Monday 30 September 2013

Did you you want to know..................I am telling you anyway.......................

 Did you know that rats can last longer than camels without water?

Did you know that candy canes were created in the 1600’s to pacify bored children during Christmas mass?

Did you know that nurses wash their hands more the doctors? Read it in the paper a few weeks back there was a survey done and it was found that nurses are more likely to wash their hands after using the toilet then doctors...............what the hell............

We all know that there was two Bush's as president of the U S A but who where the other father and son presidents................and yes I do know the answer...........I am sure every American can tell me how many presidents the county has had but how many Australians know how many Prime Minsters we have had along with who was the longest serving Prime Minister.

Lastly does anyone know who our Governor-General is...............

Thursday 26 September 2013

Who Want's To Know What My Favourite Colour Is

{1} If you could be any animal, what would you be? 
I don't know, really I don't know maybe a cat because they are usually pampered 
{2} What is your favorite color, why? 
Pink or Purple although recently I have found yellow appealing I like brighter colours
{3} If you could only have one meal for a month, what would it be?
Homemade fried rice or homemade pizza
{4} What is your dream car?
If I would be the only one driving it then I would go for a nice small car that is not to low to the ground.
{5} If you could be doing anything right now, what would you want to do? 
What I am doing.................sitting at home alone blogging or watching television.
That is all for today it is 4.30pm by the time I get here to write this and I am feeling worn out and tired, Kathy has not long ago picked up Summer and left and I have just had a nice relaxing bath.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Good Morning................Foul Language is not for about you

Good morning, right at this time I have a sick Kathy-Lee here with Summer she has taken the day off work because she is sick and has a doctors appointment at 10.30am this morning. 

I will be going over to the nursing home with mum to see Nanna and if Kathy wants me to I will take Summer with me. 

Yesterday I went with mum to do her monthly shop and when I got home I did very little, a bit of blog reading but didn't get around to writing a post.

Now till the topic of the day...........................bad language in movies and television shows. 
Do you think there is to much bad language in movies and tv shows now days, I do..............really I do not thing there is a reason to use the "F" word in either, to me it shows a person has little imagination. 

However, the use of that word and others doesn't bother me too much, ok if there is swearing in pretty much every scene I can do with out it and may not bother with the movie or show.

At the same time I think back to when words such as Damn, Bloody, Hell and Shit was considered swearing and now days most of us do not think that way so maybe there will come a time when we don't considered the "F" word as swearing.

As everyone knows I don't swear but do use the words "Bloody Hell" a lot............

Let's move onto comedians most of them are not that funny and use foul language as the norm because they think it will get a laugh and make them sound funnier............wrong........ it just makes them sound like a foul mouth person. 

Yes I have a problem with foul language, I don't see the point in it, ok sometimes the odd swear word is ok but a movie full of it, I will often pass. Not that I watch a lot of movies but you know what I mean. 

Maybe I am just an old fashion or a bit of a prude but hell this is me, so take me or leave me.

Monday 23 September 2013

So Glad I Am Not Looking For a Rental Place

First up thank you everyone for the best wishes yesterday, today is a new day well now it is a new afternoon but still you get what I mean. 

I started the day watching my granddaughters Sydney-May & Summer while their mum went to work for a couple of hours, as soon as Kathy-Lee picked up the girls I left to go with mum to her 6 week post opp check up, all is good she doesn't need to go back and see the specialist. 

My sweetheart (niece) Kelli is now over at her sister Heather's place for how long I do not know but she should take it one day at a time.

Which brings me to the topic of today's post, housing, or more to the point finding a place to live.  It is no longer an easy thing to do, Kelli, Jono & boys have been looking for a place for months at this stage Jono & Blain are staying with Jono's mum and Kelli has been couch hoping, by that I mean she has been going from one place to the next staying only a night or two at each place.

On Saturday her plans for the night fell through and she didn't know what she was going to do, so I gave her a hug and told her that her and Daemon could come here, this took a bit of convincing since I had both Blain & Leo as well and she felt that I wouldn't have room I told her it would be fine and it was.  Tim & I were prepared to have her here for a few days but yesterday Heather said she could go there, so that is what she has done. 

Another one who is unable to find a place is my sister Sue and like Kelli & Jono she has been looking and applying but keeps getting knocked back. It is not easy when one does not have a job and only has a Centrelink payment, even though you can now have your rent paid via Centrepay which means they take the rent out of your money before you get it that way you will not fall behind. 

However when one can only afford to pay no more the $190 in Sue's case and around $280 in Kelli & Jono's case, it is really hard there is just not that many places around in their price range. 

Of course before you can rent a place you have to have bond money which is 4 weeks rent and you need to have 2 weeks in advance so before you can move in you have to have 6 weeks rent which is not easy for many people either. 

All the knock backs and getting over looked for a place is depressing for all involved and I feel for them, I don't my dad understands how hard it is to find a place as mum has said at times that he has made comments about Sue not trying hard enough. I think this is because he thinks there is heaps of cheap places around and you just have to apply and you will get it but it is not the case any more.

I should mention that Sue is living with mum and dad and has been for a number of months now, at 43 she didn't think she would be living with her parents again. 

Sunday 22 September 2013

29 Years and a Full House

Today 29 years ago at around 4.15pm I became Mrs Meadows, so to mark the day Tim & I went out for lunch, we didn't go anywhere fancy just out the club "West" for a meal and to put a few dollars through the pokies by a few dollars I mean $5 each that is our limit. 

Last  night we had both grandsons Blain & Leo here for the night along with my sweetheart niece "Kelli" and her son Daemon, so it was a full house. Blain and Leo loved rough housing around with Tim, in fact they wore Tim

Both boys settled down pretty quick when it was time to go to bed which was good, Blain & Leo both slept in with me and Tim although it was the wee hours before Tim came to bed. Kelli had to carry Blain into my bed for me, as we put the boys to bed in different rooms so they would settle easier.  Tim did say he felt a little squashed when he got into bed I however didn't feel squashed at all although I was sleeping right on the edge of the bed. 

This morning Tasha turned up early to wash her car and she was here for nearly 2hours, after she left Jessica turned up to get Leo and after they left it was time for Tim & I to go out for lunch. Not long after we got back from lunch Kathy & the girls turned up, some times this house is busy as..........

You know to  what I did while I was writing letters earlier, I some how managed to lose a book of 8 postage stamps I have no idea where they have gone but I have searched and searched without any luck. I can only hope they turn up soon, it is very frustrating..........

Thursday 19 September 2013

What I think about Current Affairs...................if you would like to know

1.) How up on current events are you?
Pretty much I like to watch both A Current Affair & Today Tonight both of which ate current  affairs shows.
2.) Do you watch, listen to, or read the news? Where do you get it from?
I like to watch the news each night, I rarely read the paper
3.) Do you use social networking to find out about world events?
No not really I notice things on it but it is not a go to place for such news for me
4.) What is one news-like event that has happened in your city recently?
A fire, there was a house fire recently 
5.) Would you like to be more or less aware of things happening in the world?
Neither I am happy with how much news I hear/see as it is...............sometimes I think we get news overload.

To end this I will add that I remember when I was in high school thinking the news was full of violence and since then it has become more violent, because there is more violence in the world.
One thing that does annoy me about our current affair shows is that they have a habit of repeating themselves every few months, they also like to bag the big supermarkets the ones that offer fuel discount vouchers if you spend over $30.  They say we are paying for the discount voucher via higher prices in the supermarket, but let's be honest here if they did away with the fuel discount vouchers the shelve prices of goods will not come down. So the way I see it is that I have to do grocery shopping so if I can get a fuel discount voucher when I do so I will, any saving is a saving.
Does anyone else find that the current affair show they watch is often repeating themselves of bagging on someone, it is like there is not enough new things happening that they have to do the same old thing over and over again.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

A Stressful Day

Today I am worn out and exhausted and feeling oh so proud of my eldest daughter (Kathy) for having the strength and stamina to do it day in and day out, but then I guess when I was her age I had it too. What am I talking about you wonder, well today being Wednesday I have had Summer all day and since she is teething she has been a right little so and so. 

She started crying after her mum left this morning and she pretty much didn't stop all day, she only had about 55 minutes sleep during the day. When I went down to get Leo from school Jessica and Kelli stayed here with her and when I got back they both said that Kathy is amazing for being able to deal with her day in and day out while watching Sydney and cooking meals and doing other housework. 

Kathy has just left after picking her up and I am glad to be home alone in peace and quiet for the afternoon, tomorrow from around 7am I will do it all again. 

As I said she is teething and she is really not dealing with the pain very well, reminds me a bit of her mum. Kathy didn't handle teething well either while she was getting teeth but I do not remember he being as full on as Summer was today but then it has been 28yrs so I could be wrong.

Despite the frustration, I love having her here and love watching her while Kathy is at work being a nanna is a great job. 

Tuesday 17 September 2013

What the hell.............let's set a dwarf on fire...............for fun..........

Another story about the idiots when have in Football.........St Kilda is and Aussie Rules footy tea but they are still bloody idiots, bet this wouldn't have happened to normal height person.

Victoria Police and the St Kilda Football Club are investigating allegations that a dwarf entertainer was set on fire by a player at a so-called 'Mad Monday' event, which celebrates the end of the AFL season.

Entertainer Blake Johnston was hired by the players to perform at a function in South Melbourne while Mr Johnston was speaking with a group of players. When one of the players used a gaslighter the type you use to light gas stoves with and set his shirt and pants alight it started slowly but in no time flames started appearing."

Eventually someone put the flames out.

"One of the gentlemen made a kind of initial threat to me that he'd throw me over a balcony," said Mr Serevetas another performer.

"I said to him you can have a shot if you want.

"I wasn't going to be bullied in that way. I've been bullied all my life."

After the incident Mr Serevetas drove Mr Johnston home, Mr Johnston had only minor injuries but he was lucky if you ask me.

An apologize was offered to   Mr Johnston, and the alleged behaviour of the St Kilda players condemned  

Monday 16 September 2013

I went to the circus and then a party and lastly shoe shopping

Here I am at last getting around to writing a new post, it has been one thing after another the last 4 or 5 days. Anyway here is the latest news from me. 

Friday night I didn't have Little Leo, instead I had My Blain for the night but he was unable to stay with me on Saturday so I took him over to his Aunty Kathy's place and she watched him during the day. Natasha was working doing bus marshalling over the weekend. Tim wasn't here Friday night either as he was doing rail work over the weekend.

On Saturday I went to the circus with Jessica and Leo, we bought our tickets the week before but after we bought the tickets Leo was awarded 2 tickets to the show for the student who has made the most progress during the term. So Jessica & Leo went twice, the first time they went was on Thursday night and that night for some reason Jessica had Blain for the night so she took him too and she was the one who paid for his ticket. Jessica said both boys loved it, so when we went on Saturday Leo was a little distracted I think because he had seen it before. 

Saturday night I had Leo for the night since I didn't have him Friday night.  Then on Sunday I went over to my sisters for my niece Denni's first birthday I was going to take Leo with me but at 10am he says to me "I think it is time I go home" so I took him home. 

I made a pasta bake for the party and I also bought an ice cream cake for Denni, Denni loves ice cream and the day was hot and cold when the sun was out it was warm then it would get covered by clouds and it would feel cold, at least it didn't rain but it felt like rain all day and we had a couple of small showers. 

Today I went with Kathy to look for new shoes for her to wear to work, we went to Charlie and went to 6 different stores and found nothing, one store had a pair she liked but they didn't have her size, they found the right size in another of their branches, so I went and picked up the shoes after Kathy brought me home and she went home to her place. When I get home here Jessica rings and asks can Leo come over for a vist for a few hours, at first I said no in fact I said no a few times but she went on and on till I changed my mind and gave in and said yes. So he was here for 3hrs this afternoon. 

During the last few days I have only managed to read about a dozen blogs each day but I guess it is better then nothing. 

Thursday 12 September 2013

You Really Do Not Want To Know The Answers To These Questions...................Because They Suck.................

1. How do you feel about all of the pumpkin spice themed goodies? 
Never had them so have no thought about them, they don't sound that nice though, what type of goodies are we talking about........
2. Do you have anything you do to prepare for the fall weather? 
All I do is pull out my long pants ready for the cool days
3. What is your favorite fall activity? 
Don't have one
4. Do you have any fun traditions around this time of year?
Well since there are no special events for us Aussies around this time of year the answer would be no........
5. What is something you are looking forward to? 
My birthday, I love my birthday 

Ok these answers suck don't they...............sorry for that but here in Aus we are in Spring and our days are more like Summer the Spring. Ok the truth is we have a stinking hot day  followed by a bloody cool day, if this continues we will end up with sick people again.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

What the hell...........running naked and attack of the toy........

Seems Australians are damaging their ear to such an extent that up to ¼  of the population will be going deaf within 20yrs says a leading expert.

They say the main problem is the aging population and the overall loudness of the modern environment a professor said he thinks that people should think of noise damage the same way they think of sunburn…………..what the hell……................he also said young people wearing headphones to listen to loud music is damaging their hearing, who would had thought……………lol

A few weeks ago hundreds of British animal lovers decided to have a run around a zoo, naked………….to raise money for a  rare subspecies of tiger…………they did raise $102,000 but what the hell……………….I don’t get people running around naked…………

A young New York City man was killed recently after being struck in the head by a remote-controlled toy helicopter he was flying in a city park. the 19yr old , suffered the fatal head injury.

Witnesses told police the helicopter he was flying crashed into his head and cut off part of the top of his head and his shoulder, while his friends watched on in horror.

"He was known to be aggressive in his flying and often executed tricks. He was executing a trick when he was struck," a police source told the Wall Street Journal.

The helicopter's blades, which spin at 2000 revolutions per minute, span 1.5metres. What the hell.............

Monday 9 September 2013

Still Busy....................

Well good afternoon everyone, I have been either busy or feeling less than 100% and not up to writing so here I am on this Monday afternoon at last getting around to writing a post. Today is the 1st birthday of my great niece Hayley, she is my niece Samantha’s daughter, and anyway yesterday Sam and her partner Tommy Lee had a party for her in town at King Edward Park.

I went to the party with my daughter Kathy-Lee and my granddaughters Sydney-May & Summer and after a bloody hot day on Saturday it turned out to be overcast with light showers in the morning and not that hot at all. I gave her a teddy bear with her name and date of birth on the foot; it is something I think she can keep for life if she wants to.

On Friday I had Summer all day again as Michael’s mum was unable to watch her, so I took her shopping with me. Now Friday was a busy day, it started out early as I had to be up and out of the house just after Kathy dropped off Summer. I had to go and pick up my sister Sue and drive her into Tighes Hill tafe, as Natasha was doing he hair she needed a model and Sue offered. Now I for the love of my could not think how to get to the tafe but Sue  said she knew, well can you guess what happened……………she sent me the wrong way, telling me to turn left instead of right at one corner. I did get there in the end though, then I had to pick my niece Kelli up on my way back to Charlie, Kelli spent the rest of the day with me and she was a pick help.

As I was sick all day and it took more out of me then I thought it would, then when I dropped Kelli off at Jessica’s place Jes asked her if she would watch Leo for the night which she did so it was great I didn’t have Leo for the night and I was able to go to bed early even though Tim didn’t get home from work till after I was in bed.

 I am still not great with a sore throat and headache for most of the day, but I have dealt with it as that is what I do. The best I can do when I have things to do no matter how sick I am is to go to bed early at night and have weekends doing nothing much.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Busy Days For Me.............As Per Usual

Well here we are on Thursday and guess what I didn't even get to open the lid of the laptop yesterday I was that busy all bloody day. It started not long after Kathy dropped Summer off, she rings me to say that the day care have rang her and she has to pick Sydney-May up because she is running a temperature. So I have to drop everything and head over to the day care with Summer to get Sydney, when we get back her mum arrives to go over to the nursing home to see nan, so we take both Sydney-May & Summer along with Temika. So nanna had a lot of visitors yesterday.

 Then when I get home I find not only Tim here but, Natasha, Kelli, Jessica, and little Daemon so a full house here.  Jessica, Kelli & Daemon left around 1pm and Natasha left at 1.30pm. Then at 2.20pm I had to pack the girls into the car and go and pick Leo up from school, by the time I returned from the school Kathy was here waiting for us and then I had to go and meet Jessica at the mechanics as her car was ready.

So by the time I get home and no one is here but me it is around 4.30pm, it felt good to just sit and relax. I forget to mention that while she was here Kelli did 2 loads of washing and I pegged both loads on the line while she was washing her car with Natasha.

Today I have both Summer & Sydney again which is not a problem for me; tomorrow I will also have Summer as Michael’s mum is unable to have her. Tomorrow will be a long day for me I will have to be up and ready to leave here by 7.15am as I have to pick my sister Sue up and drive her into town and she has to be there by 8am, she is being a hair model for Natasha. 

Tuesday 3 September 2013

What the hell..................Sports People

Yet again here in Australia one of our footy players has gone and got himself into hot water again, should we be shocked, I don’t think so………anyway it seems Anthony Watts allegedly bit another player on the penis during a match on the Gold Coast.
If that isn't strange enough the victim of the biting said he was not making an official complaint……..what the hell………someone bites your penis while playing footy and you are not going to make a complaint………..

Do you hear of sporting people acting in strange and really bad ways, do you hear these things and thing yet again a sporting person not acting in a way we want our young people to see. 

Sunday 1 September 2013

Father's Day today in Aus................

Good morning blogland, today here in Australia it is Father's Day so I will be going over to my parents place for lunch. 

However Tim will not be coming with me as he has been pretty sick since Tuesday, in fact he has been the sickest I have seen him in 15yrs. He said he would love to go as he hasn't seen mum & dad in ages and he misses them, but he doesn't want to risk getting dad sick.

Kathy-Lee rang and spoke to her dad, then she spoke to me to tell me she isn't well and neither is Summer and she isn't sure if she should come to lunch I said if they are both sick then maybe they shouldn't come. The will come over her to see Tim sometime today though. Ok just got a message from Kathy she said she will pop in to see pop as she misses him.

I gave Tim this for Father's Day and he loves it................he likes things like this.

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