Sunday 30 March 2014

This and That Again

Good afternoon all, what a day it has been, although been better then yesterday when I ended up having to go and have a nap at 1pm because I was so sick, by sick I mean a bloody awful headache and feeling yuck in the tummy and shaking so much. At first I thought it was because my BGL was low so I tested my blood and what did I find it wasn't low it was bloody high again it was 18.1. I had something to eat anyway as it had been hours since I had eaten but that didn't help so that was when I went to bed for a nap.

At the moment I am eating toasted ham and cheese sandwiches made by Kelli have to say she makes a damn good toasted sandwich. Tim is working again tonight he worked yesterday afternoon/night as well doing rail work.

Why is it in cartoons and television shows rainbows look so clear when in fact they are rarely that clear, usually they are kind of faded.

Today when they arrived Kelli comes in and runs a bath for Daemon as he throw up on the way here I of course went out and cleaned up the vomit from the car seat, because that is what I do clean up vomit.

Kelli and Daemon spent the last two nights, Friday & Saturday nights at Jessica's place Tim asked her if she could stay there last night because he didn't want to get up early and guess what he woke up early because the house was so quiet. I don't need a quiet house to sleep I usually go and have a lay down during the day and I leave the bedroom door open and still I can sleep with people coming in and out of the room and such.  

Saturday 29 March 2014

Use of Appliances

Good afternoon everyone, how do you use your some of your kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher. Do you use the rinse cycle on the dishwasher, when I first got mine we never ever used the rinse cycle but now that is different I use it not only every day I use it a couple of times during the day and it's great. I sometimes think what took me so long to learn how great the rinse cycle is I have a smoothie or milkshake a couple of times a day and it really rinses out the blender ready to be used again.

I have a clothes dryer but I don't use it often usually only when it is raining or when I am feeling unwell and not up to pegging the washing on the line. However, when I do use the dryer I use it on warm not hot, I know many people say that it is better to run it on hot but I prefer to use it on warm.

Now let's move onto the washing machine I only ever run the washing machine on cold, in fact I have never ever used hot water while washing this I get from my mum she also only ever uses cold water when she washes.

All of the above appliances are turned off and the plug pulled out when not in use, however there are some appliances I will not turn off at the point or pull the plug these are the computers and the televisions.

So how do you use your appliances do you turn them off at the point and pull the plug  

Wednesday 26 March 2014


Let's talk about homework, now if you have school age children you properly have had to deal with homework, I remember when my girls where little and they got homework I was ok with helping them up until it became a fight. This usually happened around year 5 or 6, they wouldn't want to do their homework and it was a fight and in the end starting with Kathy-Lee I decided that if she wouldn't do it I was not going to fight with her over it as it was stressful for me and her and honestly I just couldn't be bothered.

The first time I told a teacher that I would not fight over homework she was not happy with me and told me that homework is important, I told her yes it might be but I am not going to have a scene of it and if she didn't want to do then so be it.

I remember in high school Kathy would want the homework done but she didn't want to do it, she expected me to do and sadly I did many morning I would use the computer and internet to find the answers to many questions and print up the pages and she would had them in.

Now I am doing the homework thing all over again as it is me who helps Leo with his homework, being in year 1 it is easy for me to help him and he is willing to do the homework. You would think at this stage of my life being the nanna I would have left the homework thing behind me but alas not the case.

When I was at school I was ok at doing homework if it was easy and I could get my head around the work, but I remember there were times when I couldn't understand the work and when that happened I didn't do the work.

So what do you think about homework, if the child doesn't want to do it and it is becoming a fight and exercise in stress do you continue with it or are you like me and think it is too much of a headache and you are not going to have a fight with the child over it.  

Monday 24 March 2014

Traffic Jams

How do you deal with traffic jams?

Do you remember the last time you got stuck in a traffic jam?

I am not talking about the usually peak hour traffic that is stop and go and even though it is slow moving you are in fact moving.

No I am thinking of the type of traffic jam were you find yourself sitting and waiting for so long that you turn the car off between moving. It has been a long bloody time since I was in a traffic jam like that and in fact the last time we were Tim got inpatient and turned off the first chance he got and took us the bloody long way round which may or may not have been quicker.

I have thought a few times if I was caught in a jam like that if I was in my parents motor home I could have a nap, or make something to eat and it might not seem so long, hell if I had a pillow I could have a nap in the car anyway the only thing that would really get me is if I had to go to the toilet but if I was in the motor home that wouldn't be a problem

Sunday 23 March 2014


Do you smoke?

Do you think people who smoke should not be allowed to do it out in the open space?

Do you think there are too many restrictions on smoking?

Here in Australia smoking is not allowed at open cafe's or around the entrance to buildings or on any of Hunter New England Heath sites.

No the not smoking at the cafe's I get and agree with, same goes for smoking around the entrance of buildings. I also notice that those rules are obeyed, however, can't say the same for the not smoking on the health grounds.

Whenever you visit a hospital you will still notice people outside smoking, they don't smoke right outside the doors but instead walk a little way away and light up. The non smoking on the Hunter New England Health sites was introduced a bloody long time ago but no one has never taken any notice of it.

It seems that every year there are more and more restrictions placed on were people can smoke and some of them I agree with it but others I don't and I don't smoke.

It is illegal to smoke in a car that has a child in it, you can't smoke in any building except your own home.

Saturday 22 March 2014

School Canteens Does Your School Have One What Type Of Food Is Sold

There has been a lot of talk lately about what type of food is served in school canteens, many years ago there was a set of guidelines brought out to help school know what they should be selling.

I remember when you could get cans of Coke at the canteen along with lollies and pies and sausage rolls and cream buns and cream horns but not anymore. When I was at school I would order a sausage roll and a cream bun from the canteen for lunch. I would only order my lunch once a fortnight and loved it and I rarely had money to spend at the canteen on other stuff.

I was reading in the paper the other day that certain professionals want to over haul the above guidelines because they feel there is still to much sugary foods sold and too much flavoured milk sold.

Yes I know that it is better if a child doesn't have a lot of sugar in their diet and they shouldn't be having high fat foods like pies and sausage rolls but I also feel that there is no problem with these foods as long as they are not everyday foods.

You also can't send anything to school that contains, nuts, egg, sesame seeds or muesli now I get that there are children with allergies and a school should be careful when it comes to young children who may not always think about what they are eating. However, once the child gets into high school they should know what they can and cannot eat or drink, so there should be no need for such restrictions in high school.

Sometimes I think the so called experts are taking the fun out of being a child, they say if a child has a poor diet they will grow up to have a poor diet. I get that but parents have to take responsibility for their child s diet a parent should be controlling what a child eats when they are at home, when the child is at school you can't your child might decide to swap their apple for a packet of chips their friend has.

I know Leo will often not eat his sandwich but he often will eat his fruit which is good, when I pack his lunch he gets a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a couple of sweet biscuits often the only thing eaten is the fruit.

What is it like where you are, do you pack your child's school lunch, do they buy it at the canteen, do you have canteens? I am interested in what it is like in other parts of the country/world.  

Thursday 20 March 2014

Using Tim's Tablet

Today's post is something new I am writing it on Tim's tablet it is the first time I have done so.

Anyway today I had the ct scan and xray done, after the scan was done I couldn't get off the bed and the woman who did the scan didn't offer to help.

I then had to go and have my tooth filled,  then I came home and have a nap because the stuff they give you to numb the gum makes me sick.

I also called into the oosh that is next to the school he attends she is thinking of sending him there on Friday as she now has to work Friday's and since Friday is my busy day
It will help if I can drop him off at the oosh (out of school hours) care.

Tonight both Jessica and Leo are staying here so she doesn't have to get up really early in the morning.

Tonight Jessica & Kelli have gone to the gym to use the sauna again.

Using the tablet is okay I think I will use it more,  Tim doesn't use it very offtend so someone should get use of it.

Well I post this now and hope it posts ok I don't know how to add photos yet but it's a start

Wednesday 19 March 2014

My Tooth, My Back & My Granddaughter

Well here it is Wednesday lunchtime..........aka........midday, and I am at last getting around to writing again, yesterday was one of those days when I seemed to get nothing done. I did go and see my nan with mum after we dropped Kayla at school, Liarna came with us though.

Kelli is trying to get Daemon into a day care one day a week but so far every one she has contacted doesn't have any vacancies for 2yr olds. The only one that had any vacancies was the one she doesn't want to send him to, it is Leo's old day care the one Sydney started out at and the one Temika goes to but Kelli doesn't like the day care and that is ok she has her reasons for not liking the place.

This morning Jessica told me that from Friday she will be working every Friday and she said she will have to get up early to go to work by early she is talking about 6am and for her that is early. Hell for me that is Anyway she said she would make some enquiries at the local OOSH (out of school hours) to see about maybe getting Leo in there on Friday's as it is located at his school. Friday's are my only busy day as it is my shopping day and we start the day off by meeting the family at a local shopping centre's food court for breakfast.

Tomorrow I am going to have my tooth filled, remember it broke a few weeks back well I will get it filled tomorrow at long last I went to the dental clinic this morning had to wait a while before I was called in and I was in the chair less then 5 minutes she took a look at it said it needed to be filled and sent me out to have an appointment arranged for that to be done.

I also have to have a ct scan done of my back and an xray of my knee. I hope the ct scan shows something as my back is really bad lately so bad that many days I can barely move and when I go to bed I have been having trouble settling down at night due to the pain.

Today I have Summer and when Kathy dropped her off I made the mistake of telling her that we would be going to take Leo to school, she was annoyed saying she didn't want Summer in the car for that long.

Right now Summer is down for a nap and so is Daemon both are quiet and both went down without a fuss. Tim is asleep in the chair next to me so the house is pretty quiet right now.

Monday 17 March 2014

The Last Few Days in My Life

Good morning everyone, yes I am here, I have not dropped dead or found myself in hospital although I can understand if you thought there was something wrong since I have not been here writing a post in days. I had planned to write one yesterday but just never got around to it, so here I am writing on this fine Monday morning.

Well let's go back in time a little and I mean a little till 1am Friday morning I got up to go to the toilet and while I was in the bathroom Kelli knocks on the door and wants me to go into her room and look at Daemon.

So I did and he sounds terrible, he was coughing and having trouble breathing after a few minutes I said to her “get dressed we are going to the hospital” I went in got dressed told Tim we were taking Daemon to the John Hunter (hospital) and we left. We arrived at the hospital around 2am and we didn't leave till 6.45am, anyway Daemon has croup, now days the give the child 5mls of Prednisone and watch them for 4 hours and if the child has improved they send you home and tell you to follow up with your GP in 2 days time, so he will be back to the doctors today at 11am. He is doing much better, still has the cough but not as bad and he is sleeping ok.

In fact Friday night his mother went out for her birthday, she turned 20 on Friday and had planned to go out for the night with her cousin Jessica (my daughter) and a friend named Jordan and even though Daemon was sick and she thought about cancelling she went because I made
I told her that he would be fine and I would ring her if he was bad and needed to go to the JHH again.

Turned out he slept fine Friday night, and was ok Saturday & Sunday but lets move onto Saturday I had a birthday lunch her for Kelli. I invited her parents and brother Vaughan and sister Heather along with my daughters and her grandparents, as it turned out because Daemon was contagious Kathy & Summer didn't come and neither did Sandra & her girls or my dad but there was 9 adults here and Blain & Leo as well and Kelli seemed to have a good time. She was surprised that her parents and siblings came or that I invited them not sure which, Kelli has told me that she had not had a lot of good birthdays and I wanted to make this one a special one for her.

Saturday night Kathy rang me and said that she would be sending Summer to Michaels mother's house every Wednesday while she is at work because I am too busy to watch her and she doesn't think it is right that I get Kelli to watch her while I drive Leo to school or go and pick Leo up from school. She went on and one about how busy I am and how I don't have time for her or her girls because I am always busy helping Jessica with Leo that I ended up breaking down and was sobbing because I was so upset. In the end Leo took the phone off me and talked to her before giving it to papa, I could here Leo asking he way she made nanny cry. Me getting upset caused both Kelli and Jes to get angry with Kathy and Jes took it upon herself to send Kathy a couple of texts about it what was said is between them.

Anyway Kathy came out here yesterday to talk to me yes Jenny (Michael's mum) will have Summer every Wednesday but I will watch her each Tuesday morning while Kathy takes Sydney to swimming lessons and I will also watch her on Saturday's while Kathy does her grocery shopping this is ok with me and I am happy now.

The way Kathy talked on Saturday night I felt like I had failed her again as a mother and that was why I was crying so much, while I was upset Daemon went and brought me his Micky Mouse and Leo gave me his Spiderman and Big Bird to hold to comfort me and help me calm down. They were both so cute both upset to see me crying, really the best medicine when one is upset is the love and compassion of a small child.

So Sunday turned out a good day I got to see my granddaughters and despite what Kathy seems to think at times I do love to see them but no I don't got to them very often at all because I am so busy I don't usually have the time to just drive over there on the off chance they will be home to pop in to see them. This annoys Kathy because Jenny will just drive over to see them at times, however, as I said to Kathy Jenny doesn't have any other grandchildren living around her to have to help with her other two grandchildren live in Queensland.

Well I want to get this posted before Kelli gets back from dropping Leo at school and we have to go out to do some shopping so that is all for this post.    

Thursday 13 March 2014


I drafted this yesterday afternoon while I was at Jessica's place waiting for her as she was late leaving my place, because Kelli had her car ans she was late getting back from her sister's place. I could had gone home but I told Jessica I would wait for her at her place.

So sitting there I thought about what we do when it comes to waiting in the car for someone, I like to read if I have a book in the car but yesterday I didn't have one, I will have to fix that. We usually have paper and a pen in the car so I wrote this, time goes faster if we have something to do while we are waiting.

I have spent a lot of time sitting and waiting in cars over the years, I use to write letters to penpals while I waited for the girls to get out of school way back when. Now I don't spend as much time waiting in the car but when I do I like to find something to do to help past the time.

Leo spent a bit of time playing with my phone, and then decided to get out of the car and walked around. We didn't have a key to the house so we couldn't get in but he was well behaved more or less. Although after a while he comes to me and says “the house is open nanna” I get out of the car and go and look and yes the house is open, I asked him how he got the door open, he said “ I climbed in the toilet window”.

While I waited for Jessica I washed he dishes for her then Leo and I played a card game, Jessica got home around 4pm so I was there waiting for an hour.

Today I have been sick again, I spent all day in bed because last night I was up and down to the toilet all night I was that sick. Thankfully Kelli drove Leo to school and she picked him up from school this afternoon, she is a such a big help to me.  

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Family Stuff

I don't know what I did this morning but my back has been so bad, I am in so much pain I can hardly move just sitting it agony so try and imagine how much pain I was in when I went out to peg the clothes on the line. In fact getting in and out of the car this morning was terrible I looked like an old

There was so much I wanted to do today but I have been unable to move and so have done nothing much at all, of course I did take Leo to school as well as a load of washing and pegged it out on the line.

This morning Kelli & Jessica went to Kmart and I would have loved to have gone with them but alas I had to take Leo to school and come home and do the washing, I did send Jess a text asking if she could look for ¾ pants for me but she didn't get the message till just before she got home.

This morning when I went to take Leo to school I noticed the wipers were not working in the car, neither the front or the back wipers, when I told Tim he wasn't happy he goes out and tries them and they didn't work so he said he will look at them over the weekend, so I hope it doesn't rain between now and then. I said to him it was a good thing I noticed before it rained, I only went to clean the windscreen this morning it wasn't raining or anything.

Tomorrow Leo is having his school photo done, I just hope he remembers to hand in the envelope as he is terrible at remembering these things, hopefully the teacher will tell him to check his bag as I will make sure it is in his bag in the morning.

I can tell you he is doing really well at school this year and loves going to school which is good as all parents know it is better when you don't have a battle to get the child to school of a morning,

Blain has settled nicely into his new school and according to Natasha he likes it, Sydney-May is doing really well at her day care she is one smart little girl, and Summer has settled in well at the day care, she is now going to the same day care as Sydney-May which is so much easier for Kathy-Lee.  

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Leo's colouring pictures and I made choc chip muffins

If you were to walk up to my front door today you would see some lamented colouring pages stuck to it, you see over the weekend Leo decided he wanted to colour in and had me print off a number of pages of Spiderman all of which he has coloured in and then he stuck them to the loungeroom wall.

However on Monday I decided take them down and laminate them are replace them this time on the glass door I double sided the pictures turning 8 into 4 and when Leo saw them he was pleased when I showed him how the laminating protects the pictures he was very happy, as he said now I can keep them for a long long time.

So here is the question for the day, do you keep the pictures your little ones have done and have you ever thought to laminate them to protect them, I am now going to get the pictures my girls did when they were little out and laminate them to protect them.

I started writing this then decided to go and make some triple choc muffins and a chocolate pudding for desert . Leo comes in from school and he is excited to see the muffins and of course the first thing he says to me is can I have one.

Took me back to when my girls were little and I would often back a cake or muffins in the afternoon ready for them when they got home from school.

Monday 10 March 2014

Climbing and Jumping

Ok here is the thing I am wondering what everyone thinks about children playing in cars, I do not allow it but Jessica does. I am worried if the child plays in the car they will break something or put it in gear and it will roll either forward or more likely back and if it rolls back it will run into the house and cause some damage and this would not be good.

I am a bit more lenient when it comes to the boys Blain & Leo climbing on the car but still it is not allowed I just don't get as bent out of shape because of it. Jessica also doesn't care if the climb on her car but her car is older and has more dents in it then mine does.

I don't like it either when I see the boys climbing on top of the carport roof, because they could either fall off it or fall through it, the carport is like bloody years old, I don't know for sure how old but it has been there since we have been here and we have been here for 26yrs and these units are 39yrs old so the carport is properly been there for 39yrs. So who knows what would happen if the climbed on them, so better safe then sorry.

I also am forever complaining about Leo and Daemon climbing on the lounge and jumping off, but I also don't get bent out of shape about that either, now when it comes to jumping on my bed, well I am fine with that I don't care if Daemon, Sydney-May and Summer want to jump on my bed but the older boys Blain & Leo are not allow to jump on it they are too big for that.

Sunday 9 March 2014

A Lazy Sunday oh and sewing

Here it is Sunday I am feeling better than I did yesterday although I am still in pain just not as much pain and the headache isn't as bad as it was yesterday. I was up at 6am with Leo and went for my morning work and since then I have answered 3 letters and went out with Jessica to get fish & chips for lunch.

Sometime this afternoon I will have to do the ironing and weekly medications and I want to find the money to get some more soft drink tomorrow on Tuesday I thought I bought enough for the week but I was wrong I now know I will run out by either Tuesday or Wednesday.

So let's talk about something a little more interesting then my boring hum drum life, but what is more interesting let me think for a bit.......................

Ok today it is hard to think of something that you might find interesting but I will keep trying. Ok I have nothing of interest to talk about so let's move onto something not interesting but different instead.

Can you sew? Do you know how to use a sewing machine?

I suck at sewing with a sewing machine, I find them to complicated to use, I am not useless though I can use a needle and thread to hem clothes and replace buttons which is something right. I remember my mum using a sewing machine when I was young to make different things and I used one at school but I was never very good at sewing and haven't used a sewing in years.

Tim was the one who did the sewing on a sewing machine in this house, right up till he some how managed to break his sewing machine, although he blamed other people for doing so. In fact he has always done the sewing many years ago when we first met he was a canvas machinist and a damn good one at that.   

Saturday 8 March 2014

So much pain today

Today is Saturday and I am in so much pain, with my head and my back, Tim and I went to do a little bit of shopping this morning and he said we don't need a trolley and silly me agreed and what happened by the time we had pick up the few things we needed I could barely put one foot in front of the other.

Now to my head well I have had a headache pretty much from the time I woke up and it is not letting up even though I have taken so far this morning I have taken 2 Panadol Osteo and 4 Panadeine Forte tablets and I am still in a lot of pain so much pain that it hurts to move my head and I am now getting so tired due to the Panadeine Forte.

Of course with it being Saturday that means we have Leo for the night , but I have told Jessica that I will not go and get him, so she asked her dad to go and get him and he agreed. I hope Tim will be able to watch Leo for most of the night as I feel if the pain continues I think it will be in bed early in fact I am planning on going to have a lay down when I have done this post because I am finding it hard to concentrate.   

Thursday 6 March 2014


We often here that sisters have a special bond and I don't doubt that I have 3 sisters myself and we are all close in different ways.

However I am now wondering do brothers have any type of bond, I have a brother but the relationship between a brother and sister is different than the one that is between siblings of the same gender.

Well that is my thought anyway, how about others do you think there is a different relationship between siblings of the same gender and siblings of different genders.

Also I think siblings who are raised in different homes have a different relationship to those who are raised in the same household.

Let's think of those who are step siblings do you think they can have just as a strong relationship as those who are of the same parents? Since I don't have an step siblings I have no idea about this one so I will leave that to those who do have them and have more of an idea.   

Wednesday 5 March 2014

A broken tooth, grandchildren and a funeral

Good morning all, so far this morning I have done 2 loads of washing and vacuumed out and had some corn flakes for breakfast and managed to break my tooth, well I thought I had something caught in between my teeth but it turned out to be a bit of broken tooth. I rang the dental clinic and made an appointment but couldn't get in till the 19th at 9.30am good thing I am not in too much pain at the moment.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Leo's school principal and she kind of went mad at me, why well because I forgot to give Leo his medication before school and he was all over the place. The teacher couldn't get him to sit still or do anything, after a couple of hours they realised he hadn't had his medication and gave it to him early. This was the second day in a row that I had forgotten his medication I will have to make a large sign and stick it to the door to remind me.

What else well I have a headache and I am hot and I just told Kathy to put the fan on because I am hot and oh yeah this house is full of people by that I mean at them moment I have my 4 girls and 2 granddaughters here along with Daemon of course and Tim is in his room hiding from everyone.

Kathy-Lee and Sydney-May are going to a funeral today, Sydney-May's father's mother's partner has passed away, why his mother asked Kathy-Lee to take Sydney-May to the funeral I don't know. Kathy-Lee feels a little strange going but she is too nice to say no. Even though it means a day off work for Kathy and honestly she needs the money and can't afford to take a day off work.

I have Summer as I often do on a Wednesday and she is walking everywhere now far more then crawling, words can not describe how much I love my grandchildren and even though it will annoy Sue I am coming to think of Daemon as one of my grandchildren. The longer they stay here the more I love having them here..............

Monday 3 March 2014

Cyber Bullying

Hello everyone, I am feeling better today, although I am worn out and exhausted this afternoon and would love a nap but that isn't going to happen as we have Leo and Jessica here for the night so that means I am not going to have a good nights sleep as we will have Leo sleeping with us again tonight.

The other day I was talking to mum and she brought up the topic of cyber bullying, now why a 74 year old woman would decide to talk about cyber bullying is beyond me, the woman doesn't even use a computer.

She asked me why is it that when someone says they are being bullied on Facebook, they don't just shut it down and not bother going onto Facebook. I have to say I don't really know the answer to that question, because I agree if you are being bullied and on social media well just shut the page down or don't use it. Get another email address if needed and open up another account but use a different name or something so those who are picking on you and making life difficult can't find you.

I know that social media is oh so important now days, I do I have a Facebook account but hell it isn't the end of the world if you do not have it, even more so when you are a teenage who is being bullied and made to feel miserable.  

Sunday 2 March 2014

A Bit About Kelli

Good afternoon all well it is Sunday afternoon here and I can tell you I had a long morning, cooking yeah I did a baked lunch for the family out of my girls I had Kathy and Jess turn up for lunch with their kids even Michael came. I did baked veggies ie: potato, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, along with peas & corn and warm bread rolls. Did I feel like doing this today, no I didn't but I said I would so I did.

Yesterday was spent in bed, I got up a couple of times for an hour or so but mostly I was in bed sick, and I am still not feeling 100% today but I do not feel like I have the time to be sick today and of course we will have Leo for the night because well I am a big softie and said he could stay as long as papa is prepared to watch him when I go to be and I do think I will be going to bed early tonight and of course Kelli is here and she is such a big help with him.

We have had the starter motor replaced in the car, so fingers crossed it will now run ok and that is the end of the trouble with it.

Thankfully on Friday Kelli had Jono's car here and we where able to use that to go shopping, have to say it was nice having someone drive me around for a change.

Also this morning before Kathy & family arrived Kelli cleaned up the lounge room and dining room thank you for that Kelli, Aunty Jo does appreciate all the help you give me. Honestly I am going to miss it when you move out although I hope it will not be any time soon, because I like having you here.

Have I ever told you all about Kelli, I know I have mentioned her a lot here but have I really told you much about her, I think not.

So let's fix that, she is my niece the youngest daughter of my sister Sue, she is turning 20 this year in 12 days to be exact. She is the mother of Daemon who you all know turn 2 only a week ago. Kelli and I are so much alike in fact she is more like me then she is her own mother although when we were younger me and Sue were thought to be a lot alike. 

We both like the colour purple and caramel mud cakes, also fruit and nut chocolate just to name a few things 

I just asked Jessica for three words to describe Kelli, she chose caring, loving and short, and yeah they do describe Kelli she is in fact one of the most caring girls I know along with loving, short well we are all short in this family except for my brother David.

Anyway back to Kelli as I said we are so much alike and I feel a real connection with her I feel like I can tell her anything and I can rely on her to be there for me and to support me and to be honest with me. She is like my daughter more then my niece now days and I know this might annoy Sue but I don't think it should.

Oh yeah Kelli is so pretty as well but then again all my girls are pretty and like all my girls her beauty comes from inside. She has a boyfriend/partner that would be Jono for those who don't know Jono is not only Daemon's dad but Blain's dad as well and he is called dad by Leo even though he is not Leo's dad but this isn't about Jono so let's get back to Kelli. Kelli & Jono are unable to live together right now, he is living with his mum and his mum doesn't like Kelli, why I don't what is not to like. Oh yeah I know Kelli is a strong willed girl who speaks her mind and his mother doesn't like that and of course she is my niece and the woman doesn't like me for so strange reason, really what is not to like.............

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