Thursday 31 August 2023

Word of the week

Hello Thursday, hope you are a good day for me and others, well it is time for another word of the week and this week's word is “low”.

Not high or tall

Not elevated in position

Near horizon (of the sun)

Of humble rank

Small or less then normal, extent or intensity


Lacking vigour

Not loud or shrill of sound


Of unfavourable opinion

Mean or vulgar

A difficult time in a person's life

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Aussie Slang Day


It is Wednesday and so it is Aussie Slang day this weeks slang words are as follows.

Footy: Aussie rules football played in all Aussie states but mostly in Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia the term footy is also often use when referring to the (NRL) National Rugby League in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria the ACT and New Zealand.

Flick it on: To sell something on for a profit just after buying it for yourself.

Grog: Alcohol as in beer, spirits or wine

Gyno: Gynaecologist

Hoon: Hooligan

Tuesday 29 August 2023

It's Creature Day


Well now it is Tuesday and time for another creature and this week's creature is the Aye-Aye, heard of it? I hadn't till now.

The aye-aye is a long-fingered lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar with rodent-like teeth that perpetually grow and a special thin middle finger. It is the world's largest nocturnal primate, which is weird when you consider it weighs only 2.3kgs when fully grown but it does stand a metre-tall which I guess is why it is the largest.

With its transfixed stare and wild fur it has long been considered an omen of bad luck by the people of Madagascar.

It will even walk right up to human passersby to take a closer look. The aye-aye's reputation is, of course, entirely unfounded. However, because of the way the aye-aye is perceived, this perfectly harmless creature is often killed on sight.

It uses its sharp claws and opposable big toes to dangle from branches in rainforest trees. While perched there it raps its long middle finger on the bark and listens for wriggling insect larvae in the wood. It fishes them out with the same pointed claw which they also use to scoop the flesh out of coconuts. It is the only primate known to use echolocation ( calling out and listening for an echo) to find food.

Monday 28 August 2023

Alfred Deakin


Welcome to Monday a day I tell you a little about another famous Australian and this week it is Alfred Deakin.

Alfred Deakin was an Australian politician, statesman and barrister who served as the second prime minister of Australia, from 1903 to 1904, 1905 to 1908 and 1909 to 1910, holding office as the leader of the Protectionist Party, and in his final term as leader of the Liberal Party.

Born in Melbourne to middle class parents on 3 August 1856, he was 23 when he was elected to the Victoria Legislative Assembly while working as a barrister and journalist.

He held ministerial office on and off from 1883, twice serving as Attorney General of Victoria. After federation he was the inaugural Attorney General of Australia.

After 1890, Deakin refused all offers of cabinet posts and devoted his attention to the movement for federation. He was Victoria's delegate to the Australasian Federal Conference, convened by Sir Henry Parkes in Melbourne in 1890, which agreed to hold an intercolonial convention to draft a federal constitution. He was a leading negotiator at the Federal Conventions of 1891, which produced a draft constitution that contained much of the Constitution of Australia, as finally enacted in 1900.

He was the first prime minister to call an early election, to catch his opponents off guard and take advantage of a large number of urban educated female voters who could cast a ballot for the first time.

After the 1913 election, Cook offered Deakin the position of chairman of the Interstate Commission, but he declined. In 1914, following the outbreak of World War I, he did accept a request to chair a royal commission into food supply during the war.

His final public engagement was as leader of the Australian delegation to the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. He was offered the role initially by Cook and then by Andrew Fisher, who returned as prime minister in September 1914. The appointment was entirely ceremonial and had the support of both Fisher and his deputy Billy Hughes. However,his involvement was subject to political interference from external affairs minister Hugh Mahon, and he decided on an early return to Australia.

The final years of his political career coincided with the decline in his health and memory.

He died at his home on the 7 October 1919.

Sunday 27 August 2023

Week 34 of 2023

Sunday here and after a good nights sleep I am up, washed and dressed ready for my day. It's cold but not too cold.

I have done the food shopping without issue.

I was standing in the kitchen looking for lunch and Sam scared the shits out of me, yes I screamed.

Speaking of Sam this afternoon some mates who have a band are playing at some club. Papa is driving Sam and Jess will pick Sam up. I hope Sam has a good time.

Had a little sleep in this morning waking at 5.30am instead of 5am oh well not a big deal.

Sam didn't answer the damn phone so I had to go over awake my darling grandchild up, I am pleased that I am able to do that now without any help. While there I found my small pink crochet blanket that I have been looking for on Sam's bed.

Tim has a doctor's appointment then he had to go into work to hand in paperwork. This afternoon he is having his hearing tested.

Well it seems like Tim doesn't need hearing aids, that is not what we expected.

Tasha asked to borrow the car to go get a few things from the shops and of course Tim went on and on about her not having her car instead letting a friend borrow it making her need to borrow our car.

I had to ring Sam a few times this morning but then Sam rang me back to let me know they were up and going to have a shower, at 7.30 I again rang twice when Jess to let me know Sam was out of the shower and would be here soon.

Tasha had me check on Blain to make sure he was up and getting ready for school at 8.30am, I forgot till 8.45am but when I spoke to him he was awake and getting ready for school. Tasha had an appointment at the hospital.

Tasha came down to tell me that the Xray she had done has shown that the metal work in her hip area has moved about an inch but said it should be ok.

I had a little break down while talking about Tim's visit to the GP and how I feel his not eating isn't being taken seriously enough for my liking. I feel like no one else is concerned, Tim says he isn't losing weight and I guess that is something. It has been two weeks since he has eaten anything more then a few pieces of beef jerky.

Found a note from Jessica on my laptop asking me to check my Gmail and print stuff for her, by 7am there was 17 pages of stuff, I expect it is to do with one of her jobs. Jess had two job interviews this morning both for security work.

Sam was running late this morning getting up the front as Jess was here and it threw out Sam's routine.

Jess and Tim went down to the foreshore just to get Tim out of the house. Afterwards she brought back fish & chips but I had just made myself a toasted sandwich so I only had a few chips with it. Tim could only manage 3 small mouthfuls.

Sam answered when I rang at 7am and before I was ring at 7.30am Sam arrived looking for clothes to wear. After finding clothes Sam went home to have a shower.

Tasha stopped me on my way up the driveway to tell me that Jess was called into work and doesn't know when she will be home as it is 2hrs away.

I have been sorting through photos arranging them into folders for each sibling ready for me doing next years calendars this will be the first year in 3 years that I will be able to do them with more care. This has made me feel happy.

Damn computer is running slow this morning making checking my emails and blogs frustrating.

I had to go and make sure Blain was out of bed and getting ready for school, he was.

I received my delivery from iherb and took the stuff up to Tasha's as she does our medications up for the month instead of me. Blain was there and tried to tell his mum that I didn't go wake him she however, knew he was bullshitting her.

I am having another day full of back pain.

I managed to write three letters still have more to do.

Not suppose to be a cold day but cold enough this morning I have turned the heater on as I am not wearing warm enough clothes. I could change my clothes but can't be bothered I will put my jacket on which should help.

Still a lot of annoying back pain and a fair amount of shaking on and off.

Tim said that last night Sam was wearing a dress and asked what Tim thought, I don't know exactly what Tim said but he says he wasn't rude or nasty. When I pointed out that I would respond differently, just saying they looks ok not something I am familiar with but if he happy then I am happy.

Saturday 26 August 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts

 Well here we are at Saturday morning I had planned to do a Jo-Anne's thoughts post yesterday but I couldn't even get my blog page to load so it didn't happen.

So my thoughts this morning are why oh why does the internet or more likely my internet connection have to be such a bitch of a thing some days.

I spend a lot of time online each day when I get up of a morning I spend a couple of hours checking emails and visiting blogs before moving onto doing other things on the computer like writing letters.

At times I wonder how we got by without the internet, I do remember when the internet was a new thing and we had a dial up connection. In fact when we first got the internet connected we found that out of all the companies that could hook us up we really only had one option due to the companies saying that the connection would drop out too much. Although things have changed we are still with the same company.

Now not only can we be online 24/7 if we want our house phone once called a landline runs through our internet and of course we now have WiFi. So not only are our laptops connection but our smart phones, ipads or tablets and our TV.

Mobile phones now days are mini computers and many can do a bloody lot on them, I however, am not one to read emails on my phone and I no longer have a tablet, use to have one but it died and hasn't been replaced.

How often are you using the internet?

Do you have a good connection?

Do you miss it when it isn't available?

Thursday 24 August 2023

History of the can opener


Here we are at another Thursday and this week instead of the word of the week, I am talking about the history of the can opener.

Although preservation of food using tin cans had been practiced since at least 1772 in the Netherlands, the first can openers were not patented until 1855 in England and 1858 in the United States. These early openers were basically variations of a knife, though the 1855 design continues to be produced.

In 1858, another lever-type opener of a more complex shape was patented in the United States by Ezra Waner of Waterbury, Connecticut USA. It consisted of a sharp sickle, which was pushed into the can and sawed around its edge. A guard kept the sickle from penetrating too far into the can.

Many attempts to improve on Warner's invention were made over the next decade and eventually the basis of the modern can opener that we recognise today came to life, with another US inventor, William Lyman, being the first to create a rotary cutter to cut around the can in 1870.

The first electric can opener, based on the cutting wheels principle, able to open more than 20 cans for a minute, was patented by Preston C. West in the USA on 1 December 1931.

In 1959, Ermal Fraze devised a can-opening method that would come to dominate the canned drink market. His invention was the "pull-tab". This eliminated the need for a separate opener tool by attaching an aluminum pull-ring lever with a rivet to a pre-scored wedge-shaped tab section of the can top.

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Aussie Slang


Well here we are at the middle of the week and it's time for some Aussie slang this week two of them are new to me including one that is a what the hell world....

Flat out like a lizard drinking: To be very busy, working non stop

Freo: Fremantle in Western Australia

Freckle: Anus (what the hell) never heard this before

Galah: Fool or a silly person

Garbo: Municipal Garbage Collector

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Creature Day


Good morning everyone although it might be morning as you read this but it is morning when I am writing this, so good morning.

It is creature day and this weeks creature is the Honey Badger, The honey badger, also known as the ratel, is a mammal widely distributed in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Because of its wide range and occurrence in a variety of habitats, it is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

They are strong, smart and fierce they have a thick,coarse black and white coat that can remind some of a skunk but it isn't just their appearance that's skunk like because like a skunk when threatened they will release a stink bomb that repels predators such as lions, leopards and hyenas.

If that doesn't work their skin is really thick which makes it hard to pierce and loose, so they can turn around and bite their attacker.

Also they have a strong immunity to the venom of snakes and scorpions which is useful because they're the badgers favourite meal.

It is not for nothing that the honey badger has earned the reputation of being the most fearless animal in the world. Despite its small size, this carnivore is known for its ferocious defensive abilities and aggressive nature.

They are native to areas of Africa and Asia, from southern Morocco to Africa's southern tip, and western Asia's Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and western India. They live mainly in dry areas but are also found in forests and grasslands. They are also good swimmers and can climb trees.

Monday 21 August 2023

Sir Edmund Barton


Another week is here and as it is Monday I am going to tell you a little about another Australian this time it is, Sir Edmund Barton.

Sir Edmund "Toby" Barton GCMG KC was an Australian statesman, barrister and jurist who served as the first prime minister of Australia from 1901 to 1903, holding office as the leader of the Protectionist Party. He resigned to become a founding member of the High Court of Australia, on which he served until his death.

He was born in Glebe in New South Wales on the 18 January 1849, He was one of the nine children of William Barton and Mary Louise Whydah, English immigrants who arrived in Australia in 1824. William was a secretary and accountant for an agricultural company, and later became a stockbroker. Mary ran a school for girls.

Barton attended Fort Street School from 1856 to 1858, and then went to Sydney Grammar. He went on to the University of Sydney, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1868, and a Master of Arts in 1870.

He became a barrister in 1871 and set up a successful legal practice, joining the Sydney Mechanics Institute to learn the art of debating. He married Jane (Je anie) Mason Ross in 1877, and together they had six children.

He was certainly qualified for his new job. He had been a member of the Parliament of New South Wales for 20 years, and had served terms as Speaker of its Legislative Assembly, Attorney-General and Leader of the Opposition.

Barton had worked on Federation for 10 years, and became Australia’s first Prime Minister because the supporters of Federation trusted him.

He entered New South Wales colonial politics in 1877, standing unsuccessfully as a candidate for the University seat in the Legislative Assembly, but winning the seat in 1879. He switched to the Wellington seat in 1880, then in 1882 to East Sydney, which he held until 1887.

Barton was an appointed member of the Legislative Council from 1887 to 1891, then regained East Sydney in 1891, held it until 1894, and lost it again. He became a member of the Legislative Council again from 1897 to 1898, and was then re-elected to the Legislative Assembly for Hastings-Macleay, which he represented from 1897 to 1899.

He held various positions while a member of colonial parliament, including Speaker of the Legislative Assembly 1883–87, Attorney-General 1889 and 1891–93, and Leader of the Opposition 1898–99.

Barton and his supporters conducted a vigorous pro-federation campaign preceding the June 1898 referendum on federation. The constitution was accepted by the required majority in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, but not in New South Wales.

At the New South Wales election in July 1898, dominated by the federation issue, Barton won the seat of Hastings-Macleay and thus returned to the Legislative Assembly. In September 1898 he replaced the anti-federationist, William Lyne, as Opposition Leader.

The Premier, George Houston Reid, and Barton worked together to promote the federal cause to the New South Wales electorate. From April to July 1899 a second referendum on federation was conducted in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, each of which accepted an amended constitution by a larger majority than in June 1898. On 2 September that year, Queensland, voting for the first time, approved the bill.

Barton led the Australian delegation to London in early 1900 to negotiate amendments to the Constitution Bill the UK Government desired, and to oversee the safe passage of the Bill through the UK parliament.

On 9 July 1900 Queen Victoria gave Royal Assent to the Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia.

On 18 July 1900 Lord Hopetoun, former governor of Victoria (1889–95), was named as inaugural Governor-General of Australia.

Among the first Acts of Barton’s government in 1901 was legislation to restrict immigration, thus instituting the White Australia policy. (so not right in my opinion)

The Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902 established uniform federal franchise. This gave the vote to adult British subjects resident in Australia for at least six months, but excluded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and African and Asian immigrants.

The legislative task of the first parliament was to establish a Commonwealth administration. Parliament passed 59 of the 84 bills introduced by the Barton government, including 21 money (appropriation and supply) bills. Other important legislation included:

  • Acts Interpretation Act 1901 which set out standards and conventions for drafting all subsequent bills

  • Audit Act 1901 provided for supervision of government spending and reporting to Parliament

  • Customs Act 1901 and Excise Act 1901 which were revenue-raising Acts

  • Judiciary Act 1903 to set up the High Court.

  • Defence Act 1903 to establish control of military and naval forces.

  • Immigration Restriction Act 1901 to implement the White Australia policy.

Ok I have bored enough for this post.

Sunday 20 August 2023

Week 33 of 2023

 I am up and dressed ready for the day, not as cold this morning but then I am wearing warmer pants then I did the last few days.

Manage to do the food shopping without a problem.

I have another day of bad back pain.

I feel fat lately.

It was raining when I got up this morning and for the first time in ages my hands are sweating and I needed to get my wet hand towels for my computer chair.

Sam will need to get Jess to accompany them up the front to meet the driver.

Rained on and off all morning.

I helped Tim do his tax return we owe $1,888 or something like this he wasn't surprised as with the government scrapped the tax free threshold. Also when we noted that in one part it said we didn't need to pay the medicare levy but at the end it said we had to pay $1,888 medicare levy. He tried to ring the ATO but couldn't get to speak to anyone. This was very frustrating.

No rain this morning and not as cold as yesterday. Sam did my socks for me.

Blain turned up at just after 9am to wait here till after assembly was done as he was running late and decided to skip assembly.

The food shopping turned up at 11.40am, I unpacked it and did my fruit for the week on my own.

Tasha brought down a pair of pants she stuffed up while trying to shorten and lost her shit over and ask Tim if he could see to them he said he would.

I was surprised when Tasha turned up to help me get ready for bed she hasn't done that in months.

Up dressed and ready for the day, Tim did tend to Tasha's pants so that is good, I just hope she is happy with what he did.

While waiting for Sam's driver someone, not me couldn't their phone, ran back to house to check still couldn't find it. How do you go from having to not having in under 5minutes. Sam had to go to school without unless it is in Sam's bag or a pocket.

The cleaners came at 11am.

I am feeling super tired this afternoon.

I thought I could hear rain when I was having my morning wash but when I got out to the lounge room and looked outside it looked ok with no rain. Pretty damn cold though.

I rang Sam 8 times before I went over and banged on his door, waking him up he was very apologetic about me having to go there in person, he said he didn't hear his phone which was right next to him.

Tim has two appointments today so I am home alone for a change.

I sorted out the cupboard in Tim's office, it looks so much better. Now to get him to sort out his desk, not an area I wish to deal with. I wouldn't like anyone messing with my desk.

Tasha coming to help this afternoon again, she said she will do Tuesday's & Thursday's.

A new day, I spent the last couple of hours in bed trying to get my brain to shut down and stop thinking about random stuff.

Sue wants me to do a letter to her estate agent about the water leak that has taken 4 days to be fixed. So I am doing that this morning, Sue arrived to help with information so it could be a full outline of events. It took about an hour to complete then I sent it from my Gmail account.

She is hoping to be reimbursed for her lost wages and doesn't want to be liable for the extra water charges. I hope they come to the party for her.

Saturday here and after a good nights sleep I was up at 4.50am. After unpacking the dishwasher I got my breakie and started work at the computer.

Kathy and Summer came over but Kathy didn't do any type of housework I just couldn't think what I would like either of them to do. She did take my letters to post for me which was good.

Summer said she had a good time in Canberra but the food at the place they stayed was horrible.

Also she ended up sharing a bunk with another girl, she was on the top the other girl the bottom but didn't like sleeping there alone and climbed up and shared Summer's bunk.

Saturday 19 August 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts


Hello everyone it is Saturday morning here, due to one thing or another I didn't get around to doing Jo-Anne's Thoughts yesterday.

I was all set to start the post after I did a letter for my sister concerning the water leak she had in her flat during the week. Her flat was in a right mess from all the water which came from her hot water system and took 4 days to be repaired. The first guy who was sent out she believes may have been more a handyman then a plumber as he didn't appear to really know what he was doing. He in fact according to the second guy who went out to fix the problem made the problem worse my sister said he took a blow torch to the pipes.

Now you may be wondering why she asked me to do a letter to her rental company, well because our dad is dead and sadly cannot do it. Over the years my dad wrote many letters of complaint about one thing or another. Dad had a way with words setting things out just right. I have also written many letters of complaint about this or that over the years and since dad isn't here to do the letter for Sue she asked me and of course I said I would do it. She did come over and spent an hour or so going through the letter adding this or that. She was left without any water for over 24 hours and had to take 3 days off work waiting around her flat for the plumber.

I hope it helps her, she wants to be reimbursed for lost wages and doesn't want to be liable for the excess water bill. As she feels it wasn't her fault and she notified them as soon as she noticed the leak when she got up Monday morning.

Both me and dad didn't just like complaining but have also written many letters complimenting companies about different things.

Tim has made many complaints about our leaking roof all verbal over the phone for the most part but he gets angry and sounds abusive at times, these things do not help in my opinion being rude and sounding abusive only gets the poor person on the other end of the phone upset and pissed off. As they personally are not responsible for the problem we may have.

Are you a complainer?

Do you complement good work or service?

Thursday 17 August 2023

Word of the week

 It's Thursday morning and I am up dressed and ready for the day, being Thursday means it is word of the week day and this weeks word is.

Philander: Someone who flirts or have casual love affairs

Wednesday 16 August 2023

Aussie Slang

 Well hello world, I typed today's post up yesterday only to have it not save causing me to loss it when the computer did an update and restart over night and now have to start again. Bloody annoying....

Here are this weeks slang words and sayings...........

Doovalacky.....The word you use when you can't remember somethings name just like a thingamajig.....

Earbashing.....Nagging or non stop chattering

Esky......Large insulated container for food and drinks

Fair suck of the sav.......Exclamation of wonder,awe or disbelief

Fairy Floss......Candy floss or cotton candy

Tuesday 15 August 2023

It's Creature Day


Welcome all to Tuesday or whatever day it is you are reading this anyway it is creature day and this weeks creature is a bird called a Social or Sociable Weaver.

It is common in the Kalahari region of southern Africa, they are finch sized birds that build the largest tree nests in the world. The measure up to 6m wide by 3m tall, this extraordinary nest is like a massive unit block housing up to 100 families at any one time. What the hell...........

Some nests are used for more than 100 years, from a distance you could mistake them for something like a haystack hanging from a tree. They can become so heavy they cause the tree to topple over.

These birds drink less water then any other bird and most never take a sip, the get all their moisture from their food.

They do not migrate; in fact, chicks may never leave the nest. Fledgling chicks might just move to an empty nesting chamber nearby. Building such a huge nest is no simple task for such a small bird, which is why it is important for them to be in constant communication as they maintain their group home.

Monday 14 August 2023

Sir Henry Parkes


Well I am done with Australian wonders and now move on to famous Australian's through the years. I am kicking this off with Sir Henry Parkes. Why Sir Henry Parkes well because my mum was born in the town of Parkes.

He was born in May 1815 in a place called Canley which is now a suburb of Coventry in Warwickshire in England

Sir Henry Parkes, GCMG was a colonial Australian politician and longest non-consecutive Premier of the Colony of New South Wales, the present-day state of New South Wales in the Commonwealth of Australia from 1872 to 1891.

.After the loss of their two children at an early age and a few unsuccessful weeks living in London, Parkes and his wife emigrated to Australia arriving in Sydney on the 25 July 1839.

During his early years in Australia, Parkes took an interest in political issues. Most notably, he joined the growing movement in the colony for self-governance. This was already a major political issue; the New South Wales Legislative Council had been reformed in 1843 to include elected members for the first time.

He also became an opponent of the transportation of convicts to Australia and a supporter of land reform.

In December 1850, Parkes founded the Empire Newspaper which at first a broadsheet only published weekly, it soon became a daily. Parkes was loyal to the British Empire, but also wanted critics of the establishment to have a voice. As a result, the paper became critical of the incumbent Governor Charles Augustus Fitzroy and the rest of the colonial government.

He also attacked William Wentworth's plans to introduce self-governance because it proposed an unelected Legislative Council and a restrictive franchise for the elected Legislative Assembly. The proposal was eventually passed after some amendments to make it more democratic. Some years later, Parkes said that, "in the heated opposition to the objectionable parts of Mr Wentworth's scheme, no sufficient attention was given to its great merits".

He began his political career quietly. He was with the minority faction in the Legislative Council, and he and his political allies could afford to bide their time until the new constitution came into force. His workload at the Empire office was extremely heavy, and in December 1855 he announced his intention of retiring from parliament. He was persuaded to alter his mind, and a month later he stood as a liberal candidate for Sydney City in the NSW Legislative Assembly.

After he was relieved of his heavy work on the Empire, which was continued in other hands, Parkes stood for parliament and was elected for East Sydney on the 10 June 1854.

He stood as an independent candidate, but in the list of candidates elected he was described by the Sydney Morning Herald as a "radical". He was generally in favour of Sir John Robertson's land policy, of the extension of education, and of free trade.

He was a strong supporter of free trade, immigration programmes and education reforms. He was also strongly in favour of developing manufactures as he was of encouraging agriculture. He introduced laws that gave the Government the power to employ teachers and create public schools, abolished government funding to religious schools and improved prisons.

Parkes convened the 1890 Federation Conference of February 1890 and may be considered the first real step towards Federation. When the convention met on 2 March 1891 Parkes was appointed as its president.

He has had many things named after him.

Sunday 13 August 2023

Week 32 of 2023

Woke to the sound of rain and it being cold enough to change my mind about the clothes I am wearing, choosing something warmer.

Been raining all morning, since we have the cleaners coming on Wednesday I am thinking about changing my appointment to another day.

Sam came over looking for a replacement set of headphones, Papa found some but they don't work with his phone.

Monday here, not too cold and I can't hear rain which is good. I didn't get Sam to put socks on my feet as I didn't think I needed them, now my poor feet are cold and sore because outside it is pretty damn cold. Silly me......

Tasha tried going for a walk but didn't get very far before heading home, she was not using either a cane or crutches. She picked up her crutches and tried again, heading to the shops after she had done what she wanted she rang her dad to go and pick her up.

I am having trouble with the flash drive it will only play a few songs as in 8 songs before not playing. I have checked the USB and all the songs on it play through the laptop. I think the CD player is packing it in. As it even doesn't play some of the radio stations.

Had a decent sleep till 4am when I woke and started shaking. I managed to stay in bed till 4.50am when after a moment of shaking head to foot that I decided enough was enough and got up.

A colder morning and I kick my toe and damn it hurt. Sam put my socks on for me before going to school.

Tim has a doctors appointment this morning.

Jess received 3 packages 2 sets of headphones and 1 dumpling maker which she didn't order it was suppose to be another set of headphones. She took photos and is going to complain to the Ebay seller.

Slept well waking only once to pee and settling back down before getting up at 4.50am. I have a doctors appointment at 9am Tasha is taking me.

The cleaners were suppose to come but not long after I left they rang and said they wouldn't be coming, they will be coming next Wednesday at 11am.

My appointment went well and not long after we got home Tasha rang and asked if Tim and I would like to go out f or lunch with her and Jess. Tim didn't want to go but I went and had a good time.

I managed to get in and out of the car on my own.

After a good nights sleep I was up at 5am, a cold morning. I found my laptop flashing and a note from Tim that it had started last night. I did a restart and that got rid of the flashing.

It hasn't turned out as warm as I was expecting but I am not cold inside the house.

Having a bad day pain wise mostly in my lower right side of my back.

Tim has gone to pick up Sam's laptop from Harvey Norman were he took it for them to look at and fix if the price was ok which it was costing $150 for them to look at it and repair it, which is ok. I just hope it now works. After a good nights sleep I was up at 5am, a cold morning. I found my laptop flashing and a note from Tim that it had started last night. I did a restart and that got rid of the flashing.

It hasn't turned out as warm as I was expecting but I am not cold inside the house.

Having a bad day pain wise mostly in my lower right side of my back.

Tim has gone to pick up Sam's laptop from Harvey Norman were he took it for them to look at and fix if the price was ok which it was costing $150 for them to look at it and repair it, which is ok. I just hope it now works.

Cold enough for the heater to be on for an hour or so this morning.

I have an earache this morning in my right ear not too bad but there and spreading to my head.

When Kathy rang we chatted about how her girls like going to school and how my girls didn't like going but went any way. Also how I was a goody two shoes when I was a child. Blain tries and gets out of going as much as he can, Sam likes going.

I have had a lot of back pain again.

Tim is still not eating and I am worried.

I was surprised to see that Tim hadn't put the dishwasher on, how annoying, I will put it on after I have breakfast. I forgot to tell him to put it on so my bad.

I also needed the heater on this morning.

I have a lot of back pain again today. So much I can't sit comfortable.

Tasha had her shopping delivered but they left it just inside the front door and when she said to the Wordsworth's delivery bloke just looked at her when she said she was recovering from surgery and still left it near the door. She tried moving it into the kitchen and caused her so much pain. I told her to make a complaint. 

Friday 11 August 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts

 Well here I am at take two as I lost take one, thankfully I hadn't written much but still annoying. I type my post out on the laptop saving as I go along which is why I noticed a problem, what I wrote couldn't be saved, same with my diary entry and the program shut down and I had to restart it thus losing what I had written.

Since it is Friday it is the day for my thoughts, which of course are all over the damn place but that's how I roll. As I sit here thinking about what to write I can see all the money boxes I have sitting on the TV stand I have 10 in total. Three of which are mine the others are for my grandchildren including Daemon and Freya who are not grandchildren but my great-nephew and great-niece. Since I don't go shopping like I use to money hasn't been added much in the last few years, I hope that changes soon.

I started thinking about whether I had a money box as a child and honestly I can't remember having one. I do remember having a bank account used for school banking and my mum & dad gave me money to put into that each week.

I also don't think my girls had a money box when they were young girls but they also had school banking.

I started the money boxes for my grandchildren when Blain my eldest grandchild was a baby and I also deposited $1 each week into their bank accounts. This I did for many years.

I wonder at times if the youth of today have any real idea about saving money, I know my grandchildren do because they have told me at times how they saved up to buy such and such and how long it took and what they did to earn the money.

None of them have a regular payment of pocket money or what some would call an allowance but if they wish to purchase something that cost a bit they need to do something to earn the money, small toys and such will just be bought if requested but only if they are doing their regular chores around the house. Such as cleaning their room or in Sam's case cleaning out the bunnies cage.

Share your thoughts on my thoughts if you wish.

Thursday 10 August 2023

Another Author I like


Arthur Upfield was a prominent author of half English and half Australian descent.

He was born as Arthur William Upfield on September 01, 1890, and died on February 12, 1964.

He is best remembered for his exciting works based on the detective fiction genre. The most famous book series written by author Upfield was titled as DI Napoleon Bonaparte series. This series features an Australian police officer named Napoleon Bonaparte from the Police Force of Queensland. He has been described by author Upfield in the series as a half caste Aborigine.

The books written by author Upfield were used as the basis for the development of the successful Australian television detective series named ‘Boney’ during the 1970s, and a 1990 film and a television spin-off series in the year 1992.

His birth took place in Hampshire and then he immigrated to Australia in the year 1911, where he was a part of the military forces of Australia, fighting in 1st World War.

After his military service got over at the end of the War, he travelled to a number of places throughout Australia. By doing so, he got acquainted with the culture of the Australian Aborigine.

Wednesday 9 August 2023

Aussie Slang Day


Well here we are at another Wednesday so it is time for some Aussie Slang of these ones the only one I haven't used is number 3 Dead Horse although I can remember my grandfather saying it when I was a child.

Compo......Workers Compensation Pay

Daks......Trousers or pants

Dead Horse.....Tomato Sauce

Deadset.....True or the truth

Dero.......Tramp, Hobo, Homeless person as in derelict

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Creature Day


Let's have a chat about hippos not the hungry board game type but the short, stocky water loving mammal who's name is derived from the Greek word for “river horse”.

It's closest living relatives are pigs whales and dolphins and they need to stay moist so much so that its skin releases and oily red fluid. Which at first humans thought was blood but is more like a sunscreen with moisturiser and antibiotic combined.

Hippos can remain underwater for 5 minutes before needing to come up for air. Even when they are sleeping their bodies will automatically bob to the surface so they can take a breath, then sink to the bottom again.

They are also one of the most aggressive animals on the planet and the most deadly in Africa, reportedly killing up to 3,000 people each year. Also they can run pretty damn fast up to around 30km/h over a short distant so you may run but they are likely to catch you.

I have only ever seen them at the zoo.

Monday 7 August 2023

More Wonders in Australia

 Hello Monday, hello world, I hope everyone is doing well. It is time for a few more wonders of Australia.

The Wallaman Falls, a cascade and horsetail waterfall on the Stony Creek, is located in the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Wet Tropics in the locality of Wallaman, Shire of Hinchinbrook in the northern region of Queensland, Australia. The Wallaman Falls are located in the Wallaman area of the Girringun National Park which is a fifty-one kilometre drive from the town of Ingham.

As the highest, single-drop waterfall in Australia, Wallaman Falls has to be seen in person to really understand its magnitude. The cascade skyrockets up to 268 metres while its pool dives a further 20 metres below.

The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 240-kilometre stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. Ready for sweeping coastal views, ancient rock formations and an unbeatable feeling of freedom? Then it's time to hit the Great Ocean.

The Great Ocean Road was completed in 1932 and is characterised by great variation and amazing sights, including breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean, Easily one of the world's most beautiful road trips, Great Ocean Road drive was inspired by America's Highway 1 down the coast of California.

The Jenolan Caves are limestone caves located within the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the Central Tablelands region, west of the Blue Mountains, in Jenolan, Oberon Council, New South Wales, in eastern Australia. Jenolan Caves are the largest, most spectacular and most famous caves in Australia.

Scientists have determined, through the examination of the clay found in the caves, that the Jenolan subterranean system is around 340 million years old. This makes it the oldest known and dated open cave system in the world, and it is still being heavily researched today.

The beauty of the Umpherston Sinkhole/Balumbul has to be seen to be believed. Appreciate its size and depth from the viewing platforms at the top of the sinkhole, then walk down into the sinkhole, along the terraces and behind the hanging vines. The Umpherston Sinkhole (or the Sunken Garden) is one of the most spectacular gardens located in the Mount Gambier region. The sinkhole was once a typical limestone cave that formed by the corrosion of limestone rocks by seawater waves and the sinkhole was naturally created when the chamber's roof collapsed.

That's all the wonders I have been able to find information on, next week I will move onto something else.

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