Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Proffesional Photos

During the last month my eldest daughter has had some professional photos taken of Sydney-May and although the photos are great and look good it really gets me how much these places charge for photos.

At one place she paid $1400 for the photos that included 4 A4 size photos and 2 A3 size photos and a cd with all the photos they took on it. At the other place she paid $300 for the photos and a cd which only had two shots on it. I am not sure how many photos are in that pack as she hasn't picked them up yet, but really it seems to bloody much to me.

I would love to have a large family photo done for my parents 50th wedding anniversary but at the prices they want we just can't afford it. Although my sister said her husband knows someone who may be able to do it cheaper she has got to get him to ask his friend.

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