Sunday 30 October 2022

WEEK 43 OF 2022


A wet Sunday morning, got the printer working, Tim turned it upside down and gave it a good shake, a couple of little things fell out.

Printer worked find for a bit then the same problem started again, I will get Tim to give it another shake.

Another good night and a wet morning, with pain of course. A mostly fine day.

Tim rang DoH to see when the painting will be done, as well as leak in kitchen and replacement of smoke alarm someone will get back to us.

Had a phone call cancelling my feet appointment for Wednesday all fine with me.

Another pretty good night work at 5.25 feeling awake so up I got I am washed, moisturised and ready for the day.

Graham from the DoH came and inspected the bathroom and rang Rez the bathroom guy to tell him that we need a power point in the bathroom cabinet.

I am going to lay down and I expect that is when he will turn up, so Tasha will write him a note and tape it till the front door.

A new day and I am drenched in sweat going to be a warm or hot day.

The bathroom should now be done.

Leigh came over to see me and drop off some stuff.

Kathy turned up at 1.20pm to borrow our car for a few days while hers is in the shop.

Blain came down to say hi.

Had a so so night awake and up at 5.26am. Suppose too be another warm day.

Got a text from Sandy letting me know our cousin Ashley has passed away.

Sandy called in to see me.

At 2.15pm it started pissing down, it didn't last long.

Slept in till 5.50am I am dressed and ready for my day.

I have rewrite Friday's post.

The painter turned up at 8am he was here all day and I was stuck in my bedroom.

Tim left for work at 11am.Slept in till 5.50am I am dressed and ready for my day.

I have rewrite Friday's post.

The painter turned up at 8am he was here all day and I was stuck in my bedroom.

I woke during the night and Tim told me that the painter left the lounge room a mess, as in all the furniture piled up in the middle of the room. Tim fixed the room took him over an hour or maybe two hours.

At least I am not in my bedroom.

Wednesday 26 October 2022



Treatment of Dystonic Tremor

Oral Medications: Oral medications can be effective in relieving dystonic tremors in some patients. They work by interrupting the neurotransmitters, which are responsible for sending messages within the brain. Some medicines act by relaxing the muscles and thus reducing the dystonic tremors. These medicines need to be taken continuously and they also have side effects.

Botulinum Toxin Injections: This treatment can be given if the dystonic tremor is localized to one or two areas of the body. Botulinum toxin injections work by weakening the overactive muscles and they need to be taken every three months or so. If the patient is not having any improvement from the Botulinum Toxin Injections, then it may mean that the dose needs to be adjusted or the injections have not been accurately targeted. Ultrasound or electromyography (EMG) machine can be used to identify the affected muscles which need to be injected. Dystonic head tremors especially benefit from botulinum toxin injections and arm tremors do not benefit as much by them.

Surgery for Dystonic Tremor: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure which can be done if the patient has severe dystonic tremor and if they do not respond to other treatment methods. In Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), electrodes are planted into the brain so they can help in rebalancing the movements of the patient and controlling the posture. A battery implanted in the chest provides power to the electrodes.

Occupational Therapy for Dystonic Tremor: If the patient has been having difficulty with daily activities of living, such as driving, cooking or eating, then special equipment can be used upon advice from the occupational therapist, which will assist the patient in managing his/her daily tasks.

Tuesday 25 October 2022



Well here we are at Tuesday and this week's extreme creature is the Double Drummer, any idea what it is?

Well it is a Cicada, now we all know that cicada's are loud but the double drummer is one of the noisiest. Once it gets going, it can produce a song that's louder than a jackhammer!

They make their sound in their abdomen by vibrating a membrane extremely quickly, only the male sing.

The double drummer, is the largest Australian species of cicada and reputedly the loudest insect in the world. Documented by the Danish zoologist Johan Christian Fabricius in 1803, it was the first described and named cicada native to Australia.

Monday 24 October 2022



Hello wet Monday this computer is bring a bitch..............

In the middle of the Atlantic two of the huge plates that make up the Earth's surface the African Plate and the American Plate are moving apart a the same rate as fingernails grow.

Every cubic mile of seawater holds over 150 million tons of minerals.

In 1978, Emilio Manco Palma became the first person ever to be born in Antarctica

Before 1957, there was a law prohibiting and building in the city of Los Angeles having more than 13 storeys as they were afraid of earthquakes.

London Bridge built lie 180 odd years ago was bought and transported in 1968 to Lake Havasu, Arizona

Sunday 23 October 2022

WEEK 42 OF 2022

Dad would be 80 today, I miss him so much. Had a good night up at 6.30amd, Tim also got up dressed for work, leaving at 7am.

Went to use the printer but it isn't working right the paper won't feed through and I can see no jam.

Tasha was suppose to do some food for us but instead got stuck into her yard.

Jess helping me into bed tonight.

A new day for this older body woke at 6.20am rang Tasha but she was already at the gym.

She turned up at 8am I asked her to look at the printer but she didn't have time. I was expecting her to do the shopping but she didn't.

Had a restless night woke in a bit of a mood and shaking so much in my legs standing isn't easy and I had no help which didn't do anything for my mood. Snapped at Tasha when she came down not her fault I forgot I could ring her.

My mood has improved.

I have done bugga all today

Had a good night after a not so good shower warm water and no pressure. Although Tasha managed to get both but Tim said this morning that there was no hot water and he had reported it.

At 11.30iah people from housing arrived to talk about the new ramp to be installed and to check the bathroom was up to scratch. It isn't so they rang the bathroom mob and they turned to discuss matters.

I now will have bathroom people here tomorrow to do whatever they have to do.

Been a warm day.

Another good night till 5.30 this morning when after peeing I get back into bed only to have a panic attack. I had to wake Tim to help me out of bed and off with my mask, which I felt was making it hard to breathe, (it wasn't).

No school for Leo he has an appointment.

Also Leo now wants to be called Samuel or Sam.

The bathroom guy arrived around 8ish. He was here till 1.30pm and had a far bit to do.

Another good night and better morning I have reduced pain in my knees.

The kitchen is still leaking and we still have no hot water.

Plumber arrived the hot water heater is good so he arranged for a sparky to come he said it was tripped and if we don't have hot water to call him tomorrow and he will pass it on to Ausgrid.

Tasha has done some sort of damage to her leg while at the gym as she is in so much pain.

Hey Hey it's Saturday and we have hot water, I have been up since 5.55am I feel good and happy but of course there is pain and shaking as usual.

I forgot yesterday to mention that Kathy and family have gone away for the weekend. They are at Dubbo.

Tim made and hung curtains over back sliding door as well as a bag for he back of my wheelchair and 2 cushions. He set the dryer in place since we lost our awning there is no protection outside for it.

Tuesday 18 October 2022



Ok here we are at creature day aka Tuesday and today's creature is the super cute Koala.

Koala's sleep as much as 20hrs per day, the reason is because the gum leaves they eat are difficult to digest and low in nutrients so they sleep to conserve energy.

They also have no need to drink water regularly as the gum leaves offer the water they need. They also smell like eucalyptus, make weird, strange sounds.

They are born without hair/fur, ears and are blind, they have fingerprints similar to ours.

Koala comes from an Aboriginal word.

Monday 17 October 2022


 Monday morning here is Newie (Newcastle) so it is fact day.

People didn't always say “hello” when answering the phone, it is believed they said “ahoy-hoy' in 1878............really sounds like Mr Burns (The Simpsons)

Four US presidents have been assassinated

Abraham Lincoln 1865

James A Garfield 1881

William H McKinley 1901

John F Kennedy 1963

A seagull can drink seawater because it has special glands that filter out the salt.

Ocean waves can travel as fast as a jet plane.

The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.

Sunday 16 October 2022

WEEK 41 OF 2022


Had a decent night, woke to a very wet kitchen floor will need shoes on when I pack the dishwasher.

Spent the morning doing stuff on the computer before turning the telly on to watch something.


Had a mostly good night till 3am when my legs began to shake when I got up to pee. I did manage to go back to sleep till 5.20am when I decided to just get up.

On getting up I couldn't find my fruit or the cheese & bacon I had Tasha get me yesterday. I had to wake Tim and ask what happened to them. He packed them in the car to take with us when we go into the motel, I said how am I suppose to eat them in the car. I told him that we may not be able to check in till 2pm.

Kathy has been doing a lot of work on the family genealogy.

First day of term 4 of school.

We are now in temp accommodation it is a nice place except the bed is too high and I can't access the power points.

Tim was in such a rush he just dropped me off and left. I am shaking badly stress does that. I have no idea how I am going to put myself to bed.

I messaged my girls letting them know what's what.

Kelli (niece) came over and helped me. She moved beds found power points and got me ready for bed and into bed. I will sleep in the single bed as it is lower.

I had a rough night been awake and up since 4.30. I am still shaking all over badly.

Tim has contacted the company telling the that place really isn't suitable for me.

We are now at a different lot of apartments, and have the same problem. However this place has a sofa bed I can use.

This place isn't disable friendly and Tim had to stand on a chair to reach the plates and glasses.

Had another somewhat restless night woke with a shocking headache. Had an issue around 3am when I tried to get up to go to the loo, I couldn't get out of the bed. I was crying for Tim to help me which he didn't The problem was I was laying in the middle of the bed and couldn't move to the edge. I didn't have much of a struggle at 5.30am when I got up.

Having a good day more or less, breaking out in a sweat often.

It took me 5mins to get clean undies on and clean top, I was unable to get my pj pants on so will go to bed with just what I have on. I cried a lot.

Had another bad night I found that the damn bed gave me a headache each time I laid down. I woke at 4.50am.

Something that annoys me is getting seated well only to discover I have left something on the other side of the room.

I am as close to bored as I have ever been

I have had a painful day but not distressing, not expecting the night to be any better.

Had a rough night awake and up at 5.30am. Had a wash and clean my teeth.

Damn I miss Tasha.

Going home today. I DO NOT want to stay here another night.

Got home around 10ish no workmen here and the house is a shambles but Tim & Tasha cleared a path to out bedroom and the bathroom. So we are staying here.

Paige from the DoH rang to let us know the wok should be finished by Tuesday.

I slept well in my own bed, didn't wake till 6.30am, the furniture has been moved back into the lounge room. However, I am still writing this in the bedroom as there is a lot to do before I can use my computer desk.

Sandy called in to see me and get her birthday bottle of Jim Beam we had a good chat.

Kathy and Tim spent hours sorting the lounge room out and set the TV up.

Thursday 13 October 2022



Types of Dystonic Tremor

  • Dystonic tremor appears in the same area of the body which is affected by dystonia. So, a person suffering from neck dystonia will have twisting of the head along with shaking movements of the head.

  • Dystonic tremor can also appear in a different part of the body to the dystonia. If a person has neck dystonia he/she can have dystonic tremor in the hand.

  • Dystonic tremor may not be present with other dystonic symptoms; however, if a person has a family history of dystonia, then it can be suspected that he/she may also have dystonia.

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Creature day a day late

Hello everyone it is creature day and today's creature is the Magnificent Riflebird another creature I haven't heard it.

The male bird goes to very showy lengths to impress a female, plunging into a wonderful dance routine. Fanning his wings. He throws his head back and hops up and down, flicking its wings and swinging its head from side to side.

The magnificent riflebird is a species of passerine bird in the birds-of-paradise family.

Magnificent riflebirds are widely distributed throughout lowland rainforests of western New Guinea and the northern Cape York Peninsula of Australia. A relatively common species throughout its range.

The diet of the magnificent riflebird consists mainly of fruits and a variety of invertebrates such as spiders, millipedes, etc.

Monday 10 October 2022


 Another Monday and I am waiting to hear if we are going into temporary accommodation, so they can work on the ceiling. Anyway here are this weeks facts.

In the 1940's the name of the Bich pen was changed to Bic for fear the Americans would pronounce it “Bitch”

The word “MAFIA” stands for “Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela” oor “Death to the French is Italy's cry”

More people speak English in China than in the U S A

No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver and purple.

Professional ballerinas can go through a dozen pairs of dancing shoes a week.

Sunday 9 October 2022

WEEK 40 OF 2022

 Daylight saving has started, it was 6am when I woke and still dark.

I am not bored but I am finding myself just sitting doing nothing with only the sound of the ticking clock.

At 1.30ish Kelli and family arrived and she put me to bed before they left.

Awake and up at 5.55am washed, dressed and fed ready for the day. So cold I needed the heater on for a bit.

Kathy came over and shaved my legs which felt good but didn't shower me.

Tim at last gave the car an oil change.

Had a restless night and woke at 6.11am to a cold and dry morning.

A warm day, Tim on late start today.

Tim rigged up a cushion to the footrest of my new chair so when I put my feet up it is under my knees.

Up at 5.35am washed, dressed and fed yet again ready for another day doing bugga all.

Another wet day but not too wet thankfully unlike other areas.

I am fed up with the state of this house. No one will empty the vacuum so I can run it over the floor. I can't manage it with this vacuum. I feel that I would feel better if the floor was vacuumed.

Still bloody raining and my kitchen floor is very wet and at some point Tim put the bucket out to catch the water.

Tim rang JHH about his hernia appointment turns out he is not on a waiting list to see someone. So he has to see our GP about an appointment.

He then rang DoH and we had a visit from someone we should go into temporary accommodation on Monday for 4 nights then home.

It was 5.50am when I got up, later then I thought it was, I washed and dressed myself and was making breakfast when Tasha walked in to do my hearing aids and socks.

Kathy asked if she could borrow our car while hers is in the shop, Tim said NO.

Had 3 men come about the work that is to start on Monday. Looks like we will also be getting a new kitchen.

Didn't wake till 6.30am after a restless night. Not raining but the kitchen floor is very wet and I have no socks on.

No Kathy today I said there is no point in her coming and to save her fuel.

Raining on and off all day.

Jess came over to ask if we saw how a window in the bus got broken, we hadn't but we all suspect it was the lawn people again.

Thursday 6 October 2022


 Differentiation between Dystonic Tremor & Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is the most common type of tremor3 and it is very important to differentiate it from dystonic tremor. Essential tremor commonly affects the hands, arms, or fingers. The primary differences between dystonic tremor and essential tremor are:

  • The movement or tremor of dystonic tremor is often irregular; whereas, in essential tremor, patient has regular movements or oscillation of the affected part.

  • Dystonic tremor appears with dystonia; whereas essential tremor does not appear in combination with dystonia.

  • Sensory trick can temporarily relieve a dystonic tremor; whereas, essential tremor cannot be relieved with this.

  • In majority of the patients with essential tremor, the arms, fingers or hands are affected symmetrically; whereas, other parts of the body, such as the head can be affected with dystonic tremor without the involvement of the arms or hands. However, in some cases, dystonic tremor can also affect the hands.

Tuesday 4 October 2022



Hello Tuesday, hello world, hello life, it is extreme creature day and today's creature is not cute like last weeks, it is the Giant Burrowing Cockroach.

For me a good cockroach is a dead cockroach, just saying.......

Anyway this giant cockroach is the world's heaviest cockroach weighing up to 30 grams which is about as heavy as two Aussie 50 cent coins. It can also be as big as a human palm depending on the human.

These cockroaches are native to Australia and mostly found in tropical and subtropical parts of Queensland.

Unlike some other cockroaches, the giant burrowing cockroach does not have wings and is not considered a pest. This species plays a vital part in the ecosystem by consuming dead leaves, eucalyptus in particular, and recycling other matter. They may burrow down in soil to a depth of about where they make permanent homes and feed on collected dry leaf litter. The giant burrowing cockroach is the only cockroach in the world known to have permanent burrows in the soil. The species play an important ecological role in that it contributes to the recycling of nutrients in the wild.

Monday 3 October 2022


 I just realised today is Monday and such fact day so here are some facts.

During the great plague of Europe the Pope at the time made it law to say “God bless you” to anyone who sneezed.

A “coward” was originally a boy who took care of cows.

As far back as the 6th Century it was customary to congratulate people who sneezed because it was thought that they were expelling evil from their body.

A person who collects postcards is called a “deltiologist” so I am a deltiologist.

There are 38 Bibles sold or distributed around every minute, this is down from 47 in 2002.

Sunday 2 October 2022

WEEK 39 OF 2022

 Another Sunday, well Monday in fact as the computer ate Sunday's entry. I had half a page written when I tried to save it I couldn't and lost all I had wrote so gave up and then forgot about it.

Sunday wasn't the best of days, pain wise and shaking wise.

I tried to vacuum but it needs emptying, I asked Tim but I won't hold my breath.

Monday and no school for two weeks, not sure how Leo feels about that as he does like school most of the time.

Just before 8am men turned up to do something to the roof. He was here for a few hours removed and replaced some tiles. He made a right mess he should clean it up.

The leak in the bathroom is also fixed and we now have a toilet roll holder and a towel rack.

Tim has a late start 5pm this is the latest he has ever started but he is only doing 5hrs.

Woke at 5.40 thought it was later due to how bright the bedroom was.

Graham came and checked out how the work that has been done so far. He and some other guy are talking about the new front ramp.

He also wasn't completely happy with the bathroom.

Going to try giving myself a shower.

Woke at 5.25 to pee and decided to stay up.

The shower last night went fine, I was done and drying myself when Tash arrived to get me ready for bed.

Tim off work today due to medical appointments.

Kelli and Freya called in for a visit, it was so great to see them.

Had to get Tim out of bed to help me get clean undies on and my pants due to having a small accident while going to the loo, he wanted to know why I didn't ring Tasha but it was only 5.30am and I still needed my morning wash.

Jess will be putting me to bed as Tasha is going out to catch up with a mate.

Woke at 5am to the sound of rain, went to pee and then to the kitchen for a sip of drink. I noticed the wet floor in the kitchen and got a container to catch it.

Thankfully we have not had much heavy rain.

Slept really well, waking to another wet morning. Had to wake Tim to help me get my pants on, at 7.30 I needed to pee so decide to take the pants off and toss them and put on another pair that I can get over my bum with ease, more or less.

I will have to sort through my clothes when it is warmer and toss all the pants with small holes in them, which is pretty much all of them.

Ocean Sea Creatures Facts

  Good morning all here we are a6t another Monday, so it is fact day, this week we are looking at sea creatures. The Earth’s oceans are ho...