Friday 30 November 2007

Bump and Flowers

Well it's Friday again the week seems to have gone so fast, yesterday when Blain was running down the hallway he run into the corner of the wall and hit his head. He cried a far bit and has a bump on his forward the size of a goose egg.......

Tonight he is at his dads again well he is there until Monday afternoon and I both miss him and feel relived to have a quite couple of days.

Today Natasha bought me some flowers for no reason and it was a nice surprise.

Monday 26 November 2007

More Chrisco

I had more Chrisco delivered today gift ones this time mum and dads presents and part of Tasha's birthday present and part of Kathy's Christmas present. All Tim said was where's mine and was not happy when I said I don't think I bought him anything from Chrisco and that was only because when I placed the order he said he didn't want anything.

I will have to start sorting out my presents so I know what I have and I am pretty sure that I don't have to buy any thing more.

Saturday 24 November 2007


The weekend is finely here which means Blain is at his dads and Tasha has gone over to her new man's place for the weekend. He man is called "wogboy" she doesn't want me to put his real name on a blog so I won't do that.

Anyway he has been here every day during the week except for Friday when she went over there. He comes here after he has finished work and he seems like a nice guy and he really seems to like Tasha. She feels he is a lot like her father in some ways and she has said that is one of the reasons she likes him. He has 2 children and his son is with him this weekend at it is the first time Tasha has met his son.

It is good to see Tasha moving on with her life and being happy with someone other then Jono. She doesn't look at Jono through rose coloured classes any more.

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Baby Update

I just had to yell at Blain he likes to have a bottle (not a baby bottle) of water and that's ok when he drinks it but he just asked for it so he could tip it out and have it run down his chest and tummy. He really doesn't like it when I go mad at him but that is something he will have to get use to while he is living here.

We just had a home visit from the midwife it is the 4th time a visit has been arranged for her but the only time that she has had a visit as the midwife cancelled 3 times and once Jes forgot about it and wasn't home. These visits can be good but also at times I wonder what is the point.

The midwife was asking about the baby's father and that is real complicated but she wanted to know stuff so we told her but she got confused and I thought well you wanted to know. We told her it was complicated.

Jessica is now 32 weeks so it is slowly getting close but as I said to Jessica just think about getting through Christmas after that New Years and then it will be really close...........

She has bought everything she needs the only thing we really need to do is get the cot mattress which will make her feel better.

Monday 19 November 2007


My Chrisco and Castle hampers arrived on Saturday morning most of it was frozen stuff and boy did it fill my freezers in fact I had to give some stuff to both Jono and Kathy as I just couldn't fit them in the freezer.

Just so no one gets the wrong idea the stuff I gave Jono was stuff that we wouldn't have eaten anyway and with Kathy I told her she could take whatever she wanted.

There were 12 boxes of stuff and 8 of them where frozen foods.

I still have a few boxes of gifts to be delivered.

I now have empty boxes all over the place and it is annoying I will have to take them out and see if I can store them in one of the sheds. I want to keep them in case one of the girls want them when they move out.

Friday 16 November 2007

45 Today

Well it is D day or should that be B day I am now 45 and what a day I have had, I got lots of nice presents 4 new tops 1 pair of shorts some bath stuff a dragonfly pin and Imari perfume stuff as well. I love everything especially the pin it is a blue pin and it is great I got that from my parents along with the Imari stuff.

I went out for lunch with my parents, sisters, daughters, grandson, husband and even Kathy's man Chad came. We only went to club Panthers but it was great after eating I went and played the pokies with mum and after she drove Tasha home with Jessica it was a great day.

At lunch Sandra and Sue said I shouldn't be having Blain tonight since it's my birthday and I should be able to relax and have a few drinks without having to worry about Blain. So I told Tasha that I wouldn't be having him and she was not happy as she said she had made plans to go out and Sue said that her and Kathy wouldn't have him either. After getting home I started feeling bad and rang Tasha and said I would have him but she said Kathy had just left with him so I sent Kathy a text telling her that if she didn't want to have him she could bring him to me for the night. As yet I haven't heard from Kathy so I have no idea what is happening Tasha told me to have a drink and just forget about it all and if Kathy turns up with Kathy then she does.

Kathy bought me a cheesecake from the Cheesecake shop it is just a plain cheesecake and I love it, I will have to share it with my family.

Thursday 15 November 2007

My Loungeroom

The other night I hung up some more photos still got a few to do and I also want to update some before I rehang them, so far I don't have very many on the lounge room walls yet. I have hung some in the spare room(soon to be Tasha's & Blain's room).

Last night I got out the Christmas tree although I didn't put it up yet I hope to do that tomorrow night I just have to clean off the table first. I also put up a few decorations but still have lots more to do, some of which I haven't bought

I was up again at 5.30am to go for a walk this morning but today I went back to bed when I got home for another couple of hours which I often do although some morning like yesterday I stay up and do housework and other stuff. My dad found it hard to believe that I get up at 5.30 and go for a walk but I like to go early when it is cool.

Saturday 10 November 2007

Sue's Car

Thought I would give everyone an update on my sister Sue's car status she has another car now it is a small white manual thing don't know what type it is though. I do know that when she first got the car she was scared to drive it as she had never driven a manual before, however she is now use to it and likes driving it and it so so cheap to run.

Hill starts gave her the most trouble at first but Dave took her out and gave her a driving lesson in it and after that she was ok.

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Birthday Gift List

Well my birthday is now only 9 days away and counting so I thought I would repost my gift list.

What type of presents would I like.

Clothes (shock horror), summer sleepwear, tops with collars or tops with v necks, dresses size 18

A selection of drinks like me and Jessica gave Tim for Father’s Day.

Books by Sylvia Browne.

Anything hand made by Jessica,

A gourmet wizard.

A birthday Cake, which most years I don’t get.

A gift Voucher from Big W or Target.

This was also posted on Bigblog and Myspace just so everyone gets to read it.

Monday 5 November 2007

Jessica and Photos

Today I slept in till 10.20am when I got up I went in to get Jessica up so we could go and hand in her Centrelink book/form but her feet where very swollen again and I wouldn't let her go I had her write a note so I could do it for her.

When I got home I swept out the house and cleaned up the spare room so now we can walk into it without running into things. After that I hung a few of the photos, Tim told me he didn't want me to put them all up again as he thought there was to many I don't agree. I intend to put more up tomorrow whether he likes it or not.

Yesterday we picked up a cot and change table wit a bath for Jessica from Leigh, Jessica loves it so Leigh if you read this thank you heaps.

Saturday 3 November 2007

Two Nights with Blain

I had Blain here last night and again tonight why you may ask well last night because I have him Friday nights and tonight because tomorrow morning Tim is taking Blain and me to the truck show in at the foreshore. We have to get up around 6.30am and I thought it would be easier if he spent the night here, then trying to get Tasha out of bed early in the morning.

Last night he was asleep twice and woken up twice before he settled down for the night, the first time he woke up when Tim rang as soon as he heard his voice he sat up and said papa and had to talk to Tim. The next time he woke up crying for his mum and dad and was upset and wouldn't settle down again so I rang Tasha and she said that she was upset as Jono had the shits with someone there but no it wasn't her. After he spoke to them he was ok and went back to sleep and slept all night until 6.30am although when he woke up he want to talk to Tim and have a cuddle form Tim and even though Tim had only been in bed for about 2 hours he woke up and cuddle him and talked to him.

I dropped him at home around 10ish and at first Tasha seemed annoyed but when I told her we would be having Blain again tonight her mood changed.

Thankfully Blain went to sleep pretty quick tonight I just hope he stays asleep and sleeps all night.

Thursday 1 November 2007

Update on Heather

Hi everyone thought I would update you on my niece Heather she is at her dads place and has told Paul that she will not be going back to him until he has proven to her that he has changed she even gave him back her engagement ring.

He told her that he is going to AA now and wants to win her back so I guess we will just have to see what happens. I just hope she is strong and doesn't give in and go back. Or that her father tries to talk her into going back and he has done that when she has left Paul before.

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