Tuesday 30 October 2007

Heather's Problems

My niece Heather is having some problems with her partner Paul at the moment he is drinking far to much and that means he is spending their money on grog and they don't have much of it to stay with.

She wants to leave him but the only place she can go is her fathers and he she keeps telling her to go back and make it work. She wanted to go and live with her mum but Sue is boarding with my daughter Kathy-Lee and there is no room there. I know Heather feels like Sue doesn't want to help her but that isn't right she just feels like she can't and it does hurt her not to be able help Heather but that is just the way it is at the moment.

I think Heather should get an AVO as he was violent last night she had to call the cops and he was arrested for the night, I think she is worried about how he will be when he gets back.

I really wish I could help her but I have no room here for her either. She could do better then him as she shouldn't have to but up with that shit. I think she should kick him out but I will not tell her what to do. I don't think it is good for her girls who are only 3yrs and 21 mths old.

Saturday 27 October 2007

Sue's Car

People who have had something to drink should never drive even if it has been a few hours since your last drink, especially if you are also tired. Another thing if you are affected by drink and fatigue do not take your eyes of the road at all.

Now you may be wondering why what is the point of this well I'm going to tell you.

This morning at around 3am my darling sister Sue smashed her car up and wrote it off..........

This happened because she was affected by the above and I have to say that I am very SORRY SIS that I wasn't more supportive this morning at 5am when you rang me looking for a ride to Raymond Terrace but I was very tired and couldn't keep my eyes opened, I didn't hear Jessica come home so had no idea if I had a car or not(yes I know I said I had no car) but really I just didn't know and I just wanted to sleep.

After I went back to sleep I had bad dreams about you and Heather dieing and this was upsetting to me as you both mean so much to me. I love you sis more then you know.

Tomorrow is your 38th birthday and it makes me upset to think that you may not have been here to celebrate it.

Wednesday 24 October 2007

House being Painted

Yesterday I had the painters come and tell me they would be starting my house this morning so I found myself woken up at 7.30am far to early for me any way after they started I went down to Macca's for breakfast.

While I was having breakfast Natasha rang and asked me if I would take her shopping, so of cause I did by the time I got home the painters had done a first coat on the ceilings except for Jessicas room and my bedroom as both Jessica and her dad where still in bed asleep. They will be starting those rooms at 7.30 in the morning so Jes will be up early and Tim will also have to get up early not to forget me as there is no way they will let me sleep in....lol

Hopefully they should be finished by Friday afternoon.

Monday 22 October 2007

Chrisco Update

Hi everyone as I said in a previous post I applied to become a Chrisco Agent well I spoke to Chrisco today and they told me that my agent number is the same as my membership number so I have it now.

It is 1888681

Tim working in yard

Last night Tim was going on and on about the awning he is putting up out the back well not exactly putting more repairing and replacing as part of it blew down in a storm 3 years ago. It has taken him this long to get around to doing it.

Anyway he went on and on about finishing it off today and how much did he do well he manage to go and get the rest of the wood. He told me about 4 times last night he was going to call in sick and finish it off when he said it I thought to myself believe it when I see it. It didn't happen he went to work as usual. I hope it doesn't take him months to finish it.

When it comes to doing work around the yard it takes Tim forever to do it anything even mowing the yard. He will say I work hard all week so we can get out of debt and I have to grit my teeth so I don't come back with something like who got us into debt in the first place...

I also asked him last night about lending Jessica some money to buy a laptop and all he would say is we will talk about it tomorrow (meaning today) and didn't do that either. He had better say yes as he lent money to both his other daughters.

Above is a picture of how Tim likes to spend his time off work.

Sunday 21 October 2007

My Clothes and Tim

Well today being Sunday means lunch at mums and because it is so stinking hot here I thought I would wear a new halter neck top I bought but when I put it on Tim said he thought it was to slutty and to tight around my hips and I told him it isn't designed to sit at the hips it only comes to my waist but he still didn't like it. So I went and changed it and thought I will take it to mums and see what everyone else thinks but then dam it I forgot. If it is hot like this next weekend I will take it over then and see what they think.

It isn't like I want to wear it out shopping, just around the house and to my parents place on a Sunday. Tim also has a habit of telling me I have a big bum and I do I know it and I know it looks bigger then it is because I have what some people call a sway back, you know when your lower back sways in then out again at your bottom well that how my back is so my bum does look big...

I am trying to just be happy with myself and how I look as I know I am doing all the right things to slim down and get fitter and healthier and stressing over how I look isn't helping it only makes me upset and depressed and I am fed up with those feelings.

Saturday 20 October 2007

Another Blog

Well I have done it I have started a blogspot blog so since I have no idea how this one works please people bear with me as I am learning.

I can hear my family saying now why or why Jo-Anne do you have to have another blog but they don't know the problems with bigblog I have to put up with.

I do not expect my family to come here very often, it will be up to them.

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