Wednesday 29 January 2014

My day

What a day today has been, it was Leo's first day back at school he is now in year one and when I picked him up this afternoon he said he had a good first day back.

When I walked into the school there was this woman standing out the front of the office and I thought I know you, it turned out to be the sister of Tim's old boss and she asked me if I had my grandchildren with me, which I did since I had not only Leo but Summer. She asked Leo his name and he replied “Leo Meadows but you can call me Tony Stark because I am Iron Man” as he said call me Tony Stark he folded his arms across his chest.

What else happened today, oh yeah I did a bit of child minding as I watched Summer and Daemon while Kelli & Jess went out to do stuff and while I was watching them Natasha turned up to wait for Jono to meet her here so they could go to Warners Bay school to talk about Blain going there this year.

When Jono turned up he had Blain with him so while they went to the school I had Blain here so for a while I had 3 children in my care.

I left to go and get Leo from school this afternoon before Kathy got here to get Summer so I left her here, she was sleeping anyway and Kelli was here while I went and got Leo.

I spent most of the day writing letters to the Department of Housing from my sister Sandra and from myself about how they want to move my parents into a smaller house, we are concerned about dad, he is stressing over it, he is worried that he will have to remove the air conditioning units and repair the windows and also about what he is going to do with all the stuff that is stored under the house and then there is the motor home he is worrying where he is going to park it if the move. Dad's health isn't the best as it is and all this stressing isn't helping.

Ok it is now 6.30pm and I want to put my feet up and relax so I am posting this and moving to my arm chair for the rest of the night.  

Tuesday 28 January 2014

A new job, an oil leak and warm potato bake

Good morning all, well I am home again, yippee, I missed my own bed and my own bath my bath is longer, wider and deeper than my brothers. Yesterday when I got home I had a hot bath and than went back to bed for a nap because I was so tired, for some reason I had trouble sleeping at Dave's place.

Now I want to say a big THANK YOU to all that wished Tim a happy birthday.

Let's move onto something more interesting, I have a house full of children and have done since I was woken up at 7.20am there is Leo, Sydney-May, Summer, and Daemon. Kathy is at work Jessica is going to pick up her work car and Kelli is just here because this is her home and she lives here.

Yes that is the big news Jessica has a job, she will be driving special needs children to and from school, well at the moment it is only one child but she is hoping she will get more during the next few months.

So today she is going to pick up the car and do a dry run, so she can figure out where to park when she picks up the child from the “OOSH” and at the school also.

Her first day of work will be tomorrow.

Tim is back at work today but his bus route is around private and catholic schools so they must go back today, well he knows some of them go back today others go back tomorrow.

Other news Jessica's car has another oil leak this motor is less then a year old so she is not happy I will take the car back tomorrow for them to look at it and give us a quote to repair it yet again.

Did I mention that on Sunday I went to go out and only got to the end of the street before I thought “this isn't right” I pull over and look at the tyres and bugga I had a flat tyre so I drove slowly to the back of my brother’s house and went in and rang Tim, well Kelli since Tim was still in bed to let her know so she could tell him when he woke up.

So he comes out to my brother's to change the tyre but not till 10.30am which would had been fine except instead of just changing the tyre and putting on the spare he took the tyre off repaired it and that had to go and pump it up and that involved going to 3 different service stations because the first 2 wouldn't work and all in all it took and hour to get everything done and then I had to drive back to Warners Bay and pick Kelli and the boys up to go to Sydney-May's 4th birthday party so I ended up being late and not in the best of moods.

I sent the potato bake with Tim who when he arrived gave it to Natasha and said put this in the oven which she did she just didn't turn the oven on so it was only warm I was not impressed.

Sunday 26 January 2014

The Love of my Life is having a birthday, so Happy Birthday Tim

Today is the birthday of a wonderful man my husband and the love of my life Tim, he is now 53yrs old and has been with me for 30.5 of those years.

Tim is a bus driver and has been for a while now, before that he was a truck driver and before that he drove high cars and before that he was a canvas machinist and I can tell you that he was a bloody good canvas machinist but after doing it for over 10 years he was fed up and wanted a change.

So he started driving hire cars but after about 4 years wanted to do something different so he started driving buses which he did for a while then he moved onto trucks for about 4 years then went back to driving buses.

When I meet him he said he would love to work till he was 70, but by the time he turned 50 he had decided he had just about had enough and now he is looking forward to retiring and now of course he may not be able to retire till he is 70 if the changes come in.

Tim is the second oldest of 5 children he has 3 brothers and 1 sister and 2 half sisters and 1 half brother but he is not close to his siblings. His mum passed away a few years back and his step father has also passed away but his father is still alive and kicking but he doesn't see or talk to him and hasn't done so for a long time.

Tim is also the father of 3 daughters, Kathy-Lee, Natasha & Jessica and the grandfather of 4, Blain, Leo, Sydney-May & Summer. His family means everything to him and loves to spend time with his children and grandchildren.

I can honestly say I am still in love with him after 30.5yres together he is the man I want to grow old with. Even if he is a bloody hard man to buy for I did manage to get him a couple of things which I think he liked.  

Friday 24 January 2014

Open Speed Limits

Good morning everyone or maybe it will be good afternoon, whichever hi everyone.

I am at my brother’s house again dog/house sitting it isn't too bad here, although I think I will  have a bath at my own house for no reason other than I prefer my own bath. I am waiting for my niece Kelli to come over and pick me up as Tim took my car to work yesterday so I had to get Kathy-Lee to bring me over on her way home, and it is on her way home she has to drive past the house on her way home.

The one thing I find difficult is that they don't have a table in the house, instead they have a bench to eat at, this is where I am standing to use my laptop, now I know some people (Kathy) don't mind standing to use the computer and to eat but I am not one of the they do have a few stools but if one sits on a stool one is too high above the bench.

There is a plan here in Australia for the Northern Territory to trial open speed limits, some people think it will mean more accidents others say it will reduce accidents me I have no idea, what I do know is that in some places the speed limit doesn't feel right. There are some European countries that have open speed limits and it seems to work there.  

What do you think of open speed limits?

Do you think the speed limits are right, do you think the people who set speed limits know what they are doing?

Sometimes I think not, ok most of the time I think not, honestly where is the sense in have 6 different speed limits in a space of a couple of kilometres.

It is now 3pm and I am getting around to finishing this post.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

No Comment, Syd's B'Day and Dawson......................

For some reason I am unable to comment on some blogs, this is somewhat annoying, as annoying as finding out that I started this yesterday and forgot about it and didn't do a post yesterday. It will be later in the day that I get this one done and posted as I am going out this morning with my mum to do her monthly shopping.

Today is my darling granddaughter Sydney-May's 4th birthday, I will give her, her present this afternoon when I see her as this morning she didn't get out of the car when Kathy dropped off Summer. If Sydney-May gets out of the car she will cry and carry on about getting back into the car, saying she wants to stay with nanna and such. So it is just easier if Kathy leaves her in the car and I go out and talk to her while she is in the car.

Oh yeah mum has had some problems with Dawson's mother (Michelle) upsetting Dawson a fair bit over the last couple of weeks, Dawson looked through the Chrisco catalogue and found a few things he wanted to get as gifts for his family for Christmas 2014. Anyway he mentions to his mum what he found and everything and she started go off about him buying things for this person or that person, she wants him to just get gift cards but he doesn't want to do that and it is his money, he uses his pocket money he gets from mum & dad (his grandparents) to pay for what he wants so if he wants to buy gifts for some people he should be able to do that.

Sometimes I feel that she likes to upset him, it is like she knows what will get him going and she takes pride in knowing how to push his buttons and upset him.

Ok I am back from shopping with mum, Dawson came with us and bought a $480 mobile phone, I don't think he needs such an expensive phone but it is his money and he can spend it however, he likes. His mother has been going on and on about the phone telling him he doesn't need it and it costs too much money but all that has done is piss him off and upset him, he is a teenager and teenagers can't be told. I know I have been there with my girls when they were teenagers.  

Monday 20 January 2014

Is it hot or what....................oh and a little about housing

Is it hot or what, so hot that I have been feeling drained due to the heat, today I don't feel like doing much of anything. I did however go out and get Tim’s medication and went and bought myself a new pair of joggers, not the joggers I wanted but a pair I can wear till I am able to find the ones I want. Why do I need new joggers, well I will tell you I have started going for a walk of a morning after I get up and on Saturday the first day I went out of the walk my old joggers started to hurt my foot, the problem was with the right shoe.

Anyway I removed a hard bit at the back of the shoe and thought it was all good, well I was wrong yesterday I went for a walk again and my foot hurt so much that I ended up having to take my shoes off and walk home in my socks. So this morning off to the shop I went to buy new joggers and of course I couldn't find the ones I wanted, so I just got a cheap pair to do me till I can find the ones I want.

 Oh yeah I did go for a walk this morning but I didn't wear joggers I wore another pair of shoes I have but still by the time I got home my foot was hurting and I had a blister that burst and now I just have one sore foot. Tomorrow I might have to give the walk a miss and let the foot heal for a couple of days.

For some reason yesterday I was so tired that I had to go and have a nap at 11am because I just couldn't concentrate and found myself just sitting and looking at the screen and no words happening so that is why there was  no blog post yesterday it just wasn't happening.

Jessica has at last taken the forms in to Compass Housing to try and get a transfer, now we just have to wait till the process the forms and see what they have to say, fingers crossed it all goes well for her.

On the topic of housing, Kelli and Jono have started looking for a rental places for themselves and of course their boys Blain & Daemon. Of course looking and finding somewhere can be two different things.  This afternoon Kelli & Jono have gone to pick up a bedroom suit and put it into storage ready for when they have their own place again.

Anyway as I started to say it is bloody hot here still, temps in the mid to high 30’s and the air conditioners are going all day and half the night but it could be worse we could not have air conditioning.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Computers and Pepsi Max don't mix, so it seems, but it's all good now, breathe a sigh of relief

Good morning all, yesterday I had a little drama here, Summer managed to spill a little bit of Pepsi Max on my laptop all was cleaned up and everything seemed ok, while I was moping up the drink Summer and Daemon started bashing on the keyboard I didn't worry much about that either.

However that wasn't the case for some reason every time I hit the a key it opened up a help page, when I hit f I got 6f instead and n gave me 8n all this was frustrating I thought that when the little ones were bashing on the keyboard they somehow changed the settings so I thought it would be an easy fix.

I ended up calling an “IT”guy (Michael) to come and look at it, thankfully he was just around the corner anyway he was unable to fix it and said it looked like a hardware problem and that the keys were somehow stuck together underneath. Well I told Tim what was said and he said maybe it is time for a new computer, however later in the afternoon the keys must had dry out and it started working normally again.

So the reason there was no post yesterday from me is because I had computer problems most of the day.

Anyway yesterday I went to see nan with mum and we had Kayla with us for a change it is the first time that Kayla has come with us, she was spending the day with nan & pop Jenkins. Liarna we dropped at day care before going to the nursing home, Kayla worked out that nan had in total 9 places to visit during the morning when you add it up like that it sounds like a lot of running around.

I can tell you I am glad that my computer is working normally again, I didn't look forward to having to get a new one, this one is only 4 years old. Yesterday I read and commented on a few blogs using the on-screen keyboard it was the first time I had used that and found it very handy.

Well that is all for today's post as it is Thursday I have Summer again and have to say it is not so easy to spend time blogging when I have a little one wanting my attention.  

Tuesday 14 January 2014

My pain in the bum and a baby shower too

Word of the day: Contrarious

Apparently it means perverse or obstinate, is is also an adjective meaning difficult to deal with. The idea for this post came from this guy: and this post he wrote.

Now you are wondering where I am going with this, well I will tell you, the word to me seems to be another word for “husband” or “man” come on I am sure I am not the only one who things the word describes the man in their life.

Now I love my husband Tim but come lets be honest here, he can be a right pain in the bum, yes he is my pain in the bum but still he is a pain in the bum.

Moving on yesterday I went to a baby shower/ Norwex party Like many who go to these parties I bought something I couldn't afford to buy much but I did buy something to help out my niece.

It is my niece Kirsty who both is selling Norwex and having a baby herself, she is having a baby girl and is due in May. Kirsty lives in Queensland so we don't get to see her that often but have to say she looked stunning as she always does. Her sister Heather, is the one who hosted the shower/party and have to say I did have a good time, I am glad I went.

Lastly I will tell all that last night it was just me and Tim here as Kelli & Daemon spent the night at her mother's place along with Kirsty. I hope they had a nice night and that it wasn't too crowded as Sue only has a small one bedroom flat, but I know she would have loved having them there.

Monday 13 January 2014

I'm a deer and a tiger but mostly a human

Ok I saw on someone else’s blog a link to find out what my spirit animal and though why not, so I did and guess what my spirit animal is the deer, now does it sound like me. I think it does, I like to think it does because it sounds like someone I would like to be.
Your spirit animal is the Deer
Characteristics:Gentleness, grace, innocence, being sensitive and intuitive, vigilance
Spirit Animal Profile:When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. By affinity with this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace. You master the art of being both determined and gentle in your approach. The deer totem wisdom imparts those with a special connection with this animal with the ability to be vigilant, move quickly, and trust their instincts to get out the trickiest situations.

So here is the thing do you believe in spirit animals?

Maybe you think it is a whole lot of hogwash, I have never given it much thought to be honest so I guess I would say I am more of a believer than an non believer.

I do find such things interesting, some goes with Chinese zodiac signs of which I am a Tiger.

Tigers are sensitive, emotional and capable of great love. They are extremely competitive, especially when it boils down to honour or protecting the ones they love. They need independence but love to dominate. This strong sense of dignity, coupled with their eagerness to face challenges, make them natural (although difficult) leaders. Always restless and alert, they aren't afraid to go for what they want. Tigers make honest, generous friends and passionate lovers. In turn, they expect others to be honest with them, but criticism or disapproval gets them depressed. Still, Tigers always bounce back to face new challenges and take bigger chances.

I also think I sound like a tiger, well like the deer I like to think I do.  

Sunday 12 January 2014

Not wanting to move, not wanting to pay a bedroom tax and young children or just my life

Good morning world, how is everyone this fine Sunday morning?

Well it is going to be another stinking hot day here in Newcastle, I already have the air con going so the house doesn't get too hot. At some point I will have to go and pick up Kelli and Daemon from Jessica's place they have been there for the last two nights.

Yesterday I had Summer all day and around is Jessica rings and asks me if I could go and pick up the boys (Daemon & Leo) and watch them for a few hours while Kelli cleaned her house, I ended up watching them till around 6pm, ok Jessica turned up to get them.

So the house was loud and crazy yesterday, Summer didn't have much of a nap she was to interested in playing with the boys, and Daemon wouldn't have a nap as he preferred to play with Leo then nap. I have to say it was nice when everyone left and the house was quiet. Tim went to work around 3.30pm so after all the little ones had left it was just me for the night.

On Friday my parents and sister Sandra didn't go to Friday breakfast because my parents had an appointment with a woman from the Dept. of Housing about them moving into a smaller house. Well I have to say that it went ok but by the end of the appointment mum didn't want to move she had lost interest in moving. Sandra asked if there was any chance of her taking over the house as she is at the top of the waiting list for a Dept. of Housing place but the woman flat out said NO which I think was when mum got turned off her. Also the woman kept telling mum that she should be getting more money for Dawson of Centrelink and mum was saying she knows she is entitled to more money but the way things are is how she has arranged it with Dawson's mum. Really it is no one else’s business mum has come to an arrangement with Dawson's mum and it is no one else's business. So at this stage they have filled in the paperwork to be downsized but when and if it happens no one knows at this stage.

At some point I am expecting the Dept. of Housing to speak to us about this place as there is only me and Tim living here well we are the only ones down as living here, but my niece Kelli and son Daemon are here most of the time at this stage as they have no where else to go.

The Dept. of Housing have brought in this extra room tax to try and get people to downsize but they don't seem to get that if a person has been in the same house for 25-30 years or more then the place they are in is home and the thought of moving doesn't appeal to them. At this stage we are paying full rent so that might be why they haven't said anything to us about moving.

I do understand that there are some people like my parents who are living in a 4 bedroom house with only 3 people but my parents have been in that house since May 1980 and the thought of moving at times doesn't sit right with them, however, mum & dad said it would also depend on where they are offered a place to move to, they don't want to move very far from where they are.  

Saturday 11 January 2014

Fingers Crossed

Good morning world, I was thinking the other day about the saying “fingers crossed” and wondering where the saying came from. Of course I know what the saying means and all but I wondered why we say it, what started people saying “fingers crossed”, so I decided to do what we do now days when we want to know something. I Goggled it.........and this is what I found.


To cross one's fingers was a hand gesture commonly used to implore God for protection, as well as to wish for good luck. The gesture is referred to by the common expression "keeping one's fingers crossed" or just "fingers crossed" and has also been historically used in order to allow believers to recognise one another during times of persecution

Modern use
Modern use of the fingers crossed gesture has little bearing on its religious origins.
A hand gesture denoting a hope for good luck
A physical gesture to indicate a wish for good luck.
A verbal wish for luck
As in: "I'll keep my fingers crossed for you" to signify that the speaker is wishing good luck for the recipient. Sometimes hyperbololised, for instance: "I have crossed all of my fingers and all of my toes" to lend emphasis or to communicate additional sincerity.
A means of nullifying the binding nature of a promise or oath
A belief that crossing one's fingers invalidates a promise being made
A means of allowing or lessening the negative connotations of a lie
Some people, mostly children, also use the gesture to excuse their telling of a white lie. This may have its roots in the belief that the power of the Christian cross might save one from being sent to hell for telling a lie.

So here is the question do you say “fingers crossed”?
If so do you say it often?

Do you believe crossing one's fingers does anything other than make your hand hurt, I don't really think it does anything but it doesn't stop me saying it and in fact I say it more than I do it. So I guess another question would be do you just say finger crossed or do you cross you fingers when you say it.

Thursday 9 January 2014

Now a bit about bad mothers

The other day I spoke about what makes a bad father it is has been brought to my attention that I there are bad mothers out there, and yes I had already planned to write about bad mothers but had no idea when I would do so, however, I am doing so today.

When it comes to bad mothers we often will think worse about them, this is because we think a mother should be loving, caring & nurturing and for the most part mothers are. There are, however, mothers who are not those things and when we hear of a bad mother in the news we are disgusted with how they treat their child. Yes we are also disgusted when we hear about bad fathers but a bad mother often upsets us more.

I think that is because a mother is suppose to be all loving and nurturing, they are suppose to have a maternal instinct that over rules everything else and need to care for their child. However some women do not have the strong maternal instinct it just isn't there.

When we think of bad fathers we think of a man who is physically abusive, women are often not only physically abusive but also emotionally abusive which is just as bad if not worse. A mother will often yell and scream and rant and rave more than a man and having a mother like that is not nice.

Women will also often neglect their child in favour of going out and having a good time, their child gets in the way of their social life because they will only think of themselves they will leave the child home alone while they go out and have fun. This isn't just being a bad mother it is being a selfish mother, our children should come first.

I feel there are some parents that do not know how to be a parent and no I do not think it comes naturally although I am sure that some people do think it does. I feel that we learn how to parent from our own parents, if we are lucky to have great parents we will often like to be like them and when we have terrible parents we swear we will not be like them and do things differently. However, sometimes as much as we try we will still end up doing the same bad things our parents did, I don't know why that is but I know that it is like that.

We will usually think of a mother as someone who will protect their child no matter what, but there are mothers out there that do not think of protecting their child they think on of how their child is sucking the life out of them, and how they want to have a life that doesn't revolve around a child. I wonder why these women have children at all, maybe they think a baby is just so cute and do not think about how much work that baby will take and how they will have to care for the baby for many years.

So does the thought of a bad mother upset you more then the thought of a bad father or do both cause you the same amount of upset.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Marriage is about love not gender

Word of the day : Marriage…….
(broadly) any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognised legally, religiously, of socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities and including, for example, opposite-sex marriage, same-sex marriage, plural marriage, and arranged marriage:, Anthropologists say that some type of marriage has been found in every known human society since ancient times.

Now you are wondering what I am on about since you all know that I am married and have been for a bloody long time, well I am on about “same-sex marriage” yes I am going there.

My husband will tell you that God made Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve and that same-sex marriage is wrong and against the teachings in the bible, that may be the case, however, I am not against it why because I am of the belief that if is wrong and God has a problem with it than it is for those who are gay to answer to God when the time comes.

It is not for me or anyone else to cast judgement, I feel if a person is gay and wants to marry the person they are in-love with then so be it. They are not harming anyone, they are not forcing their lifestyle on anyone else, so why can't they marry.

I don't understand why there are laws preventing it, if the people are of age and consenting adults and are doing so of their own free will then why can't they marry, they are already living together and that hasn't made the world stand still and come to a screeching halt.

A gay person is no different from anyone else, being gay isn't a condition that is contagious, it is not a lifestyle choice it is just who a person is.

Monday 6 January 2014

Scared for ones life

Word of the day Scared: To strike with sudden fear; alarm, To become frightened

Do you get scared?

Have you ever been so scared you feared for your life?

I am lucky to be able to say at 51 I have never felt that scared. I have tried to imagine what I would be like to be that scared , to fear for my life or even the life of one of my love ones.

However, I decided to a survey of my family to see if anyone has been so scared they feared for their lives and found out a members of my family have felt that scared.

I knew my sister Sue was scared she would die a number of years ago when she was terrorised by the son of a man she was seeing.

My sister Sandra also felt that scared a couple of times the first time was when she cut her wrist and the seconded time was when she was in a car accident and rolled her car 5 times..

However there were a few other family members who felt scared like that at times, my mum said she remembers when her and dad & me where in a car accident when I was only a few weeks old, she was scared not for herself but for me as I hit my head when the car started to roll.

There are others who have felt afraid as well at times, how most of the family say they fear more for their children's lives and that I so get as a parent I have at times feared for my daughters lives. I once was afraid for Natasha that I laid in bed at night praying for someone to come along and save her by getting her away from those she was mixed up with. My prayer was answered but that will be another post I think.

Sunday 5 January 2014

What makes a bad father

Word of the day.........Melaena - abnormally dark tarry feces containing blood (usually from gastrointestinal bleeding)

Last week my brother had to go A & E as he had diarrhoea for over a week and started to notice a bit of blood as well. He was at  A & E  for hours and a heap of tests done and sent home with no real answer and told to see his GP the following day. Well he did go and see the GP but I don't what was said, what I do know is that he is much better and even took Dawson fishing on Friday. 

Speaking of David makes me think of fathers some are great, some are average and some are terrible, really waste of space as fathers. 

Everyone who knows me know that I consider fathers important to children but sometimes a child may be better off without a father in their life.

 If a man is a drug addict or a violent alcoholic then the child may be better off not having them around. I know some might think I am wrong and feel that all fathers have a right to be in a childs life but I disagree.

If a child is abused by a parent than that parent shouldn't be around the child and I feel that if a person is a drug addict or a violent alcoholic they are most likely abusive to their children. Of course a person doesn't have to do drugs or drink in order to abuse their child, there are many abusive parents out there that just bash their child for no bloody reason at all. 

My brother David is one of the fantastic fathers around, he has always been a hands on father and everyone who knows him, know how much he loves his children and loves spending time with them and doing stuff with them. 

Sitting here thinking I can't think of any father I know of who is a bad father, my dad is amazing, Tim is also a bloody amazing father, my brother in-law Ed is also a great father, Kelli will tell you she thinks her dad is awesome and Jono (Blain & Daemon's) father is pretty great as well, he must be good even Leo likes to call him dad.

So what do others think, do  you think drug addicts and violent alcoholics make good fathers?

Thursday 2 January 2014

WWW...........New Year

Happy 2014 everyone, how is it where you are? Here down under in my little part of Aus it is bloodying stinking hot, so hot a body could melt if they ventured out in the heat for too long. 
Now onto the post of the day................
1.) Do you have any New Year’s traditions?
2.) Resolutions: make them and stick to them or forgo them entirely?
3.) What is one thing you want to see happen in 2014? (For you or in general)
4.) What do you have coming up in 2014?
5.) List three things you did in 2013 that you’d like to avoid in 2014.
1.) Nope use to like to watch the 9.30pm fireworks from the back yard but the council stopped them a couple of years ago so now nothing. 
2.) Generaly none can't be bother but this year I have resolved to have an afternoon nap each day. 
3.) In general less violence, for me I would like to lose weight by September
4.) A holiday to Hawaii
5.) Can't think of a single thing.

         Nanna's are short on criticism and long on love

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014

Well the New Year has arrived and since I didn't have anything much to drink last night only 2 small scotch and cokes I am having a few scotch and cokes this afternoon and evening instead.

What plans does anyone have for 2014?

I don't do New Year Resolutions because I am just not into those things; I can't see the point to be honest.  I do plan to have an afternoon nap each day this year so that I can stay up past 7.30-8pm at night but that is the only resolution I have.  Now to see how well I stick to it.

Now some may have thought I would have said I resolve to lose weight but hell if I lose weight I if I don't well then I don't I am not going to get into a tiss over it what is the point.

I am no 51yrs old and even though I hope to be around for another 40yrs or so no one knows what tomorrow is going to bring, so I am going to live for now and not worry about what might or might not happen in the future.

As all know I had a great 2013, and can think of no reason why 2014 won’t be the same.

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