Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Birthday Bro

So today is the birthday of my baby brother David he is now 35, like how did that happen it doesn't sound that long ago that I was walking the floor with him trying to get him to sleep while mum drove dad to work.

Now Dave has always been a mummy’s boy and mum’s favourite you may think this would cause a problem for him with his sisters but you would be wrong, we all just accept it for what it is. Dad’s favourite is Sandra so it is all good but we are not talking about Sandra are we.

As a child was a right so and so partly because he was a spoilt little brat at times, and I remember saying to mum once if he spoke to any other adult the way he spoke to me he would get into trouble but because I was his sister he got away with it.

Dave live at home till he met Leigh, he was happy living at home avbnd we use to joke that he would never leave home.

Dave is now married to Leigh and they have a daughter together Liarna and Dave is also Dawson’s father and step dad to Kayla (Leigh’s daughter).

You know when Dave was a little boy he was indeed “little” as in short and mum and dad thought about giving him growth hormones to help him grow, thankfully they didn't do so as when he was a teenager he shot up and is now around 5’10” I think, what I know is that he towers over me and more so Jeannie who is only 4’7”…………………….lol

Wednesday 30 October 2013

My Birthday Wish List......................

Guess what, guess what, guess what ………………my birthday is approaching again yeah that time of year is rolling around again this year I will be 51 there is still a couple of weeks before the big day it’s the 16th November anyway since it is approaching again I thought I would do a birthday wish post so family members can have an idea what I would like for my birthday.

I have already told Kathy-Lee that I would love another battery operated razor as my last one stopped working.

I would also love a foot message

A shoulder and head message, remember I like a firm message but not too hard it hurts that is what mum and Sue and I think Sandra like but not me.

A brownie pan for when I cook brownies

A new typewriter and yes I know that typewriters are old school but I still want one why because there are many things I find hard to use the printer for, I know that Tim says why don’t I just use the printer but it is a lot of fiddle arsing around and difficult to get it to work right. So I would like a typewriter.

Some Christmas decorations stuff because I love Christmas and decorating the house.

Lightweight ¾ pants so I am not stuck wearing either long pants or shorts……..Size 20

A new tattoo is what I told Jessica I would like, she knows what one I would like.

Either a baked lunch at mums or to go out for lunch maybe to West’s bistro, the Eastern Tiger or the Silver Dolphin restaurant.

So now to see if any of my family reads this and takes note of what I want.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Wet and if it would be wet without raining what a silly saying..............

It’s raining it’s pouring the, old man is snoring (well not really he is still at work); he bumped his head on the back of the bed and couldn't get up in the morning (he suffered a brain hemorrhage and died).

Ok I took my sister Sue to a flat inspection and on the way it started to rain by the time we were on our way back to mum & dad’s place it was pissing down.  

I have noticed that now days when it is raining heavy like this I drive bloody slow, really I do I don’t feel safe driving fast anymore, if I ever did.  I have never liked driving in bad weather or at night that doesn't mean I can’t drive in bad weather or at night I just prefer not to.

I hope this weather clears up before Tim finishes work as I do not like the thought of him riding his motorbike in this weather.

Kelli and Daemon just arrived home and she said they saw two car accidents on their way back from Swansea.

At least we still have power and internet; I don’t mind bad weather if I am safe at home and we don’t lose power.

All this rain would had been nice when we had all those fires last week, but better late than never. 

Monday 28 October 2013

October birthdays and my wonderful Dad

October is one of those months that have a number of birthdays in it for our family, I wrote about my sister Sandra’s birthday on the 14th but two days later on the 16th it was my dad’s birthday he turned 71. Today is my sister Sue’s birthday then on the 31st it is my brother Dave’s birthday but now I am going to talk about my dad.

My dad has always been my hero in my eyes he can do no wrong; dad has always been able to fix everything. I have fond memories of things me and dad did together such as going for a drive on the beach and getting bogged when I was little, ok this memory is vague as I was very little when it happened.

However when I was older I remember dad running power down into the garage and I helped him do that and there was the time he put up the pool (the first time) the second time the only one who would help him was my sister Jeannie. Anyway the other thing would be when we wallpapered the kitchen oh such fun, my dad is a short tempered man and he lost it and tore the wallpaper off the wall and kicked the wall because it wouldn't go how he wanted it too.  I was in tears when mum got home from shopping and said I would never again help him do such a job………………now of course we all have a good laugh about it but it wasn't funny at the time………………I did help him finish the wallpapering………….

I also remember after dad would go mad at me and sent me to my room; he would come in a bit later and ask if we were still friends, sometimes he would have a chat with me about why he went mad at me.

Yesterday when I was at my parents place he snapped at Sue for no reason, anyway later he saw her in the kitchen and said to her “are we still friends” this is just something dad does. I would also do the same thing when my girls got into trouble. 

Sunday 27 October 2013

My Hair before and after

Boy have I been busy lately each day started out with me planning to write a blog post and by 8am I was so busy that I hardly managed to sit down let alone open the computer.  Part of what had me so busy was Summer she was just a bit demanding on Wednesday and Thursday saw me going into the Tafe for Tasha to colour my hair, that took up half the day it was around midday when I got home. 

While I was at the Tafe my mum had Summer in fact when I dropped her off mum said you would think she was running a day-care as she had Kayla, Liarna, Denni and of course Dawson was there along with Summer and she was expecting Michelle to drop off Landon.  

Of course Dawson went to school and mum had to drive Kayla to school and drop Liarna off at day-care and then Michelle decided not to drop off Landon, so in the end it was only Summer there and mum said after I left she cried a lot but Sandra took her into mums room and rocked her to sleep and the little bugga slept for 2 ½ hours. She has never slept that long here. 

Anyway here are so before and after photos of my hair, everyone seemed to like the way it turned out. The colour is about the same as the colour of this writing.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Speak ill of the Dead

We have all head the saying "I won't speak ill of the dead" and I get it, really I do when someone passes it isn't nice to say bad things about them it just isn't the done thing. 

However, how long does that last? 

It gets me when I hear some people saying this person or that person was such a great person and they are missed when the truth is they were not nice, they were not a great parent. They treated their children like crap, rarely praising their child if ever, they were not one for hugs and kisses and such.  All in all they sucked.................

Now they are dead and have been dead for many years, you speak about them as if they were a great, wonderful,loving person. I don't get it why do you do that have you forgotten what a rotten person they really were. 

Yes there have been members of my family who are now remembered fondly, but really were not the nicest person around. 

Do you ever wonder what people will say about you when you have died. Sometimes I do, but not very often I do think it would be cool to be able to watch my own

Monday 21 October 2013

Firefighters are bloody amazing

As many people would have seen on the news there are lots and lots of fires around New South Wales and yes I am in New South Wales but no the fires are not real close to  me the closes was maybe 45-60 minutes away from me. 

I do feel for all those who have been effected by the fires and who have lost their homes and pets and such.  I know I am lucky to not be affected this is partly due to the fact that I don't live near bushland well not that close to bushland, hang on a minute there is bushland only 10-15 minute walk from me bloody hell what am I talking about not living near bushland. 

I saw on out local tv channels Facebook page that a 14-year-old boy has been charged with starting a fire at Rutherford yesterday apparently about 1.15pm a fire was discovered in vegetation near a tennis club on the New England Highway.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze, but not before it burned 200 square metres around the club including established trees and fencing.

I don't get why people start fires, young children don't always know what will happen if they start a fire but at 14 this kid should had know and if he hasn't been living under a rock or in cave he would have seen about the fires on telly. 

When I would see about the fires I would think of my cousin Noel, who is a firefighter, all firefighters are bloody amazing people they are true heroes as they willingly and knowingly put their lives at risk to help other. 

Sunday 20 October 2013

My Hair Done By Tasha

Last Friday I didn't go to Friday breakfast with the family, why you ask well I will tell you. 

I went into the Tafe so Natasha could do my hair, she washed and straightened it and I was getting ready to leave when her teacher/instructor suggested she use hot rollers on me.  He asked her if she had used hot rollers before, but she hadn't and in fact she had never used rollers at all. 

So here are the end results, I was pleased with what she did, I told her as we were walking to the car for me to leave that my nan would go to the hairdressers each Friday for a wash and a set. She asked me what a set was, I told her it was placing rollers in the hair and then brushing the hair into a nice style, so pretty much what she did to my hair on Friday. 

Saturday 19 October 2013

Blogging, Grandsons and Dogs

I have decided that I have to get more organised with my blogging lately I am all over the place I am going to limit the amount of blogs I read per day to say 24-30 instead of 40-60. I am going to get back into writing some posts and storing them in a folder on my computer and I am going to check my blog and post before I start reading other people's blogs.  Sounds like a plan right..............let's see if I can stick to it.

Last night we had Blain here for the night, he was in a bit of a mood for a while since he wanted his mum to bring over his Xbox and she didn't do it right away, she did send it over with Michael he dropped it off on his way home.  

I went to have a lay down at around 3.40pm I thought I would have a nap before Blain arrived but they got here at 3.50pm so I didn't get a nap and guess what by 7pm I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open. 

Tonight Leo will be here in fact he should be dropped off anytime now, so I will not get a nap today either and Tim will be going to work so I am hoping he goes to bed without drama again this week. Since being on the Catapress he does settle down pretty well most days when he is here. 

I have decided to tell Jessica that in future if Tim is working of a Saturday night, and Kelli isn't planning on staying that night then I will not be having Leo so I can have a quiet night home alone I do enjoy time home alone. 

Jessica has decided she can't handle having the dogs at her place so she is going to surrender them sometime in the next week, I have to find the papers for DC before we can do it. Part of the reason she is getting rid  of them is she has started breaking out in a rash when ever they are near her. 

Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Good Old Hills Hoist

Today I am going to talk about and Australian icon the Hills Hoist, an icon is a brand that are representative of their country not only in their home country but in other countries as well. 

The Hills Hoist started it's life in an Adelaide back shed in 1945, from it's humble beginnings the Hills brand has grown to be one of Australia's most recognisable brands and is available in more then 30 countries now. 

Now days there is pretty much a Hills product in every Australian home and today the brand has expanded beyond the original rotary clothesline. They have even moved from just back yard products into other household products now making ironing boards and screen doors. 

However, they still have their innovative spirit, recently producing the first self watering garden bed.

Now as a child I remember swinging on the clothes line, I think it was something that many children did. Now I do not have a traditional clothes mind is one that is on the wall but I can tell you there have been times when I wish I did have one but there is not enough room in my yard for such a line.

Monday 14 October 2013

Nothing Much

Last night was a terrible night for me, I was feeling like I was going to throw up at any minute and it went on for most of the night and this morning I am so tired and just want to sleep so I will have a nap this afternoon. 

I am watching the People's Court with Judge Marilyn Milian and it is over Judge Judy will be on with  Judge Judith Sheindlin. I really like these shows. 

Jessica just sent me a text saying she needs a new vacuum cleaner and she wants me to go and get one for her and take it to her and I said I would do it tomorrow but she wasn't happy with that, so I told her to go and get one herself.

I love my girls but there are times when I think you are all grown now, why do you need me to do these things for you. 

Moving on, would you like to live near a rehap centre, I do not know how I would feel about it, honestly if the people at them didn't bother me I don't think I would give a damn. 

 There is often a show that is shown here called intervention and I have wondered at times if interventions work. I do not think I would like a bunch of people telling me that I need to change if I am not ready to change.  I can't see Tim taking well to a bunch of family members telling him he has to stop drinking I think it would just piss him off and make matters worse. 

They may make good television shows, not that I have watched any of them.

Sunday 13 October 2013

My "baby girl" is 36...............tomorrow............

Today it is very windy here in Newcastle, in fact the wind is so strong that a tree came down across Warners Bay Road.

We had a Sunday lunch at my parents place as tomorrow is my sister Sandra's birthday and because of that I will write today about Sandra.

Sandra is my "baby girl" no she is not my daughter but she is still my "baby girl", she was born around 10pm at night and weighed 6lb.  I remember the night she was born I was staying at my nan's house while mum was in hosptial and I remember dad coming and telling us that mum had a baby girl.  

Back there you didn't know what you were having till after bubs was born.

When Sandra was little I would take her and my brother David around with me when I would walk around to the corner shop. Mum had this big old pram and I would put both of them in the pram and push them around to the shop with me. I remember taking Sandra to school when she was little to show her off to my friends. 

I have found memories of Sandy coming in and getting into bed with me during the night or early in the morning. Some nights she would go into get into bed with mum and dad but David would already be in bed with them so she would come in and get into bed with me.

Sandra is now 36, I find it amazing that my baby girl is 36 now, she is married to Ed and has two beautiful daughters Temika & Denni, she now feels like her family is complete and has no desire to have any more children. 

Thursday 10 October 2013

WWW..........Blogging..............and Kelli & Daemon

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? 
Visiting other people's blogs and making new friends 
2. Where do you find your inspiration for posts?
My life, my family and things that happen around me
3. Are there any blogger trends you follow?
Nope none
4. Any trends you don't like?
As above
5. What advice would you give to a new blogger?
Don't be afraid to visit others and to comment it took me a while to feel brave enough to leave comments I was afraid I would sound silly or something.

See this boy he and his mum are staying here for 2 or 3 nights a week for how long I don't know as they are homeless and have no where to go permanently, I think they might be going to Jessica's for the weekend and then they may come back here for a few more days.

Now here is the thing Tim said he would not have other people living here again, but when I asked him if they could spend 2 or 3 nights a week here what does he say, "of course they can" he would never turn them away, in fact he would never turn away any of our girls, and yes Kelli is not our daughter but we love and care for her like she is a daughter. 

Tim loved playing with Daemon last night and in fact he loves children and yes he likes a quiet house but that I think is the same for many people once their children leave home they find they like the quiet. However he also loves having young children around for a while. 

He has told me that as long as he is alive he will never turn any of his girls away. He is so like my dad in that regard, which is just one of the many reasons I love him so much.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Hobbies...........Do You Have Any................

What is your favourite hobby? 

Do you have hobbies? 

Do you find that the older you get the less time you have for hobbies, is it harder to get motavated to partake in a hobby. 

I love to read, have always loved to read ever since I was a child, I use to read a book a week but nowadays I don't seem to have the time to read like I use to.

I now get books on CD's from the library and listen to them in the car while I am driving around, so now I am getting through on average two books a month again.

This is not a new thing for me when the girls where at school, I started to listen to books on cassette in the car as well as reading a book and back then I was reading sometimes 3 or 4 books at the same time as listening to a book. 

I also use to love to listen to music but many years ago when my record/cd player packed it in, I didn't get around to replacing it as at the time the girls where teenagers and I just never had the time to listen to music like I like to. Which was alone with it turned up loud but the house was always full of people. 

For a while I would listen to cd's through my dvd recorder/player but we don't have one of them anymore so now I have no way to listen to music. I have tired using the laptop but it doesn't play them loud enough for me. 

Now I find my main hobby to be blogging, I read a lot of blogs most days think between 25-40 blogs a day. I have 2 blogs that I write on regularly so blogging is a big part of my life now. 

Monday 7 October 2013

A Headache For Me.....................Personal Appearance..............and Windalians

Morning all, today is a public holiday it's Labour Day here, I have no plans for the day I think Tim wants to go out to the shops but that will not be till latter. I do have to change the sheets on the bed and put away the clean washing and at some point iron Tim's work clothes. 

You know of Saturday I did a lot of running around while suffering with a bloody headache in the end I was in bed at 6.50pm as I just couldn't stand it any longer. We did have Blain here for the night but since Tim was also here I felt ok going to bed and leaving the two of them, in fact after I was in bed I could here the two of them rough housing in the lounge room. 

Thankfully yesterday I was headache free...............

As everyone knows I like to look nice when I go out I like to dress nicely and wear makeup and jewellery when I go out and I think many people like to not just women but man as well many men like to wear a nice pair of jeans or trousers with a nice shirt and use cologne and like to look in the mirror and think I look good. 

Now here is the thing I wonder if men who say to women you don't need all that shit, meaning makeup and jewellery and nice clothes in a negative way have some kind of insecurity what are they worried about. 

Why doesn't he want his woman to look and feel good about herself, now really who really wants to look like a "Windalian" or a "bogan" ok you may not know what that means but a bogan is someone who doesn't seem to care about their appearance, who is a dole bludger. 

Ok most of those who live in Windale are may not be dole bludgers, and many don't look bogan but many years ago that was not the case and Windale got a rep that it has not been able to shake. I have family that lives in Windale and they are all nice people and are not bogan.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Fears..............Speeding Ambulances......................Parking Tickets and Tim

1.) What is one legit fear you have? 
Open heights I am scared if I will fall to my death, that's legit isn't it
2.) What is one irrational fear you have? 
Being caught in public in the nude, cause there is now way I would go out in public naked.
3.) Do you like to watch scary movies?
No bloody way, I do not get watching a movie that is going to scare me shitless............
4.) Do you do haunted houses?
Nope never have but don't know where there is a haunted house, if I did would I go and check it sure would in the daytime but not so much at night, unless the house was really well lit
5.) Tell us about a time you were irrationally afraid.
I don't remember feeling like that, but I am sure there was a time but hell I have a foggy brain, it does clear at times but often it is just all foggy. 

Now before I leave you all today I will tell you that my mum told me that when dad was being taken to the hospital in the ambulance, she was shocked at how fast the ambulance was going, it was speeding along. 

Also while she was visiting dad a two days ago she managed to get herself a parking fine, for parking in a 15 minute spot for just over an hour. She said she thought with the disable parking permit she could park there for an hour but when she checked that wasn't the case.  So she had me send a letter off tell them that she thought she could park there for an hour in hopes that they may wave the fine, no harm in asking I guess. 

Damn it has been cold today, cold and wet, Kathy has just picked up Summer and at this stage I do not know if I will have her tomorrow or not Kathy said she thinks Jenny (Michael's mum ) will have her. 

Oh yeah Tim has been off work all day, he was suppose to be off tomorrow as well but has just told me that he will be working tomorrow now.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Wrong Car and my dad v knights

My blog friend Diane posted this yesterday on her Facebook page and it reminded me of a couple of similar stories, so I thought I would share the stories with everyone today. 

The first incident happened way back in the 80's and was done by my pop (dad's father), he was crossing the lights in Charlestown and saw mum stopped at the lights and goes up to the car and trys the door but it is locked so he was knocking on the window and the car behind was pipping it's horn and then the lights changed and the car drove off.......the car behind pulls up and then he notices that, that car is mum not the first car. It gave them lots to laugh about for the rest of the day.

The second incident happened to my youngest daughter Jessica I was picking her up from school and I was parked in the school carpark, reading a book when I notice her walking up towards the car, then past the car and I thought were is she going she proceeds to get into another car. Then she gets out and looks around then walks back and gets into our car, she then tells me she thought that was our car.

Lastly only a few months ago my mum was parked at Charlestown Square (shopping center) anyway she goes and does her shopping and returns to her car, she pushes the button to unlock the car but nothing happens and since the remote had been playing up she kept trying but ended up putting the key in the lock but still it would not unlock. She then sees these two little kids watching her laughing and saying " hey lady you got the wrong car" so she looks in the window and things those don't look like our seat covers. That was when she realised her car was the car parked next to it, as she gets into her car those kids were still laughing at her.

Before I sign off today I would like to say that when we were leaving dad this morning the physio guy turned up and was asking about how dad was getting around and his balance, mum mentioned jokingly that when he was unable to get his breath on Saturday she didn't ring the ambos because the "Knights" (footy team) were playing and she said doesn't like her football interrupted. However on Sunday when he was still having trouble breathing her youngest told her to ring the ambos and since there was no football on telly she did...........

Now I know mum was only joking but at the same time I can tell you mum doesn't like anything or anyone to interrupt her while she is watching her team "The Knights" play, the last time he had a bad turn the Knights were playing again and she didn't ring the ambos that time either and it wasn't till the Monday afternoon that dad went and saw a doctor.

Honestly though if mum thought dad was in danger of dying she would ring for an ambo quick smart. 

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Dad in hospital again..........

My dad is in hospital again with Pneumonia Sunday night my sister Sandra had to talk mum into ring the ambos for dad as he was unable to breath at first he thought it was serious asthma attack and didn't want to go to hospital. It was the second night he had trouble breathing but nothing was helping, so Sandra thought he needed to go to hospital. 

At the hospital he was placed in a normal A & E bed but needed to pee so the nurse brought him a bottle so he could pee but trying to do so took so much out of him and made it so hard to breath that mum called the nurse in who took one look at him and ran off to fetch someone else to help him. He was then moved into the intensive care area of the A & E where a nurse was with him the whole time till he was moved to a ward. 

He should be in hospital for a number of days again, I know it is frustrating going to A & E but sometimes it is the best place for you. I worry about my dad a lot lately, as he is forever fighting chest infections and lung infections and Pneumonia.

Also last night just as I was thinking I would go to bed my niece Kelli rang and asked if I would be able to drive her and Daemon over to the hospital, he was sick throwing up and she rang the after hours GP who said to take him over. However she had left her car seat in Jono's car and had no way to get there so she rang me, of course I went and picked them up and dropped them off at the hospital. 

She told me this morning they ended up leaving the hospital without being seen as Daemon improved and was acting like nothing was wrong, of course when they got home he started throwing up again but today he is doing much better.

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