not have a nation number for emergency services. Each service fire, ambo and police each had many different numbers.

In 1961 the postmaster general introduced the Triple Zero number in major populated centres. Near the end of the 1980 it was extended to a nationwide coverage.

Triple Zero was chosen for several reasons, it suited the dialling system for the most remote automatic exchanges like in outback Queensland such communities used the 0 to select an automatic trunk line to a centre and in the most remote communities two 0s had to be used to reach a main centre; thus dialling 000 was considered best also it was felt that it would be easy to dial 000 in the dark.

You can call 000 from a mobile phone even if the phone is locked or in Australia you can also call 112 from a mobile phone to reach an operator who will connect you to the right emergency service.

911 was at one point considered as a potential emergency number, though existing phone numbers starting with 911 made this unfeasible. However, if a person was to call 911 the call would be re-routed to 000. Since many young people have heard of 911 which is the emergency number in the USA and Canada.

Here in Australia we also have the 131444 phone number for police but that is not for emergencies it is for other police matters it is also a nationwide number, I think.

Friday 18 July 2014

Five things Friday No: 6

Five things Friday again be it late on this Friday, I will be going to bed soon but will do this first.


A pain in my neck


Hot chocolate

A sore finger

Thursday 17 July 2014

Do you like it when it is cold or do you prefer it to be hot

What a day I have had, I had to take Leo to school as usual on a Thursday then I went and had blood taken to check my diabetes and my iron levels.

Tim and Jessica have gone to have their tax returns done this morning and Jessica asked me about having Leo tonight as well so she could go to poker and even though I thought we would have him every second week while she went I said yes because that is what I do.

What I do know is that for some bloody reason I am feeling oh so tired and have a bit of a headache but of course I can't go to bed as I have to go and pick Leo up this afternoon, I worry if I have a nap I will not wake up in time to go and get him so that is why I don't have a nap on school days.

One thing I don't like about winter is that I get headaches due to the cold weather. Which is one of the reasons I hate pegging washing on the line when it is really cold and windy outside.

How do you cope in cold weather?

Are you a cold weather person or a hot weather person or are you like me and really prefers the in between weather. I have said before that I have been talking to Tim about getting a heater for the lounge room but let's be honest here I don't think it will happen because I am to much of a softie and give in all the time.

Tim told me last night that he has decided what to get Kathy-Lee for her upcoming birthday in September but I won't say what here as at times Kathy-Lee will read my blog posts and I don't want her to know what he has in mind. He said he also has a idea of what he will get me for my birthday which isn't till November so I will have to wait and see what he has in mind. 

Tuesday 15 July 2014

How fast did I grow up............

Good morning world, school goes back this morning so I have Little Leo here now and will have to leave in half an hour to drive him to school and this morning he wants to know how come I don't know everything since I am a grown up I am supposed to know everything. He also wants to know how I managed to grow up so fast, I said I didn't grow up any faster than he is but he thinks I did.

I think a lot of children think grownups are super smart and should know everything and get disappointed when they realise we don't know everything at all.

Leo said that I have been a grown up as long as he has known me, and I said yes that is true as I had to be a grown up to have his mummy as my daughter and he said that his mummy is a grown up as well but she is not as grown up as nanna is.

I told Leo that he knows about things I don't understand even though I am a grown up and that is because of how old I am, such as transformers he knows more about transformers than I do and superheroes and Minecraft I don't know anything about Minecraft because when I was a child there was no Minecraft nor was there the internet.

He finds it amazing that when I was little there was no internet nor was there any Cartoon Network channel and when I told him there was only black and white TV when I was his age he was shocked and couldn't quite get his head around it.

I am now leaving to take Leo to school, will post when I get back.

Back again, after taking Leo to school I went to meet mum for a cuppa and a chat and then a some shopping now home and ready to post this.

We came, we saw, we ate your food and now we are going back home

Love you mum, 

Monday 14 July 2014

A quick comeback and being fat

Are you good with the quick come back, as in when your other half says something like what annoys me about you is that you never clean the bench off (that is Tim to me) can you think of something to say nice and quick about what they do to annoy you.

Usually I don't but only last night I did, Tim complained about how when I take my Byetta injection I sometimes leave it sitting on the bench and not move it and quick as a flash I told him that I am annoyed how he doesn't put the toaster sandwich maker away, this was because he had used it earlier and it was still sitting on the bench and you know what Tim did he just smiled and walked away.

Generally I suck with the quick come back and have to think about what he said before the comeback comes to me. I am like my mother is this regard she rarely thinks of a come back for dad when he complains about something.

Only the other day dad told mum she was fat and that was why she was having so much pain in her leg and back and she couldn't think of anything to say other than maybe, she than to little Denni into the bedroom with her while she got dressed and just stayed in the room for a while as she was upset and didn't want to go and see dad again.

Yes she knows the reason he is being so mean and picky at the moment is because that is how Prednisone makes him but still it hurt, yes mum has put on a bit of weight but she is not that fat, hell she is not as fat as me...............with all the stress of her life lately it is not surprise that she has gained a bit of weight this year but still dad shouldn't have said anything about it.

What gets me is when someone says to a person do you know you have gotten fat, well yes they know everyone knows when their weight changes we don't need other people telling us we are now fat.

When Tim says something to me about my weight I will usually tell him I have a mirror and I know what I look like. I will also point out that yes I have gone up three sizes in clothes since we first met but he has in fact gone up 6 sizes when I meet Tim he took a size 77 in pants/jeans and now he takes a 92 when we met I took a size 14-16 in jeans I know take a 18-20 in jeans.

When I remind Tim about that he will drop the topic it took me a long time to know what to say to Tim to stop him saying things that would upset me about my weight, I know he loves me but at times he can be insensitive.

Friday 11 July 2014

Five Things Friday Again

Well it is now Friday afternoon, and that means it is time for 5 things Friday.

Cold Feet

Long Johns

No Heater

Feeling Better at last

Dad home from hospital 

Thursday 10 July 2014

I have a question do you have an answer

Here I am on another cold but fine day be it a bit on the windy side, and you know what I have done today.............a load of washing that's what and no I didn't use the clothes dryer I pegged it out on the line and got frozen while doing

Tonight we have Leo here while Jessica goes out to poker at the club and because well we have in one night a week as everyone knows. This is the second week of the school holidays and have to say it will be over before we know it and school will be back and I will be having to drive Leo to and from school again good thing I don't mind doing it............

Anyway enough about nothing I have a question for all my blog friends out there in blogland.

In September Tim and I are going to Hawaii for a holiday only going to be gone a week can't afford any longer but I was wondering what type of power cord I will need for my computer will the one I use here work in Hawaii or do I need some kind of adapter, if any of my Aussie pals have been to the states and knows the answer could you please tell me. I looked it up on line but got confused, I did find info about tipping and printed it up and showed Tim and he was shocked he didn't realise that tipping is done for everything, since we don't tip here in Australia. I also told him that in the states the price of goods is usually without tax so that has to be taken into account when buying stuff but I am not sure how much tax is, is there a flat rate or a different rate for different things, here in we the price on the shelve is the price you pay as the GST is already added.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

I love him but these things are annoying

There are some things about my husband that annoy me, so today I am going to just tell you 5 things that I find annoying even though I love him so very much and cannot imagine my life without him.

The way he cuts his toe nails

The way he doesn't put the toaster sandwich maker away

The way he complains about all my stuff but has just as much stuff laying around

The way he buys whatever he wants but when I ask for money for something he complains and asks do I really need it

How he thinks my shows are boring and makes sure he tells me so over and over again while I am watching something, I know you don't like the show but you don't have to keep going on about it

Monday 7 July 2014

Feeling Cold and Annoying TV Doctors

Ok, good morning all, it is bloody cold here today my feet feel so cold and I am wearing my thick winter socks that I wear all the time around the house and still my feet are cold.

Yesterday I was pretty sick and spent most of the day in bed, today I am not much better and still feel like shit and not wanting to do much but not doing much is not the same as doing nothing yesterday as sick as I felt I managed to do a load of washing and pegged it on the line. In the afternoon I helped Tim clean out some stuff and took the stuff up to the top of the driveway ready for the curbside collection today.

Today I have managed to vacuum out and get the old mattress into the spare room ready to be made for when Jes and Leo come over.

I would like to go back to bed but instead I might try just sitting with my legs up watching telly but if I get too tired I will go back to bed.

I am watching Dr Oz at the moment, I like him but like Dr Phil he can annoy me at times.

So here is the question of the day, Do you get annoyed by tv doctors such as Dr Oz and Dr Phil.

Have to say Dr Phil annoys me a lot more then Dr Oz does..........

Saturday 5 July 2014

Dad is in hospital again

I woke yesterday afternoon after a nap feeling unwell and in fact I was in bed by 7pm and slept straight through to 8am when I got up with Leo, after doing a couple of loads of washing and having breakfast of course it was time to take Leo home.

I then went to the library before coming home and doing another load of washing all of it was done Kelli she need all her stuff washed after it being in storage for so long.

Now Tim has gone to work and I am home alone for the night and have to say I like being home alone. Speaking of being home alone my mum was home alone last night, Dawson went to his father's place for the night and dad is in hospital again.

Speaking of dad mum took him to the GP on Thursday and the doctor sent him over to A & E as he was really worried about dad and thought it would be the best place for him as he needed tests done and the doctor said if he was at the hospital they would all get done pretty quick. He was so bad that he was admitted and Thursday night he had a terrible night he was coughing most of the night and was having a lot of trouble breathing and the nurse was in and out checking on him a lot during the night. He was so bad that the doctor started him on stronger antibiotics via the drip.

Mum said he was better this morning and he slept much better last night which made me feel better. He was in an isolation room because they thought he might have been contagious but they have decided he isn't so they moved him to another room.

Temika told Sandra that she wants poppy to cone home and not stay in hospital like great nan (my nan) does and she got very upset and was crying because she wants poppy home. She said that poppy is very old and might not come home Sandra said that nana is old too and Temika said but nana is not as old as poppy, but in fact mum is older than dad.

One thing that is annoying is that why he is hospital he isn't often given all of his medication so mum has taken in some of his own medication for him to have in his drawer, in case he needs them.

Friday 4 July 2014

5 Things Friday in pink

Afternoon naps

Burst blisters................ouch

No money

Waking up with a headache

Grandchildren joy

Tuesday 1 July 2014

It's Tuesday now and at last they are signing the lease

Good afternoon all how is everyone this fine but cold Tuesday afternoon?

What a morning I went with Jessica and Leo to an appointment with Leo's paediatrician he needed another script for his Ritalin and Catapress the doctor was really pleased with how Leo is doing he has grown 4cm's and had put on 2 kilos.

When I got home I was locked out of the house and had to use the spare key to get in, then Kathy rang me in a bit of a state she is feeling frustrated with her girls and Michael not that they are doing anything wrong but she is finding a lot of demands on her time and she is feeling the pressure of not having enough time for herself.

Right now I have Blain here with me while Kelli and Jono have gone to sign the lease and start moving, I just hope he is good he can get a bit stroppy at times and gets bored easy and wants his Xbox all the time. I love having him here but at times he is bored and wants to go home or will sulk because he doesn't get his own way.

On Saturday our new mattress was delivered and when I asked Tim what he thought of it on Sunday he was only so-so with it, he said he still woke up aching all over but he did think it was softer and warmer and overall he was happy with it I think I know I am happy with it, it is a higher mattress and Leo said it was harder to get into bed because it was higher.

Anyway since we now have a new mattress I said I thought it would be a good idea to put the old one on the floor in what is Kelli's room for the grandchildren and who ever else wants to stay over to sleep on. Tim said he didn't think there would be enough room but Jessica talked to him and told him that I was getting rid of the port a cot and the single bed so there really should be enough room and he gave in and said ok we can try it and see how it goes.

At the moment it is in the dining room laying up against a wall where Blain and Leo have been climbing up it.

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