Monday 30 October 2017

Did you know...................Monday

Hello Monday, and of course Monday means it is did you know day, so here we go with this weeks facts.

There are about 200 yellow seeds all over the outside of a strawberry and technically each of these contain a tiny seed of its own....................

Lobsters can live for a hundred years....................

If you took a glass of water and magnified it to the size of the Earth, each molecule of water would be the size of a tennis ball....................

Diamonds have been found in meteorites but they are so small that they cannot be seen without a microscope. There may be millions of tons of diamond dust in space....................

The sun loses up to a billion kilograms of weight every on earth do they know this..................

Saturday 28 October 2017

Christmas Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

All the stores now have Christmas decorations and trees as well as cards for sale, in fact these items go one sale far too early for my liking.

As some of you may know I start my Christmas shopping in January and like to buy stuff all year round and keep it stored in a gift box under the bed which in January is near empty but by this time of year the gifts are stored in two boxes. I also have a box of Avon which I have bought during the year which I also give as gifts.

Last week I started buying the special Christmas cards for my sisters, brother and mum & dad. I also order some personalised Christmas cards from Vistaprint which I send to penpals and other family members.

Tim of course says I spend to much on Christmas in general and presents in particular which annoys me, you would think after 33yrs he would know how much I love Christmas.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Do you read the newspaper?

Do you read the newspaper?

When I was younger I used to read the newspaper quite often but not so much now days, some days I will buy a newspaper usually on a Saturday. When I do I like to read most of it but not interested in sport or racing.

I can remember the days when we used to get the paper delivered each Saturday but haven't done that in 20 odd years.

When I was a child I remember the paper boy coming around delivering the afternoon paper, yeah back then the paper came out twice a day morning and afternoon.

I know many people read the paper via a tablet or phone or sometimes a computer but not me I just can't be bothered to do so, I am a bit old fashion I like the feel and smell of a paper or a book.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Home again

Hello everyone I am home now after being away for 9 nights dog/house sitting will be good to sleep in my own bed.

Last night Leo was restless and around 2am he came into me upset because he was unable to sleep, I told him to lay next to me and have a cuddle which he did and in minutes he was asleep in my arms and slept till 7.50am when I woke up.

The night before (Sunday night) I had a bad nights sleep with the dogs being very unsettled and hearing a woman speaking in a whisper, it sounded like she was talking to the dogs, I believe it was Aunty Joyce. The house used to be Aunty Joyce's house before she died.

I went back to the doctor this morning about the pain in my right knee area and he said the ultrasound showed nothing and he had no idea what is causing the stinging pain in the knee area but has prescribed a pain relief patch.

It is called Norspan this is a brand of transdermal buprenorphine (Buprenorphine (BYOO-pre-NOR-feen)('bu-pre-'nor-feen) is an opioid medication used to treat opioid addiction in the privacy of a physician’s office Buprenorphine can be dispensed for take home use, by prescription)

He wants me to give it a try for 2 weeks and go back and see him, I asked about something to help me sleep but no of course not, bet it would be different if he couldn't sleep. Anyway I will get the patch on Friday as it costs $38.80 and I don't have the money at the moment.

Thursday 19 October 2017

Scared of animals

Are you ever scared of animals?

Many people are scared of dogs, myself included, dogs I do not know and large dogs. I have a memory of being bitten by a dog when I was a child maybe that is why I am scared of dogs.

I think many people are scared of certain breeds of dogs such as Pitbulls, Rottweiler and German Shepherd now so many people will say it isn't the breed it is the owner of the dog and the way the dog is treated and maybe that is true is some way but you don't hear of a Dachshund or a Chihuahua turning and attacking its owner.

I am not saying smaller dogs don't attack they do and they do bite but it is the larger dogs that generally speaking do the most damage when they attack or bite.

I am also scared of horses because of their size they are large and that scares me, now I am sure that I would feel different if I had been raised around horses but I wasn't and I am scared.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

House/Dog Sitting with Leo

Hello everyone some how I forgot to do a post yesterday don't know why just did, this week I am at my brothers place house/dog sitting while they are in Queensland for his wife's brothers wedding.

Since I have Leo Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights he is house/dog sitting with me and he is loving it, playing with the dogs and helping me take care of them he is helping me feed the fish (under supervision) also he fed the dogs last night for me. He understands that there are things he cannot touch because they don't belong to us and that he can't go into Kayla's room.

I am only at Dave's during the night since I have to take Leo to and get him from school each day after taking him to school I am coming home here after I drop him off and going back after I get Leo after school.

Blain has his first orientation day at the high school, I have to pick him up at 10.45am and drop him back at his primary school he goes for three Tuesdays this month, never did anything like that when I started high school or when my girls started high school.

Ok been and picked up Blain I was 15 minutes late, as I was given the wrong time should have been there at 10.30am. After I dropped him at school I went to my doctors appointment only to find I had the time wrong it was at 12.30 not 11.30 so changed it to next Tuesday at 9.30 which is much better for me. I can go straight after I drop Leo off at school.

I have baked some brownies this morning to take with me out to Dave's as Leo was complaining there was nothing there he liked to eat and the food tastes better at nanna's house, I made him a toasted ham and cheese sandwich last night, which he ate but said my sandwich maker is better.

Now I don't mind dog sitting but like many people I prefer my own bed, Dave's is too low and too soft and seems to be on a slant making me feel like I am going to fall out of bed and of course with my bad knee I can't get comfortable.

Leo woke up at 1am and came and woke me up as he couldn't sleep, I gave him an extra half of Catapress and even though he said he didn't get back to sleep I know he did, he does have a lot of trouble sleeping though.

Tomorrow I should find time to read some blogs today I just don't feel like I have the time and since I am here during the day I am not taking my laptop to Dave's with me.

Saturday 14 October 2017

Bad Omens or not

Well here we are on Saturday morning, I started this post yesterday Friday the 13th but then Jessica turned up to get Leo and by the time they left I had forgotten about the post, so here I am finishing it this morning.

Friday the 13th is considered by some to be unlucky and by some to be lucky, for me it is just another day but I thought I would share my thoughts about some of the things that are supposed to be bring one bad luck. Well only 5 things because it is Friday or Saturday.

Broken mirrors: Yeah they will bring you 7 seconds or 7 minutes of pain if you are unlucky to cut
your self while cleaning it up.

Ladders : Yes these can be unlucky if while walking under the ladder someone on the ladder
dropped something on you.

Spilling salt: They say if you spill salt you should toss a pinch over it put let us be honest here it is
only bad luck if you spill salt when applying salt to something and the lid comes off
and a heap falls out.

Opening an umbrella indoors: Yeah this can be bad luck if when you open it and hit something
breaking it or if you poke someone in the body or eye when opening

Black cats: They say that you are doomed if a black cats crosses your path but lets be honest it
really is only bad luck if you fall over the damn cat or it runs in front of your car you hit
the brakes and swerve and run into a tree.

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Seeking Attention

Well hello everyone here we are on a bloody warm Wednesday afternoon I had planned to tell you all about what the doctor said but for the second day in a row he cancelled on me, my doctor is sick. I said to mum that we usually don't think about doctors getting sick but because they are human I guess they too get sick and need a day or two off work.

So instead I am going to talk a little about something my eldest daughter said to me a couple of months back, she told me that I am an attention seeker, when she said that I was what the hell. However, thinking about it she may be right, now I think we all have moments when we seek attention from time to time but she said I do it a lot, maybe I do but it isn't something I am aware of doing.

I don't knowingly play the victim but maybe at times I do, I know one of my sisters often comes across as playing the victim and I am a lot like said sister so maybe I do it too. I think this is something other people are better at noticing rarely do those who seek attention or play the victim realise they are doing so.

Are there people you know or who are in your family or life that you think are attention seekers or who play the victim?

Do you think they know they are an attention seeker or a victim player?

Monday 9 October 2017

It's Did You Know Monday

Ok here we are at Monday, so here are some did you know facts...........

Dr Seuss coined the word “nerd” in his 1950 book “If I Ran The Zoo”

The name Kodak was invented by George Eastman and it means, nothing, yep nothing, when he was looking for a good name brand a friend told him that the letter K was easy too remember and that five letters in a name was a good length, so he took that advice...............

Some believe the word “tip” stands for “ to insure promptness”

In most advertisements, including newspapers, the time displayed on a watch is 10:10, so the watch looks as it is smiling............

The sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English language...................

Thursday 5 October 2017

Is it stress

Hello everyone, it is Thursday here and I have had a somewhat busy week with appointments and shopping.

Yesterday I went to see the movements disorder doctor over at the Royal (hospital) and came away thinking what a waste of time.

He told me he thinks it is a functional tremor and caused by stress because we all know when they don't have a bloody idea what the cause is it must be stress. He thinks I need to see a Psychologist to explore that side of things.

So really I just need to learn how to cope with it and he doesn't think it will get worse even though since it started it has got worse and has gone from one hand to both hands and one leg.

He also said that he can see that for me the tremor is real, yeah of course it is real I am not imagining this damn thing, what a stupid thing to say.

So how do I feel, frustrated and somewhat depressed, doesn't help that my leg has been bad and I feel like I can't do a damn thing.

I am still exercising each day and I was told that was a good thing, derrrr of course it is a good thing.

Kathy has told me that the following things cause me stress and yes she is right but really these things are just part of life:

Getting Leo to and from school, Having Leo three nights a week,

Worrying about Tasha's life and her practically ignoring her family,

Worrying about Blain and how he is dealing with the problems between his parents,

Being overweight and feeling I have no way of losing it,

Having Tim tell me he wants to go on better longer holidays and thinking we can't because I can't walk very well.

Am I wrong are these things just part of life or not.

Monday 2 October 2017

Random Thoughts No:7

Hello all and here is another weeks random thoughts......................

It's bloody hot and its only spring............................

Getting away for a few days in the caravan, so looking forward to it..................................

Forgetting to pack long pants because it has been so hot and having cold legs, thankfully I had a blanket in the boot of the car to throw over my legs............................

Sitting around doing nothing much and enjoying it...........................

So fed up with my shaking hand it is difficult to hold a glass to have a drink....................

Tim admitting I was onto something with my doubts about getting a caravan...................

Tim caught a baby shark....................and let it go again........................

Then Tim caught a bigger fish and was so happy..........................

Coming home to my own bed and a hot bath, so good.........................

Feeling really tired and not knowing why...........................

Leo here for four nights, while his mum goes to visit a friend, who lives 6hrs away by train..........

Leo going out with papa on the motorbike...............................

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