Monday 30 June 2014

I love you Kelli and I will miss you but I am so happy for you at the same time

The time has arrived after many months of living here, Kelli and Daemon will be moving. This afternoon her and Jono will sign a lease for their new place in Shortland about a 15 minute drive from here how does that make me feel well I am both ecstatic and sad at the same time.

After close to a year of Kelli and Daemon living here we have grown close and I can't help but worry that we will loose that special bond I know it is unlikely but still I have this silly worry.

Kelli is so much like me it is not funny we like the same things and have so much in common she is so much like my daughter it is not funny. I love her like a daughter, I treat like a daughter and I am so damn proud of her just like I am all my daughters.

Kelli is so loving and has so much compassion for others, she is a wonderful mother to Daemon and a great cousin and step mother to Blain, yes you read that right she is both a cousin and step mother figure to Blain my grandson.

Kelli took up with Blain's father Jonathon 4 years ago they meet when both of them where staying with Natasha (Blain's mother) and yeah some people find it hard to get that Natasha doesn't have a problem with her cousin being with her ex she feels that if they are happy and Blain is happy that is what matters most.

Kelli said that her and the boys will often come over for Sunday lunch when I have it which is good as I have Sunday lunch here a couple of times a month at the least.

Yesterday when I had lunch I had all my girls here, I did a baked lunch with roast chooks which I cooked myself and baked veggies it was really yummy even though some of the potatoes didn't taste that good I tried to do them the way Kelli does them and I failed.

Anyway back to the topic of the post Kelli moving, this house will feel empty when they go it will be quiet and I will be able to watch my shows all day and not have children’s shows on for most of the day.

When they move I told Tim I would like to change around their room and take out the cot and the single bed and replace the bed with the old queens size mattress off my bed, yeah we got a new mattress on Saturday and the old one is just in the dining room doing nothing, although Jessica slept on it last night but I would like to put it in Kelli's room on the floor for the boys and Jessica to sleep on when they are here at first Tim didn't like the idea but Jessica talked him into it.

On another note, Kelli has been on the phone to the Dept. of Housing (DoH) about help with the bond for the last half hour or so, she filled in the application on Friday and is trying to find out when it will be processed as they need help with the bond she was just told it may or may-not be done by 4pm when they go into sign the lease talk about getting jerked around. I know it can be done in one day but that is so frustrating for them.

Nowadays the DoH don't give you the bond money they loan you the bond money and you have to pay them back, years ago they would give you the bond money and when you moved the bond would go back to the DoH but they got burned too often with people not leaving the rental place in good order and the bond not being refunded so now it is a loan and when you move the bond money goes back to you if you leave the place in good order.

So I guess Kelli and Daemon will be here for only a couple of more nights and as I said I am so very happy for them and will miss them heaps when they are gone. 

Friday 27 June 2014

5 Things Friday Number 5

Here we are at Friday again and I have remembered about five things Friday so here they are.

Back pain sucks

Hot baths are great

Kelli is moving

School has broken up for end of term two holidays

Leo eats and eats and eats from the time he gets here till the time he leaves

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Visiting Nursing Homes and Cold Feet not to forget a Bleeding Nose

Ok here I am writing another post, this morning mum came and picked me up and we went to visit my nan she was very tired today and just wanted to sleep when she is like this we often feel what is the point of being there.

After we left nan we went to another nursing home to visit my Aunty Pat who is now in a nursing home, Aunty Pat is my dad's older sister she is a year older then dad and a year younger than mum although she looks older. Apparently she had a fall at home and was in hospital for a bit and her sister Denise was suppose to ring dad and tell him that Pat was in hospital but she didn't do so and this annoyed dad and mum as they would had gone to see her in hospital if they knew. When we arrived she didn't seem that good but picked up after we had been there 5 or 10 minutes and was pleased to see us, we told her we will try and get out to see her a couple of times a month.

I am glad that on Wednesday's I don't have to take Leo to school or pick him up from school either as he goes to OOSH on Wednesday's and Fridays and he is really loving it.

Damn it is getting cold here, right now my feet are starting to feel cold but I don't want to get up and go in search of something to warm my feet but I really should. I think I might go for a nap soon as I am so tired and if I blow my nose again it is going to bleed again. Yes I have blown it so much this morning it has started bleeding because of it.  

Monday 23 June 2014

Busy life and mobile phones

Well here I am on this fine Monday afternoon getting around to writing a post, I am well although my nose is running and when it isn't running it is blocked and I have a bit of a headache.

This morning I went and helped mum with her monthly shopping and since I had to do that Kelli drove Leo to school for me so a big thank you for doing that Kelli.

The last few days have been busy for me Friday I didn't stop from the time I got out of bed till the time I went to bed. Saturday saw me driving Kelli around to 5 house inspections the first 3 places where ok but the last two where dumps and they were asking $350 a week for the places one of them smelt bad like and old person smell so she didn't bother applying for those places.

It is so hard for her and Jono to find a place this year she has applied for around 30 places so far and went to the Dept. of Housing (DoH) to ask if they could give her more help, she was told if she kept a diary of places she has applied for after getting 30 rejections they would offer her more help in the form of a letter to estate agents saying they would help with bond and such. Well she goes to the DoH this morning and guess what they said that she hadn't filled in the right form and she told them what she was told and they ended up copying the diary and sent it off to the head office in Newcastle. So now she has to wait and see what happens.

Yesterday I had the girls over for lunch, well I thought it would be just Jessica here for lunch but at 9am Kathy and her girls have turned up and stayed for lunch I did silverside and veggies for lunch with apple pie for dessert.

Do you have a mobile phone, I am sure you do as every man and his dog has one nowadays ?

Are you loyal to your provider or do you swap around and go with who gives you the best deal.

I have been with the same company since I got my first mobile phone, that company is Optus, when I got my first mobile phone there was only two mobile phone companies Optus and Telstra now there are more companies but there are really only three many ones Optus, Telstra and Virgin.

Most of my family is with Optus except my daughter Jessica who is with Telstra, who just saw this and went mad at me because I mentioned her name, oh well she will get over it.
Speaking of mobile phones when they first came out they were large phones then over time they got smaller and smaller and now they are getting bigger again what is with that.

My father calls me a dag because I have a pink reciever that I connect to my mobile so that I don't hang up on people when I am speaking to them, I don't care it makes it easier for me and that is what matters to me.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Star Signs and Horoscopes..........

Here I go starting another post I wrote one about smoking then remembered I had already done one about smoking a few months back so scrapped that one, well by scrapped it I mean I posted it over at my Wordpress blog instead..............
As I was saying it is Wednesday here in my part of the world and for the second week I have Summer for the day while Kathy is at work, at the moment I have both Summer and Daemon, Kelli & Jess left Daemon here so Summer would have someone to play with and guess what Summer fell asleep within minutes of them leaving, she is now asleep on the floor near me and Daemon is busy watching telly.
So now I will ask you not if you smoke but instead what do you think about horoscopes.

Do you read your horoscope?
When I was younger I was more interested in horoscopes but now days not so much mostly because there are many who pretend to know what they are talking about when in fact they are clueless.
So often horoscopes are too generalised and could be applied to anyone. I do still check out my horoscope from time to time but I don't live by it or take it that serious but I know that there are those who do and I just don't get it. It is interesting but that's about it.

I also remember many years ago like 30 years or more having someone tell me that a Scorpio and an Aquarius could never have a long term relationship and that was a pile of rubbish as I am a Scorpio and Tim is an Aquarius and we are still happy together.

I do think our star sign says a lot about us and who we are but we are all individual and so much more than just our star sign, but as I said it is interesting for sure. 

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Jewellery expensive or cheap which do you prefer

Well it is another bloody coldish day here in my part of the world, even though it is Tuesday mum and I went out to see nan we took Liarna with us, we went today as tomorrow I have Summer all day again and it is easier. So Kelli drove Leo to school for me so a big thank you to Kelli for that.

Now onto the topic of the day..............jewellery

Do you have any expensive jewellry?

I don't...........

I have a lot of jewellery but no expensive jewellery I don't like the thought of losing
 something that cost a lot of money and I have lost a few pieces over the years but nothing expensive so I was able to just replace the piece I lost.

In fact I buy a lot of jewellery from cheap stores and from Avon, I also like my jewellery to match so I have a number of matching sets of earrings and necklaces and I wear a brooch most of the time and a cross pin as well, which was a gift from a penpal.

Everyone in the family know I am a jewellery wearer and I often get jewellery as a gift.

Monday 16 June 2014

Watching children's television programmes and my life

Bloody hell I am cold today and the cold is giving me a headache, Kathy told me I should go and buy a heater and maybe she is onto something although we have not had a large heater in years, we do have a couple of small ones, there is one in the bathroom and one in my bedroom that I put on at night so the room is warm once I get out of the bath and go into get dressed. Although I reckon if I told Tim I wanted wanted money for a heater he would complain.

Speaking of Tim and complaining about money yesterday I went and asked him for $25 to pay for my Avon as I have not received any pension money in a month so I have no money of my own to pay for it and what did he do, complain of course and I got all upset with him as I have not asked him for money to pay for my Avon in over a year and I was only asking for $25 and that upset me.

Jessica got all pissy with her dad about his attitude than she went and had a talk to him and afterward he told me three times in half an hour that he loved me, I don't know what she said to him but it must have made him feel bad about his attitude although he still hasn't given me the $25.

Kathy has dropped off the girls for me to watch for a couple of hours while her and Michael go shopping for new clothes, so I decided to make some patty cakes aka cupcakes.

Daemon and Summer have been playing alright until a moment ago when he pushed her over and now she is sooking and wants me to just nurse her but I am not that soft I gave her a cuddle and told her she was ok and to go and play again. Sydney-May is fine she is sitting on the lounge eating chocolate which is melting in her hand she is taking that long to eat

Ok just went and made toast for the kids with milk to drink and now I am back to try and finish this post off.

Got a question for you do you watch a lot of children tv shows at the moment I am watching Sheriff Callie's Wild West a children’s show, of a morning I watch a lot of children shows I let the children have control of the tv for the first part of the day than I get the tv for the late afternoon and evening.

I can remember when I was a child my mum going to her bedroom to read a book while us kids watched telly in the lounge room, we only had one tv in the house and if dad was a work mum would let us watch whatever we wanted while she read then after we went to bed she would watch something.

Now days children have tv sets in their bedrooms well all the children I know do and it is so much easier, my girls all had their own telly and I remember getting asked many times if that was a good idea as they might stay up way to late watching tv but it never happened and they never watched shows I didn't think were appropriate.

Friday 13 June 2014

5 Things Friday

Here we are at Friday again so that means 5 things Friday, just 5 random things as they pop into my head.

My neck is aching, a nice change from my back

I'm home alone tonight

I have sleep apnea and use a c pap machine

Purple is a great colour

I like winter/flannelette sheets during winter 

Thursday 12 June 2014

I like my about you

Well here I am on Thursday afternoon writing another post about my life, today Kelli woke up sick she has been throwing up and has the runs as well she is so sick she hasn't got out of bed and when I got back from taking Leo to school I noticed that Jono was here, he just left again while I was out.

Kathy-Lee asked me to go and get her a nasal spray for her blocked nose and when I returned I notice Jono leaving as far as I know Kelli and Daemon are asleep as I said I haven't seen either of them all day.

It is a nice warmish day but not overly warm I am still wearing long pants and socks so not that warm. Tim said he will be working late again tonight by late I mean he should be home around 8ish tonight, just in time for me to see him before I go to

When I got home I grated some cheese, I prefer to grate my own cheese over buying grated cheese, don't get me wrong I do buy grated cheese just not that often, I also like to have a number of different cheeses such as Edam, Jarlsberg, Swiss to name a few and usually have a few containers of different cheeses in the fridge.

We eat a lot of cheese in this household grated cheese as well as sliced cheese again I like a number of different types of sliced cheese, such as Colby, Edam, Swiss to name a few along with the usually cheddar cheese.

So do you like cheese?

Do you grate your own cheese or do you buy grated cheese?

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Getting ready to leave the house and finding we have no shoes for Leo

Ok what a few days I have had been sick, still am sick but have to drive Leo to school whenever they get here and I feed him breakfast, hang on a tic, just had to go and give myself an injection into my abdomen suppose to do it an hour before meals but I often forget expect in the morning when I do it not long after getting up if I don't start using the computer first.

Anyway here I am on yet another cold and wet day, washing will need to go in the dryer again I say and have to say I am surprised Tim rode the motorbike to work I was expecting him to take the car, I could have used Jessica's car to drive Leo to school. Ok I just went and put a load of washing in the machine, when it is wet like this I like to keep on top of the washing and it has been a couple of days since I did a load, so there was 1&½ loads there to do.

Jessica just pulled up so reckon I will finish this after I take Leo to school, because I will have to get him ready and get him breakfast and than of course drive him and it is a 20-25 minute drive each way. I don't drive as fast in the rain, Leo is still wearing the same clothes he had on, on Sunday so I bet that means he didn't have a bath/shower yesterday.................grrrr Jessica he has to go to school today.

Ok I went to take Leo to school and realised that he didn't have any shoes, so I tried to ring her but of course she couldn't answer and I sent her a text but had to try ringing her twice more before I got through to her and guess what she was just about home so I had to meet her at the school yes I was annoyed she kept saying to me on the phone the shoes are at your place well as it turned out they were not she found them at home so it was 10am before I got home and I still haven't eaten as I thought I would do it when I got home only to get home and not feel like cereal or porridge so I did a mini pizza and it is in the oven cooking and I made myself a hot chocolate only to realise I don't have any marshmallows..........bugga..........

Ok my pizza is ready so I am going to post this and than eat, after which I will pop over to the library to return some stuff and borrow more stuff, I like having an audio book to listen to in the car and I finished the last one of Friday

Saturday 7 June 2014

My special girl is now 25

Good morning world it is now Saturday in my part of the world and it is dry although I am not pegging the washing on the line today as I don't think it is drying weather.

I am watching Daemon and Leo this morning, well most of the day I expect as yesterday was my special girl (Jessica) 25th birthday so she went out last night with Jono and Kelli and today they are all sleeping off hangovers.

I don't mind watching the boys I had them Thursday night as well while the girls went to poker but of course I didn't have to watch them all Friday as Leo went to school and Kelli was here to take care of Daemon.

It has been raining a lot in my part of the world for the last few days and it has been pretty cold, although it is winter so I guess that is to be expected.

Leo is addicted to his mums iphone well to more exact he is addicted to Minecraft, which I know is some kind of game he wants the iphone all the time I know some people would have something to say about that but not me, life is hard enough as it is without carrying on about little things like this.

Back to Jessica, since it was her birthday yesterday I said I would do a birthday lunch for her either today or tomorrow, she picked tomorrow so I have taken the roast out of the freezer to defrost I will cook it over night in the slow cooker and I will do baked veggies with it tomorrow. I am also going to get her a birthday ice cream cake well not a cake she wants a Viennetta Ice Cream instead.

Oh yeah I gave her a $50 gift card for EB Games for her birthday well Leo gave it to her and she was happy with it she said my gift could be tomorrows lunch although I would like to give her something else but I have no idea what.

Oh yeah I should mention that she is now 25yrs old or as she was saying on Friday a quarter of a century old, although on Friday morning Kelli made the mistake of saying she was half a century old which cracked Jessica up. I find it amazing at times that my baby is 25 now it seems only yesterday she was born.

I seem to saying over and over again “no more junk food” “no more doritos” come to think of it the boys are too quiet so I expect they are somewhere eating doritos I was right I walked into the kitchen to find them eating the doritos bloody

Oh yeah last night when they were getting ready to go out Kelli said something about how she looked and Sue (her mum) said of course you are beautiful you're my girl I said to Sue I was going to say that but I thought you would get annoyed and the look she gave me was daggers, I said you know I am joking, I know she is your daughter and Sue just looked daggers at me and said do you.............really she looked so pissed with me, oh well she will get over it..............anyone would think it was a bad thing that I love her daughter like she was my own. Maybe Sue doesn't feel that way about any of her nieces or nephews because is she did she would understand where I am coming from.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Had my Well Woman Check Today

Good afternoon all, how is everyone this fine afternoon I am home alone for the time being, Kelli and Daemon have gone out to pick up Jono and they are off to a house inspection in Wallsend and Tim will not be home from work till around 11pm by which time I will be in bed asleep.

As I sit here this afternoon wondering what to write about I am again consumed with back pain and I am so over being in pain and the doctor will not give me anything for it, I asked for some anti inflammatory tablets but she didn't want to give me any however I talked her into it and she gave me a trial packet as she said I should only be on them for 5 days.

I had to go the doctor today for a well woman's check (pap smear)not a pleasant procedure but one we women need to have done. My aunt on my mothers side her younger sister died of cervical cancer at the age of 28 that was back in 1972 she left 5 children without a mother. I was only 10 so I don't remember her, I do remember going with my mum to visit her once but really I was too young to have any memories of her.

Today I had to also have something called the HPV-DNA test this is because many years ago I had a high grade abnormal result, which involved me having laser surgery to remove the abnormal cells.

I have tried to stress to my girls how important it is to have pap smears, although I know one of my sisters is terrible at having them done regularly and you would think she would know better but still she doesn't have them done. She has said she doesn't like them and they are an embarrassment I feel it would be worse if you die because you were too embarrassed to have a simple test done.

Monday 2 June 2014

My Nan's 93rd Birthday

I wanted to write this on Sunday but I just felt so blah all day and really didn't get much of anything done so here I am on Monday morning getting around to writing about the birthday of an amazing woman my nanna.

Nan was born in Mount Seaview which is in the state of New South Wales in 1921 she is one of 13 children the second youngest and has only one surviving sister my Aunty Nita who is a year younger than her.

Nana has been married twice and has 4 children 3 from her first marriage and 1 from her second. Her second husband (my pop) was the love of her life, she married pop on the 28th December 1950.

Nana was a wonderful cook, for many years as when I was growing up we all went to nan & pop's place for Christmas lunch it was the highlight of the year we switched to going to my parents place in the year 90's.

In the late 90's nan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is now in a nursing home, she went into the nursing home in 2010 when pop became ill and went into hospital. My uncle Frank tried to stay at the house and care for her but it was such hard work he decided it would be better for nana to go into a nursing home. However pop cared for her on his own right up till he went into hospital.

Pop was sure that nan would pass before him due to her having Alzheimer's however pop passed away on the 4th November 2010.

So with Saturday being nan's 93rd birthday a bunch of us went over to the nursing home to see her while there we took this 5 generations photo.

As everyone knows I go with my mum to see nana every week, we often take Denni with us and have in the past taken Temika and Lirana.

There was 10 adults and 5 children there on Saturday, and I heard a few members of staff say how nice it was to see so many little children running around the nursing home. Most of those who came where mum's children and grandchildren my Uncle Frank & Aunt Pearla don't have any children but of course they came.

Of course there was cake a nice big cake that tasted yummy brought by my Uncle Frank & Aunt Pearla.

I don't know exactly how many grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren that nanna has I know she has 15 grandchildren and I know that her eldest child (my mum) has 17 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren but I don't know how many other grandchildren there are from her other children but what I do know is that she has a bloody large family. 

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