Thursday 29 September 2011

I am smiling because of these...........

Look what I got in the mail yesterday I am so happy lucky me and a huge thank you to Nic over at Colenic at I love them the magnets are on my fridge the cup I used for my hot chocolate this morning as it is a nice cold and wet day here just the type of day were a hot chocolate is called for.

This fellow is now sitting on top of my air conditoner.............

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Just a Joke

Of course I won't laugh,'' said the nurse. ''I'm a professional. In over
twenty years I've never laughed at a patient.''

''Okay then,'' said Fred, and he proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing
... the tiniest penis the nurse had ever seen. Length and width, it
couldn't have been bigger than an AAA battery. 

Unable to control herself,... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... the nurse started giggling, then fell to the floor laughing.
Ten minutes later she was able to struggle to her feet and regain her

''I am so sorry,'' she said. ''I don't know what came over me. On my honour
as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won't happen again.

Now, tell me,
what seems to be the problem?''
…''It's swollen,'' Fred replied.
She ran out of the room.

Monday 26 September 2011

Something mum taught me.............

My Mum has always taught us that it doesn’t matter how old your kids are they can be 1yrs old or 40yrs old your kids come first, so why do some people put their selves or partners before their kids. I just do not get it. This pisses me off more when the kids are little and their parents just slack off I don’t care if you’re tired and need sleep if your kids want you get up out of bed n help them... Or if you’re hungry n the kids are too feed them.

Kids need to be self-efficient at some point but when a child needs their mum or dad that parent should be there for them to listen and not judge to offer advice but to understand if that advice is not taken. To never say "I told you so" only to think it......... to give hugs and a shoulder to cry on. To give them the food out of your mouth and the clothes off your back if it needs to be done, yes we can have our own lives but when needed our kids come first..........

Yes everyone is entitled to an opinion and yes maybe in some ways my girls would take advantage of me when they were younger but now they are all grown and mothers themself, two out of three are single mothers and doing wonderful jobs raising my grandchildren, two out of three are also working mothers and all three take responsibility for their actions and mistakes but all three know that both me and hubby are here for them whenever they need us. 

They all also know that we except that they will make mistakes in their lives them and screw up from time to time but we will never hold it against them. We have raised three very strong independent girls. I hope I have also instilled in them that being a mother is a job you take on for life, and that there is never an age you say to your kids your grown sink or swim............what you do say is your grown sink or swim but if you are truly drowning I will throw you a life rope and come to your rescue.......

Sunday 25 September 2011

Sunday Lunch for Kirsty

Today we went over to my parents place for Sunday lunch we had roast beef and roast lamb with mash and vegies it was of course yummy followed by pink laminton cake for desert.  The main reason for todays lunch was because my niece Kirsty was down she lives in Queensland and we do not see her very often and in February she is moving to the Philippines and at this stage she has no idea for how long. Thankfully we will see her again at Christmas.

My dad isn't in the above photo and neither is Dawson but they both were at lunch I do not know why dad didn't get into the photo he just sat back and watched it being done. This is dad and Kirsty.
This of course is me and Kirsty and the photo below is of Kirsty and her mother.

Saturday 24 September 2011


On Thursday morning I went to see my GP just to ask for a script for my tablets I take for my reflax anyway the point is when I was there he checked my blood pressure and it's good and then he weighed me on the scales he had in the surgery and it showed I had lost 10 kilos or for those who are use to pounds 22pounds since May and he thought that was wrong so he took me out and weighed me on the other scales and yes I had lost 10 kilos so I came home feeling good about myself, I knew I had lost weight and no I have not really been trying I just have.

So here are a couple of photos of my taken on Friday.....................

Thursday 22 September 2011

27 Years and counting

Today marks 27 years of wedded bliss for me and hubby and for the most part they have been 27 good years yes we have had a problems but nothing serious and I can honestly say I am still in love with him after all these years.........

The weeks leading up to our wedding the weather was beauitful and on the day just after we got inside the church it started to rain and was still raining when we left the church so we didn't go anywhere to have photos taken we made do with having some taken in the church hall.Which is also where we had our reception. 

We don't have any plans for the night a few months ago we talked about going out for dinner but since it is just me and Tim here now I know he will not want to do so, I will ask him but I already know the answer......................

Tuesday 20 September 2011

What I didn't notice

On the 6th June 1989 I gave birth to my beautiful youngest daughter Jessica she was so perfect and beautiful I remember clearly looking at her little hands and counting her fingers and then looking at her feet and counting her toes.............

She was born at 3.50am after only 2 hours of labour and not long after she was born I fell asleep. So around 7am I went to the nursery to see her yes back then they still took the baby to a nursery while mum slept after the birth.

Any as I walk into the nursery one of the nurse says to me that the doctor wanted to talk to me about her arm................and I thought "what about her arm" I was stumped I had no idea at all what they were on about. I go to pick my baby up and the doctor is already with her when he saw me he says "good I just wanted to talk to you about her arm" then he points to her birthmark and tells me he doesn't think it is anything to worry about but he would like me to take her to see him again in a months time and I say "ok"

After he walked away I look at Jessica and think to myself how did I not see that this is a picture of her birthmark and honestly I never noticed it when she was first born, when Tim came into to see us a couple of hours later I asked him if he had noticed it and yes he had and I said to him why didn't you say something and he said "I didn't think I had to"

Monday 19 September 2011

Do you hold a grudge

    "Resentment is allowing someone to live rent free in your head”.
                       “Forgiveness is handing that person an eviction notice."

This quote is try but it is not always easy for some people to follow, I do not personally hold grudges I cannot see the point after a period of time you usually what it is that the person has said or done to piss you off in the first place so what’s the point of holding a grudge.

My husband is one for holding a grudge and at times so can my mum and my daughter Natasha does too, so maybe it is and Aquarius thing as they are all Aquarius……….

Of course there has been people in my life that have said or done something that I can just not get past and have cut them off and not given them another thought…………..such as my father in-law when he told my husband to piss off and that he was no longer his son I decided that was it I wanted nothing more to do with him…………although as I have told my husband since he is now in his late 70’s and we haven’t see or spoken to him in years he may have forgotten what he did and said as he has told his other children that he never said what he did…………….

I do worry that my father in-law will die without Tim and him patching things up and I worry that hubby will have regrets later in life.

Sunday 18 September 2011

This and dust

                             "Remember ... a layer of dust protects the wood beneath it"

This is something I think when I look around my house at the fine layer of dust that lays on some of the furniture, now don't get me wrong I do dust just not as often as some people why is that, well  I have no idea maybe I am a bit lazy when it comes to housework, often though I feel like I do not have the time to do as much housework as others may think I should..............

Now this is how my house looks most days, is it bad.........I don't think so ok to be honest I will tidy up a bit when Leo goes home no point while he is here as he will only make more mess....

Also today Kathy, Sydney, Jes & Leo came over for lunch I did a beef cassarole which is one of Jes's favourite meals and even Tim said he liked it, Jessica went back for seconds then thirds and we followed it with Vienetta for desert.

Today it feels more like summer it is very warm and in fact the last few nights I have had to have the ceiling fan on during the night because I have been so hot.........

Thursday 15 September 2011

No Garden

                                                         Do you have a garden?

I love flowers but I do not have a garden why is this well it's because I have black thumbs and even though I do love flowers I do not like the work that goes into having a garden. This is what my front yard looks like.......  

Now you may be thinking that my back yard would look better but that would be a mistake it looks like this...........................

Wednesday 14 September 2011

The Best Conversation is With Yourself

                                                        Do you talk to yourself?
Now this may seem like a strange question but really I think most of us do talk to ourselves at some point, if you think about it if you talk to your pet in a way you are still talking to yourself as the pet can't answer back................
My niece last week mention that my eldest daughter does it a lot she will be upstairs and Kelli will her Kathy talking and yell out what did you say and of course Kathy says nothing just talking to myself............
If you talk to the television you are talking to yourself as the television doesn't answer back.
Often we will say we are thinking out loud which is still talking to ourselves...................
Do I talk to myself..............yes I do I talk to the dog and to the television and I think out loud often...............

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Visiting or Maybe Not

How often do your parents go to your home just for a visit?

Mine never come here and I do not expect them to when I want to see them I go to them and I often speak to my mum on the phone in the evening.

My girls are always complaining that me and Tim do not go to their homes to visit them and when we do go over to their home to drop something off we are in and out not wanting to hang around, usually this is because we are busy and don't have the time to just sit and visit. I know that it is upsetting and frustrating for my girls but it is the way that both me and Tim are and to be honest I do not see either of us changing any time soon.

So I am wondering what happens in other peoples families................

Monday 12 September 2011

I'm always do something wrong

Today has been a normal Monday in the sense that I still had Sydney-May for the day but today was the first Monday she didn't have Leo to play with and for the most part she was good I played with her a bit more today than I would normally do.

Although after she got home Kathy rang me to tell me that she didn't think I fed her enough she had 3 hash browns her mum bought her for breakfast and she ate all of them so I didn't both giving her anything else and after her nap I could some rasin toast for her and she ate pretty much all the 3 slices I made her and she had a small bottle of milk about 125mls along with some of the apple juice I gave her. She didn't seem to be hungry she was not crying or anything like that but what should I expect as I never seem to do anything right as far as she is concerned..............

When Kathy got here to pick her up I was on the floor playing with Sydney and I did read to her Dinosaur Roar & Ten Terrible Dinosaurs which she really seemed to like.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

My Special Girl is so happy

Monday was a great day for my daughter Jessica she received a phone call in the morning from Compass Housing which is a not for profit organisation, Compass Housing is registered as a Class 1 provider, meaning that it is a large organisation with the highest standard or performance.

What did they ring for well if you thought to offer her a house then you would be right, so my special girl is moving and this should be the last time she has to move as it is an open ended lease.

Now the place she is moving to is in Swansea which is about a 25min drive from here but she doesn't care she is just so happy to be moving and into her own place. The house is actually a 3 bedroom 2 storey townhouse, it has a small fenced in back yard that Leo will be able to play in.

She will sign the lease this afternoon and as soon as she gets the keys she will start to move her stuff in, she has already packed up her car so that as soon as she signs the lease she will call in at the house and drop off the stuff.

The branch where she has to go to sign the lease and where she had to go to pick up the keys to look at the house is in Tuggerah which is an hours drive from here, so on Monday she was gone most of the day and of course I watched Leo and I will be watchin him this afternoon. I will pick him up from day care and bring him home and watch him while his mother does all the running around she has to do.

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