Sunday 3 March 2024

Week 9 of 2024 & A New Post on my other Blog


Had another good night woke when the alarm went off. When I went to wear my shorts they were so loose I was unable to wear them and had to change into a pair of longer pants as I have no more clean shorts that fit. It will be another nice day warm but not hot.

I used the new air fryer/oven to toast my banana bread and of course I burnt most of it.

A warm day but no need for the a/c.

Tim has ben making his own beef jerky type stuff in the new air fryer/oven as it has a setting for dehydration.

Had a good night woke with the alarm, found the kitchen not a mess but not as clean and tidy as usual.

Made myself an egg-flip for breakie with a hot cross bun which I couldn't eat.

In for another warm day top of 27 degrees.

Turned the air con on at around midday.Tim took the empty cans and bottle over to earn & return.

Another good night up at 5am as usual and could here rain as I was having my morning wash. I am unable to go with Sam to meet his driver due to the rain.

Rained on an off all morning but then fined up.

Had a phone call from the podiatrist they changed my appointment to Friday at 9am.

Another pretty good night, I am wearing light weight long pants as my shorts are not dry, Tim did a load of washing Monday night and hung them on the clothes hoists to dry but as yesterday was not a good drying day due to the rain and all I found the shorts still damp this morning so went with what I am wearing instead.

How frustrating is our internet we are online and everything should be working just fine but no I keep getting a message saying no internet....grrrrrr

Dawson came over for a visit he was here for about an hour or so, it is always nice to see him.

This afternoon while I was eating lunch Tim went out didn't say where he was going, for some reason I thought he was going out to buy his lunch, which he but he also bought me a new mobile phone that was a surprise. It is a Samsung Galaxy A05s. I will have to get either Jess or Tash to help me set it up. I shake far too much to try and do it myself.

Another really good night slept straight through till the alarm went at 5am. We are in for another scorching hot day with a high of 38 degrees, yesterday it got to 33 degrees.

I turned the air con on at 9am.

Kelli called in to pick something up, it was nice to see her, she was only here 5 minutes but that's ok better then not seeing her.

Jess came over and set up the new phone, I will have to install a couple of apps but it is working and for that I am grateful.

Tim followed Jess into were she is working tonight to met someone she works with he is connected to some church that runs some kind of men shed thing Jess thought might interest Tim he wants to do something other then sit on his bum watching Youtube or Facebook.

It is a warm morning here 23 degrees when I got up at 5am. At 5.50am Blain walked in he brought down the disable parking permit as I have an appointment with the podiatrist this morning.

When I was speaking to Kathy I asked how Michael's dad was doing and Kathy told me he passed away last night, I said that is big news you could have told me without waiting for me to ask after him. I hope Michael is doing ok.

Went to the podiatrist saw a new woman she was nice but I had to pay for the first time in years, cost $66 and I should get $58 back.

I am having a hard time settling tonight so got back up at 10pm and watched the last hour of a movie with Tim, before returning to bed.

After returning to bed around 11.20pm I managed to get some sleep before the alarm went off, I suspect I will be having a nap sometime this morning.

I sent Tasha a message last night asking if goes to the Plaza could I go with her.

I shut the house up at 9am and turned the A/C on for about 15 minutes and then turned it off for a while I turned it back on at 11am. Around 1pm there was a change in the weather and the temperature dropped, so Tim turned off the A/C.

I have also done a new post on Radom Things which can be found here:


  1. Sounds like a halfway decent week, but hot. Hope you finally got to wear your shorts! :)

    1. Oh yeah it was a bloody hot week, since losing weight many of my shorts are too big to the point of nearly falling off me

  2. All things considered, it sounds like you had a good week, Jo-Anne. Hope this one goes well, too!

  3. A second blog is a lot of work. I would try to keep everything together in one blog, I think.

    1. It can be but I like having things kept separate but that's just me

  4. Not a bad week, Nice of Tim to surprise you!


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