Thursday 20 January 2011

Running Off

This morning while taking Leo to day care he ran off and I had to chase him, in fact he ran half way up the street with me trying to run after him and although I didn't fall I did stumple a couple of times. I was really worried he would ran out onto the road and get hit by a car.

Anyway after stumbling the second time I looked back to see where Tim was and he is standing next to his van just watching, I had a surge of anger and yelled at Tim to help me so he starts to walk towards us as slow as a snail. I started to cry and Leo came back and from then I had a tight hold of his hand and of course he was fighting me and telling me he wanted his mummy.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Early Mornings

When my daughter moved in I said I hoped I wasn't the one who gets up with Leo each morning but as it has turned out it is me more often then not.

Now I know I can go in and get his mother up but I also know what she is like and when I do get her up she can be pretty lazy and instead of getting him breakfast and getting him dressed she will sit back and dose while he runs amuck. I have been up with him since around 7am and he has had breakfast followed by some ice cream and is dressed and outside playing with the dogs.

Jessica is not a morning person but then neither is my daughter Natasha who has a habbit of letting her son run amuck of a morning also, a person may not like having to get up early but when you have children you have to do it that is just a part of life.

Friday 14 January 2011

Back Home Again

On Boxing Day my youngest daughter moved back home with her son she says she hopes to be in her own place by May. Now this daughter as a habit of fighting with her father something awful so when she moved home I thought to myself "how long before the fighting starts".

Well last Tuesday I got my answer it started because she asked her father to not let her son out the front unless he was going to go outside and watch him and he had a smart ass comeback which pissed her off and she told him he was acting like a effing child and I have to say he was acting like a child. It all blew over reasonable quick she went out an hour or so after the argument and before she left they made up. I however do not think it will be the last fight they have knowing the both of them.

Because she was pissed off with her dad she posted of Facebook that he was acting like an effing child and this caused my sister in-law to leave a comment telling my girls to grow up and realise how lucky they are to have parents who do so much for them and that got up my girls nose and she had to responed leaving a nasty comment. It ended with my eldest saying that she thought things had gotten out of hand and I have to agree.

I do like having them here as she is a help when it comes to the housework and she does chip in for food but doesn't pay rent/board or anything towards Foxtel and internet but thats ok we don't expect anything would rather her save her money.

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