Monday, 24 March 2008

DVD Recorder

Well I have my DVD recorder up and running at last didn’t take long to set it up as all I had to do was connect the cords and turn it in.

I am a little upset with myself as I didn’t realise it was a –R/RW recorder and not one that take both + and –R/RW so now I have to go out and get new disc’s.

So far I haven’t recorded anything on it but I am so happy to have it set up ready to use.


lil harry said...

thats great the set up was easy.. Wow there is so much to know about new technology..I don't know if i would know the difference.. hope you get to try it soon

Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne,
Nice to read you have your DVD Recorder and it's a pain with the different DVD'S.
I am ok with the DVD'S as our DVD Recorder takes all kinds and it also has a hard drive which I would not be without.
Have fun and take care,


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