Monday 15 April 2024

Ocean Sea Creatures Facts


Good morning all here we are a6t another Monday, so it is fact day, this week we are looking at sea creatures.

The Earth’s oceans are home to an array of animals and plant life that live and feed at different levels of the water, these levels are called zones.

The sunlit zone to all ocean plants and many animals from corals and jellyfish to seals, sea turtles and sharks. Billions of microscopic plants called phytoplankton drift near the surface of the water, providing food for many creatures.

Only a little light makes it the twilight zone, so the animals at that level have adjusted to life in near darkness and very cold temperatures. These include crabs, squid, lobsters, and octopuses.

The sunless zone is extremely cold and the creatures that live there feed mainly on dead plankton which sinks to that level, which is extremely deep. It is difficult for humans to explore due to the water pressure being so high. It is home to lantern fish, cookiecutter sharks, and deep-sea jellyfish.

Then there is the abyssal zone, which is freezing cold and completely dark, the animals that live there can produce light from their bodies, to attract prey.





Sunday 14 April 2024

Week 15 of 2024


Daylight savings has finished for now, so it was 6am by the bedroom clock when I got up as Tim hadn’t changed it back, but he did do the loungeroom clocks. I am someone who likes to know the time and has 2 clocks in the loungeroom, 1 in the bedroom and the time showing on the microwave.

It was only 16 degrees when I got up. I also woke with pain in my jaw but after a couple of hours it settled down.

Tim is off to a mate’s memorial some fella from work.

By 10.30am it was 23 degrees and by midday it was 27 degrees. So, I turned the air con on.

Tim got home at 4.15pm, he said he had a good day.

Monday morning, the laptop tells me it is 25 degrees, but the phone says 17 degrees the phone is right, I can tell by the fact that I am on the cold side. I am glad I am not someone who has a problem adjusting to the start or end of daylight savings.

By 9am I had to change into shorts the temp was 21 degrees according to my phone.  Turned into another warm day with a temp of 25 degrees.

Sam was late again getting home from school, Tim thought he had missed him and since he had his physio at 2.30pm he came home but when his physio was finished at 3pm he went to check that Sam was home and no Sam wasn’t home, in fact Tim had been gone so long checking on Sam I was wondering what was going on and when I looked outside I saw both of them walking down the driveway.

Then Sam discovered he was locked out of the house, but thankfully Tasha arrived home shortly after and was able to let Sam in the house.

I was up at 4.50am needing to pee so naturally I stayed up; it is a cold 15 degrees this morning.

After Sam left Tasha turned up with a basket of her work clothes to toss in the dryer, she thought she was going to work tonight but there is a chance she may have a job in a couple of hours, and they won’t dry on the line in that amount of time.

The temp at 8.30am was 19 degrees.

Sue came over to do her washing, she also drove to Millers Bakery.

By 2.30pm it is 22 degrees, and I am starting to feel tired.

I slept through the night, Tim slept in his armchair and didn’t go to bed till I got up at 5am.

A cold and windy start to the day with the temp of 14 degrees.

Our new Foxtel box (pay tv) arrived yesterday afternoon, Tim and I will set it up sometime today.

Spoke to Kathy not much to say but I do like hearing from her even if it is only a 10-minute chat.

Tim & I set the new Foxtel box up, not hard to do when all you must do is disconnect the leads from one box and reconnect them to the other box.

The cleaners arrived again, and Tim spoke to them and showed them the video clip, the woman said there was a spider, but it didn’t wash with us. They were told their services were no longer needed.

Had a good night after a bad incident, I had got up for a small drink heard Sam in the bathroom we spoke for moment, and I went back to bed. Tim wasn’t here, he had gone out for a bit. Anyway, I had barely laid back down when I was overcome with fear, I had no idea what I was afraid of, but I started yelling and thrashing about. Sam heard me and came and helped me settle, he sat with me holding my hand till I started to drift off. I hope whatever that was it was a once of.

It was a lovely 12 degrees when I got up. By 11am it was a warm 22 degrees

Had a message from Jess saying Sam is sick so no school.

Had a visit from Sandy, she gave me a big hug, a little bit later Dawson came over to check on me.

Tim went to Centrelink in Wallsend and got the paperwork for me to apply for a disability Support Pension and for him to apply for a carer’s payment.



Up at 4.50am to pee and of course I stayed up, a somewhat cold morning with a temp of 11 degrees, 6am it was 14 degrees.

Went to the doctors for scripts, then Tim and I went to a few other shops. I managed to buy a nice pair of long grey pants, just need Tim to cut them off.


Had a good chat with Sue and she had good cry, by the time got off the phone I was teary and had a cry.

Had a good night once I settled down, I mentioned to the doctor about the fear I felt the other night, which he called an anxiety attack, which I have not had a few years. Tim mentioned that some nights I’m up and down for a bit after going to bed, the doctor explained that is normal with Parkinson’s.

Sue came over to drop off a bottle of Vodka for Tim.

Dawson also came over for a visit, he had along talk with Tasha.

I stripped the bed and remade it on my own.










Friday 12 April 2024

Parkinson's Disease Pt 12

Friday has arrived, so it is time for another post about Parkinson’s disease and this week we are looking at memory.

Now every man and his dog have memory problems which with age can get worse and having Parkinson’s and memory problems is just one more issue to deal with. Now I am not talking about having Parkinson’s dementia or Alzheimer’s but just normal memory issues which can be significant for someone with Parkinson’s.

It is seldom bad enough to cause a handicap, but we need to do the usual things when one has a bad memory such as writing things down, having a notepad handy is a must. I have one on my desk and one in my bedroom, as I often thing of things I want to do the following day just after going to bed and will get up and jot things down.

A usual and annoying symptom is when we are talking to someone and suddenly can’t remember what we were saying and just stop talking. If you are talking to someone with Parkinson’s and they suddenly stop talking don’t snap at them, just give them a few moments and usually it will come back to them, and they will continue the conversation.

Even though this thought block is annoying and frustrating, it is not considered a serious symptom from a medical point of view. As, it does not indicate any progressive mental deterioration or psychological abnormality.

Unfortunately, there is bugga all treatment for this and we just have to learn to deal with it.


Thursday 11 April 2024

Working Life In 1890's Australia


Ok this is part two about banners, in Australia banners became a feature of union processions from around the mid 1850’s. They would be made of silk or canvas and trimmed with gold fringe or braid, they varied from the simple to the far from simple, as in fancy. Either the original or a copy of the Melbourne Eight-Hour Banner is I believe on display at the National Museum of Australia but I maybe wrong.

The main source of traditional banner imagery were classical mythology, biblical stories, heraldic devices and freemasons ritual and symbolism. Most banners showed a masculine figure hard at work giving a man his dignity. Women were rarely shown but there was a plethora of lightly clad goddess like figures to show the ideals of truth and wisdom.

As well as showing the dignity of labour and skills of working people, they also showed the new technology and pride in the latest tools and such.

From around 1857 Australian symbols began to appear such things as the rising sun, the southern cross later other symbols including Australian places, wildflowers, and native animals.

Over the years problem of weathering by wind and rain resulting in repainting and retrimming of banners but thankfully many of these old banners can still be seen in collections around the country.

In the 1890’s despite unemployment troubles, the demise of some unions and the problems of some unions not even being able to afford a horse and cart to move the banners, the processions kept up.

Whereas the early marches can be seen as rites of social integration those of the late 1890’s often became a form of social protest. In 1891 the procession in Melbourne had 52 trades and as many banners, they marched to the sound of 20 brass bands.

More next week.

Wednesday 10 April 2024

The role, of our State Premiers and Chief Ministers


Ok we have looked at our Prime Minister, our Deputy PM and our Governor General, so let’s move onto our state Premiers.

We have 6 states, and each state has their own premier. We also have two main territories the Northern Territory and Australia Capital Territory. The territories do not have Premiers but instead have Chief Ministers.

The Premier is the senior representative and spokesperson for the Government, is usually its predominant Parliamentary performer, and tends to set the overall tone and direction of the Government.

The chief minister of the Northern Territory is the head of government of the Northern Territory. The office is the equivalent of a state premier. When the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly was created in 1974, the head of government was officially known as majority leader.

In a 1998 referendum, the voters of the Northern Territory rejected a statehood proposal that would have given the territory three senators, rather than the twelve held by the other states, although the name "Northern Territory" would have been retained.

Our Premiers and Chief Ministers responsibilities include schools, hospitals, conservation and environment, roads, railways and public transport, public works, agriculture and fishing, industrial relations, community services, sport and recreation, consumer affairs, police, prisons, and emergency services.


Tuesday 9 April 2024

Texas Horned Lizard


Guess what it is time for another freaky creature, this week it is the Texas Horned Lizard.

It has a crown of thorns is also known as the Horny Toad because of its rounded body. This body can be puffed up when threatened. It has another form of defence; it can shoot a stream of blood from the corner of its eyes and occasionally its mouth. This liquid can go as far as 1.5 metres or 15 times the length of its body, it is a cocktail of blood and chemical that’s foul tasting to predators such as wolves and coyotes.

Its horns are bony extensions of its skull and are part of its armoury, along with its spiked scales.

It is one of about 21 North American species of spikey-bodied reptiles called horned lizards. It is mostly found in the south-central regions of the USA and northeastern Mexico.

Because it is listed as a threatened species, it is illegal to pick up, touch or possess them in Texas.

They are considered harmless to humans and pets as they are known for their docile and unaggressive nature.

Monday 8 April 2024

Earth Facts-------Rivers


Here we are on Monday yet again, this week we are back to some facts about the Earth.

Seas and oceans are constantly moved by tides, which are caused by the Moon. As the Moon travels around the Earth the force of its gravity makes the water on either side of the Earth bulge. In a 24-hour period this will cause two high tides and two low tides when the sea level is at its highest or lowest.

Rivers are formed when streams join together, flowing across the land and eventually into the sea or lake. The alter the surface of the Earth over time by eroding the rocks they flow over and by depositing rocks, pebbles, sand and slit as they go.

The Pacific Ocean is the worlds largest ocean covering around 30 per cent of the Earth’s surface.

The longest river is of course the Nile at 6,853km or 4,258 miles in length.

The shortest river is the Roe River in Montana at only 61 metres or 201 feet in length, in 1989 it entered the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest river.  



Sunday 7 April 2024

Week 14 of 2024


I am up, washed and dressed ready for the day, the front and back sliding doors are open even though it is only 17 degrees, but I don’t like the thought of the house smelling stuffy or as my daughter would say smelling like old people and opening the doors and windows can stop that.

Apple, jelly, and custard for breakie.

It is 9am and I am drenched in sweat and my phone, and the laptop say it is only 20 degrees, so I checked the thermometer on the wall it says 21 degrees.

Ok by midday it was 26 degrees, and I was still sweating.


Well, it is Monday and no school today being a public holiday, it is only 16 degrees this morning but still I opened the doors, the temp by 9am was 19 degrees. Got to a high of 27 degrees.

I finished writing letters this morning I have 8 without stamps and 5 with stamps ready to go.

Tim had me wake him at 9am as we are going shopping.

Tim and I went to Kmart, Kathy & Summer met us there, and Kathy was a help. I managed to get new undies, socks 1 top and 1 pair of pants that Tim will need to cut off for me. I have decided I will buy new shorts next Summer. I managed to walk around the shop pushing a trolley without issue, this made me happy.

Hard a hard time settling last night due to my feet moving so much but once I did get to sleep, I slept well.

It was 16 degrees when I got up, now 2hrs later it is 17 degrees. By midday it is a nice warmish 27 degrees.

By 7.30am I checked all my emails, visited a number of blogs, printed my diary entry for yesterday and now I have nothing to do, oh I also made a dental appointment inline for tomorrow at 12.15pm. I have no more pen pal letters to write, I even wrote a few yesterday to pals I haven’t heard from in a while.

Made a dentist appointment for tomorrow, then Tim tells me he will not be here and can’t take me at the same time Sue sent me a text asking how I was, and I told her, and she said she will take me.

Also sent Sandy a text asking if she wanted any of the stuff in the freezer I don’t want, and she said she does so she will come over at some point and get that.

Tim has driven Jess & Sam to Belmont hospital as Sam has an appointment with the paediatrician and Jess didn’t want to deal with the parking there.

Sam took the test to get his learners permit and passed now just to learn how to drive. Jess took Sam for a small drive and when they returned Sam walked in and said driving is terrifying.

Up, washed and dressed for the day it is somewhat cool here with a temp of only 14 degrees.

Opened the doors at least for a little bit, but it was too cold so shut them after half an hour.

By 9am it was 17 degrees, the temp got to 24 degrees.

Sue took to the dentist; she didn’t have as much trouble getting it as I thought she would.

As the numbness wears off the pain is increasing and even though I fell asleep pretty quick I was awake at 9pm with a sore mouth and got up and took more paracetamol.

Once I feel asleep after taking the paracetamol last night I settled again and slept through the night. It felt odd not brushing my teeth, but the dentist said it is better not to brush for 3 days.

It was 17 degrees when I got up at 5am.

By 7am I started to feel like shit, my mouth hurts, I have a headache and I feel nauseous and tired. I did go back to bed for a while.

Sue came over she was in a bit of state as she is having more problems with her Ex, also she got paid but after paying bills she had only $60 left for food shopping and had to cut down her shopping list. I gave her a $50 gift card for Big W and when I told Tim he was fine with me doing so.

Tim has gone into Adamstown for some appointment, the more the day goes on the worse I feel.

I slept well and woke to pain in my jaw and a headache, now I don’t feel great but not as bad as I did yesterday arvo. Another wet day with a temp of 19 degrees.

Kathy rang but we only chatted for a few minutes as I am feeling like shit still.

I walked Sam up the front using the walker in light rain and just managed to get home before it started coming down heavy, the heavy rain didn’t last long.

Tim’s physio Zoe came she is pleased with his progress, he also had a phone call from his Youi case manager. He is going to make sure the cleaners do not come back again, as well as chase up what is happening with the person who is supposed to be helping Tim with a resume and find a job.

I woke around 4am with a lot of pain in my jaw but managed to stick it out till 5am when I got up and took medication. It was 15 degrees at 5am but by 1pm it was 26 degrees.

It is a somewhat coldish morning well with the doors open it is I will have to close the front door because of the cold.

Tim has taken Sam for a driving lesson, in Jess’s car.

I am shaking a lot this afternoon and sweating of course.

Tim asked me this afternoon if my condition will get worse, answer, yes over time it will. He then asked me if I would end up in a nursing home, all I said was that is a long way off, if it at all. I don’t know what the future holds and all we can do is take life one day at a time.






Friday 5 April 2024

Parkinson's Disease Pt 12

Friday has arrived, so it is time for another post about Parkinson’s disease and this week we are looking at memory.

Now every man and his dog have memory problems which with age can get worse and having Parkinson’s and memory problems is just one more issue to deal with. Now I am not talking about having Parkinson’s dementia or Alzheimer’s but just normal memory issues which can be significant for someone with Parkinson’s.

It is seldom bad enough to cause a handicap, but we need to do the usual things when one has a bad memory such as writing things down, having a notepad handy is a must. I have one on my desk and one in my bedroom, as I often thing of things I want to do the following day just after going to bed and will get up and jot things down.

A usual and annoying symptom is when we are talking to someone and suddenly can’t remember what we were saying and just stop talking. If you are talking to someone with Parkinson’s and they suddenly stop talking don’t snap at them, just give them a few moments and usually it will come back to them, and they will continue the conversation.

Even though this thought block is annoying and frustrating, it is not considered a serious symptom from a medical point of view. As, it does not indicate any progressive mental deterioration or psychological abnormality.

Unfortunately, there is bugga all treatment for this and we just have to learn to deal with it.


Thursday 4 April 2024

Working Life in 1890's Australia


Hi, everyone let’s look at the celebrations of work because that is where I am up to in this book I am using for these posts.

It seems the union movement promoted the making and painting of banners to represent its organisations at grand processions proclaiming the dignity of labour. This practice dates back to the medieval time when craft guilds marched behind banners in church processions. These early British Trade Union banners were modest pieces of work made by a member of the branch.

However, by the 1830’s they were made by one company, George Tutill Limited and it was Tutill who was a former travelling showman who seems to have set the pattern of artwork that later appeared in Australian banners.

After making banners in Buckinghamshire for some time he set up business in East London in the late 1850’s. His banners were made from silk often with a woven patterned border, about 3 metres by 3 metres in size so not a small thing.

The banner would have a central square painted in oils depicting symbols of the craft union and scenes of the workplace. Outside the border a sign writer would paint the name of the union, its branch, and various slogans.

Tutill patented a method for treating materials for the manufacture of banners and flags. This involved a thin coating in India rubber to give flexibility and waterproofing to the banner.

Like the British which saw banners brought out for many occasions throughout a year, Australian banners would be brought out on days other than Eight Hour Day what we call Labour Day.

During the 1890’s these banners would be brought out during protest demonstrations, these bright banners were seen as a respectable face of unionism.   

Wednesday 3 April 2024

The role of the Governer-General


Hello everyone since the last couple of Wednesday post have been about our Prime Minister and his Deputy, I thought this week we would look at the Governor-General.

The office of Governor-General was established on 1 January 1901 and has been held by 27 people since. All but one have been men, with our only female Governor-General being Quentin Bryce who was sworn in as our 25 Governor-General on 5 September 2008. As the first woman to take up the office she was seen as a pioneer in contemporary Australian society, yet one who had more than forty years of experience in reform, community building and leadership.

The Governor-General is the representative of the monarch of Australia who is King Charles 3rd and preforms many constitutional, ceremonial and community roles in our political system. Their powers I include summoning, proroguing, and dissolving Parliament, recommending appropriations, assenting to Bills, issuing writs for general elections and appointing and dismissing Ministers. They also submit proposals for referendums, make proclamations and regulations and establishing departments of state and making statutory appointments.

Sounds like a lot but really most of these things are not done daily.

The first Governor-General was the Earl of Hopetoun who had been a governor of Victoria at some point, he was paid the sum of 10,000 pounds an amount that would not increase till 1974. Our current Governor-General is paid $495,000.

Our current Governor-General is David Hurly who was born in Wollongong, New South Wales in 1953 his father was a steelworker and his mother worked in a grocery store.

One thing I remember a Governor-General doing was when Sir John Kerr sacked our Prime Minster Gough Whitlam on the 11 November 1975, I was in year six of school and someone heard about it on the radio and all the teachers were talking about it.


Tuesday 2 April 2024

Creature Day/ Star-Nose Mole

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good Easter, here we are at Tuesday so that means it is creature day and this week we have the Star-Nose Mole.

So, this mole looks like a cross between a rat and an octopus with a unique snout which it uses to find food. It has 22 tentacles which together have a diameter of just 1cm they ring the nostrils and work as a tactile eye, feeling for food.

They work so quick that they earned the mole the award for fastest eating mammal. They take only one-tenth of a second to identify and consume a piece of food.

Because of its nose it can smell underwater, it blows bubbles that mix with the scent of a small fish or earthworm, it then sucks them back in and its mealtime.

With its large, scaled feet and long, thick tail it fits comfortably on an adult hand, well maybe not my hand I have small hands.

It lives in the wetlands of eastern Canada and the northeastern part of the United States.


Monday 1 April 2024

Easter Facts


Here we at another Monday and since it is Easter this week’s facts are about Easter.

The Easter Bunny legend began in Germany.

The holiday was named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess, Eostre

More than 1.5 million Cadbury Creme Eggs are produced every day.

The act of painting eggs originates from a Ukrainian tradition.

The world’s largest Easter egg weighs in at 5000lbs. Standing 31ft tall and 18ft wide is the world’s largest Easter egg. Found in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, the egg weighs a hefty 5000 lbs and took 12,000 hours to complete, it’s

named the Vegreville Pysanka, the world’s largest Easter egg is actually more of a jigsaw than a sculpture, as it is made from 3500 pieces of aluminium.


Sunday 31 March 2024

Week 13 of 2024


Well, it is Sunday, and I had another good night, woke at 1am to pee then when the alarm went at 5am. It is 21 degrees, and I am in shorts as I got hot in the longer pants.

Talk about getting headache, I don’t know what I did but a weeks’ worth of written blog posts including diary entries got somehow stuffed up and wouldn’t open took a while, but I got it sorted out.

Tasha came down just to say hi and give me a hug, she also said she was buying a dryer and will need her dad t pick it up for her. She decided to see if she can find a second-hand dryer.

By 10am it was 23 degrees but not too hot, at 1pm it was 27 degrees.

Here we are at Monday again, another cool start at 17 degrees. I had cereal for breakfast for time in a long time I have had cereal. Along with my egg flip which I added some yogurt that I asked Tasha to buy me only to find out I didn’t like it, so adding it to a milkshake saves me wasting it.

I was surprised when Sam walked in at 7am.

It is another hot day with a temp of 28 degrees at midday, by 1pm it was 30 degrees so turned the air con on.

A really good night didn’t wake at all till the alarm went at 5am, it is a cool morning at 18 degrees. Which of course it dropped to 16 degrees by 7am.

Pizza and garlic bread for breakfast that Jess brought over last night only one slice of the pizza. Also, no eggs for my egg-flip, so just a milkshake this morning.

By 11.30am it was 25 degrees, and I was frenched in sweat and by 1pm it was 27 degrees, but I didn’t put the air con on.

Tim asked me how do I not get bored or get cabin fever (not his words), answer I just don’t I have become use to being home pretty much all the time. Yes, I miss being able to jump in the car and go to the shops but since it isn’t something I can do I have adjusted.

A new day has arrived after another good night’s sleep, not as cool this morning with a temp of 19 degrees.

Spoke to Kathy she things I should start riding the scooter down to the shops, she does have a point.

It felt quite cool when I went up with Sam, the feel of rain is in the air.

The cleaners turned up as I expected, I didn’t say anything to them. Temp has increased to 25 degrees.

I feel so sad and I do not know why, being so drenched in sweat doesn’t help I am wet from the sweat I felt like I was going to slide off the toilet.

Another good night, up with the alarm, washed and dressed had banana and custard for breakie, have both front and back doors open for a bit. Temp at 5am was 18 degrees.

Sandy called in to drop off my baby book, as in the book mum filled in about my first year of life. She had Denni with her who was off sick.

Then Kelli, Jono and Thea turned up to see us, while in the area they were here about an hour.

Then Tim had issues with his monitor not coming on, turned out the power cord wasn’t plugged in fully.

Then I went with Tim to cash in bottles and cans. On the way home we stopped at a bakery, and I was able to get a caramel tart and a lamington, as well as a cheese & bacon pie. The pie was ok but a bit too spicy for me, I ate about half of it.

At around 5.25pm Tasha rang that she needed a new car battery and wanted her dad to sort that out she was still working and couldn’t, at first, he didn’t seem to want to help but I said he would find out if Supercheap was still open. It was and he did end up buying her a new battery and she will pay him back later. 

I slept well I remember waking at 9.30pm to pee and hearing Tasha’s voice she came to get the battery so she could install it but of course it was her dad who went up with a torch to install the damn battery. I don’t know how that went as I went back to bed and back to sleep damn quick.

The next thing I knew was I that I had to pee and when I got up to do that realised it was 4.50am so decided to stay up, I am not one to go back to bed for 10 minutes.

The temp this morning in 19 degrees at 5.30am. By 9.30am it was only 20 degrees.

I discovered when I got up that someone likely Tim ate half my lamington, I am not happy about that.

Around 7.15am it started to rain so I am glad there is no school and I don’t have to leave the house.

Kathy rang around 8.30am for a short chat like she does every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

I walked up to Tasha taking the walker and laundry basket with me on the walker. She met me halfway and carried the basket the rest of the way.

Tim asked me around 4pm if I wanted Hungry Jacks, I said no I had a toasted sandwich around 1.30pm and I wasn’t hungry.

I had another good night in fact one of the best nights I have had in ages I woke with the alarm, got up and had my morning wash, got dressed had banana and custard for breakie again.

Now to start my day doing nothing much other than blogging, answering a letter, vacuuming, and cleaning up the kitchen.

The temp is 17 degrees, suppose to get to 26 degrees. By 9am it was still only 19 degrees but by 9.30am it was 20 degrees. By midday it was 26 degrees.

At midday I decided to go and toss out any clothes that no longer fit, ended up tossing out 3 skirts, 2 pairs long pants, and long top.

Tim bought Hungry Jacks for lunch it was ok, not something I would want very often.









Saturday 30 March 2024

A bit about Easter


Well, here we are at Good Friday which most people know is the day Jesus was crucified. It is also referred to as Holly Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday and Black Friday which I did not know till researching this post.

Ok I am writing this on Good Friday but I will post it tomorrow but that will still be good Friday somewhere in the world.

Here down under Easter is a four-day long weekend, starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday. We celebrate in different ways but for most an Easter egg hunt is involved when you have young children. Also, we like our Hot Cross Buns with or without fruit and sometimes they are chocolate or have choc chips in them.

As we all know Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following 21 March. It was the Catholic Church that created a fixed date to define it and is known as the ecclesiastical equinox.

Why is it determined by the moon well, because according to the Bible, Jesus’s death and resurrection occurred at the time of the Jewish Passover, which is celebrated on the first full moon following the vernal equinox. This soon led to Christians celebrating Easter on different dates.


Friday 29 March 2024

Parkinson's Disease Pt 11


Here we are at another Friday which means it is time for more about Parkinson’s this week we are looking at depression.

Depression is very common with Parkinson’s suffers; I have suffered from depression long before I had Parkinson’s but will admit it has gotten worse over the last few years.

Many feel in the year stages of this disease a vague feeling of nervous irritability as if things are just not right. In some serve depression will set in with feelings of guilt, weepiness, lack of energy and even suicidal thoughts. I have experienced all these symptoms in the days before I had medication and, in the days, before I was told I had it. According to this book this reaction is not caused by the horror of being told you have Parkinson’s but is in fact part of the disease.

In fact, even though the physical response to treat is good, the mental condition often horrible and can get worse once treatment starts.

Patients need to let their doctor know what is going on with their mental health, so they can recommend suitable measures to deal with it. Many people don’t like to admit there is a problem with how they are feeling and will just think to themselves that they need to get a grip and pull themselves together which isn’t going to happen. In fact, the symptoms described nearly always have a medical cause which can be treated.

Those with Parkinson’s need to remember that the disease has

messed with our brains, electrics no longer work as freely as

they should, our wiring has been interfered with.


Things may be better if one gets up dressed eat breakfast and

have some kind if plan for the day. Mixing with other people

is good as isolation isn’t good. 


More to come next week.

Thursday 28 March 2024

Working Life in the 1890's Australia

Ok this week we are looking at farming in the 1890’s Australia with the invention of milking machines dairy farmers were encouraged to use these machines although common sense tells me that not all would have been keen on trusting some machine to milk their beloved cows. Wheat farmers had the new McKay Sunshine Harvesters.

Also, by this time an export trade in meat was developing, this resulted in both New South Wales & Queensland increasing acreages being devoted to cattle and sheep grazing for meat production. The great pastoral companies which were big business knew that their fat lambs and prime beef would be frozen and exported in the new refrigerated ships that ran between Australia and the British Isles.

However, there were still many farmers on small selections that still struggled with fighting the land and seasons. Most were lucky to own more then one horse and most of the work was done by the family members. It wasn’t uncommon for these settlers to find once they cleared the land it wasn’t any good for agriculture.

There were many years of drought which didn’t help and from 1880 to 1886 many areas suffered from drought, in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Then again between 1895 and 1903 most of Australia experienced drought it was the worst drought in recorded history at that time.

This saw the sheep population cut in half and cattle numbers down around 40 per cent. Of course, wheat yields were also affected dropping from around 8 bushels per acre to only 2.4 bushels per acre in 1902. 

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Australian Deputy Prime Ministers


Hi everyone, last week I wrote about our Prime Ministers which made me realise I have no idea who our Deputy Prime Minister is, I had to Google it and it is some guy named Richard Marles I know nothing about him. He is pictured above.

Our only female Deputy Prime Minister was Julia Gillard. Since 1968 only three Deputy Prime Ministers have gone on to be Prime Minister, Paul Keating, Julia Gillard and Anthony Albansese.

The office of Deputy Prime Minister was officially created in 1968 although the term was used unofficially for years before that. The Deputy Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General on advice from the Prime Minister.

If the Labor Party is in office, then the deputy will be a member of that party but if the Coalition is in office, then the leader of the Liberal Party is Prime Minister and the leader of the National Party is deputy.

During 20172018 there was a parliamentary eligibility crisis when the position was made vacant for the first time since its official creation. This was because Barnaby Joyce was ruled ineligible to be a member of parliament by the High Court of Australia as he held New Zealand citizenship at the time of his election which went against section 44 of the Constitution of Australia.

However, he regained the position on the 6 December 2017 after he won the by-election for the seat of New England.

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