Monday 30 April 2012

My Sunday

Hello everyone sorry I didn't post yesterday with one thing or another I just didn't have the time, I did read a heap of blogs and leave comments even found a couple of new blogs to visit but it was 7pm last night and I was relaxing in my arm chair watching telly when I remembered that I hadn't done a post. I then thought should I get up and do it or not but I was nice a relaxed and the candles were burning so I didn't bother.

Moving on yesterday morning I went with my parents our to Dawson's special school "Wakefield" this is the school he goes to for his behavioural problems it was the schools 10th anniversary.  I feel that this school is a godsend it has helped Dawson so much, he goes there 3 days a week and the other 2 days he goes to main stream high school.

Dawson had a great time he was dunking the principal in one of those machines that you throw a ball at and when you hit it you dunk the person sitting on the seat. While we were there it started to rain but that didn't stop Dawson he had a ball and go socked through.

Other then me and my parents his other grandparents were there and his dad "David" and 2 sisters "Kayla" & "Liarna" also came but they only stayed an hour as Kayla was going to see Spanish Dancing Horse but Dawson was just glad they went at all.

While I was eating lunch which was a snag or a bread roll I heard his other grandmother talking to some woman and she was saying things like she tried her best with Dawson's mother and had tried to get his mother to be more involved in his life and that made me mad why because his other grandmother has never been that involved in his mother's life everything she said was a lie.

This morning I am going with mum over to the hospital for her appointment with the Cardiologist I will post about that maybe tomorrow.........

Saturday 28 April 2012

A Funeral and a Nephew

Yesterday hubby and I had to get up early and go to a funeral in Sydney it was his step fathers funeral he passed away on the 20th just shy of his 81st birthday.

Now Tim was not that close to his step father "Clive" but still of course we went to his funeral and naturally Tim was a little upset at is passing, he had only seen Clive the weekend before he passed and at that time Tim said he wasn't the best. 

I did think some of Tim's nephews were dresssed like something the cat draged in to me you do not wear track pants and shirts with someone giving the finger to a funeral just not resepectful in my opinion.

So today since I didn't get to do my weekly shopping yesterday I had to do it today and hubby decided to come with me and when we got home at 2.15pm this afternoon Tim said he was buggered and what did I say................"welcome to my Fridays" why because I am on the go every Friday from the time I get out of bed till sometime in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I may be going out with mum to Dawson's school "Wakefield" for some kind of event and yes tomorrow is Sunday it is the anniversary of the schools opening not sure how long they have been open but if I go tomorrow I will find out more then.

Thursday 26 April 2012

A Little Something About Little Leo

When it comes to writing a blog post some days I sit here at the keyboard and my fingers just dance across the keys and what comes out is a blog post, I often find this is the best way to write often without giving much thought to what words are being created.

I was up early again this morning we had to take Little Leo to an appointment over at Kaleidoscope this one was a long appointment it was an assessment to see if he is at the right place in way of development and is some ways it was like an IQ test for little kids. I would like to say it all went smoothly but that would be a lie as for most of the time he would say things like my memory isn't working or I have had enough and it's time to go home and he would run out of the room and his mum would have to chase him and bring him back.

I of course went with Jessica and Leo but I had to leave before the appointment was over as I was going with mum to the nursing home to see my nan. I was under the impression that Jessica was annoyed with me for leaving but See didn't go and see nan yesterday as it was Anzac Day and we thought it may be difficult to get somewhere to park at the nursing home so we went today instead.

Jessica said that after I left they started asking her medical questions and of course she couldn't really answer them but she did know that I am diabetic and that she has a cousin that has epilepsy but forgot to mention that he also has ODD. Of course they couldn't have asked these questions while I was there.
We have to go back to get the results of toady's investigation but at this stage Jessica hasn't told me when that will be, also because it was nearly midday by the time they left she didn't bother taking him to day care today.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

We Will Remember Them

Today is ANZAC Day what does it mean to you? If you are not Australian then probably not

For some Aussies it is a day to remember the fallen, for some it just a public holiday and for others it's an excuse to have a booze up.....................and then there are the ones who it is all those things...for me it is a day to remember.

Now I am going to share what Anzac Day is:

The Anzac Tradition was forged on the 25th April 1915 when the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula. It marked the start of a campaign which lasted 8 months and resulted in 25,000 Australian casualties, including 8,700 who were killed or died of wounds or disease. The bravery and spirit of those who served on at Gallipoli shaped a legend and so the Anzac became part of the Australian and New Zealand lexicon.

The 25th April was named “Anzac Day” the following year in 1916 and by the 1920's Anzac Day ceremonies were held throughout Australia and the states had designated Anzac Day as a public holiday.

The legend of the Anzac has transcended time to become a symbol of what we value as Australians. In recent years there has been a resurgence of participation at Anzac Day ceremonies with hundreds of people often making the trip to Turkey to be at Gallipoli for the dawn services this is something I think would be cool to do also.................

As a child I can remember being at my grandparents place and watching the Anzac Day marches on telly with my pop, it is a special memory for me.....................

                                                              They Shall not grow old
                                                             as we that are left grow old;
                                                               Age shall not weary them,
                                                              nor the years condemn them
                                                               At the going down of the
                                                                sun and in the morning,
                                                                We will remember them. 

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Look What I Got.................

Look what I got on Friday afternoon yes I should have written about it yesterday but forgot so shoot

Anyway now I have to find somewhere to hang it and I want to get a frame for it and when I have done both those things I will mention it again with pictures with where it is hanging.

In case you can't tell it is from Mynx and you can find her here............

I like art but hubby not so much in fact he even things I have too many photos on our walls, we will see what he has to say when I hang my first piece of art, hang on it't not my first piece I have three other pieces which I will show you in another post.................

Monday 23 April 2012

Cold and Wet and a Trip to the Dentist

Ok some of you may notice that I have another blog now, one dedicated to my family newsletter.

Today we took Little Leo to his first dental appointment we weren't told anything we didn't know such as he needs to have his teeth brushed each day by his mum or me ok we didn't know that we should be doing it not him although for the most part we do. He does have one dead tooth and couple of other ones that don't look that great but the dentist said there was nothing that could be done for him. The dentist was a nice lady and Leo was a good boy didn't get upset or anything unlike his mother who has never liked the dentist, which why her teeth are so bad she will not go she is just to scared to go.

It has been cold and wet here and I have been out of bed since 5am Leo woke up when papa got up this morning for work and when he left Tim came in and told me that Leo was up watching telly and not long after that Leo came in and told me papa was gone and it was time for me to get up.

Tonight when Tim gets home I will be asking him for some money to buy some pens from a pen pal who is raising money for her son who has to go to Jakarta for a ten pin bowling tournament and I also want some money to get the girls some each for Mother's Day and I know he will complain but since he decided to use what was left of my pension for the weekly expenses I have to ask him for the money.

He will not understand why I want to help a pen pal or make sure my girls have a gift on Mother's Day but I do this is who I am and he should know that by now.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Make Up Are You For It or Not So Much................

Do you wear make up? If you do why do you wear it?

I wear make up each time I go out shopping I don't bother with it when I am at home but I do not like to go shopping or out to a restaurant without my make up on. Now I wear it for me to make me feel better about myself  I don't wear it for anyone else and if Tim was to tell me that he didn't want me to wear make up then I would be pissed off.

I feel if a man tells his girl/woman that she doesn't need make up to look good then that is sweet but if he tells her not to wear it then he has a problem no man should try and tell a woman how to dress or whether she can or cannot wear make up.

I think most women wear make up and dress nicely for themselves it gives them a boast and makes them feel good inside which then makes them look good.

I have heard my daughters say that their man has told them they don't need make which is why the don't wear it but at the same time I feel they would prefer to wear it and if that is the case 

My nan always told me that I should always wear moisturizer and lippy if I was leaving the house to protect my face and lips...............  

Saturday 21 April 2012

Fighting Between Siblings Is Normal Don't You Think

Siblings’ fight that is just part of life I use to fight with my siblings mostly with my sisters Jeannie & Sue and my brother David was nothing but a pain in the bum as a child thankfully I married Tim when he is about 6 and didn’t have to put up with his annoying ways all the time. 

As a child I managed to hurt Sue a few times I caned her with a cane I told her to hold out her hand and said I would only pretend to hit her but no as it turned out I hit her across the hand and boy did I get into trouble over that…………..then there was the time that I jammed her fingers in the car door, and another time I jammed her fingers in my bedroom door and refuse to open it and my dad had to just about break my door down and yes I got into trouble over that too………………….lol

I would like to tell you the problems between me and Sue vanished when we grew up but no it lasted for a long time into our adult years, in fact there was one Father’s Day that me and Sue got into a fight and she slapped me across the face in the laundry at my parents place and of course I had to slap her back. She then stormed out and walked off…………………………..

Sue for many years thought that our parents and other family members thought my children where in some way better then hers which was not ever true and I do not know she felt that way. Yes my parents did see my children more then they saw hers and they would also see Jeannie’s children more this was because both and me and Jeannie lived closer to my parents then Sue did.

My daughters they fought mostly it was Kathy-Lee & Jessica fighting since the day Jessica was born Kathy was jealous of her and their fights where terrible really terrible. There were times when I rang my mum crying telling her I was afraid to leave Kathy & Jess along as I was scared that Kathy would really hurt her sister. There were times when Kathy was spiteful and nasty to Jessica that I was even to scare to go to sleep some nights worrying that Kathy would harm her sister during the night.

Now days they get on just fine most of the time yes they still have their moments but they are few and far between. 

Thursday 19 April 2012


Finding forgiveness doesn't come easy for many people my husband is one of those people he will say he doesn't know how to forgive someone. He mistakes forgiving someone with condoning someones actions and admitting that the person who they are forgiving was right, I have told him that I feel when we forgive someone we are letting go and no longer allowing their actions or words to hurt us............

Wednesday 18 April 2012

One Question Wednesday Because It's Wednesday and Not Thursday

Just a couple of questions for 1 Question Wednesday this week the first one is from
Anne you can find her here:
Okay so here goes. What two personality traits do you have that could be considered the opposite of each other?
This is really easy I am a very private person I keep to myself and don't mix with the neighbours, except online where I am a lot more open about myself and my life..........does that count.......

Next up is Josie who can be found here:
What is something you've changed your mind about as you've gotten older? :-)
Well cats would be one thing but other  then that I guess it would be subtitles when watching tv a few years ago they really annoyed me now I prefer to have them one maybe that's because I am going deaf and find it easier to understand what some people are saying.............

Also as everyone would have noticed I have changed my layout I was feeling like a change but I am not sure whether I like this one or not but for now I guess it will do.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Sweaty Feet and ask me something go on you know you want to so just do it ask away..............

First up tomorrow is Wednesday so anyone who wants to ask me a question for 1 question Wednesday go ahead and do so now.................

So now I have another question for my great blog friends, do you like to wear socks or stockings with your shoes? Or do you prefer to just slip your bare feet into a pair of shoes?

Me I have to wear socks or stockings with all my shoes except thongs why well because my feet sweat a lot.............................whenever I wear shoe such as sandals without stockings my feet will sweat and then they will rub against the shoes and I end up with blisters and sore feet so it just isn't worth it..............

Yes these are pictures of my feet.....................

Also my feet don't have smell they may sweat but they do not smell which is a

Monday 16 April 2012

Profile Pictures

How do you chose your profile picture?

Do you change it very often?

I have changed mine here a few times on on Facebook also a few times sometimes I get tired of my profile picture so I change it this one I have had on here I have had for a while and I am still not tired of it...........

Do you like your profile picture to be one of yourself or do you prefer to keep what you look like a secret, as everyone know I have no problem sharing with everyone what I look like but I understand that for some they prefer their privacy. Now I have always been a very private person and for the most part I still am but I have opened up about myself more and more the older I get. I  have said at times that my life is an open book and I do think that is pretty true, I don't just share the good things in my life but also the ugly and

Now my husband has a Facebook page and when he first set it up he didn't want to have a picture of himself as a profile picture instead he had one of Little Leo but that now changed after a while he decided that a picture of himself would be better, that said he still doesn't get Facebook.  I had to try and explain to him that when I tag him in something on Facebook that I do so just so he will get a notification and know to go and have a look at whatever it is.............

Another question do you feel the need to keep you blog private or do you let everyone you know, know that you have one.............I let everyone know I have a blog but guess what most of them don't bother to read it and those who do do so in secret and don't want me to know they are reading

Sunday 15 April 2012

Are You The Person You Always Thought You Would Be

This morning I woke up tired and I am still tired part of me says go and have a nap part of me can't be bothered so I will be having an early night again which seems to happening a lot lately early nights that is not waking up tired I rarely wake up tied.

Jessica has asked me if we can change the night Leo stays from Wednesday till Tuesday, it is all the same with me so I said it would be fine to change...........moving on to today’s post……

Are you the person you thought you would be or want to be or would you like to be someone else, and I am not talking about a job or whether you are married or single I am talking about who you are? The type of person you are both good and bad. When you think of yourself do you like who you are the way you act with people, the way you act when you are alone the way you feel inside.

Do you ever wish you were someone different that you had turned out different are you the person you always thought you would be when you were little. 

When I was a child I never gave much thought to what type of person I would be when I grew up but I can say with all honestly that I am very happy with who I am. I know that I am a good hearted person and that I treat people as I would like them to treat me.

I have a wonderful family and I do try and make sure that they know I love them and that I am proud of them.

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