Monday 24 March 2008

DVD Recorder

Well I have my DVD recorder up and running at last didn’t take long to set it up as all I had to do was connect the cords and turn it in.

I am a little upset with myself as I didn’t realise it was a –R/RW recorder and not one that take both + and –R/RW so now I have to go out and get new disc’s.

So far I haven’t recorded anything on it but I am so happy to have it set up ready to use.

Monday 17 March 2008

Tim Generous

Man am I tired I am sitting here watching CSI NY and I can hardly keep my eyes open and I had a good nights sleep last night so why am I so tired.

Jessica picked up her car today (see bigblog) and has been out since around 4pm where is she over at Jono's of course. I hope she isn't home to late at least she does take Leo with her when she goes out. I am glad I will not have to catch the bus tomorrow to take Blain to day care, Jessica said I can take her car.

On Saturday while we where out Tim decided to buy a new dvd recorder I was surprise that he did that, he does have a generous side it just doesn't come out very often. He also help Jessica get her car.

Thursday 13 March 2008


Well today we had to take Blain to day care and of cause I still have no car so we had to catch two buses, when I say we I mean me and Tasha.

Tasha doesn’t like catching buses unless she has done it a few times as she often has no idea where to get off let alone which bus to catch. So I had to go with her.

Anyway last night I sent Tim a text telling him I would need around $15 for bus fares, so he left me $10 and said that should be enough….It wasn’t……...

We had to get up and leave by 7.10am the first bus came at 7.20 but of course was late which meant we missed the next bus and had to wait for the next bus which was half an hour away but of course that one was late too. I think the only one which wasn’t late was the one we missed…

Well by the time I got back to Charlestown where I had to catch another bus to get home it was 10.10am and yes you guessed it I missed the change over bus and had to wait but then I didn’t have enough money which I realised at 10.40am. So I rang Tim and asked him to come and pick me up which he did but by then I was tired had an headache and a back ache I was also hungry and thirsty as I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since the night before.

I think what made me feel worse was that I felt that since Tim was home at midnight he could have gotten up at 8.30 and drive Tasha and Blain into the day care and be home again by just after 9am when he could have gone back to bed.

Also I was up a few times during the night to take care of Leo as Jessica was feeling very tired and sick in the tummy.

By the time I got home I had been gone 4 hours and I said to Tim is it any wonder people don’t use public transport more when it takes so long and costs so much.

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