Thursday 28 February 2008


I have been told at times that I interfer in my girls lives and I know that is right but I only do it because I care.

Well the other night I overheard a conversation between Tasha and Wog about how Jono wants to talk to Wog about his relationship with Tasha. I think that is Jono interfering in Tasha's life as her relationship has nothing to do with Jono, Tasha said he is concerned about Blain, ok still none of his business.

How would he like it if Tasha tried interfering in his relationships?
Answer he wouldn't.

Tasha has had one serious relationship since Blain was born in fact she has had one relationship period. One new man in her life. How many girls have been in Jono's life?

I hear something about Jono not wanting Blain to get attached to Wog only to have him leave Tasha, well Tasha could say the same thing to Jono about Blain getting attached to some girl in Jono's life but she doesn't as she knows it is none of her business.

Considering that Jono has gone through girls like most men go through socks he really should be minding his own business and no I don't think saying Blain is his business cuts it as Blain is also Tasha's business. Jono doesn't like people to interfer in his life so he shouldn't be interfering in Tasha's life.

Tasha is happy with Wog and that is what matters whether the relationship lasts only time will tell. Does Jono realise he comes across as not wanting to see Tasha happy?

Yes I have interfered again and yes I know I will get told off but what else is new.

Sunday 24 February 2008

The Cost Of Living

I am so fed up with my husband and his tight ass ways, the last two weeks I have not had enough money when doing my food shopping. Last week I had our credit card in my bag and used it for the $30 I was short and when I came home and told my Tim he said give it here "you can't be trusted". On Friday when I did the shopping I had to use $30 of my petrol money and then I didn't get soft drink for me, or milk and bread. I sent hubby a text last night to tell him and when he came to bed he said to me "we will talk in the morning" but the way he said it was not nice.

I think if he starts on me when we talk later today I will tell him he can try doing the shopping instead if he thinks I am not doing a good enough job, I do only have $120 a week for food and there are 6 of us that I have to feed. Yes the girls do give me money for food no that's not right they go and do $50 worth of food shopping when they get paid themselves.

I know only have $20 this week for fuel and I owe my mum $20 which he doesn't know about and believe me he will have something to say about that.

I love him but I am just so over all this complaining about how I handle money.

Sunday 17 February 2008

Lunch was here

Well lunch was here today my parents brought KFC and we also had hot chips, honey soy chicken and cheese and garlic bread pizza. We had chocolate cake for desert I made the cake but it wasn't very nice it was a different brand then I usually make.

Last night Natasha went out for a few drinks with Lucas and her aunty Sandra and Ed. She was home at around 11pm but said she had a good time. Lucas didn't come home with her he went to a 21st party but since she didn't know anyone she didn't want to go.

I am a little tipsy as I write this as I had 2 and half glasses of wine with lunch and wine is what makes me drunk fastest. I am planning to have a couple of scotch and cokes also this afternoon.

Wednesday 13 February 2008


I have my medication now and I am starting to slowly feel better although it will take a bit longer before I am back to normal.

Yesterday we bought a new DVD recorder the type that has a hard drive and it is great to be able to watch and record stuff on both foxtel and free to air. The new recorder is AWA brand and we got it from Big W only cost $255 so that made Tim happy.

Been getting more sleep as Jessica is getting up to Leo at night lately even though at times she gets upset and complains she is too tired to get up, I will get up once during the night to feed him and then I put him back to bed and if he cry again she has to deal with him.

Tomorrow is Natasha's 21st birthday....

Saturday 9 February 2008


I have been very depressed and moody the last couple of weeks, I know the reason for this is because I haven't had my medication for over two weeks. In fact I have had times when everything seems so difficult and I have had moments of crying and wanting to be alone.

Tim did give me money for the medication but I some how managed to spend it on food instead. I will not ask him for more money as I don't want to hear him winge about me wanting money from him. I would rather be depressed then ask him for money.

He can be good about money at times but not very often.

I am writing this here as I don't want to hear or read comments from my sisters about how it is all my fault and that the world doesn't revolve around me. This is my blog and I will write whatever I want.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

6 Movies

In the last few days I have managed to watch 6 movies this is a big deal for me as I am usually lucky to watch 6 movies a year.

My favourite was the colour purple yes an old movie but one I have wanted to see for years had a bit of a cry during it.

To me a movie is good if I cry during it, or laugh so much I wet myself most movies I see I enjoy but I would say they are great because the don't make me do either of the above.

I am going to try really hard this year to watch at least 2 movies a month. If I sit up all night with Leo a few times I will get some

Saturday 2 February 2008

BBQ Lunch & not a Sunday

We had a BBQ at my parents place for my mums birthday and guess what I was/am sick I felt worse this morning but after I came home I went back to bed and slept until around 6pm. When I woke up I was feeling a little better, I only got up because Jessica and Tasha went to the movies and Tim needed help looking after Leo.

I was suppose to make the potato bake but I forgot as I was feeling sick also last night and just didn't think about it. Of cause my sisters and brother had to have a dig at me for not making it and because I felt so sick it made me feel like crying so bro told me not to cry and it was all ok. Normally I wouldn't cry over such a dig but I think it was just because I felt so sick that I let it get to me.

It did rain a bit but not a lot which was good and it wasn't hot or cold just nice.

We even took Blain and he was a bit clingy today not sure why. He was really happy to see his pop pop (my dad) and his nan (my mum), he doesn't get to see them very often.

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