Thursday 30 April 2020

Thursday's words

The beauty  of the sunbeam lies
partly in the fact that God does not
keep it. He gives it to us all

BY: David Swing

Tuesday 28 April 2020


Hello everyone, here we are at another Tuesday, so of course it is creature day and todays creature is the Armadillo.

As its name suggests it has an armour, on its back are bands of hard bony scales which make it difficult for predators to bite into. One species the three banded armadillo can roll into a ball making it protected all over. Other species can run and hide in thorny bushes as their armour can protect them from the thorns, or they wedge themselves into their burrows so they cannot be pulled out.

If a nine banded armadillo feels threatened it may jump straight up in the air, unfortunately this means they are killed on roads as they jump in front of passing cars.

They have a life span of 12-15 yrs and are 15-25cm's in height

Monday 27 April 2020

Did you know, I didn't...........................

Hey everyone it's Monday, I forgot till now so here are today's facts..................................

A stretched out slinky toy is 87ft long

There is no wind on the moon, so, unless someone disturbs them the footprints left behind should last forever.

Richard the Lionheart aka Richard 1st spent 95% of his reign on foreign shores, it is believed he visited England twice.

Before 1850 golf balls were made of leather and stuffed with feathers

Once in Korea eggs would be sold on bits of string

Sunday 26 April 2020

Diary Week 17

Awake and up at 7.15am when Tim went to work, Leo was awake also but when I called him for help he didn't come so I went to speak to him he was asleep again.
I let Leo sleep and he woke up around 11am he made himself breakfast after a bit and was still eating it when his mum arrived to pick him up.
Mum was ok when she rang at 2pm but she rang back at 4.30pm she was quite upset as Dawson decided to go and meet his friend Bree and her Nan (Aunty Eileen) at Macca's in Charlestown. Mum didn't want him to go out and was worried about him going out. I told her he is a grown man and has to make his own decisions and maybe learning things the hard way.

Up at 6am before my alarm dressed myself without trouble.
Found a text from Tim he was an hour early for work luckily someone called in sick and he was able to do their run and someone else did his, which meant he wasn't stuck hanging around for an hour doing nothing.
Our next door neighbour had a minor accident while pulling out of the driveway, he hit another car.
I rode down to the post box to post some letters.
Tasha went off about a parcel that arrived for me from Wish saying I should bin it because it came from China. No bloody way it is a gift I bought for Leo, it has been put away till the time I give it too him.
Mum told me that Dawson went out at 10.30am and at 3pm he wasn't home yet. She wasn't worried she just wondered what he was doing.

Up before the alarm dressed and ready for the day, did 20 minutes on the Wii Fit.
It was one year ago today that we lost dad which is causing me to be emotional all day.
Thompson's Pies rang about the girls not liking the party pies, they will send me 2 replacement packs tomorrow.
Dave took Mum to visit dad, she was ok when I spoke to her.

Had to get out of bed and go in search of my phone this morning, I could here the alarm but no phone next to the bed. I found it in the lounge room where I left it.
I went down and posted 2 letters.
Tasha asked if she could use our dyer I said sure but when Tim found out he went off his head at her and me because I am too soft.
I need a hair cut Tim said he will do it on the weekend.
I am very tired this afternoon.

Awake before the alarm again and also up and getting dress when it went off.
Been in a lot of pain all day with my neck/shoulder as well as chest pain from reflex. Had to lay down for the chest pain to ease.
Leo rang and asked if he could stay the night I said yes.
Did my shopping at both Woolies and Coles for pick up on Sunday by Natasha as Tim will be working.

Awake at 5am and only dozed on and off till 6am when I got up. Leo was already awake as I was going to bed last night I realised I had no Catapress, so had to ring Jess and get her to bring some over.
I am in so much pain in my neck/shoulder again. I went back to bed for 1.5hrs it helped but I am still in pain.
Jess picked Leo up at 1pm and I had a quiet afternoon.
Mum said she had to explain Anzac Day to Dawson and how important it is and that shops will be closed.

Slept in till 7am and got up in pain yet again. Around 9.45 I rang Kathy and had a good cry we talked and I think we are ok. She thinks I need to up my depression meds, she maybe right.
Spoke to mum at 11am for 45mins.
Mum rang again 2.20pm to tell me she had a text from my sister asking if she wanted to sell dad's scooter I said NO, as I think now she has lost some weight then next time she goes out for a day with Dave & family she might want to use it over the wheelchair.
Tasha coming down to give me a shower after Tim cut my hair. I will the retire to my bed to listen to my book before sleep.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Anzac Day 2020

Hello everyone today here it is Anzac Day which many would say is the most sacred day in the country.

Anzac Day is the solemn day of remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who have fought and died for their country. It is marked annually on 25 April, the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.
Anzac Day in 2020 will fall on a Saturday. ... "The Public Holidays Act 2010 names Anzac Day to be observed with a public holiday on 25 April including whether it is a Saturday or a Sunday.

Is there any difference between Anzac Day & Remembrance Day?

In the modern context, remembrance day is all nations remembering all soldiers who died in all wars, whereas Anzac day is Australia remembering all Australian soldiers who died in all wars. Every country has their own day.

Remembrance Day in Australia is dedicated to Australians who died as a result of war, particularly from World War I onwards. A minute of silence is dedicated to the deceased, especially for soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Aussie Day Facts

How is everyone's Wednesday?
Mine has been ok, had to go to the doctors just for a care plan review and my flu shot.
Well here are Aussie Wednesday facts.

The Australian Alps get more snow than the Swiss Alps. …

90% of Australians live on the coast

Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest eco-system in the world

Australia has over 60 separate wine regions.

Tuesday 21 April 2020


Hello world here we are at Tuesday but not any Tuesday this one marks 1yr since dad died and I am feeling numb and somewhat sad.

Well here is this weeks creature, the porcupine not the echidna which is a different animal just saying.

Porcupines are rodents yes like rats, mice and squirrels but of course they are larger as in 90cm or 3ft in length and they move quite slowly.

They are protected by long needle sharp spines or quills, which they release by shaking or by whacking its enemy with the quills in its tail. If any quills touch a predator the come off and stick into its skin. As well as being very sharp the quills have barbed tips that make them hard to remove, then of course the victim's body heat up making them swell up and get even more stuck

While generally passive if left alone, these pests can perceive people as a threat and use their quills in self-defense. They tense their muscles so the quills stand at attention, then begin swatting their tails back and forth.
Porcupine quills can become embedded in the skin and are painful and difficult to remove.
The pests are also able to spread porcupine diseases like rabies. They may host ticks as well, which can pass on Colorado tick fever and a variety of other illnesses.

Monday 20 April 2020

Fact Day

Hello world, hello everyone anyone have cabin fever yet?

Not me I am fine, I am used to being home and having the house opened up with a breeze blowing through the house.

Here are this weeks facts............................

A newborn turkey has to be taught to eat, or it will starve

Scientists at Oxford University's Imperial Cancer Research Fund found that people who eat fresh fruit daily had 24% few heart attacks then those who don't

More American's choke on toothpick then anything else

Before 1859 baseball umpires sat behind the batter in rocking chairs

Before they get on the field American football players put on 13lb of protective gear.

Sunday 19 April 2020

Last Week

I was awake at 6.30 but thought I would have a lay in but I was shaking so much I felt unsettled so after 10 minutes I got up.
Tim is at work, Tasha came down and helped me get breakfast after she gave me a right scare.
I laminated the letter Jess wrote me, so I can keep it safe.
Rode down to post a letter, it is much easier to get in and out of the house.
Mum was ok today.

I woke up at 6.15 when the alarm went off, however, I laid there for another hour before getting up.
Had a couple of the ham, egg & cheese pockets Tasha made yesterday for breakfast.
Kathy rang Tasha to ask for her to dye her hair this resulted in her & Tash having words as well as me which resulted in me having a melt down sobbing into Minga my pink flamingo.
After that Leo rang as his mum was having a melt down must be in the air.
Mum was good this afternoon told her about Kathy's phone call she said that's just Kathy.

I got up at 4am to go to the loo and it was cold, after I got back into bed I snuggled up to Tim for a bit to warm up.
The next thing I knew it was 6am and I was awake so I got up.
Because I am going to ride the scooter down to the post office if Tasha I am wearing a bra and nice clothes and feel so excited
The trip to the post office was great, I enjoyed it.
Told mum about it and she was happy for me being able to go out.
Rang the Dr's about referral and script was told he would ring me tomorrow morning.

Awake with the alarm this morning going to be a warm day.
Thompson's pies came at 5.30am Tasha brought them inside for me.
Jess & Leo came over to get their pie order, it was wonderful to see them, Leo wanted to stay the night but I said no not tonight how about Friday instead. So he will stay over then.
Spoke to mum she was ok, I told her that I had a bad day with my shakes but I am still trying to do stuff even if I cry with frustration.
I had a pie for lunch and Jess had to cut it up for me.

When my alarm went off I got up and had to find my phone because it wasn't next to my bed, it was on Tim's side, where I left it charging last night.
Mum rang late it was after 3pm when she rang but only a short call as she wasn't well with a pain in the stomach.
I managed to get Borrow Box on my tablet which makes listening to my book easier.
I have started taking the rubbish bags out to the bin using the scooter.

I slept in this morning, the alarm went off as normal but I was so tired I just didn't get up till 7.30 am.
Jess & Leo arrived around 11ish he is staying the night and maybe tomorrow night as well, we will see.
Tim went over and dropped of the girls Easter eggs, he left them at the back door.
Mum was ok when we spoke this afternoon.
At last I figured out how to use Borrow Box on my tablet.
Tim at last said his filing system is crap and he needs to sort out his files. I wonder how long that will take before he does it, he said he will do it today.

I woke at 6am for the loo but went back to bed till 7am when I got up. Found Leo already awake, Tim got up at the same time.
Tim went and picked up the shopping, Leo is here for t he day and night again.
Jessica came over to see if Leo wanted to go home, he said no.
Tasha cooked chicken pasta for tea, it was nice.

Thursday 16 April 2020

Thursday's Words

The fountain of beauty is the heart
and every generous thought
illustrates the walls of your chamber

BY: Francis Quarles

Monday 13 April 2020

Did you know Easter facts

Hello everyone, here we are on Easter Monday so here are five facts about Easter.................

In Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Jesus, before being blessed and distributed to congregants. Now they're mostly just a fun way to celebrate the springtime season, especially with creative decorating ideas.
While Good Friday is a major holiday for all Catholics, only 12 out of the 5 US states consider the Friday before Easter an actual federal holiday. Most of the country will go to work on Good Friday.

The egg symbolizes new life, fertility, and rebirth in many places around the world. Thanks to the rounded shape, it's also been used as a symbol of the earth and our connection with nature.

The fluffy bunny stems from the Anglo-Saxon festival of Eastre which featured a spring goddess who used the rabbit to represent fertility. It wasn't until Germans settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700s that the tradition of the bunny that lays eggs came to the states.

Back in 1933, composer Irving Berlin introduced the Easter Bonnet into American pop culture with his ballad "Easter Parade." Today, it's still one of the most popular songs for the holiday.

The ornate eggs were called pysankas, which were made by using wax and dyes. It wasn't until Ukrainian immigrants came to the U.S. that the colorful custom caught on

Can you even imagine throwing an egg in church? Well, that's exactly what used to happen. The priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choir boys, he would continue to toss it to his peers, and whoever was holding the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and got to keep it.

Sunday 12 April 2020

Just another week

A cold start to the day, my Wii remote wouldn't work, so frustrating.
Tasha walked down to Coles for me, she said it was nice to go for a walk.
My groceries arrived at 5.15pm and I got everything I had ordered, and everything that Jess ordered as well.
Jason came and helped repair Tasha's car he spent a lot of time working on it and it looks good now.

Woke with the alarm couldn't get the Wii Fit to work again, grrrrrrrr
I looked at Tim's roster and thought he had overslept and went and woke him, turns out I was looking at the wrong day.
Mum rang to let me know that she had a fall last night. Dawson heard her yell and rang Aunty Sue & his dad who went straight to mum's to help her. She is sore and bruised but nothing appears broken.

I rode the scooter down to post some letters.

Jessica called over to pick up her shopping she was in and out.

Mum said Dawson found a letter from Jess & Leo in their letterbox and she was real excited about getting them and read them out aloud to me.

She said she will reply to them today.

Awake at 5.50am but laid there till the alarm went off. It was a dark overcast morning. I am not feeling great with indigestion, it got so bad I was found it difficult to concentrate so I went and had a lay down for an hour.
After laying down I felt better, I managed to write 3 letters, which I will post tomorrow.
Mum was sounding better when I spoke to her she said she was still in a lot of pain but still she sounded better.
Tasha made me tea/dinner a bacon & egg muffin.

A better night, I woke with the alarm and got up, I am in a great deal of pain with my left shoulder.
Tasha applied a deep heat pad which has helped a bit.
I rode the scooter down to post some letters, just before it rained.
Mum rang and told me that yesterday at work Sue was assaulted when she knocked on a door and told the woman in the room she had to leave the woman swore at her and threw a vacuum cleaner at her hitting her in the head. The cops were called.
Mum also said that Dr Keyworth rang and spoke to her about the fall she had Sunday night.
He told her again how lucky she was to have children who not only care but will physically be there for her, as most of his elderly patients don't have that.

I was awake and up at 6am, before my alarm again.
Kathy rang and asked me about dad's family, asking me to ask mum about ancestry website, which I did she said she would have a look for dad's password.
Mum rang at 5pm in state about her phone bill, she was having trouble paying it and wanted me to do it. So I did it and she transferred the money to me.
I tried to explain to her that they wouldn't cut, her phone off they cannot do that because of Covid 19.

Good Friday today, I tried to have a lay in but I was awake so got up anyway.
Spoke to mum she was much better this morning.
Had a lay down at 2pm for half an hour..
Mum had her daily bitch about Michelle and the way she is treating Dawson.
Mum said she is very sore and had a moment when she didn't know why she is.

Up at 6.45am as I needed to pee and once out of bed couldn't see the point of going back to bed.
Tim working outside to lay pavers to make it easier for me to get scooter in and out of house.
Gave Blain his Easter eggs and sent Leo's over as well.
The pavers are great I like them a lot, tried them out and found them a big difference.

Thursday 9 April 2020

Thursday's Words

Friendship is like a garden of'
flowers, fine and rare;
It cannot reach perfection except
through loving care;
Then, new and lovely blossoms with
each new day appear-----
for Friendship, like a garden grows
in beauty year by year

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Photo Day

                                           SOME OF MY FAMILY

Monday 6 April 2020

Did you know these facts

Hello world, hello Monday, how is everyone doing?

I am fine, another warm day in Newie, this morning I rode my scooter down the road to post some letters and it felt good just getting out for a few minutes.

Anyway here are this weeks did you know facts.

A law passed in Nebraska in 1912 rally made life difficult for drivers, in the country at night they were required to stop every 150 yards, send up a skyrocket and wait 8 minutes for the road to clear before proceeding cautiously, all the while blowing the horn and shooting off flares.

Mosquito repellents don't actually repel the hide you, the spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you are there.

The subject of the first printed book in England was chess.

The American showman known as General Tom Thumb was only 102cm or 3'4” tall he died in 1885

A teaspoon of neutron star material weighs about 10 million tons

Sunday 5 April 2020

A week at mine

I was awake and up at 7am, I got up and dressed. I was up for an hour before Tim got up, he is still in a lot of pain and hobbling around. Hopefully his foot improves during the day.
For some reason my internet isn't working so I turned the modem off and on again, it made no difference.
I ended up rebooting the computer which fixed the problem.
Had a shower and a chat to Kathy on the phone while I dripped dried. It was nice hearing her voice.

Awake at 5.30am went to the loo returned to bed and laid there awake till 6am when I got up.
Tim is home early 1.30pm, he went to see Dr Arun about his foot he said he thinks its gout and told him to take Celebrex for it.
He is complaining it is cold but I am sweating as per usual, not looking forward to winter if I am going to be sweating and he wants the heater on.
Tasha had a minor car accident she backed into something but can't afford to have it repaired. Yes she has insurance but can't afford the $700 excess, so she is going to try and save to have it repaired herself in time.

Up and dressed with the alarm, found my pie order at the front door when I opened up the house this morning.
Tim home by 9am, he has a split shift.
Washed the towels and the sheets off our bed.
Tasha came and took 7 cans of soft drink for Blain.
I have been sweating a lot.

A new day, a new month and still stuck at home.
Dawson's 21st birthday, I sent him a text wishing him happy birthday.
Mum has rang me twice this morning, to have a bitch about things.
Had a lot of chest and upper back pain, took 3 Mylanta tablets which only so so helped.
Jess did some online shopping with Big W.
Jess did a run with Ola, she is hoping to get more work with them.

Up at 6am just after Tim left for work. Around 9ish Jess rang and asked if I could have Leo for the day/night while she tried to get work from Ola. Naturally I said I would.
Tasha went and go bread for me, she also found some white vinegar fro me.
Returned another audio book to the library and borrowed another one. I do like being able to borrow audio books from the library.
Mum was a bit all over the place getting easily distracted.
Tim home around 4.30pm, Leo was so excited to see his Papa.
I wonder if our granddaughters will be excited to see us when next they do see us.

Up and dressed at 6.15 as usual, let Leo sleep till his mother got here. She brought the school's laptop so he could sign in and do some school work.
Tasha went to Charlie this morning for herself and me. She said that the stores were bare and she felt that it was a waste of time going there, she had to walk down to Coles in Warners Bay.
Spoke to Mum she was better more with it today, but still not quite herself.
Jess & Leo left at around 1.30, not sure when I will see her next.

A sleep in this morning I woke up at 7.30am, it's cool and wet/raining and the house was dark.
Another warm day after a dark morning.
Had a 5 way video call between Tim & me and the girls, it was great talking to them.
Came up supper windy around 2pm.
Tim went and got me stamps and envelopes and latter went to Coles for Tasha, who was told that someone she kows is being tested for Covid 19.
She is supper pissed that the person in question. Who has no symptoms has not been in contact with anyone who has it. However, they have a relative who had it and said she had been around them. It is like she wanted the attention.
Now till she hears more she is keeping her distance from me. I need her hands on help every day.

Friday 3 April 2020

Five things Friday

Here we are at another Friday, so here are this weeks five things...............................

Game of Thrones

Dowton Abby

Orange is the New Black

A Place to Call Home

Love Child

Any idea what these shows have in common.........................

They are shows I HAVE NOT seen, not even for a few minutes

Thursday 2 April 2020

Thursday's Words

It's Thursday and my days are running together, but not in a race just in my head....................

Today like every day I am sweating from head to foot and it is so frustrating when I go to the toilet and have trouble pulling my knickers and pants up because I am so sticky from sweat that they get stuck.

I am thankful for dry shampoo which I use every couple of days to give my hair some bounce over sticking to my head.

Anyway it's Thursday so here are Thursday's words.

Of all earthly
music that which
reaches farthest
into heaven is the
beating of a truly
loving heart.

By: Henry Ward Beecher

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Q & A

1. Who are you named after? My great grandmother & mum liked the name Jo
2. Last time you cried? Last week
3. Do you like your handwriting? Not overly. My daughters
4. What is your favourite meat? Steak
6. Longest relationship? 36 yrs with Tim
7. Do you still have your tonsils? No
8. Would you bungee jump? No
9. What is your favourite cereal? Corn Flakes
10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No
11.Do you think you're strong? No
12. Favourite Ice cream? Chocolate
  1. What is the first thing you notice about a person? Their eyes
  2. 14. Football or rugby? Neither
15. What colour pants are you wearing? Black with white flowers
16. Last thing you ate? Chocolate egg
17. What are you listening to? Morse
18. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Purple
19. What is your favourite smell? Brute
20. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Mum
21. Hair colour? Brown
22. Eye colour? Brown
23. Favourite foods to eat? Chocolate
24. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings
25. Last movie you watched? No idea
26. What colour shirt are you wearing? Blue
27. What is your favourite holiday? Christmas
28. Beer or wine? Neither
29. Night Owl or Morning Person? Morning person
30. Favourite day of the week? Friday
Come on....someone do this with me ?.
Let's have some fun, take a break from negativity and learn about each other. Copy and paste into your status and just change your answers.

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