Thursday, 1 November 2007

Update on Heather

Hi everyone thought I would update you on my niece Heather she is at her dads place and has told Paul that she will not be going back to him until he has proven to her that he has changed she even gave him back her engagement ring.

He told her that he is going to AA now and wants to win her back so I guess we will just have to see what happens. I just hope she is strong and doesn't give in and go back. Or that her father tries to talk her into going back and he has done that when she has left Paul before.


Janelle said...

Hello Jo-Anne, There is a lesson in this for Heather and I really hopes she sees it. I hope Paul is telling the truth about going to AA.

She needs to spend the time reevaluating their relationship and I hope she is stronger enough not to go back to Paul until she can see the changes and is totally convinced that he is sincere.

Thank you for visiting me, you have been sitting over here very quietly lately, I hope you are well.

Take care

Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne,
You niece has made up her mind then it seems. So I hope it all works out for her.
At least Paul realizes he has a problem if he's going to AA.

Take care,

mandy said...

I`m glad to hear that her father has taken her in....She needs to be strong now and make a stand...Hopefully he will carry out what he says he will do...My ex said the same thing but didn`t go....I hope for Heathers sake it works out...

dds said...

hello jo-anne, no one can hide in cyber space apperantly. he he haaa. have a good weekend. "smiles"

Rudy's Blog said...

Hi Jo-Anne,

I'm glad that her father finally did the right thing and we can already see some progress. I hope that things work out for them.



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