Tuesday 30 September 2014

A full loud house oh how I love my grandchildren but you all know that

Good morning world how is everyone on this lovely Tuesday morning, well it is Tuesday morning in my part of the world but not in other parts this I know because I am wise and knowledgeable, ok I'm not either but it sounded good didn't it.

At the moment I have both Blain & Leo here playing down the hallway and in about an hour I will have Sydney-May and Summer joining them so a full house for me today.

Jessica came over as Leo was annoying the hell out of her so she brought him here, it was just lucky that Blain was here and that later the girls will be here. Although Blain and Leo have a habit of fighting after they have been together for a while but at the moment it's all good.

Tim is off till just after lunch when he leaves he is doing afternoon work all this week, I will be having the girls while Kathy-Lee is at work for a couple of hours so sometime just after lunch all should leave and I will have a quiet house for a while, hopefully.

Oh you know what I saw in the stores, well one store last Friday Christmas stuff that is what and even though I liked them and wouldn't mind some of what I saw I thought it is still only September, I checked the prices of the stuff and most of the things were under $20 now if they stuff was expensive I could get having them out earlier so that people could layby them and pay them off but that wasn't the case. Usually we see Christmas stuff in the stores from October and yes I know last week was close to October but still it was September just saying.

I was speaking to mum last night and yes I know I talk to her every night for something like 20 minutes and yesterday it was the third time I talked to her during the day but not the point. She was saying how dad gets annoyed with her when she wants to go to be at 8.30 at night but when mum says she is heading off to bed that doesn't mean getting up and going straight to bed. She has to make sure the dishwasher is packed and put on and she likes to clean the kitchen as well as doing a few other things it usually takes about half and hour from the time she says she is going to bed till the times she gets into bed.

Anyway mum said she told dad that she thinks she does pretty good for a 74yr old woman, she is up usually between 6-6.30am every day sometimes earlier she is watching young children every day and drives grandchildren to daycare and school two, three or four days a week. She takes care of dad and is the one who does most of the housework so if she is feeling done in by 8.30pm she should be able to go to bed without anyone complaining that it is too early.

Dad usually says up till around 11pm but he also doesn't get up till mum wakes him with his breakfast ready for him around 9am, three hours after mum has been up and busy.

You know if mum was to lose dad I think she would cope pretty well after a bit but if dad was to lose mum I think he would fall apart and find it harder to go one without her there.

Even though both my parents are in their 70's I find it hard to see them as elderly, more mum than dad she is so busy and full of life, honestly at times I think mum has more energy and get up and go than me and I am 22yrs younger than me.

Jessica just had me go and get Macca's for breakfast for everyone cost $33 but not bad when you consider that was breakfast for 3 adults and 4 children.

Yes the girls are here now I have been writing this for close to 1 ½ hours but I am at last finished and will now post.  

Monday 29 September 2014


Here we are at the start of another week, which makes me wonder what day of the week do you consider the start of the week, for me it's Monday but I know some people consider Sunday to be the start of the week.

Did I mention that while in Hawaii, my nice white pants split and when I got home I stitched them up well today I chose to wear them and as soon as I sat down they split again, I still have them on but when or if I go out today I will have to change them and when I take them off this afternoon I will bin them. I really am going to have to buy some new shorts and ¾ pants over the next few weeks.

This week Tim is on afternoon work all week it is his first week as a permanent driver with his own line/run. We will have Blain staying over tonight, I love it when I see him but I hope he is ok, he gets bored he very easy unlike Leo who is able to make his own fun. Blain likes his Xbox which we don't have, Leo will use the computer to find games to play. Blain has a habit of saying he wants to go home after an hour or so. I so love seeing him but I don't want him to feel like he is being forced to stay here. I think Blain would often be happier if he could come over during the day when Leo is here and go home at night but his mum always says he wants to come over. I think he says he does but as I said after an hour or so he gets bored and wants to go home.

I would like to have Sydney-May stay over one night but I worry if I do that she will get bored as well as I don't have a lot of girl toys here since I rarely have the girls over and when they do come they like to watch cartoons and play outside with Leo who is usually here anyway at the same time.

I can't imagine not seeing my grandchildren but I know I am lucky and a lot of grandparents don't get to see their grandchildren for many reasons, like they live too far away or for some reason the parents don't want them to see the children.

Years ago I would get a little annoyed that my mum would favour Dawson over the other grandchildren but now I realise that this is because he is more like their son than their grandson.

I also understand that the more you see a grandchild the more of a connection you will have with the child, when Blain was a baby and toddler I saw a lot of him and we were really close but then he started school and I stopped seeing him as much and the connection faded. With Leo even though he is 1st class at school I still see him nearly every day of the week as I pick him up from school and still likes to sleep over one night a week.

I always say the grandchild has to want to spend the night, I never want to fight the child or make them stay over if they do not want to do so..

I remember many years ago my sister Sue thought that mum and dad loved my children more than hers but that wasn't the case, it was more that they saw my children weekly and they would see her children a few times a year. They also saw Jeannie's children quite often but not as often as they saw mine and it is as I have said the more you see the grandchild the close to them you are.

Mum and dad do not feel that they know much about Sue's children and they do not know how to change that, Sue's children are all grown adults now and have their own lives and mum knows that means they don't have the time to see them and she accepts it for what it is. Although I know that both my parents would like to know them better.

My parents have 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and they love and care for all of them they just don't know all of them that well. 

Sunday 28 September 2014

A Phone Call From A Strange Person and a Curbside Collection

No post yesterday, why, well I just didn't feel like writing anything this often happens if I read blogs before writing my post because I usually spend around 2-3hrs reading blogs. This is why I prefer to write my post before starting to read other blogs.

Yesterday Tim took the trolley which I thought was his but turns out to be the one dad has been looking for, for the last couple of months to Jessica's to help her get rid of some large items that don't work or are broken, she is having a curbside collection this week.

Well after he had moved the stuff out to the curb the old lady who lives up the front went down and told Jessica she had to move the stuff and not have it in front of her house, she said that Jessica should have put the stuff out the front of her own place as they (the council) would collect it from there. Jessica doesn't do confrontation well (she is like me) but she told the woman the the she was told by Compass Housing to put it there so she did. Jessica said she was shaking when the woman left from nerves and she wished her dad had still been there but the woman properly waited till after she saw him leave to approach Jessica.

Today is another lovely spring day here in my part of the world and I have nothing to do at all today which is great I have blogs to read and letters to answer thankfully I only have 6 letters left to answer and hope to get through them today ready to post off tomorrow.

I was speaking to mum last night as I do every night, anyway she was telling me she got a phone call yesterday morning from a mobile number she didn't know. So she answers the phone and the caller says “Mavis” mum replies yes and the woman tells her she is Hazel, Judy's sister it took mum a moment to know who she was. It was Dawson's mothers Aunt, well the woman went on to have a bitch about Michelle (Dawson's mum) saying that she was holding her mother prisoner and not letting her make phone calls or leave the house, all a bunch of rubbish and of course mum defended Michelle but the whole time she was on the phone she was thinking why are you ringing me it has nothing to do with me I am not related to any of you. At one point mum said that it had nothing to do with her but the woman just ignored that and continued to go on and on.

Really Michelle has a strange family, this isn't the first time that this woman has rung mum and we have no idea why she rings mum. Mum is not a rude woman and wouldn't just say it's nothing to do with me and hang up but it is how she feels.

Ok that is all I have for today, so I will stop boring you all now and post this. 

Friday 26 September 2014

Five Things Friday.................Life

It's five things Friday again, so here we go................

A nice warm spring day

Tim off work today and over the weekend

Being happy

Feeling good

Enjoying life

Thursday 25 September 2014

A Little About Me & Hawaiian Airlines

Good morning all what a lovely day it is here in Australia be it a bit on the cold side but it is suppose to warm up if I remember rightly, ok just checked the weather channel and it is supposed to get a little warmer but is also supposed to rain..............oh well I am not going out today.

Now last night I was feeling pretty sick and went to bed pretty early and all was good but during the night I wake up to go to the toilet and look at the clock and it's not there, what the hell. I get up go to the toilet turn my bedside light on and what the hell, Tim has disconnected it. Now I know that since we returned from Hawaii it has had a buzzing sound in it and it can be annoying but I didn't think it was that bad, however, I know Tim was really annoyed with it and had told me he wanted to get rid of it and get a new clock. It was about 20 years old but still I wasn't going to toss it till I had a replacement.

As everyone knows we just returned for a short holiday in Hawaii, you may or may not know we flew Hawaiian Airlines to get there but did you know that Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii and the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States.

Hawaiian Airlines was founded in 1929 under the name of Inter-Island Airways and flew between Maui and the Big Island. It changed it's name to Hawaiian Airlines in 1941. It was at this time that all inter-Island traffic was placed under military control due to the Second World War.

Did you know that Hawaiian Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines there is due to their flawless safety and premium service.

Today Hawaiian Airlines carries an average of 8 million people a year and serves 20 domestic and international destinations in the pacific region. In North America it provides daily service to Hawaii from more cities than any other airline.

We enjoyed flying with Hawaiian Airlines and would fly with them again.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Arriving home and kfc I didn't like and seeing my nan

Good morning world, it is now 7.30am on Wednesday the 24th September and I am at last getting around to writing another post. Since returning home from Hawaii I have been busy with washing and shopping, (there was no food in the house).

Anyway I am going to start this but reckon I won't get it finished and posted before mum arrives to pick me up to go and see nanna at the nursing home.

But let's go back to food, while in Hawaii we had pizza which I mentioned and it was great but we also had Macca's and KFC which were not so great, the Macca's was ok I could eat it, it was just different from what we have here. However, the KFC was disgusting, I didn't like it at all and neither did Tim. In fact while I was in Hawaii I mostly had fries at the hotel swim bar although on night I had fried chicken that was ok not great but ok.

When we arrived back in Australia the first thing we did after clearing customs and such was stop at Macca's at the airport for food and Tim takes a bite out of his Big Mac and says this is what it's suppose to taste like............lol

Monday night we had KFC for tea and again Tim says this is what I like...........lol

Now his plan is to save and save for our next holiday, which I am hoping will be a cruise with my parents and brother & his family but we will see as Tim says we have just got back from a holiday. However, I felt like I was really just starting to really relax and get into the holiday mood when it was time to come home. I could have stayed another few days, really I like around 2 weeks away because it can take me up to a week to feel like I am on holiday.

At least we came home to a clean house, thanks to Natasha coming over and cleaning and the lawn had been mowed thanks to “bear” our next-door neighbour.

Just got back from seeing nan, she was good chatty but her left eye looked terrible the nurse had to wash it out to get rid of all the muck in it and I can tell you nanna didn't like it, she is like me in that she doesn't handle stuff to do with the eyes very well and cried as it was washed out.

So now I will post this with some photos of food that we didn't like that we ate in Hawaii............

Saturday 20 September 2014

Shopping, walking and Tim

Hi everyone this is our last full day in Hawaii, we fly out for home tomorrow lunch time and even though I have had a great holiday I am missing my family. We are not the type of people who can be away from our loved ones for more than a week or so, we have spoken to a few other Aussies who have been away from home for 3, 4 or 5 weeks and that is just too long for us.

What’s it like for other people, how long do you like to be away from home and your loved ones? Maybe Tim and I are just strange in that we find a week or so long enough.

While out this morning we bought some gifts for our grandchildren, and I realised something I like to spend money on my family, Tim likes to spend money on him. I don't mean to sound like he doesn't think of his family as he does but mostly he has bought stuff that he wanted, he has spent $33 on clothing and shoes for himself.

Yes I did get myself two pairs of shoes but I was looking at some pants & tops sets today and I wanted Tim’s opinion and he was well you did get those shoes but if you want it, if you think it would fit you than get it. That is the big thing with the clothes you see at the markets I don't know if they will fit or what it would look like on, remember I am a short fat woman and some things look really nice on the hanger but not so nice on the body.

I bought myself a small 6.8oz can of Malibu with pineapple and it is nice I just opened it and had it I added some pineapple to the drink which I got when we went to Macca’s yesterday.

I also notice that I have been having a large breakfast and a very light lunch while Tim has been having a light breaky and wanting lunch like 3hrs later. So for lunch he has been getting burgers with fries and he has the burger and I have the fries.
Tim also wanted to know why I have been applying makeup each morning when we are not going anywhere special I had to explain to him that my makeup has sunscreen in it, so I am wearing it to protect my face from the sun.

Friday 19 September 2014

A post I wrote yesterday about walking, shopping and pizza

Ok this I wrote yesterday but forgot to post it I think because I was so tired anyway here it is better late than never.

Hello everyone, what a day I have had a lot of bloody walking, while we were at home Tim saw this shopping tour and decided he wanted to go on it I wasn't sure but went along with it and we booked it can't remember how much it cost but we did it today and what a waste of money. I did however buy two pairs of shoes but overall I didn't think it was worth the money maybe next time he will listen to me. I said we could catch a bus or walk to some shops but no he wanted to do the tour oh well we all know Tim has to learn things the hard way because I am sure he doesn't think I know a damn thing.

After returning from the tour, he went swimming and I went souvenir shopping I spent all up $56 but got something for my girls and parents and a something for me and I will be getting something for all the grandchildren of course just haven't found what I want to get yet, still have a couple of days here yet though.

You know I am getting hungry as it has been over 6 hrs since we last ate, Tim said he wanted to go out for pizza tonight and that is fine but I was beginning to think he wasn't returning as he had been gone 3 hrs but he is back now and so we will be going out to eat soon.

Just got back from tea/dinner, we had pizza it was really nice but again Tim didn't listen to me I said order a small he said medium so we got medium and guess what we couldn't eat it all, thankfully we were able to bring what we didn't eat back with us, it's in the fridge and we will finish it off tomorrow thankfully we can eat cold pizza.

I am going to have another bath my second one for today but what the hell with all the sweating I do due to the walking I think it isn't surprising that I want two baths during the day. Tim had a Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini and it was really nice he also had vodka in his bottle of Fanta. We have to be up at 5.20am as we get picked up for the tour tomorrow at 6.30ish and I want us to get up and have breakfast before we get.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Hawaii Day Two

Well here it is day two of our Hawaii vacation and what a relaxing day it has been, breakfast which is included was great and I over ate a bit but that I say was because last night we didn't have dinner just didn't feel like it. My back and shoulders/neck is aching from all the walking and carrying my hand back which I sling across my chest to prevent it being stolen.

After breaky we went for a walk but I also came back to the room to change into my shorts and noticed that the email I sent yesterday to the travel agent didn't go so I had to copy it and send it again this time through my gmail account and that went.

We went on a bus ride this morning I like to jump to a bus and take a ride but most of the time Tim doesn't want to do it which is annoying but this morning he agreed and he liked it.

We have picked up the tour vouchers although it took us a while to find the place to get them from but it is done now so all good. I have also contacted my eldest daughter and my sister to see if someone could ring the booking centre for the travel agent for us. I am not stressing over it but it still a concern.

This afternoon Tim went down to the pool and got into the hot tub while I sat in the bar and had a Blue Hawaiian and a bowl of chips, then I came back and had a nice long bath and as I sit here I am writing this and looking at the beach.

I can tell you one thing I have a bloody headache, oh yeah when Tim joined me at the bar he asks what I was drinking I told him, he asks how much is that I told him I didn't know around $11 and he had this look as if he thought I paid too much but he didn't say anything which is a good thing as if he had I would have been annoyed as he has spent close to $30 on grog since we arrived.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Arrived but not without dramas

Ok we have arrived but all hasn't gone smoothly, last week I wanted Tim to check the reservation and the airport transfers but NO he knew better and what happens we arrive to find out that because he didn't ring and confirm the airport transfer we were not on the list after some talking to the guy it was arranged that another company would take us to the hotel. So we get here at last and we are not booked in till tomorrow the travel agent stuffed up but thankfully after the guy had a chat with his manager they agreed to move our booking forward a day, although the room they had was in an area of the hotel that is having work done so he said it might be a little noisy I don't care I am just happy they are working around us and we have a room. The hotel waved the booking fee because of the work going on and the nose, however there are more problems. I discovered they have us checking out now on Friday and we don't fly out till Saturday and we are booked into the Rydges on Sunday night.

I  have emailed the travel agent and asked them to get back to us asap, I said we are willing and happy to stay another night but we shouldn't have to pay for it.

On another note my back is aching so much from all the walking and carrying heavy bags but it has been a nice day more or less. 

Tim would not have it that we leave Saturday and arrive Sunday, I made him ring Hawaiian Airlines and asked them and then he admitted I was right. 

We went out for a walk, and bought a few things, I got two 600 ml or 20 oz bottles of Coke for only $3.30.

No photos today, I am too exhausted but have taken a lot so far and will download them and post some tomorrow...............maybe............

Monday 15 September 2014


In about an hour we will be leaving for the train station, we are catching the train to Central Station in Sydney and than we will catch the airport train to the International Airport. Tim says he would rather be there early and just sit and chill till it is time to leave than end up running late and I can see his point of view as sitting around waiting to leave is so bloody frustrating.

Jessica is driving us to the train station and I had to ask Natasha to come over and get the clothes off the line this afternoon, Jessica would do it but she will not fold the clothes and I like the clothes folded so they don't get to creased.

I think I might have to find a jacket to take with me I have one packed but don't want to go looking for it so might crap another one, Tim is up and down like a yo you he just can't seem to sit still.  

Sunday 14 September 2014

Packing for a holiday and me being so very excited

Good afternoon all, it has been a beautiful day here in Australia. I had Kathy-Lee, Sydney-May, Summer along with Jessica and Leo here for lunch it was a birthday lunch for Kathy who turned 29 last Wednesday.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent packing for our holiday, I discovered that at the end of last summer I threw out a number of pairs of my shorts so could only find 1 pair to take with me to Hawaii but I also packed some leggings and long tops/short dresses to wear.

We are catching a train to Sydney tomorrow around lunch time and than we will take the train that runs from Central to the airport yes we will be there early but Tim worries about running late and would rather be early than late. The flight doesn't leave till 9pm so I am expecting to sleep pretty much all the way to Hawaii. I have never flown at night before...........just saying..........

We went out this morning and bought me a new camera since the last one died and I have to have a camera on a holiday.

You know what is annoying, when Tim puts the telly on a channel than leaves and goes to his office and doesn't come back............I just changed the channel well I put on Inspector Morse as I am tying to clear as much from the Foxtel hard drive as I can before we leave since I will be recording a fair bit while we are away.

I may not post as often while we are away but if we have free Wi-Fi I will be posting on Facebook about what we are up to, you have no idea how excited I am about the trip.  

Saturday 13 September 2014

Friday 12 September 2014

Five Things Friday...........Happiness

Here is this weeks five things...................

Being happy

Hawaii in 4 days

Pissing people off without knowing how or why

Short hair

Tim going permanent at work................at long last................

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Answers to the questions

Ok as I said I am giving the answers to yesterdays questions, it is kind of sad that this Aussie knows a lot more about America than most Americans know about Australia, anyway here are the answers.

What is the capital of Australia?

How many states are there?
There are 6 states, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, we also have two territories The Northern Territory, and the ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

How many stars are on our flag?
There are 6 stars on the flag

What is the country's largest city?
Our largest city is Sydney

Who was our first Prime Minister?
The first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton

What two animals are on our coat of arms?
The coat of arms has the Kangaroo, and the Emu on it

Battle of the Coral Sea part 1

  Good morning, it is bloody cold here in my lounge room and yes, I have the heater on, but we don’t have big room heaters only small fan he...