Thursday 27 February 2014

More car troubles

Ok I got my car back today, driving home the steering felt a little heavy and I thought I will ask Tim about it and see how it went when I went to get Leo, can you see where this is going, yeah when I went to go and get Leo the car wouldn't start..............what the hell.....................I had to drive Jessica's car to get Leo and then come home and she jumped in the car and went back to her place.

So Tim gets home from work and I tell him I know you are stuffed, he was up at 2.30am to go to work and didn't get home till 4.45pm but the car won't start he is not happy, he went out and tried to start it and then decided to ring the NRMA who is here now looking at the car but I am expecting it to have to go back to Gaspower.

At least it didn't break down at Swansea but chose not to start when I went to leave to head there, for those who don't know Swansea is a good 20-25 minute drive from here and I have to make the trip to Swansea 3 or 4 days a week to take Leo to school and to pick him up from school.

I was watching Daemon since yesterday afternoon and has been so good but now his mum is home he has been a cranky little one mostly because he wants ice cream and we said no not till after tea. When I have him I have no problem putting him to bed at night or for down for a nap, in fact the last couple of times he has told me he wanted to go to bed and has slept all night in his own bed no problem. This morning I woke to a little hand touching me and a voice saying “Jo”.

At least at the moment Kelli has Jono's car for a while so if it doesn't start tomorrow we may have to take his car, which is not as good as my car but it will be better then taking the bus and taxi's.

Looks like it is the starter motor is stuffed, someone from the NRMA will be out later tonight to replace 

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Not much to say today

Good evening yes it is late in the day be the time I get around to writing a post, but better late then never, right.

Anyway this evening it is just me and Daemon here, Kelli has gone over to Jessica's place with Jono for the night, they are having a poker night. Tim will be home but not till around 8pm and by then I hope Daemon is asleep.

This morning Kelli drove Leo to school then she went out shopping with Jono and her and Daemon didn't get home till 2pm so I was home alone for most of the day, she got home just in time for me to go and pick up Leo from school.

When I got home Kelli was cooking a leg of lamb and roast potatoes, have to say it was nice.

Tim rang around 4.40pm to tell me the car was ready and for me to go and get it, however, tea was nearly ready and I said it could wait till tomorrow, he was annoyed with me about it but he will get over it. He said the car isn't going to cost that much around $300 which is good.

Yesterday morning when mum and I went to see nan at the nursing home we found my aunt Pearla there because the nursing home rang to tell them that nan had a fall, how on earth a bed ridden woman has a fall. They said she had fallen out of bed because the bed rail wasn't up, however, she doesn't move the nurses have to move her onto her side or back to prevent bedsores. So I just don't get how she could have fallen out of bed, also she only had a few minor scratches and no bruises and she didn't break anything and nan is so frail I would had thought she would had broken something if she had fallen out of bed.

Well I don't have much to say today so I will end this here and see you all tomorrow.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

These adds bug the hell out of about you

You know what bugs me, it is those adds on telly that are selling things like “Nude” make or “Rapid Loss”, what it is that bugs me is that they say on the adds “for a limited time” or “ending soon”.

How long is a limited time and when is soon when ending soon, they have been saying these things for the last 5 years or something like that. Every time the add comes on I mute it as I am so sick of hearing it. When they say ring in the next 10 minutes and run the add 4 times in an hour it is just beyond a joke. We all know that these things are not ending soon and we know it doesn't matter if we ring in the next 10 minutes or the next 10 hours we will still get the same deal.

I also hate it when they say it is a free trial, because let's be honest nothing is free, they will send you the products and you pay for postage but then after a couple of weeks you have to either return the product or pay for it and the cost is usually in the hundreds of dollars. I feel they should tell you on the add how much it will actually cost you and not lead some people to think it is only going to cost say $20 for postage.

I have heard of people who have in fact thought the cost was only the small amount they have paid for postage and got a nasty shock when they realised that it would end up costing them a couple of hundred dollars.

I am sure I am not the only person who is annoyed by these adds, yeah I know the business are just trying to make money but they are annoying and they have been around for so bloody long.

Monday 24 February 2014

Leo's hair cut and me seeing red

Good afternoon all, how is everyone this afternoon, have you had a nice day?

What has everyone been doing today?

I have had a nice quiet day home answering letters then doing some blogging I will post this after I get home from picking Leo up from school, as I will have to leave in a few minutes.

Speaking of Leo last night Tim cut Leo's hair really short like a number 1 short, this pissed me off as I told him not to do it unless he spoke to Jessica first but he took no notice of me and did it anyway. He got half way through doing it and Leo didn't want him to do any more, Kelli had to go and sit with Leo and talk to him while Tim finished it off, I was too angry with Tim to do so. He then gave Leo 3 chocolates even though I had said nothing else he would be going to be in a few minutes.

So I ended up losing my temper with him and for the first time since she has been staying here Kelli heard me and Tim have a spat but we made up pretty much straight away. As Leo was getting upset seeing me and papa angry with each other.

I do not like fighting in front of children, in fact I have never liked it which is one of the reasons we don't fight, I generally can't see the point as when children are around they will get upset and that will upset me. Children need to be in a safe and happy environment.

This morning Tim asked me what Jessica said about Leo's hair I told him that she wasn't happy as she didn't think he needed a hair cut and she was angry that he didn't ask her before doing it, he shook his head and said he knows.

I just got back from going to pick Leo up from school but today while I was waiting Jessica turned up to get him, this would make Leo happy as he likes his mum to pick him up from school.

Sunday 23 February 2014

I will be glad when Monday gets here as the last few days have been bloody hectic and frustrating days

Here it is Sunday morning and I am just getting around to writing a post, both Friday and Saturday were busy days for me, busier than usual that is.

Yesterday was Daemon's second birthday and Kelli and Jono had a party for him at a local park, so yesterday morning from the time I got out of be I was busy till around 3pm when I had a nap. Things were made a little more hectic by only having one car, this I will explain in a minute, we were using Jessica's car to take the presents over to the park and the food and of course us.

The party went longer than Kelli thought it would we didn't get home here till around 2.30pm so the party lasted 3 ½ hours and there was about 10 adults and 9 children present, the little ones had a ball playing on the play equipment and swings in fact they didn't want to leave when we decided it was time to head home.

Of course Kelli was up late Friday night baking cupcakes and a brownie pizza, she iced the cupcakes Saturday morning and I took charge of getting the pies and sausage rolls heated and I also made a potato bake for the day of which ¾ was eaten at the party the rest we had for tea.

Now let's get back to why we had only one car, my car shit itself on Friday afternoon while we were at Lemon Tree Passage picking up the cake. We got there ok no problem at all I parked the car and waited while Kelli ran into get the cake which only took a few minutes. Anyway she gets back into the car I go to start it and it backfires and smoke poured out from under the bonnet and then it would start but not run, by that I mean it would kick over and then just die.

We had to ring the NRMA who came and looked at it and said there was nothing they could do I would have to be towed, so they arranged for a tow truck to come and tow me back to Cardiff, the distance was 54 K's cost us $170. Well I rang Tim when I was in the tow truck and suggested he upgrade our coverage which he did it still cost the same but being upgraded means we get more for our money.

So now my car is parked outside of Gaspower and Tim will speak to them on Monday, we are not happy as everyone knows we only had the car in at Gaspower last Tuesday and they were suppose to have fixed the problem and it comes back and it is worse.

Friday night it was close to 9pm when I got home, thankfully Kelli's dad Rex came and picked up Kelli & Daemon and brought them home he then hung around talking to Tim till I arrived at Gaspower and then he brought Tim over so he could pay the tow truck driver and drive us home. I was very thankfully for this as I had asked Natasha to drive her dad over to Gaspower and bring us home but she said she couldn't do it she was busy.

It is now Sunday afternoon, I didn't get to finish this, this morning before we left to go over to Kathy's house for Summer's birthday lunch. It was a nice lunch there was only me and Jes, Kelli and Daemon, Leo and Michael's parents as well.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Let's have a chat about stuff

Good afternoon all it is nice and wet here this afternoon but thankfully I managed to get all the laundry done and dried before I had to leave to go and get Leo from school. Thankfully it didn't cost as much to get the car fixed, although this morning it stored on me taking Leo to school but I had no problem with it this afternoon.

While I was watching the telly something was said that I thought I would use a the topic for this post then my daughter rang and now I have forgotten what it was and it is on free to air TV so I can't rewind and see what it was.

Yesterday Kelli mentioned that she was sick and that she didn't feel like going anywhere she just wanted to stay home, and this is now home to her, this made me feel good. After having her here for so long I have gotten use to her being here and I will miss her when they leave, but I do not think that will be any time soon as it is just so hard for her to find a place and I can imagine how dishearten she gets, how often can a person be knocked back without it affecting them.

Oh yeah when I was at the diabetic class yesterday one of the other women came up and asked if I was Jo-Anne Jenkins, I said I use to be, turns out she lived across the road from us when we lived in Flame street, her daughter and my sister Jeannie where best friends. She asked me how my parents are and how many grandchildren they have, I let her know that they have 17 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren and that we get together every week. She thought it was great that we are all still so close.

I just gave Daemon his first taste of Scotch he screwed his face up, I only dipped my finger in and let him smell it and he tasted it, at first he wasn't sure what to make of no one have a go at me it isn't like I poured him a drink of scotch.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Car repairs, changing schools and mother's day

Good morning all, no that should read good afternoon all because it is after midday so that means it's the afternoon. It has been another overcast and showering morning, I still went for a walk this morning even though there was light rain.

I took my car to Gaspower this morning to be repaired not sure how long it will be there or how much it is going to cost we are expecting it to be around $1000 as it may need the gas converter replaced and that costs money.

Yesterday Jessica sent an email off to the principal of Warners Bay public school enquiring about changing Leo's school from Swansea to Warners Bay as the amount of fuel she is going through getting him to and from school each day is beyond a joke. Warners Bay school is only a 5 minute drive from me, Swansea school is a good 20 minute drive from me. So now we just have to wait for the principal to arrange a time for Jessica to go and talk to them and hopefully they will be able to get him into the school.

This afternoon I am off to another diabetic class, Kelli will drop me off and I will have to get either her or Tim to pick me up when the class is over, last week it was interesting but I didn't really hear much I didn't already know but we will see how today's class go. I intend to do the full four weeks of classes because hell it can't hurt and who knows I might learn something.

Even though it is only February I have been thinking of Mother's Day, I would like to go out for lunch on the day and have rang and spoke to the restaurant and they said as soon as I know numbers I can make a booking and I might be able to pay for the meals in advance as well which would be good.

When I told Natasha about going out on the day she said she might not be able to afford it, but my thought is she can give me $10 a fortnight or month as it should only be around $30 a head for the meal and I will either hold the money or get her meal ticket in advance once she has given me the right amount of money. I feel everyone has enough warning they should be able to give me small amounts of money and not have to find the money all at once on the day.

When I mentioned to mum that I would like to go to the Eastern Tiger for Mother's Day lunch she thought it sounded like a good idea and liked the idea of being able to book and pay in advance, she said she will speak to David and Sandra about it and of course dad and we will talk more about it over the next few days.  

Monday 17 February 2014

Love Equally and Differently at the same time

Ok this morning my daughter rang me and told me that she no longer needs me, no I am not talking about needing me for something in particular but she doesn't need me in general. Yes this was hurtful and upsetting but I tried to hid that I was upset, instead I said it was kind of a good thing because she is becoming more self sufficient.

In truth she has rarely needed me and this isn't the first time she has said something that has been hurtful to me, it is something I have come to expect. As most of the time I feel like nothing I do is good enough.

In fact now days I am only really close to one of my daughters the other two don't seem to need me, one would ring me a lot but she says she doesn't like it when I am on the computer while talking to her, or cooking or in fact doing anything else except talking to her.

I am a multitasker I can do a lot of different things while I am on the phone, but my daughter thinks I am distracted and not listening to her, the truth is that I don't wear my hearing aids during the day unless I am watching telly and this is the reason when I am on the phone I can't always hear what is being said and have to try and guess what was said over asking her to repeat what was said. If I did ask her to repeat herself that would piss her off as well, so I am damned if I do and damned if I don't.

She finds it hard to believe that I like talking to her and enjoy her phone calls most of the time, yes there are times when I am busy and really don't have the time to talk but this isn't all the time most of the time I like talking to her and hearing what my grandchildren are doing.

I love all my girls equally, I have a different relationship with each one of them, just because the relationship I have with one daughter is different from the relationship I have with another daughter doesn't mean I love any one more. I love all of them equally and differently.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Natasha

It was 11pm on the 14th of February 1987 when Tim & I received the best Valentine's Day present ever and decided that there would never be a better present what did we get well it was a baby girl Natasha Nicolle weighing 7lb 13oz.

My biggest baby is my smallest daughter, she is my middle child and like many middle children she was always the peacemaker in the family, if you were to go to this page and read about middle child syndrome it would be Natasha to a tee.

Natasha was our rebellious child and gave both me and Tim many sleepless nights worrying about her, in fact when she was a teenager both of us thought it would me good is she was to fall pregnant because we thought it would make her settle down and give her a reason to sensible. Guess what we were right, when she fell pregnant with Blain she did in fact really settle down and it gave her a reason to live.

When she was only 16 she thought she knew it all and wanted to move out with some friends it wasn't what I wanted her to do but I knew her well enough to know that she had to learn the hard way that it was a mistake, so we let her move out she was only gone around 4 or 6 weeks. In fact she rang me one afternoon in tears asking if her dad could go straight down and move her home that day, and of course he did.

I wish I could say that was the end of her rebellious behaviour but that would be a lie she later got mixed up with the wrong people and caused me so much worry, I would often lay in bed and pray that she would return home safe. One night I laid in bed and prayed that God would send someone to rescue her and get her away from those who I feared would harm her, maybe even end up killing her, yes I was that worried about her. The following week Jono walked back into her life and he was the answer to my prayers.

Natasha and Jono have one child Blain who is now 8 years old and he is the best thing she has done with her life so far.

Since Jono there have been a couple of “waste of space” boyfriends but as I have mentioned Natasha is someone who has to learn the hard way, she cannot be told that a person is wrong for her, I have always treated the men in her life with respect because they are who she chooses to be with at that time in her life.

I know Natasha would love to have more children and I think it would be wonderful if she did, but she wants to find the right man first but when that will happen I don't know. What I do know is that I love her, for who she is yes she has faults but she is still my darling daughter and I am there/here for her whenever she needs me.

I support her and her decisions even if I do not agree with them, because I love her and I am mostly proud of the woman she has grown into.

So Happy Birthday my darling daughter Natasha Nicolle, aka. Nicky Nat by her pop

Wednesday 12 February 2014

How well do you know your country? A little bit about my country

How well do you know your own country, do you know who was your first Prime Minister or President, can you name all the countries states and or territories how about the capital cities can you name them, Australians do you know when we gained Federation, how about when our Constitution when did that come into effect.

When I was at school these things were not taught much, I remember thinking in our history class when I was in high school that so much of what we learn was not about Australia's history but world history and American history. I don't know what it is like now days, maybe things have changed and Australian history is taught more, I hope so.

I love history, I like watching stuff on the history channel and have always had a love of history and would had taken history as a class in high school if it was about Australia's history but it wasn't so I didn't. Yes there was some parts of Australia's history taught but not enough for my liking.

I didn't know that Darwin was bombed by the Japanese during world war 11 for many years after leaving school, and than I didn't know what the date was that it happened, I now know it was on the 19th of February 1942.

What I know about Australia's history I have learnt via the web, and the history channel on telly. I think it is sad and wrong that many Australians can tell you the president of the USA but don't know who the first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton he served from 1901 to 1903 just saying.

Does anyone know when the current Australian flag was introduced, I thought it was 1901 but when I checked for this post I realised it was changed in 1908 and than again a few times between 1939-1953 and it wasn't till 1953 that the flag was legally defined in the 1953 flag act.

I love this country and feel that our young Australian's should be taught more about the history of this wonderful country.

If you look at this map you will see Lake Macquarie which is where I live.

Tuesday 11 February 2014


Let's talk today about footwear, or maybe the lack of footwear.

Do you wear shoes while at home?

Do you wear shoes when going out to the shops or to a restaurant?

Me I don't wear shoes at all when I am at home, the first thing I do when I walk into the house is take my shoes off.

During summer I wear thongs...........aka........flip flops........all the time I have a house pair which are cheap $3 rubber thongs and a better looking black pair that I wear when I go out and I of course have a pair with a nice heel to wear when I go shopping.

Recently I have been noticing other people's feet when I am out and it amazes me the amount of women who go out wearing cheap rubber type thongs, I can't help but think why don't they pay a few extra dollars and get a nice looking pair to wear out.

My niece Kelli doesn't wear shoes at all and I mean at all doesn't matter were we go she always goes barefoot. Now we have never been to a restaurant with her but it wouldn't surprise me if we did she would go barefoot, I don't know if she even owns a pair of shoes, she says she does but I haven't seen them.

I can't walk out of the house without shoes one, even if I am only just stepping outside for a couple of minutes.

Now my feet sweat a lot and I mean a lot when I wear sandals I have to wear knee high stockings or pantyhose because of how much they sweat, if I was barefoot my feet would sweat so much that my feet would move and rub and I would end up with blisters due to the sweating.

Tim has a problem with what he calls a double standard, by that I mean when we go to the club they have a sign out the front saying men can't wear thongs but women can wear nice thongs with a slight heel also known as thong sandals. I agree with him there is a double standard but it is just the way it is.

Do you make your babies and toddlers wear shoes?

When my girls were babies and toddlers I didn't bother with shoes most of the time, I couldn't see the point they would often take the shoes off 5 minutes after I put them on.

I think it is strange that my daughter Natasha wears shoes and socks around the house all year round, she also makes her son Blain wear shoes and socks while in the house. When he comes here I tell him while in the house he doesn't need his shoes on. Leo doesn't wear shoes around the house unless he has been out and has shoes on, meaning when he gets home he doesn't think to take his shoes off but when he gets up of a morning he doesn't put shoes on unless he is going out and his mum tells him to wear shoes.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Drinking Age

There is talk about raising the drinking age here in Australia from 18 to 20, now as far as I am concerned if a person is old enough to vote, join the army and go and fight for your country and possible die than you are old enough to drink.

Now I know there are some who will think I am wrong and that people shouldn't be able to drink at such a young age and they go one about how teenagers are binge drinking and getting into fights and acting in an unsociable and rude manner.

However, the so called experts have been saying this for over 20 years which means the young people acting in such a manner are a new generation of crazy, irresponsible young people. We keep hearing that the youth of the day are out of control, but they have been saying it for so long, to me it seems that is is part of life and each generation have an element that are out of control and act in an irresponsible manner.

However, most of them out grow the irresponsible and out of control behaviour and I also don't think raising the drinking age is going to stop the drinking it is just going to cause more under age drinking.

I am in favour of closing clubs and pups are an earlier hour, honestly I don't get why some places feel the need to be open till 5am, here in Newcastle we have a 1am lock out which means you cannot get into a club or pup after 1am and they stop selling grog at 3am and that has reduced the amount of grog filled violence. When I was young the clubs shut at 3am and that was good enough, so maybe all the drinking venues should close at an earlier time.

What do others think, do you think that the drinking age should be older than the age to vote and enlist in the army or should it all be the same age.

Do you think the age should be 18 or 20 or maybe you think 21 is the right age.

How old were you when you started to drink?

Thursday 6 February 2014


 I don't like confrontation, how about you?

I am not one to get into a fight with the neighbours, although many years ago it did happen but only the once, and it wasn't just me it was Tim as well. I don't remember what we were fighting over but it was not nice and it left me feeling uneasy. 

There are other people around here who for years seemed to enjoy getting into fights with their neighbours, they must had enjoyed it as they did it so much.  We had a many fights here years ago, not so much now days though. 

Jessica said that she has a couple of neighbours who like to fight one lives up the top of the driveway near the road, the other lives down the end of the driveway so they will walk and meet in the middle and have a fight. Jessica lives in the middle so they are usually fighting out the front of her place. 

When your neighbours are fighting what do you like to do, shut the doors and windows and pretend you can't hear them? Or do you like to watch and listen as long as they don't know you are watching? 

I am one of those who likes to watch and listen but from the safety of my own house, with the doors closed and me hidden from view. 

So if you were out and you came across a fight what would you do? 

Me I would try and get somewhere out of sight where I would not get involved and watch, yes that might make me sound terrible but I think it is human nature to want to watch and see what goes on.  I wouldn't get involved because, I don't like confrontation and I can't fight so I would end up hurt. 

I was never around people who fought as a child, my parents rarely fought in fact they still rarely fight it is just not something they do. Tim and I rarely fight and you could count the amount of fights Tim and I have had on one hand with fingers left over. 

Tim also doesn't like confrontations so maybe that is one of the reasons we don't fight. 

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Hi, it's Wednesday and my back is aching and my head is aching and my car windows will not go down........................

What is everyone doing today?

I have had a pretty easy morning, after getting up I went for my morning walk, at this stage I am only walking around the block and it takes me between 33-40 minutes to do so. I am hoping that in time I will be able to increase how far I walk but it is slow going, by the time I get home I have to have a lay down and rest for a few minutes before I am able to do anything else. However, today my back is aching a bloody lot I had to move from my computer chair to the armchair and I am using a couple of pillows to support my back but it is not helping much with the pain.

It looks like I might have to go on Byetta injections for my diabetes as it is not being controlled with the oral medication, right now I have to test my bloody twice a day first thing of a morning and then again after breakfast.

It is supposed to be around 5 first thing of a morning mine is around 14 and should be around 8 after breakfast mine is between 15-18 so quite high, with it being high I am getting a lot of bad headaches again.

Now my car, yesterday Jessica took the car down the road and when she gets back she walks in and says “windows broken” like that told me anything, what windows are broken turns out it is the front windows in the car they will not wind down.  So we tell Tim he looked at it said he didn't know what the problem was but he didn't seemed that fussed but this morning he took the car to work and decided to call in at the auto electrician turns out the car will have to go in on Monday to be looked at. I knew if Tim had to drive the car he would decide to get it fixed since he can’t smoke if he can’t wind the window down.

I really don't have much in the way of news today and in fact this post has taken a couple of hours to write, I have started it and then deleted and started again and deleted again but at last I have something I will share not the best post I guess but something.  

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Sleeping and children or not sleeping at all and feeling tired all bloody day

I am sure pretty much every parent has experience sleep deprivation at some point here are 10 signs you may be experiencing sleep deprivation:

  1. Inability to handle stress
  2. Poor Memory
  3. Inability to Concentrate
  4. Increased Appetite
  5. Vision Problems
  6. Poor Decision Making
  7. Diminished Motor Skills
  8. Relationship Troubles
  9. Medical Problems
  10. Mood Swings

Now if this is a problem you suffer with there is help available so don't suffer in silence, ok let's be honest you wouldn't be suffering in silence you would be letting everyone you come into contact with know you are sleep deprived because you will be in such a terrible mood.

Now if you are a parent of a child that doesn't sleep and you have a partner/spouse than you need that person to be supportive of you while you attempt to get your difficult child into a better sleeping routine.

If they prefer to lock themselves away in a different room so they can't hear the child that is crying and preforming that is only going to make you mad and pissed off with them because you will feel like you are doing it alone. If you are the one who locks themselves away in a different room than shame on you, you need to be helping.

Dealing with a child that doesn't want to sleep is stressful, the easy thing is to pick them up and rock them and try to get them into a deep sleep before putting them back to bed, but that often will backfire on you and because of that it is better to not pick them up but to give them their dummy if they have one and stand and pat their bottom and maybe talk to them quietly in soft voice till the start to settle again, then leave the room and if they start to cry the moment you start to walk away, keep walking shut the door and give them 5 minutes before going back in if needed.

This is not easy I know but it can and does work you may have to go into them many times over and hour or two but if you do this all the time they will eventually start to settle quickly. Sometimes a baby or child will know that if they cry and perform enough they will get their own way. Breaking the patten isn't easy.

It is when you are trying to break a patten or set up a new routine that you need the understanding and support of your partner, it doesn't matter whether the partner is the parent of the child they are your partner and as such they should be supporting you.

My oldest daughter Kathy-Lee was a terrible one when it came to settling her this was from birth and as a toddler we had many nights when she would not want to sleep, even though she was tired. I however, was luck in that most nights I had Tim here being supportive and we would take turns taking her back to bed and she would come out a couple of dozen times a night but each time one of us would take her back to bed. We didn't stay and have long talks to her, we just put her back into bed and leave and 10 minutes later she would be back out again.

As a baby Kathy wouldn't settle either and at first I made the mistake of always picking her up and rocking her and settling her but soon realised it wasn't working because as soon as I put her in the cot she would cry again so I stopped that and moved onto the standing next to the cot and patting her bottom till she settled again than walking out of the room and yes most of the time she would cry as soon as I started to walk away or as soon as I got out of the room but I learnt not to go back into her straight away I waited a few minutes before going back.

I am not going to tell anyone that it was easy it wasn't it was in fact bloody hard and bloody stressful and I had many times when I would sit in the hall way crying and saying I couldn't do it anymore. It was too hard and she hated me and I was a failure as a mother, there was many times when I would get so angry with her I would shake with rage, (me not her) I never shook her but it wasn't always easy I did have to put her in her cot and walk outside for a few minutes to calm myself before going back in and dealing with her again.

I will not tell you either that Tim was the biggest help, because he wasn't always a help there was times when he would be like, “ I have been at work all day and need a rest”. I would think what do you think I have been doing all day sitting around having tea party, yes when he was young I am sure Tim didn't see being a stay at home mother as a real job but some kind of easy life.

I always think it is amusing when I hear about men who don't want to watch their child all day because they have things to do and it will take time away from what they want to do. Women have things to do also but we manage to do most of the things while watching the child or children at the same time. Why do they think it is ok for a woman to have to deal with children while trying to work from home, or study from home as well as doing all the housework and cooking meals and than in the evening bathing children and getting them ready for bed.

Than they are expected to deal with a child or children that do not want to settle and go to sleep but fight and cry.

Sunday 2 February 2014

After 30yrs we are comfortable together

Tim and I have been together for 30yrs, we are still in love and enjoy each others company but recently he was at a doctors visit and the doctor asked him about our relationship after Tim telling him a bit the doctor had the hide to say that we don't have a real marriage it is more like a de facto relationship.

Just because we don't have a lot interests in common, such as hobbies and during the day/night when watching telly we often watch two different shows, Tim will go to his office and work at his computer and watch his own shows and I will be in the lounge room and use my computer and watch my shows.

However when we go away on holidays we don't fight and enjoy doing things together I am into museums more than Tim is but that said he also doesn't mind wandering through some museums.

So yeah we have different interests but after so long together we are comfortable with the differences and we are happy and as I said still in love. I don't think two people need to spend all their time together doing things together.

So here is my question to all do you think two people who are in love and been together for 3 decades need to do things together all the time, or do you think it is normal to spend time doing different things at the same time enjoy your time together when you go away on holidays.

There are times when we sit and watch telly together as there are some shows that we both like.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Happy Birthday to my mum

Oh well here I am back again I have had a few busy days as per usual and yesterday I ended up the phone to Telstra about my email, this time I think it has been sorted out and I am hopeful not to have any more problems.

I had planned to write this on Thursday but with one thing and another I didn't get it done so I thought I would do it yesterday but ended up on the phone to Telstra for so bloody long that by the time I was off the phone all I wanted was a

Anyway this post is about the most amazing woman I know................MY MUM..............on Thursday she turned 74, yeah mum is 74 and has she slowed down any, no she hasn't, on Thursday she spent the morning looking after Denni while Sandra drove Temika to day care this mum does every morning, she then drove Kayla to school and Liarna to day care after picking me up on her way through. After dropping the girls off we went to the nursing home and saw nan, after going home mum had to get my brothers lunch and then after lunch mum and dad went out to a shop. In the afternoon she had to watch Denni again while Sandra went and picked up Temika.

My mum is so amazing she is not just my mum she is my best friend I don't think my looks or acts like a 74 year old woman she is always so busy, running around after her grandchildren and acting as a bank for some of her children (not me)...............

Mum is more like Dawson's mother than his grandmother she has cared for him since he was born and is the person he chooses to be with more then either of his parents, it is not unusual for Dawson to say he doesn't want to go to his mum's or his dad's place on a Friday afternoon wanting to stay at the place he calls home.

Mum also takes care of dad which some might think is not a big deal but dad is becoming more frail as he gets older and his memory isn't all it use to be and he has had a few falls due to loss of balance.

Mum is one of those women who says she doesn’t have time to be sick and will joke that she has to pencil in a time to be sick and if that time conflicts with something more important she will have to change the time to be

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