Wednesday 30 January 2013

Photo's of my unborn granddaughter..............

This morning it is overcast but the rain seems to have stopped, yesterday was one of those days when I just didn’t seem to get much done. I did read 20 odd blogs and all the comments on my last post but every time I went to start replying to them someone would want me to do stuff very frustrating and in the end I just gave up. 

Now till something far me interesting…………my unborn granddaughter………………here are a few photos of her. Isn’t cool that we can get such great photos of an unborn baby……………when these were taken a couple of weeks back Kathy found out she had a full head of hair that looked more like a Mohawk………….lol  She also had her hands and her feet up near her face…………….

Monday 28 January 2013


Rain, rain and a bit more rain that is what the weather is like here but it could be worse I could be living in an area that has flooding.

At least it isn’t stinking bloody hot too……………… that said it is not cold either mostly it is just pleasant heat wise. 

Yesterday I went over to my parents place for lunch as it is mum’s birthday on Wednesday, I took her present over as well I bought her some garden gnomes that she can place in her pot plants and fill with water and they will water her plants for her. She was very happy with them and I hope they work well for her; they are going away for a few days next month so she said it will be good to see how they go while she is away.

Tim has gone to Sydney to day to see his sister; he also took his brother with him so he didn’t expect me to go with him. I am a little worried about him driving in such bad weather, even though I know he will not be driving like an idiot I still worry.

Saturday 26 January 2013

A Baby Shower, A Birthday and all on Australia Day

Here in good old Aus it is Australia Day and what does that mean to me well it is a day to celebrate the birth of the love of my life……………Tim…………he is 52 today. He received a presents for each of his daughters along with me and of course something from mum (my mum). Here are a couple of photos of his presents and cards.

Now because it is Tim’s birthday I thought it would make a good day to have a surprise baby shower for Kathy-Lee, she had said she didn’t want to have a baby shower but I thought differently so I arranged it for today. Some who I asked didn’t come this did bother me a little but not overly all in all it was a good day she got some great presents and seemed to be happy and yes she was surprised with made me happy. 

Here are some photos of the baby shower she I did a mince dish along with some damper and had a nice pink cake which I forgot to take photos of…………silly me…………………

Thursday 24 January 2013

Fun Facts about you...............I mean me..........

I saw this over at Whitney’s blog which can be found here:
It looked like a good idea so I thought why not get involved and so here are so fun facts about me.
Fun Facts about little ole me……………

Fact I like to embarrass my daughters, by being overly happy and silly and dancing in public
Fact My shoe size has increased in the last few years, is that strange or what I don’t think my feet have gotten any bigger…….lol
Fact I get lots of headaches thing it has to do with being around some stressful people
Fact I have a big fat bum so it shouldn’t hurt when I fall on it but bloody hell it still does…….lol
Fact I have big fat legs, always have even when I was much slimmer my calves are so fat I can’t wear boots.
Fact I have small hands and fingers but at least my thumbs look like thumbs, my sister’s thumbs look like big toes………….lol
Fact I love to wear jewellery and feel odd if I go out without some jewellery on…………..
Fact I use to hate BBQ sauce but recently I have started to like it…………

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I was going to do a post but every time I started it I got interrupted and in the end didn’t get it done so here I am this morning writing this post………………….

Yesterday it started out overcast and we ended up with some rain in the afternoon, but was it cool………….no bloody way had the air con going all day and up till around 7pm and also had the air con going in the bedroom when I went to bed and it went all night I turned it off when I got up at 7am. 

Tim worked yesterday he left home at 11am and got home sometime after I went to bed and he is doing the same shift today. I had told Jessica I would go to her place and help her do her food shopping but looks like I will not be able to get there, I know she is going to be pissed off with me but hell she will get over it. 

Tonight at 6.30pm it is Leo’s Graduation from Day Care and of course I am going to be there with my camera, I just hope he is in a good mood. I wonder if Jessica is going to want to stay here tonight after the graduation. 

Today we will go and see Nan as per usual I hope she will be good.

Yesterday I fixed the hooks on a bra of Jessica’s and then a couple of hours later she rings and tells me that the hooks on two other bras are bent and she needs them fixed and she wanted to know where she could get them fixed and when I told her I had just fixed the bra that is here she was happy and said she would drop of the other two for me to fix…………..I feel like she is 23 she should be able to fix them herself it isn’t that hard…………….lol

Speaking of being able to do things for herself she needs me to go food shopping with her to tell her what to type of food stuff to buy for Leo to take to school. I had no one to tell me what to buy for my girls when they went to school, ok that is not right I could have asked my mum but I was a big girl and could figure it out for myself.

I now have to go and in and get dressed so I am ready when mum gets here to pick me up, ok she will not be here for another hour but I do not like to leave things to the last minute as it is very easy to get lost in blogging and then she is here beeping the horn…………

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