Monday, 17 March 2008

Tim Generous

Man am I tired I am sitting here watching CSI NY and I can hardly keep my eyes open and I had a good nights sleep last night so why am I so tired.

Jessica picked up her car today (see bigblog) and has been out since around 4pm where is she over at Jono's of course. I hope she isn't home to late at least she does take Leo with her when she goes out. I am glad I will not have to catch the bus tomorrow to take Blain to day care, Jessica said I can take her car.

On Saturday while we where out Tim decided to buy a new dvd recorder I was surprise that he did that, he does have a generous side it just doesn't come out very often. He also help Jessica get her car.


lil harry said...

HI Jo-Anne..great that Tim bought a new dvd thingy for you and helped with the car..nice for you all

Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne,
Nothing on TV to keep me awake either so I read or talk to family then come to the computer.
Good to have a new DVD recorder...
Take care,

mandy said...

Good news about the car Jo-Anne, nothing worse than having no wheels....

Aren`t men just full of surprises??

Have a good easter

The Causeway said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
Hope that you and your family have a Haooy and safe Easter weekend.
You take care of yourself.
sending you a huge HUG and a rainbow

lil harry said...

hope you have a had a good weekend with your family Jo- Anne.


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