Monday 31 December 2012

End of the Year not the World.............or Goodbye 2012

2012 is coming to a close and looking back it has been a great year for my family we had 3 babies born during the year which is always great, who doesn’t love babies they are so cute and adorable.
I have seen of Facebook some people saying that it wasn’t a great year but you know I can’t remember any of the lows of the year, I don’t know what that says about me and guess what I don’t care……………lol 

How is everyone going to see the New Year in? Me I will be in bed early………….lol 

My days of seeing the New Year in are long gone…………………lol

For the second year there are no fireworks held locally for us, there used to be fireworks at 9.30pm done on the foreshore which we could watch from our back yard which I loved doing.

I am having a can of scotch and coke this afternoon while I am writing this and I am going to ask/tell Tim I want to get pizza for tea tonight but we will have to get it delivered since I am having something to drink.

Tomorrow I have told the girls that I am having a baked lunch here and both Jessica & Kathy have said they will be here but I haven’t heard from Natasha so I just sent her a text asking if she would be here. I do not expect her to be her because I know my daughter and she rarely she comes to lunch. Jessica just rang and said that my niece Kelli and her son Daemon will also be here for lunch. 

I will be telling Tim that he has to go down and get them, well he will drive down and Tim will drive Jessica’s car back here and she will drive our car back. Her car is still playing up we have been told that it needs a new starter motor and it is booked in to have that replaced on Wednesday so she is leaving her car here for me to take to the auto electrician on Wednesday. 

My parents have picked up their motorhome and have left now for their holiday they will be back by the end of January as mum’s birthday is on the 30th and school goes back the same day so mum wants to be back by then. 

Saturday 29 December 2012

Some of the downs happening im my family

Ok where to start we have had a couple of mishaps in the family in the last couple of weeks the first one was a few days before Christmas when my brother in-law Ed collapsed while out one morning with his daughter Temika. They were visiting a mate of Ed’s and his mates family and Ed was getting himself a drink of water and just fell down, he was unconscious and his mate rang Sandra to tell her what happened.  Ed was taken to hospital and after some test, was told he could go home but before that could happen he had 10 seizures in a short period of time, more test where done and at one stage the doctor was talking about putting him into an induced coma but first they were going to try some medication to stop the seizures. Thankfully the medication worked and after a night in hospital and more tests he was told it looks like he may have epilsey.  Then of course on Christmas Day while slicing the ham he cut his finger.

The next mishap happened to hubby on Thursday night he was paying some bills via Bpay and went to pay $100 off a bill and typed in an extra 0 and didn’t realise till he went to pay the next bill and he thought what the hell………………….then he calls out “darling help”. I went and saw what he had done and immediately called the company who said to call out bank which we did, it looks like we will get the $900 back although it will take up to 21 working days………………..thankfully he had some money in savings to tire us over as that was his full weeks’ pay gone. He felt like such a dill but once it was done it couldn’t be undo, well not by us…………..

Moving onto Friday my parents left for a holiday in their motorhome but only got as far as Jerry Plains when the motorhome broke down, when dad looked it was fan belt it had shredded around the fan. They rang their roadside assistant mob (kentam) that went out and towed the motorhome back to Beresfield to the Mercedes repair place, where they spent the night in the motorhome.  It cost them $700 for the tow and only $600 was covered by their insurance, it is going to cost $900 for the motorhome to be repaired. 

At the moment mum & dad are home my brother Dave went and picked them up as the motorhome will not be repaired till Monday.

Ok so that are my families mishaps over the last week or so………………………………

Thursday 27 December 2012

My Christmas Gifts

Well yesterday I told everyone that I had a great Christmas Day and got some wonderful presents so today I am going to show you the gifts I got, well some of them.

The saucepans are from Tim and he also gave me some clothes and as far as he is concerned the microwave and towels are included in my gifts I however, don’t think so.

The Dimple scotch is from Kathy-Lee, Michael & Sydney-May; Jessica gave me the frog necklace both gifts I love. My seconded daughter Natasha hasn’t given me or her dad anything really that doesn’t come as a surprise she says she is going to get us something but I won’t hold my breath she still hasn’t given me my Mother’s Day or Birthday presents…………….lol

Today I went out and bought some of my Christmas decorations for next year I do like to get most of them at the post-Christmas sales.

Mum and dad gave me the Sunbeam Skillet and Tum gave me the other one which I will be taking back and exchanging for something else as I don't need two of them............

Wednesday 26 December 2012

My Christmas Day

Well here in Australia it is Boxing day aka the day after Christmas Day, don’t ask me why the 26th is called Boxing Day I don’t know it just is……………

Anyway my Christmas Day was awesome I had a great day, spent it with my family I was awake at 7am and had about an hour or so before Jessica and Leo turned up, to open their presents. I think they both liked what I got them. Then around 10am we headed over to my parents place where we opened more presents in fact it is a little crazy at mums place with lots of people exchanging gifts and what not………………

Tim was surprised with a couple of his presents, and I did well here are some photos of my gifts and my day.  The only drama of the day was when my brother in-law Ed cut his finger while slicing the ham, Ed is a big help on Christmas Day he slices all the meat for mum most of it is done using the meat slicer mum has but the ham he was doing with a knife. He had only just sharpened the knife moments before cutting his finger; I was talking to him when he did it.

This year it was a wet Christmas Day so we couldn’t set the tables up in the carport, which to be honest didn’t bother me at all I prefer to eat in the lounge room it feels more like Christmas even if it is a bit crowded………… 

There were only 12 adults and 5 children there this year for lunch but before lunch there were 19 adults and 8 children some didn’t stay for lunch. Jeannie has lunch with her boyfriend Peter and his family and my sister in-law Leigh goes over to her mums for Christmas lunch and my brother Dave joins her there after lunch.

Monday 24 December 2012

My Version of The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house nothing was stirring, not a noise could be heard except for papa who was snoring

The children were in bed giggling and laughing to excited to sleep because Santa Claus would soon be there………however sleep won out and sleep they did………….

When all of a suddenly a noise was heard outside the house…………the noise of reindeer on lawn eating the reindeer food left out for them.

Leo & Blain jumped out of bed and looked out the window, their eyes so big and round because they could see reindeer and there was reindeer there would be Santa.

So out to the lounge room they sneaks hoping to see Santa, and there he was placing toys in their Santa sack both started to giggle and Santa turns and looks at them sternly………………and shoos them away.

He says not a word but continues to place toys in the sack looking back to make sure they had gone, however they were still there just very quiet and hiding………………..

When the toys had all been left he drinks his beer, eats his cake, smiles snaps his fingers and the door opens and out he goes…………..

The boys run back to the window to watch him leave, he jumps in his sleigh and says…………….Now Dasher & Dancer, Prancer & Vixen , on Comet, on Cupid, Donder & Blitzen  dash away, dash away all. Into the sky they rose and as they drove out of sight Santa was heard to say Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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